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'What kind of situation is this? Admire my beauty?'

She had indeed heard that right. The word was 'beauty'.

Wu Menglan abruptly opened her eyes. 'I can understand if they said they admired my position and cultivation base. But my beauty? And they wished to see me?'

Why did their words sound so distasteful, as if they wished to be intimate with her? Were these words appropriate for underlings to use on a Hall Master? Even if they were looking for a prostitute, she would never become a woman they could have relations with.

Some words were acceptable for certain women. But the same words used on someone like Wu Menglan were undoubtedly inappropriate. Somehow, these words were suspiciously frivolous.

The expression on Wu Menglan's face abruptly turned glacial, and she quickly narrowed her eyes. Something felt wrong. Would disciples from the three major sects be brazen enough to say such frivolous words about her like that? It seemed more like they were tired of living in this world.

"They said they wanted to admire my beauty?" Wu Menglan scoffed.

"..." A peculiar look flashed through Miao Yi's eyes, which he tried to hide. He seemed to have realized that something was wrong too. After looking shocked for a while, he quickly corrected himself and said, "I was the one who said that. Sister Meng is so beautiful and elegant that you can't blame others for harboring thoughts of admiration for you. I even heard that some of the old men have been praising your figure from head to toe." 

'Some of the old men were praising me?' Wu Menglan was utterly disgusted. Her expression twitched as she continued, "You'd better stop saying such nonsense, or do you think I won't tear your mouth into pieces?"

"Alright, alright, alright!" Miao Yi let out a quick laugh, "Actually, it's like this—some of them are my associates. When I heard that those old men admired Sister Meng's beauty, I couldn't resist and had to boast that I was quite familiar with you. Hence, they asked if I could help introduce them to you." 

Wu Menglan somewhat believed his words. It was quite normal for the underlings to brag about being very close to their superiors and such. Wu Menglan sneered, "You didn't promise them, did you?"

Miao Yi forced a smile and said, "Sister Meng, I have nothing but the force of a single man in the Sea of Constellations. I need some support from the three major sects. Just let them meet you up close for a while, for the sake of this Little Brother addressing you as an Elder Sister numerous times. You won't lose anything by letting them meet you for a few seconds either, right? Just consider this as giving aid to your Little Brother."

Wu Menglan could understand his predicament. She could imagine the situation once he landed on the Sea of Constellations. But what did he take her for? A prostitute in a brothel? Should she just allow anyone to see her just because they wanted to? Her expression went cold as she asserted, "My patience has its limits. If you keep babbling around, don't blame me for being hard on you!"

"Sister Meng, forget about those old men. The Jade Lady Sect are all women. Surely you can let them admire your beauty, right?"


Seeing that she was furious, Miao Yi hastily retreated and went out through the main door. He let out a sigh of relief, 'I knew you wouldn't want to see them.'

He left the sky deck and quickly went down to the lowest level of the passenger cabin. Regarding the room locations, Miao Yi had some idea where the members of the three major sects were designated. He immediately found Wan Yanhua's room, which was the closest to him. As soon as he reached the door, he heard the women inside discussing how to punish him after settling this matter.

Luckily, he had already gained the upper hand. Miao Yi let out a cough and knocked on their door.

Wan Yanhua's voice rang out from inside, "Who's there?"

"It's me!" Miao Yi responded.

The door was swiftly opened, and Wan Yanhua appeared from behind the door. Miao Yi then peeked inside the room. 'Nice, the Jade Lady Sect members are all here.'

Wan Yanhua was stunned for a moment when she realized that it was Miao Yi. After that, she jeered, "What? Did you come here to switch rooms voluntarily because you're scared?"

"Scared? I haven't read a lot of books in my life, so I don't know how to write the word 'scared'." Miao Yi gestured outside and grinned, "Everyone from the Jade Lady Sect, come out and follow me. Hall Master Wu wishes to see you all. Those who came to me just now must come with me."

Hearing those words, Wan Yanhua's jeering smile froze on her face. The women inside were all shocked as well. Why did Wu Menglan want to see them?

