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No one expected Yue Yao to launch a sudden attack. At such a short distance, and with her speed, no one was able to react to it in time. Hei Langjun reverted back to his true form, and the two halves of a snake soon floated upon the ocean surface, dyeing the waves red with its blood.

When that black streak of light had shot out, it was just a tiny little speck. But the moment it cut down Hei Langjun, it abruptly expanded and caught him completely off guard. As expected, the attack connected without fail, and the black light instantly returned to its owner. It hovered behind Yue Yao, slowly rotating.

Bai Ziliang's group immediately locked their gazes on this transcendent artifact and discovered that it resembled a sharp crescent moon. Measuring roughly ten feet long, it possessed an almost ethereal transparency upon its black frame, just like a black-colored piece of jade or amber.

The sharp black-colored crescent artifact hovered behind Yue Yao who was garbed in a snow-white attire, while down below, the Jade Lion stood gallantly upon the thick ice. The sight of her was an absolute attack on the senses, and her nation-toppling beauty further gave it an enchanting allure.

Many of them inadvertently sucked in a breath of cold air. What did it mean for a Crystalline Obsidian transcendent artifact to possess a sense of transparency? It meant that said transcendent artifact had been refined with high-density Crystalline Obsidian, free of any impurities! Both its sturdiness as well as its conductivity for transcendence energy would not be any weaker than the transcendent artifacts refined from Crystalline Gold.

Furthermore, it was about ten feet long! How much pure Crystalline Obsidian would one need in order to create such a large structure?

It was not as though high-density Crystalline Obsidian was difficult to find. Rather, it was hard to refine normal Crystalline Obsidian to such a high purity, and especially into such great quantities. This was not something that could be done with wealth alone. It also required an incomprehensible amount of time and labor.

Even Gu Sanzheng was shocked by the sight. His Thunderclap Flying Swords were refined from high-density Crystalline Silver, so naturally, he knew how much time and effort the Sword Deviate Sect had expended just to gather the materials. They had only managed to accumulate this paltry amount of high-density Crystalline Silver after saving up for thousands of years.

Even if he were to add up all one hundred and one Thunderclap Flying Swords on his back together, they couldn't compare to the ten-foot-long crescent artifact before him now. It was like comparing a dwarf to a giant. How large was the gap in the number of materials used? What's more, the latter was refined with the much rarer, high-density Crystalline Obsidian!

Bai Ziliang's gaze fell upon Yue Yao's slender fingers, and his eyes widened in shock when he saw a set of small, black-colored fake nails on the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of both her hands. They were shaped like the waning moon and were slightly transparent. Only the middle finger of her left hand was missing a piece. Why?

Bai Ziliang then turned to the sharp crescent moon behind Yue Yao. He was thunderstruck. Yue Yao didn't just possess one of these crescent artifacts, she had six of them!

How much high-density Crystalline Obsidian would one need to refine six of these massive transcendent artifacts? Even the Six Sages would have difficulty in gathering the materials. However, Mu Fanjun had actually bestowed six of these mighty artifacts upon Yue Yao in a single stroke! 

Bai Ziliang laughed bitterly in his heart, finally realizing what it meant to have a difference in status. His position in the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons couldn't compare to the one Yue Yao held in the Realm Beyond Heaven at all. His mother even had to beg others just to help him obtain one powerful Second Grade Transcendent Artifact. In contrast, Mu Fanjun had actually used such precious materials to produce several Second Grade Transcendent Artifacts for his own disciple.

Obviously, the reason Mu Fanjun had used such precious materials to refine the Second Grade Transcendent Artifact was because Yue Yao was participating in the Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade. He had to adhere to the restrictions set upon the participants. Otherwise, Mu Fanjun could have gifted Yue Yao with the mightier Third Grade Transcendent Artifact. Even a Fourth Grade Transcendent Artifact was not an impossibility. Of course, it could also be due to Yue Yao's cultivation, which only allowed her to wield transcendent artifacts at that level.

Bai Ziliang thought, 'If my guess is correct, the six crescent artifacts probably belong to a single set, and will be able to exhibit a much greater might when used together. Never mind whether or not my Demon Refining Gourd can suck it in, but even if it can, I mustn't take it in. There is a high chance that such a powerful transcendent artifact can break my Demon Refining Gourd from within!'

