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Gongsun Yu was rather embarrassed by those words.

Indeed, that was the case. Risking his life for Qin Weiwei back then had became a source of income for him. Even though he didn’t manage to rescue her directly, it wouldn’t be easy to repay his heroic act. After all, it was still a life saving deed. No amount of monetary compensation would ever be enough to repay that. Due to Qin Weiwei’s character, she was easily bound by Gongsun Yu because she still owed him for his deed.

Yet now it was different. With Miao Yi intentionally causing trouble for him, these two hundred low-grade Orbs of Will were a lifesaver for Gongsun Yu. Everyone knew the kind of person Miao Yi was; once you signed a document acknowledging the debt, he would come after you whenever he pleased. Otherwise, Gongsun Yu wouldn’t be that fearful in the first place.

In other words, as Yan Xiu clearly stated, "Miao Yi wants to take your life, but because Qin Weiwei has intervened and saved your ass, she is no longer indebted to you."

Qin Weiwei quietly took back the orbs. She appreciated Miao Yi’s kindness. Gesturing to Gongsun Yu, she commanded, "Return to Long Viridescent Cave first. You can find me after you are done with the transferal of the cave."

"Yes!" Gongsun Yu took his leave, looking quite awkward.

He had no choice but to be embarrassed; his selfish motives were exposed.

Yan Xiu was more or less overcome with joy when he saw Gongsun Yu leave with a forlorn face. Miao Yi had already explained the reason he wanted Yan Xiu to settle matters this way. He wanted Gongsun Yu to bow his head to Yan Xiu.

Miao Yi also mentioned in the message, "Although Gongsun Yu isn’t a bad person, he is a despicable one. Yan Xiu, your humiliation might have become Gongsun Yu’s boasts during any conversation with strangers. The rumor between Qin Weiwei and him is a good example; most of it was greatly attributed to him. I have already been despised by others, so I do not wish to see my trusted subordinate being looked down upon too. In future, you are the person tasked to step forth and assist me. As long as Gongsun Yu bows to you, he will not dare speak of your humiliation. Don’t be modest when dealing with despicable people." 

If it wasn’t for his regard for Yang Qing and Qin Weiwei holding him back, Miao Yi would have crushed him without hesitation.

After Gongsun Yu left, Qin Weiwei began to write one last decree to every cave of Mount Calming Sea, stating that she had been relocated to Mount Shaotai and that Miao Yi had been appointed by Manor Head to become Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea. Then ordered Hong Mian and Lu Liu to use the Spirit Eagles to convey her decree.

The transfer was finally complete. Qin Weiwei did not tarry any longer, but before she departed with her handmaidens, she left a message with Yan Xiu. "Tell Miao Yi that I am not angry at him and that we are still friends. Tell him to drop by Mount Shaotai and visit me whenever he has time."

Yan Xiu was shocked for a moment. Then cupped his fists together and said, "I will remember your message. When I see my lord, I will definitely tell him that."

Yan Xiu brought Qian’Er and Xue’Er with him to send Qin Weiwei and her handmaidens off at the mountain gates.

Qin Weiwei turned around to take one last look at Mount Calming Sea before mounting her dragon steed. There was a hint of reluctance in her eyes but in the end, she lead the way; galloping off with her white dress fluttering in the wind.

Just then, Miao Yi and Luo Shuangfei were hiding themselves somewhere in the depths of a mountain forest.

Luo Shuangfei heard something move and immediately darted his eyes towards the source. He could see a company of troops galloping towards the forest. He turned to face Miao Yi and said, "The men from the School of Blue Jade are here."

Miao Yi withdrew from his cultivation and stood up. A moment later, he could see twenty mounts heading towards him.

The mounts finally stopped moving. The individual leading these men wasn’t just anyone—it was none other than Tian Qingfeng, who was considered an old acquaintance of Miao Yi and Luo Shuangfei.

Tian Qingfeng leaped down from his dragon steed and came forward with his fists cupped together, "Tian Qingfeng received the Sect Master’s orders and brought disciples from the School of Blue Jade to serve Milord."

"Are these the men I requested?" Miao Yi asked.

Tian Qingfeng took the hint and beckoned to the men behind him.