Wan Yanhua trembled with fear and asked, "Why does Hall Master Wu want to see us?"

Acting like a scoundrel that radiated with success, Miao Yi said, "Not only did she want to see you all, everyone from the Sword Deviate Sect and the School of Imperial Beasts must follow as well."

Wan Yanhua abruptly gritted her teeth and inquired, "Did you tell Hall Master Wu something?"

"Nothing, really. I only told her what happened just now, that's all. I don't feel like talking nonsense with you guys. If you have any complaints, then you can take it up with Hall Master Wu. I'm going to look for the other two sects." Miao Yi flicked his sleeves and walked away. Shuddering in fear, the other women were left feeling nervous.

Even though they itched to tear Miao Yi apart, one by one, they all crawled out from the room obediently and followed Miao Yi from behind.

Dong dong dong! Miao Yi knocked on Su Jinggong's door. When Su Jinggong showed his face at the door, Miao Yi skipped past the niceties and just waved his hand at him. "Call everyone from the Sword Deviate Sect and follow me. Those who were stirring up trouble just now must come along. Hall Master Wu wants to see you all."

Su Jinggong was staring at Miao Yi, wondering why the Jade Lady Sect members were all following him from behind. When he heard those words, he was instantly taken aback.

"Hall Master Wu wants to see us?" Su Jinggong cracked his voice.

"If you have doubts, then ask them." Miao Yi pointed at Wan Yanhua and the others. He then flicked back his sleeves and continued his search for the next group.

Su Jinggong quickly asked Wan Yanhua, "Why does Hall Master Wu want to see us?"

Wan Yanhua fumed. "This dirty dog must have abused his power for his personal revenge by going to Hall Master Wu and incriminating us."

Su Jinggong immediately felt scared. He didn't think that Miao Yi and Wu Menglan had such a close relationship. This small matter had actually prompted Wu Menglan to take control of the situation.

Yet, he wouldn't dare miss out if Wu Menglan had summoned for them. In the end, he diligently went to his disciples' rooms and knocked on their doors. After he had relayed the news to them, the disciples of Sword Deviate Sect were beginning to shudder in fear as well.

Dong dong dong! He knocked on Li Yaoqi's door as well. Li Yaoqi's reaction was more or less the same as Su Jinggong's.

Miao Yi beckoned to him and said, "Gather your men from the School of Imperial Beasts and follow me. Those who were stirring up trouble just now must come along. Hall Master Wu wants to see you all. If you have doubts, then ask them. Those who don't want to leave with me, I will not force you either."

Feeling shocked, Li Yaoqi quickly went over to ask Su Jinggong and the others about the situation. When he learned the truth, he gritted his teeth in anger, eager to curse Miao Yi on his ancestor's grave.

Soon after, everyone from the three major sects followed Miao Yi from behind. Those who had been inside Miao Yi's room were all accounted for. No one dared to miss out, and no one dared to run away. None of the Blue Lotus cultivators would be able to endure the rage of a Red Lotus expert.

These people didn't expect that their retribution would come so quickly. To be precise, they didn't think that Miao Yi would come for vengeance this fast. Those who were more timid became limp from fear, and they shrunk to the far end of the line. Miao Yi strutted rather than walked as he led the group, bullying the others by flaunting his powerful connection.

Miao Yi also knew that the people behind him were eager to tear him apart. But he had no choice. At this point, it was either him or the others. They could only rely on their own means from now on.

The main point was that Miao Yi had already forgiven them, yet they had tried to kill him instead. Even if he had a heart of gold, there was little he could do but utilize the boisterous means of the Vajra Arhat against them.

The group began to climb up to the second floor, but in the end, some of them could no longer bear the pressure. Instigated by his fellow disciples, Su Jinggong quickly hastened his footsteps to block Miao Yi from moving forward. He then said, "Steward Miao, let's talk this through."

Miao Yi stopped and curiously inquired, "What is there to talk about between us? Didn't you all say that I'd be dead the moment I leave the ship?"

Su Jinggong's wrinkled old face went pale. He cupped his fists together and said, "I have offended you with my rude remarks. As associates, I hope that Steward Miao will pardon my transgressions."