He was having mixed feelings. Alas, he never considered how all the other five sages had each sent members from their 'grandchildren' generation to participate, whereas Fu Manjun was the only one to send a direct disciple. If he didn't gift Yue Yao with a transcendent artifact to hold her ground, then even if she were to obtain second place in this Subjugation Crusade, it would still be a dishonor to the name of Mu Fanjun.

Looking at Hei Langjun's corpse, Lan Susu ground her teeth in frustration. In the end, she raised her head and yelled, "Yue Yao, you're disregarding the authority of my Realm of Ten Thousand Demons!"

"Is there a need for me to hold it in any regard at all? Who do you think you are? Do you think you're fit to bark at me so?" Yue Yao scoffed. As someone from the Realm Beyond Heaven, there was no way she would let someone from the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons take away the cultivators of her Celestial Nation right from her face. Since she'd already killed the witness anyway, she turned the Jade Lion around and said, "We're leaving!"

Gritting her teeth, Lan Susu immediately turned to Bai Ziliang, "Young Master!"

Bai Ziliang's expression turned grim as well. "Yue Yao, don't go too far. Leave Gu Sanzheng behind!"

The Jade Lion stopped and turned around. Atop the beast, Yue Yao replied indifferently, "And what if I don't? If you all wish to fight me so badly, don't blame me if something happens to you!"

As representatives of the Six Sages in the Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade, they both understood deep down that sparring was still acceptable, but if either party were to cause heavy casualties or even death, the issue would be drastically exacerbated. By then, it would be a matter beyond the Subjugation Crusade and could destroy the long-established balance between the Six Sages. However, it was a different case if the other party were the ones to force their hand. After all, one couldn't simply avoid lifting a finger against their aggressors, right?

The other party was clearly quite fearful of Yue Yao's crescent artifact. Bai Ziliang said gravely, "Let's see how you plan to answer to Lord Fu Qing!"

"That's none of your concern! Let's go!" Once again, Yue Yao turned her Jade Lion around and led her group away.

Following behind her, the Gu Sanzheng trio would occasionally turn back to look, feeling elated whenever they saw the dark expressions on Bai Ziliang and the others. After being chased around by Yao cultivators for so long, they had quite a bit of pent-up frustration building inside them. Then when the representative from the Realm Beyond Heaven appeared, she completely disregarded the facts and covered for them. Indeed, the Celestial Sage Mu Fanjun was deserving of the reverence that the Celestial Nation sects had for him.

At this moment, Bai Ziliang's expression had suddenly changed. Utterly horrified, he looked at the Demon Refining Gourd by his waist and quickly reached for it.

However, he was too late. The Demon Refining Gourd trembled heavily before violently erupting.


The loud noise echoed across the ocean, startling Yue Yao's group into turning their heads back. All they could see was a large black mist bursting forth; it rolled out from the powerful energy of the blast and instantly enveloped Bai Ziliang's group within.

"Witness my hammer!" A hoarse voice furiously bellowed from within the black mist, followed by the sound of a thunderous boom.

Gu Sanzheng, Tan Lao, and Ye Xin were utterly shocked. It was obvious that they weren't strangers to this hoarse voice. Soon, they saw a myriad of greatsword projections flying in and out of the black mist.

Yue Yao and the others were taken aback as well. By the looks of it, some transcendent artifact must have been destroyed. They weren't sure of the situation and simply felt curious that someone would actually make a move against people from the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons.

'Could Miao Yi and the others have escaped from that gourd artifact?!' The Gu Sanzheng trio looked at one another.

"How dare you destroy my Demon Refining Gourd!" Bai Ziliang's enraged voice could be heard.

Mighty waves stirred on the ocean surface as five shadows quickly shot out from the black mist. Who else could it be beside Miao Yi and the others? They all had disheveled appearances, resembling madmen, and were frantically making their escape!

Miao Yi held onto Qi Xiuhong's corpse while Zhao Fei grabbed him by the arm and pulled him along as he ran. At the same time, he was also controlling the Spirit Illusion Greatsword to defend against the enemy's attacks.