The other nineteen men dismounted from their dragon steeds and displayed the illusory blue lotus on their foreheads. Most of them were Blue Lotus First, Second, and Third Grades with Tian Qingfeng being the highest with an astonishing cultivation at Blue Lotus Fourth Grade. They all came forward, cupped their fists together and greeted, "Milord."

Miao Yi was delighted to see twenty Blue Lotus experts gathering together. He nodded and said, "I have been waiting for you all. Follow me to depart."

He mounted his steed and took the lead with the others following after. Twenty mounts crossed over the boundary between Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor and South Edict Manor, and directly charged into the territory of Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor.

They continued their journey day and night without a single stop. There was a sudden heavy downpour of rain, but they continued pushing on through the rainy night until the sun shone again. Miao Yi face was inscrutable as he lead the way, braving the winds and the rain.

After over a day of rushing towards their destination, once they were close to Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor, they hid themselves in the forest to reorganize.

Miao Yi and Luo Shuangfei were still fine. But Tian Qingfeng and the others had continuously travelled from the School of Blue Jade with nary a rest. Their dragon steeds were already fatigued from being without their much needed rest.

They finally understood that the purpose of their journey was to seek out Xiong Xiao and settle a score. After the fight was done, they would immediately retreat. It would not do to be caught on their way back just because the dragon steeds’ leg strength hadn’t recovered to their best condition.

Under the night sky, all of them gathered around the map of Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor and began their discussion; continuing to scribble and write on the map ceaselessly...

The next day, all of them set forth once again on their dragon steed. Just as they were about to reach the manor, Miao Yi signalled to his left and right. Following the plan they discussed the night before, seventeen of them divided themselves and hid along either sides of the forest. Meanwhile, Miao Yi took the remaining four and led them down the path.

When the five of them reached the gates of the manor, they were stopped by two guards. "Who are you all?"

"I am Cave Master Miao Yi of East Arrival Cave of South Edict Manor. I am here to meet with your Manor Head." Miao Yi didn’t attempt to enter with force, and instead tossed a jade archive to the guards.

The guards stared at each other. They had heard of the great reputation of Cave Master Miao Yi of East Arrival Cave. He had killed the previous Mountain Chieftain Su Biao of Mount Returning Loyalty, and even the previous Manor Head Liu Jingtian had suffered losses under the hand of this Miao Yi. They also heard rumors that the new Manor Head who hailed from South Edict Manor had a feud with Miao Yi as well.

The guards could not afford to delay their actions. They clasped their fists together and said, "Cave Master Miao Yi, please wait a moment." And with that, they swiftly left to report their encounter.

However, it could be said that Miao Yi had come at an inopportune moment. As it was Xiong Xiao’s first time taking charge of Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor, it was necessary for him to reorganize the whole place. He was in the middle of convening with ten Mountain Chieftains gathered in the grand hall of the manor to discuss matters of importance. 

Xiong Xiao was already having a slight headache because of that. Some matters could go on for days, yet nothing would be concluded from the discussion.

The reason was because of Xiong Xiao himself. He came alone and only had a modest cultivation base. The Mountain Chieftains had higher cultivation bases than Xiong Xiao. To put it simply, they refused to obey him. As of now, Xiong Xiao didn’t have any power of his own. Each Mountain Chieftain pretended to comply with him for the sake of earning some benefit for their own.

Some Mountain Chieftains with influence were musing about the method they would use to overthrow Xiong Xiao. Naturally, their intention was to take his seat. If it wasn’t for the sake of Hall Master Wu Menglan, they would have already seized power from him, just like Yang Qing had done to Lu Yu.

If they immediately overthrew a person who was just appointed by the Hall Master herself, the Hall Master would definitely be infuriated by this. Moreover, Xiong Xiao was personally accompanied by Elder Auntie to take up his role. In that sense, the best way to achieve their goal was to let Xiong Xiao achieve nothing, creating a Manor Head who was shown to be incapable of dealing with matters. Naturally, for them to be able to overthrow this kind of Manor Head, there should be someone who deserved the role more than him. The others would speak well of this person so the Hall Master would have nothing to say against it.

