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"Go on, run! Let's see how far you can go! You think you can escape after killing one of my men?"

Riding on top of the ferocious-looking bull monster was a big-eyed, bushy-eyebrowed young man dressed in highly exquisite garments. At the moment, he was laughing coldly with an unbearably smug look on his face. Although he wasn't particularly good-looking, his attitude sure was bigger than the average guy.

With a single glance, one could tell that he was different from your everyday cultivator. Miao Yi turned to Yan Beihong and transmitted his voice, asking, "He's Yun Feiyang?"

With a grave expression, Yan Beihong slowly nodded.

With furrowed brows, Miao Yi asked, "Didn't you say they were coming from the north? How did they manage to show up from the south and cut off our escape?"

To which Yun Feiyang responded on Yan Beihong's behalf, ever so haughtily, "You'll have my brilliant wit to thank for that. After letting you slip away so many times, I've finally figured out the pattern of your escape. I just knew that as soon as I started a commotion on the north side of the island, you'd definitely run in the opposite direction. And as planned from the start, you fell into my grasp just like that. Let me see how you intend to escape this time!"

Then, the person beside him remarked, "Young Master Yang, there's only two of them."

"Uhh…" Yun Feiyang's expression turned awkward. Feeling a little embarrassed, he pointed to his subordinate and scolded, "Do you think I need you to tell me that? I'm not blind, you know!"

Feeling sheepish, the subordinate immediately shut his mouth. Yun Feiyang then pointed over to Miao Yi and Yan Beihong and barked, "Tell me the truth. Where are the others?"

Yan Beihong cupped his fists and replied, "Young Master Yang, the others have already perished at the hands of a powerful enemy. We really had nothing to do with the murder of your subordinate. Please let us go just this once!"

Yun Feiyang glared at them. "Stubborn, I see! Alright then. Let's see if you can still be this tight-lipped once I show you two what it means to beg for your own death." 

Seeing that a negotiation was impossible with someone so obstinate, Miao Yi quickly unleashed the Mystic Yin Mirror, setting forth a raging surge of cold Yin energy. Before his opponent could even react, he had already made the first move. What decisiveness.

"Moo…!" An ear-crackling guttural sound erupted as the bull monster abruptly spread its jaws, and despite how the cold Yin energy had spread out over a wide area, the bull monster was pulling it all straight down its throat.

'This bull can actually eat cold Yin energy?' Startled, Miao Yi quickly tried to pull back the Yin energy. However, he was still a little too late. Before he could finish reabsorbing it all, the bull monster had already managed to gobble up a significant portion.

Miao Yi watched as the bull monster remained completely fine even after swallowing so much cold Yin energy. Pu! It then let out a loud fart, and the cold Yin energy shot out from its anus and instantly covered the forest behind it with frost.

"Wow! You've got some guts to be making the first move!" Yun Feiyang was ecstatic.

On the other hand, Miao Yi was in for a penny, in for a pound as he abruptly launched the Mother-Child Flying Sword out of his storage bangle, which shot out in a streak of light.

Despite knowing they had no chance, Yan Beihong still decided to risk it all and hurled out the Flowing Cloud Killer. Since they were going to die either way, he had to die fighting at the very least.

Meanwhile, with a flip of his hand, Yun Feiyang revealed a black, *Pixiu -like object, which jumped out of his palm and transformed into a giant bag. The giant bag opened wide and quickly darted across the air, immediately swallowing up the Mother-Child Flying Sword and Flowing Cloud Killer before sealing itself shut just as quickly. It then reverted into a Pixiu and landed in Yun Feiyang's grasp.

Miao Yi and Yan Beihong were distraught as they realized they had lost the psychic connection with their transcendent artifacts. 'In the blink of an eye, two transcendent artifacts are gone just like that?'

Miao Yi finally realized the difference between this artifact and Bai Ziliang's gourd artifact. The latter stole away another person's artifacts by forcibly taking them away, whereas the former cut off the psychic connection between the artifact and its wielder by swallowing it whole.

Yun Feiyang clicked his tongue and said, "Go ahead and use whatever transcendent artifacts you have left."

