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At Suppressing Third Hall that night, Hall Master Wu Menglan’s face looked icy as her eyes trailed after Huo Lingxiao’s figure departing from the drawing room.

Huo Lingxiao smiled when he met up with his two subordinates. He arrogantly turned his back on Wu Menglan, then with a swing of his sleeves, he shot towards the sky with his two subordinates.

As they swept over the night sky, Huo Lingxiao could no longer control himself and burst into hearty laughter. He’d gone there to criticize her fiercely. It was an amazing feeling for a thief to accuse another of being a thief.

He didn’t expect Yang Qing to get rid of Xiong Xiao that quickly. He didn’t even think Miao Yi’s list of remunerations trick would be that useful either. Even though he already knew of the list in advance, the same could be said for Wu Menglan, so he believed that she must be seething with anger right now. 

Even though all of them had been aware of the trap set by Miao Yi, that guy still didn’t get in trouble for it!

Of course, an esteemed Hall Master wouldn’t allow his own subordinates to be bullied. The other party was really out of line. Just now, Huo Lingxiao had finally gained the upper hand over Wu Menglan.

When he recalled her expression, Huo Lingxiao once again burst into hearty laughter.

He shook his head, heaving a sigh once he was done laughing. That cheapskate little brother of his was truly talented, so it really was unfortunate...

Meanwhile, Miao Yi was holding a feast in the pavilion garden, with lanterns strung high around it. He beckoned Zhou Huan and his men over for a discussion. It could also be said that he was trying to appease them, so he didn’t worsen the situation since the trio’s cultivation base was not for show.

He promised them that their share of payment would never change, but their previous authority would need to be revoked.

"I must dare to ask Mountain Chieftain, what about the others?" Zhou Huan still wanted to help his men who’d lost their positions and wanted to fight for their benefits.

He was seriously pushing his luck! Miao Yi raised his brows, "Are you implying that I have too much money and I have nowhere to spend it?"

The trio fell silent. If news of this matter were to reach the ears of the Manor Head, they could never justify themselves. If they wanted to cause a ruckus here, they had to carefully observe whether they could win this round or not. They were only at the level of a Blue Lotus First Grade cultivation. The people opposite them were at least Blue Lotus Second Grades.

Although the three great sects were indeed powerful, they didn’t dare to meddle with the affairs of the officials. Should this matter be reported to their sect, there was a high chance that they’d be called trash by their own peers.

Miao Yi had agreed to maintain their wages, and his actions could already be considered as highly respectful. They thought about it, and could only back down.

After half-heartedly drinking a couple of cups of wine with the Mountain Chieftain, they then left with forced smiles on their faces.

The moment the trio left, Miao Yi drank and enjoyed a cup of wine by himself under the lanterns in the pavilion. Yan Xiu soon walked from the moon gate behind him and entered the pavilion. With a worried look on his face, he said, "My lord, all the positions in Mount Calming Sea have fallen into the hands of the School of Blue Jade now. If we let this continue, then won’t this be an issue in the future? Back then, they and the Manor Head were..."

His worries were not without reason. Nothing major might happen for now, but for cases like these, those with power in their hands will inevitably harbor treasonous thoughts. This didn’t concern just one person, but a whole group of them. There would definitely be someone with more greedy thoughts, and they would incite the others in secret.

And Miao Yi should understand this fact better than anyone. If the School of Blue Jade had known their place, they wouldn’t have betrayed Yang Qing back then. But he didn’t have much of a choice.

To put it in nicer terms, this was to repay the School of Blue Jade for all their years of support, and it would at least be counted as fulfilling his obligations towards them. However, everyone knew that both parties were taking advantage of the other. If they didn’t benefit from the association, why would an esteemed sect even support a nobody like him?

To put it in an unpleasant way, he had no time to waste on such matters. He had to borrow the power of the School of Blue Jade to quickly exercise control over Mount Calming Sea.

Once the present situation had stabilized, only then would he have time to prepare for his journey to the Sea of Constellations. He wasn’t even sure whether he’d be dead or alive within the next few years, so he didn’t want to waste time worrying about something that would happen in the far-off future. He wanted to stabilize the current situation first.

"There won’t be any problems. Although the important posts are now in the School of Blue Jade’s grasp, the majority of personnel are from the three great sects. If the School of Blue Jade cannot replenish a larger number of troops, then it won’t be easy for them to completely seize control of Mount Calming Sea." Miao Yi waved his hands. For the time being, he wasn’t going to tell Yan Xiu that he had to go to the Sea of Constellations.