However, Xiong Xiao wasn’t a fool. His biggest crutch was the support from Wu Menglan, and he already expected this kind of situation to occur. These past few days, he had been directing his attention to the troops of Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor; killing a few in a slew of rage and also substantially rewarding a few others as well. At the same time, he hinted that he would replace the Mountain Chieftains under him with a few of his trusted subordinates. With that, he immediately took control of his own troops, showing himself to be extremely capable. All that was left was to deal with the vassals under him.

It might be official business on the surface, but he wanted to take the opportunity to see the true nature of these subordinates before formulating a plan to deal with them. He could not afford to rush these things, otherwise they would become desperate and he would have to put himself in great danger.

At that moment, a guard came in to make a sudden report—Miao Yi had arrived. Xiong Xiao was instantly surprised; standing up, he asked, "How many troops did he bring with him?"

The Mountain Chieftains stared at each other, ‘Mountain Chieftain Xiong’s enemy has came for him this quick?’ Some of them had a hint of banter and insincerity in their eyes.

Xiong Xiao couldn’t help being astounded... He predicted that Yang Qing would most likely take vengeance on him, but he didn’t expect that Yang Qing would call such a bold assault. After all, both of them were now associated with two different halls, so it was even more unlikely for the other party to brazenly assault his manor. However, now Miao Yi had sought him out under broad daylight—it was simply unacceptable!

The guard cupped his fists and said, "Only four subordinates."

"Only four subordinates?" Xiong Xiao was surprised. ‘Isn’t that guy seeking death? Daring to come here with only four people. Does he not know that I have become the Manor Head of Thriving Ten-Thousand Manor?’

After pondering for a moment, it was possible that Miao Yi still wasn’t aware that he had become the Manor Head. After all, he didn’t tell anyone in South Edict Manor that he had already surrendered! He examined the jade archive that was delivered to Xia Yu, a frown creasing his face. He muttered, "List of remunerations? Four hundred low-grade Orbs of Will, three hundred thousand Gold Crystals …"

He was a little confused. Yang Qing hadn’t know of this. How could he? He couldn’t help but ask those in the hall, "What is this list of remunerations?"

He signalled for Xia Yu to pass on the list of remuneration to the others below.

Everyone had a smile on their faces after examining the list. From the chaotic babble that followed below, Xiong Xiao finally understood what it meant. He never considered there would be such a thing. It turned out that East Arrival Cave had been sending the list of remunerations here every year. Miao Yi clearly knew it would be hopeless, yet he managed to persist with this matter for dozens of years? This was truly a joke!

‘Count yourself unlucky for falling into my grasp. I can’t let you run away now that you have sent yourself to me!’ Xiong Xiao swept his gaze over everyone below and revealed a sinister smile. He had no expectations of the others lending a hand to him. However, seventy of his troops was more than enough to deal with a mere five men.

He pushed off his armrest and stood up. With a cold laugh, he said, "It seems that it is time for me to settle an old score. Liu Tong. Gather up my troops immediately ..."

Back at the gates, the cultivator acting as a messenger quickly ran back. He signalled to Miao Yi and the others and said, "Please follow me."

Miao Yi kept an eye on his surroundings. They slowly entered whilst mounted on their dragon steeds. Miao Yi was obviously trying to use himself as bait.

Once they entered, the cultivator leading them turned around and said, "Visitors entering the manor are not allowed to mount their steeds. Please dismount at once!"

‘Dismount? Isn’t losing the leg strength of the dragons steeds asking us to die?’ Miao Yi couldn’t be bother to comply. He calmly replied, "We have no time for such nonsense, especially from a little pawn like you. Continue leading the way!"

The cultivator did not dare to disrupt the plans of his Manor Head, so he endured his anger and continued leading Miao Yi and the others further into the manor.

Just as they arrived in the middle of the public square outside of the Grand Hall, they suddenly heard the galloping noise of dragon steeds. Miao Yi and the others were surprised by the sudden commotion and quickly looked around their surroundings.

A moment later, a large platoon came rushing in from both sides, surrounding Miao Yi and the others in an encirclement.

Miao Yi extended his arms. A cloud of silver mist burst forth from the storage rings and cloaked his body. In an instant, he and his steed were clad in armor; with the Inversed-Scales Spear readied in his hand.

The four cultivators behind him quickly readied their weapons as well.

Miao Yi swung his spear at his surrounding and furiously roared, "I am a member of Suppressing Second Hall. What do you think you are doing?"

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