Miao Yi still had the Mist Pearl, but against Yun Feiyang's transcendent artifact, it would hardly be of any use. He would only be giving it away to the latter if he brought it out.

Suddenly, a series of hoofbeats could be heard from the other side. Miao Yi and Yan Beihong turned back to find two more riders coming up behind them. Clearly, they were the ones who had intentionally stirred up the commotion up north earlier on. They immediately surrounded Miao Yi and Yan Beihong from both sides.

Miao Yi and Yan Beihong exchanged glances. Then, as they both flexed their arms, black mist surrounded them, and the duo donned on their respective battle armors. One wielded a spear, while the other held onto a greatsword.

"What's wrong? You still wish to put up a last-ditch effort to struggle?" Yun Feiyang disdainfully raised an eyebrow.

Miao Yi pointed over with his spear and shouted, "Yun Feiyang, you're just relying on your powerful background and that you have plenty of mighty artifacts at your disposal! Without your artifacts, you're nothing. Do you dare to fight me on your own without their support?" At this point, there was nothing he could do but try to provoke the other party into accepting his challenge.

Yan Beihong also raised his sword and bellowed, "Do you dare to fight me without your transcendent artifacts?!"

"You think I'm afraid of you punks?!" Yun Feiyang glared at them and with a wave of his hand, revealed a long spear.

The subordinate beside him quickly cautioned, "Young Master Yang—"

"What?!" Yun Feiyang immediately cut him short, and almost gave him a face full of spit as he said, "Don't tell me you think I won't be able to win against them?"

"That's not what I mean." The subordinate nervously waved his hand. Pointing to Miao Yi, he continued, "Young Master Yang, don't you think that person slightly resembles the guy we're looking for?"

Yun Feiyang was suddenly taken aback. The rage in his expression quickly dissipated as his gaze repeatedly shifted up and down Miao Yi's body. The subordinate then pointed at Miao Yi again and continued, "Young Master, have a look at the shape of his spear. Not to mention, his dragon steed is actually wearing armor. How many of those can there be?"

"He is a little similar." Yun Feiyang nodded, quickly taking out a jade archive with the portrait of a man and dragon steed dressed in silver armor drawn on it. As he compared Miao Yi's figure with the person in the portrait, he soon noticed that regardless of whether it was the spear or the design of the mount's armor, there was a striking resemblance between the two. Only the color of the armor was different.

The face of the man in the portrait was also similar to Miao Yi's. It was just that one of them had on a helmet, while the other didn't, thus giving a slight contrast between the two.

"HE IS A LITTLE SIMILAR!" Yun Feiyang nodded again. However, he soon pointed out curiously, "But one of them is wearing a set of First Grade Armor Artifacts, while the other is wearing a set of Second Grade Armor Artifacts. There also seems to be a slight difference in the armor design."

His subordinate replied, "Since he is a Subjugation Crusade participant, it is possible that he changed his First Grade Armor Artifact set to a Second Grade Armor Artifact set."

"That's true," said Yun Feiyang as his gaze moved back and forth between Miao Yi and the jade archive in his hands.

Miao Yi and Yan Beihong exchanged glances, equally puzzled as to what these people were playing at.

Tucking away the jade archive, Yun Feiyang suddenly pointed his spear at Miao Yi and asked, "What's your name? I don't kill fools who don't name themselves before a fight!"

Miao Yi returned the gesture and replied, "My name is Miao Yi. Do you dare fight me to the death?!"

"It really is him!" Yun Feiyang and his subordinate immediately looked at one another, almost shouting simultaneously.

Yun Feiyang then switched to voice transmission and asked, "It can't be such a coincidence, right? We couldn't find him all these years, and you're telling me we actually managed to bump into him by accident? Could they just be sharing the same name?"

His subordinate replied in kind, "It's possible for them to share the same name, but for the dragon steed's armor to look so similar as well? That seems a little unlikely. Young Master, why don't you just ask him a few more questions?"

Yun Feiyang's stance instantly weakened as he said, "You ask him on my behalf. If it turns out he really is that person, and I actually offended him, that little ancestor will have my head when I get back."

Seeing Yun Feiyang mumbling to his subordinate again, Miao Yi asked once more, "So are we fighting or not?"