Yan Xiu nodded. He just wanted to give him some warning, but he trusted that Miao Yi would know better on how to handle this situation...

At noon the next day, Miao Yi was sitting in a cross-legged position to cultivate within his silent quarters when he was suddenly interrupted by Qian’Er.

"What’s the matter?"

"Master, a woman has arrived outside. She said that she’s your sister."

"What?" In one abrupt movement, Miao Yi opened his eyes, wide with shock. Who else could he have for a sister? In this world, he only had one. A look of disbelief appeared on his face as he asked, "My sister?"

Qian’Er nodded in reply. "That’s what she said."

In a flash, Miao Yi leaped down from the stone chair. He grasped Qian’Er’s shoulders, and asked in a voice trembling with emotion, "Where is she?"

Qian’Er had never expected him to be this emotional. "She’s being stopped outside the mountain gate. The gatekeeper is the one who came to announce her arrival."

"Quick! Send her in!"

Qian’Er left to heed his order.

Having no mood to cultivate anymore, he quickly stepped out into the drawing room, anxiously pacing back and forth in the main hall.

All kinds of feelings invaded his heart and mind as he wondered whether it was really his little sister. Why would she be here? Could it be that she saw my name after I was promoted to Mountain Chieftain? That must be it! Little Sister never forgot about her big brother. Even when she became Fairy Yue Yao, she never forgot me. I’m the one who thought too deeply about it...

He had completely lost control of his emotions. Xue’Er was watching him with a curious look on her face. She had never seen him this nervous before.

Miao Yi suddenly jumped in front of her. Pulling at his clothes, he asked, "Xue’Er, help me make sure that I’m dressed okay."

Honestly, his outfit already looked neat and tidy. The two ladies were the ones who helped him put it on. How could they allow a Mountain Chieftain like him to be dressed in an untidy manner when meeting with guests? But she still attentively helped him fix his clothes before nodding her head.

Not long after, the sounds of footsteps could gradually be heard from outside. Miao Yi intertwined his fingers together, his chest anxiously heaving up and down as he looked towards the doorway, feeling extremely nervous.

When Qian’Er appeared at the entrance and courteously led a woman inside, Miao Yi looked as though someone had splashed a basin of cold water at him. He was instantly speechless. This wasn’t his sister at all...

The person who’d come in was none other than Wen Fang, the employee from the Celestial Nation’s Chamber of Commerce at South Edict Manor. The moment she caught sight of Miao Yi eyeing her in that manner, she was caught off-guard as well. She hurriedly took a quick glance at herself, thinking that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with her appearance!

However, Wen Fang still took the initiative to step forward and pay her respects, "Little Sister greets Big Brother Miao! Why are you looking at me like that? Did you forget about me even when we’ve only parted not long ago?"

"It’s you!" Miao Yi said with disappointment. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so much that he had the sudden impulse to rush forward and give her a few kicks. He wouldn’t have minded so much if this woman had reported her name, or any other title that she had when she came over to see him. She could have announced herself as anything, yet she chose to mention that she was his sister. This made him believe that it really was his little sister, the rumored Fairy Yue Yao, who had come to visit him in person.

He had been hesitating on whether to greet Fairy Yue Yao as a subordinate or as a big brother. In the end, all his worries were for nothing.

Wen Fang appeared to feel wronged as she said, "Little SIster has come all this way just to visit Big Brother. Why is Big Brother acting this way? Is it because I’m not welcome here?"

Miao Yi was really tempted to say her presence wasn’t welcome. F*** this, the joke was too much for him to bear! It had caused him to be completely carried away with excitement!

However, it wasn’t to the point where he would lash out at a guest who had dropped in. Besides, as an employee of the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce, it wouldn’t do to offend her. Even if it was someone of a lower rank, all of them came from powerful backgrounds. Of course, the most important part was that they had the Celestial Nation Chamber of Commerce backing them.

And as for their employees, they held positions that were highly revered and envied in the cultivation world. Although they were cultivators as well, they didn’t need to engage in battle. Similar to the rest, they would receive their wages based on their rank. In addition, they were given commissions as well, so long as they strictly obeyed the rules set by the Chamber of Commerce. Barring any disasters, they’d be safe for their entire lives.

Unfortunately, not just anyone could join their organization. If it were the slightest bit possible, Miao Yi would rather give up this Mountain Chieftain post and exchange places with Wen Fang.

In the earlier days when the Six Sages were in the midst of conquering the world, a number of people serving under them had died during the war. After the Six Sages ruled and secured their titles, they did not forget about the descendants of those men. Although they weren’t bestowed with high positions or great wealth, the Six Sages had gifted them with a peaceful life, assigning them to work for the Chamber of Commerce.