"That's right!" Li Yaoqi moved forward and cupped his fists as well, "We apologize for our actions too. We also hope that Steward Miao will put in a good word for us in front of Hall Master Wu. Please cut us some slack."

Miao Yi laughed, "How should I put in a good word?"

Li Yaoqi replied quietly, "Steward Miao should say that the previous matter was just a misunderstanding."

Miao Yi exclaimed, "Won't that make me contradict myself in front of Hall Master Wu? What should I do if Hall Master Wu forgives all of you, but seeks me out afterward?"

Wan Yanhua put up a smile and stepped forward. "Steward Miao, we were the ones in the wrong. If you help us this time, we will repay your kindness when we reach the Sea of Constellations."

Instantly, Miao Yi smiled. In his heart, he thought, 'Like hell I'll believe you. How will I know what kind of repayment you will give me at the Sea of Constellations?'

"Repay? How do you intend to repay me?" A perverted look crossed his face. He brazenly swept his gaze over the bodies of the women from the Jade Lady Sect, then rubbed his chin with a chuckle, "I heard that the disciples of the Jade Lady Sect keep their chastity their entire life. I don't know if that's true either, but I'm very interested to find out. Why don't you bring your Senior Auntie and Junior Nieces to my room and reciprocate my kindness?"

Su Jinggong and Li Yaoqi coughed dryly at his words. On the other hand, the disciples from these two sects stood aghast as they looked at Miao Yi, as if they were overwhelmed by his demeanor.

The women were ashamed and resentful of Miao Yi. Under normal circumstances, they would have immediately killed Miao Yi by cutting his corpse into pieces. Wan Yanhua's Senior Auntie emerged again and shrieked in anger, "Surnamed Miao, you… don't push your luck!"

In the end, she didn't dare to use harsh words on Miao Yi.

Su Jinggong and Li Yaoqi quickly came out to stop her. Fearing that Wan Yanhua's Senior Auntie would spoil everything, they anxiously tried to calm her down, "Let's settle this through discussion. Let's do that instead." 

They then discreetly warned that Senior Auntie, 'Let's endure this for now. If we pass this stage, we can kill Miao Yi however we want in the Sea of Constellations. We will hold him down for you, and you can unleash your anger on him yourself.'

"Steward Miao, this repayment is sort of over the top. Let's change it to a different kind of repayment. Let us do that." Su Jinggong played the role of a nice old man again.

"I was just joking, and you all took it so seriously. Both my handmaidens are prettier than you." Miao Yi cheerfully waved his hands at the Jade Lady Sect, giving them a look that seemed to say that he had no interest in their appearances.

These women began to gnash their teeth in anger at once. They really wanted to pounce on him and tear him apart with their teeth while he was still alive.

That was the virtue of a woman. If you tried to molest them after being enticed by their charm, they would wage war against you. If you mentioned that they looked ugly and did not wish to touch them, they would harbor hatred for you in their hearts forever. Honest men who were stuck in the middle and did nothing were not to their taste. Since ancient times, being a man was difficult.

Su Jinggong and Li Yaoqi quickly obstructed both paths and cupped their fists at Miao Yi, "Steward Miao, let's properly discuss the repayment. We still have some Orbs of Will and money on us that we can gather together…"

Miao Yii quickly held up his hand and stopped them from continuing. He wasn't a fool. If he were to accept their offering, these people might toughen up and condemn him in front of Wu Menglan should they be forced into a corner. He wouldn't destroy himself for a meager benefit.

"Forget about the repayment," Miao Yi said quietly, "You guys came to my room and tried to coerce me into switching rooms. Wouldn't it be inappropriate to dismiss this matter after happened? How about giving me three bows as an apology? It's not too much, right?"

"Not too much, not too much." Su Jinggong and the others quickly waved their hands in compliance.

Around twenty people lined up swiftly in an orderly fashion, then they respectfully bowed three times in succession together. They apologized sincerely to Miao Yi, yet in their hearts, they screamed, 'You piece of scum, we will settle this account with interest once we reach the Sea of Constellations.'

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