With a loud boom, Sikong Wuwei furiously hurled his mighty hammer into the black mist.

"Die!" Furious, Bai Ziliang charged out of the black mist on the Tempest Beast and hurled a giant black seal, which shot out with the sound of crashing thunder equal to that of the Mountain Suppressing Hammer. At the same time, he brandished a black spear that glistened with an amber hue. It was his Flood Dragon Spear, and he viciously swept it against the Spirit Illusion Greatsword projections that shot at him.

"Roar!" Below Bai Ziliang, the Tempest Beast howled in rage and spat out a red mist that viciously swept towards Miao Yi and the others.

The red mist possessed an astonishingly high temperature, instantly evaporating the seawater wherever it passed.

For the sake of survival, Pi Junzi and Tao Ruchun no longer cared whether or not Bai Ziliang was someone from the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons. What could be more important than their own lives? In the first place, that was the only reason why they were scared of the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons.

The two of them had never thought the day would come where they would have to fight against people from the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons. Invoking their arts simultaneously, the two of them stirred up mighty waves on the ocean to stop the red mist from approaching.

However, the temperature of the red mist was absurdly high. It instantly vaporized a hole through the waves and continued to sweep towards them.

A loud boom erupted as the giant, black seal collided with the Mountain Suppressing Hammer. The two artifacts were equally matched, and the light surrounding them dimmed quite a bit as they shot back to their respective owners.

Holding onto Qi Xiuhong's corpse, Miao Yi saw that the situation was dire, so he quickly freed one hand and brandished the Mystic Yin Mirror. Whoosh! The cold Yin aura viciously gushed forth.

A crackling sound could be heard as the gray mist of extreme coldness collided with the red mist of extreme heat. For some unknown reason, visible sparks that resembled lightning actually began to fly.

As Miao Yi's group frantically fought for their lives, the battle was instantly at its climax. Even Yue Yao's group was astonished to see someone actually fighting to such an extent against the people from the Realm of Ten Thousand Demons. However, Bai Ziliang's side clearly had the upper hand, as he alone was already able to keep the other group on their toes.

Having accidentally caught a glimpse of Gu Sanzheng and the others, Zhao Fei furiously bellowed, "Gu Sanzheng, since we have already formed an alliance, why are you still sitting around?! That gourd artifact has already been destroyed. We have nothing to fear!"

Right when he said this, the remaining member of Bai Ziliang's group had rushed out of the black mist and attacked with their transcendent artifacts.

Shing shing shing...

A sharp ringing echoed forth as the Thunderclap Flying Swords left their sheath, and all one hundred-and-one flying swords shot out like lightning to help Miao Yi and the others. They instantly joined the fierce battle of the five mighty artifacts and relieved the pressure that was on Miao Yi's group.

To be honest, the moment he saw them, Gu Sanzheng was already considering if he should help Miao Yi, as Fairy Yue Yao was right by his side at the moment. Since she was willing to save them on account of their identities as cultivators of the Celestial Nation, she obviously wouldn't turn a blind eye to the others as well. If Yue Yao were to later find out that Miao Yi and the others were also cultivators of the Celestial Nation, and that despite being saved by her, Gu Sanzheng and the others had chosen not to save them, she might not look too kindly on them.

It was at that moment that Zhao Fei pointed out their status as allies and that the gourd artifact he had been afraid of was already destroyed. If Gu Sanzheng still chose to ignore them after all this, then he would really have no idea how to explain himself later on. He might even end up inciting Fairy Yue Yao's wrath because of this.

Not to mention, Fairy Yue Yao was behind him right now, so there was no need to fear Bai Ziliang's group. Those people wanted him dead anyway. No longer hesitating, Gu Sanzheng immediately extended Miao Yi and the others a helping hand!

At the same time, Tan Lao's spiked shields also quickly shot out towards the battle.

Ye Xin's barbed whip trembled and rapidly lengthened as it made its way under the water, launching its attacks from underneath the ocean surface.

In an instant, transcendent artifacts were flying about the sky, and both sides were engaged in a heated battle.

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