The men’s life’s work was then passed on to their offspring, and inherited from one generation to another. Anyone with an aptitude for cultivation could continue to work for the Chamber of Commerce. The Six Sages were said to have appeased the souls and spirits of their old subordinates who had fallen in the war. Now, outsiders wouldn’t be able to enter the Chamber of Commerce so easily, as it was already a self-established system from within. With the Six Sages currently occupying the high grounds, they wouldn’t be so ready to interfere with these matters. If anyone still wished to enter, it could probably be accomplished by going through the back door with the help of the Six Sages’ disciples.

It didn’t pose a problem if the disciples wanted to make arrangements to assign someone to work for the Chamber of Commerce, since the commanding officer of the Chamber of Commerce was also a disciple of the Six Sages.

"Why are you here?" Miao Yi smiled bitterly. After he sat down, he extended his arms to invite his guest to take a seat as well.

Qian’Er also noticed that it was a misunderstanding. She’d also thought that her master’s own sister had really arrived, so her behavior towards Wen Fan was exceedingly courteous.

Actually, Wen Fang had been afraid that it would be difficult for her to enter. Although the Chamber of Commerce belonged to the officials, the influence they held were of a completely different nature. There was no need for either of them to respect each other. After she said that she was the sister of Mount Calming Sea’s Mountain Chieftain, it was evident that it had been very effective. They had immediately announced her arrival, and she was received right away.

Besides, she believed that she hadn’t lied in that aspect. When they were in South Edict Manor, she had already addressed Miao Yi as Big Brother.

"Little Sister has come to visit Big Brother. It wouldn’t do for me to come empty-handed, so here’s a small token of my appreciation. I have personally made some light refreshments for Big Brother." Wen Fang presented a small gift box to Miao Yi.

Miao Yi opened up the gift box to look at its contents. This was really a light gift. It was a box of fine pastries. He could see at a glance that a lot of work had been put into them. He just couldn’t tell whether it was really made by her, or if they were actually bought at South Edict Manor.

Turning around, he realized that Wen Fang was already engaged in a conversation with Qian’Er and Xue’Er. She’d only just arrived, and already she’d gifted two striking and delicate head ornaments to the two ladies.

Miao Yi was rendered speechless. She had also prepared gifts for his own handmaidens. Tapping his fingers on the table, he asked, "Wen Fang, is there some matter you want to discuss with me?"

"Can’t I come visit Big Brother when I’m free?" Wen Fang smiled sweetly. Seeing the speechless expression on Miao Yi’s face, she corrected herself and said, "I’ve never been to Mount Calming Sea before, so I wanted to stop by and admire the scenery. I hope Big Brother has no issues with it."

Miao Yi was aware that she still wanted his business. But since she didn’t mention it, he would pretend he didn’t know anything. Thus, he smiled at Xue’Er. "Xue’Er, go accompany her. I still have some matters to attend to, so I won’t be joining."

Once he finished, he went back to his silent quarters to cultivate.

The three women headed outside into the garden, chatting together as they took a stroll.

More than half the day had passed, yet Wen Fang didn’t seem to have any intentions of leaving. Instead, she was able to talk about a lot of things with Qian’Er and Xue’Er.

When it was almost evening, a stream of light shot across the horizon, descending outside the Mount Calming Sea Grand Hall.

Wen Fang’s eyes instantly gleamed when she turned around to look. Qian’Er and Xue’Er were shocked as well by the sudden appearance. Obviously, anyone who could soar across the sky wouldn’t be just anybody, so of course, they had to check up on it.

Wen Fang trailed after them.

The moment they came out of the main hall, they saw an old man, and a pale, smiling man; both had been stopped by the men from Mount Calming Sea. The subordinates were afraid to act rashly. People who could soar through the skies had to at least be a Red Lotus cultivator, so who would dare to act blindly without thinking?

Mustering their courage, both Qian’Er and Xue’Er stepped forward to ask, "Who goes there?"

The pale-faced man was obviously well-accustomed to this. He smiled with cupped fists. "Both of you must be the Elder Auntie and the Little Auntie of Mount Calming Sea. I would like to trouble the both of you to report my arrival to the esteemed Mountain Chieftain. Just mention that Luo Ping from the capital city has arrived upon request."

Following closely behind, Wen Fang’s eyes flickered.

"Capital city?" Qian’Er voiced out with uncertainty. She told him to wait for a while before quickly darting off.

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