Yun Feiyang's subordinate replied on his behalf, "Miao Yi, where are you from?"

Miao Yi answered, "What does that have to do with you? Are we going to fight or not? If you're scared to face us, then step aside and let us leave!"

'He's not willing to reveal it?' The subordinate turned to look at Yun Feiyang. Seeing the latter's look of encouragement, the subordinate turned back and asked, "Miao Yi, do you know Luo Shuangfei?"

"..." Miao Yi was immediately taken aback. 'How do these people know Luo Shuangfei? Could he be in the Subjugation Crusade as well? Or are there other circumstances involved?'

He couldn't make heads or tails of the situation right now, so he wasn't quite sure how to respond. The matter concerned his life and death, so he was afraid of letting the other party latch onto anything they could use to hold over his head.

Yan Beihong immediately noticed that something was amiss. He transmitted his voice over and asked, "Little Brother, what's the deal with this Luo Shuangfei?"

Miao Yi calmly replied, "Luo Shuangfei was once a capable subordinate of mine. He helped me achieve many feats and accomplishments but after that… he disappeared."

"Your subordinate? How does someone from the Great Devil Realm, the grandson of Devil Sage Yun Aotian, the strongest of the Six Sages, know the name of your subordinate?" Yan Beihong was utterly confused.

"I don't know what's going on either. There should be some kind of connection somewhere." Miao Yi was just as lost himself.

"They can easily overwhelm us. They shouldn't need to use this Luo Shuangfei to threaten you or anything, right?" Yan Beihong asked.

Miao Yi agreed. He immediately asked, "You know Luo Shuangfei?"

The subordinate replied, "Luo Shuangfei is a friend of Young Master Yang."

Miao Yi and Yan Beihong exchanged glances again.

Yan Beihong couldn't help feeling skeptical of the whole situation. How could a mere subordinate of Miao Yi's be a friend of Devil Sage Yun Aotian's grandson? Was this even possible?

On the other hand, Miao Yi recalled that Luo Shuangfei had mentioned he was from a powerful clan before he left. Not to mention, his Red Lotus Ninth Grade Senior Brother had even shown up at the time. It was quite the terrifying experience. Luo Shuangfei's background was indeed a little mysterious. There might be a chance that he really did know this Young Master Yang on a personal level. Most importantly, as things stood, there was no need for the other party to make up such a lie.

Miao Yi immediately stated, "That's right. I know Luo Shuangfei. Since we're both friends of Luo Shuangfei, why must we fight each other?"

The subordinate turned to look at Yun Feiyang. The latter then instructed via voice transmission, "First confirm his identity. Don't let any misunderstandings arise. If we mess up that little ancestor's affairs, we'll be in deep shit."

The subordinate then immediately shouted, "Whether we're friends or not is still a matter of debate! First state your background."

Miao Yi replied, "I am Mount Calming Sea's Mountain Chieftain, Miao Yi. I serve the Celestial Nation's Fifth Earthly Branch, under the command of South Edict Manor of Moon Traversing Palace's Second Suppressing Hall!"

Now that he had finally confirmed Miao Yi's identity, Yun Feiyang slapped his thigh and laughed aloud. "Oh goodness! **The flood has truly dashed against the temple of the Dragon King. It's all a misunderstanding. A great, big misunderstanding!"

Yun Feiyang then quickly rode over on that vicious-looking bull monster of his. What's more, he was still holding onto his weapon. Miao Yi and Yan Beihong immediately raised their guard. No one would dare be negligent when the matter concerns their life and death.

Seeing the way they were acting as he approached, Yun Feiyang immediately tucked his weapon away and dismounted. Trying to display his friendliness, he cupped his fists and smiled. "Brother Miao, I've finally managed to find you."

The grandson of the Devil Sage—the number one individual in the entire cultivation realm—was actually being so courteous to them. Miao Yi and Yan Beihong were a little lost on how to respond, both feeling overwhelmed by the sudden amiable treatment Yun Feiyang was showing them.

The other party was already being this friendly, how could they dare remain on their dragon steeds and put on airs? The two quickly dismounted their dragon steeds and returned the gesture.

Miao Yi then cupped his fists and asked, "Young Master Yang, you said you were looking for me?"

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