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"Anyone familiar hmm…," Hong Changhai mumbled, then shook his head. "In my younger years, I was acquainted with a disciple of the Glorious Cloud Sect. I wouldn’t call us acquaintances though. More like enemies. I nearly lost my life to him once."

Miao Yi was speechless. ‘You’re better off not telling me then.’ Thinking to himself, he got up and started pacing back and forth with his arms crossed behind his back, muttering under his breath all the while.

"Milord, you wish to go to the Glorious Cloud Sect?" Hong Changhai asked probingly.

He didn’t know if Miao Yi heard him or not, but Miao Yi came to a sudden halt, his eyes brightened as he suddenly remembered a certain someone. That person was highly likely to be in Glorious Cloud Sect.

He lightly clasped his hands and resolved in his mind. Abruptly turning around, he said, "Elder Hong. I wish to make a journey to the Glorious Cloud Sect. Does the School of Blue Jade have any manpower to spare me on this journey?"

It would be unwise to go on his own for a journey this long. It was best to find some bodyguards.

Right now, not knowing who abducted his Little Brother was already quite worrying. Only the traces he found of his Little Sister were more reassuring. Since matters had escalated to this extent, he was in a hurry to make this journey. He could only cast the matter of visiting the capital aside for the moment. He couldn’t lose his Little Sister as well after losing his Little Brother.

As for his Little Brother, he would think about that after finding his Little Sister. In the future, he would definitely pull out all the stops and have all the people across the realm help him search. This, he swore!

"Ah!" Hong Changhai stood up as well. He was at a loss for words. To have the School of Blue Jade send an escort to accompany him to such a faraway place… He couldn’t help but smile bitterly, "Milord. The distance between the Fifth Earthly Branch to the First Earthly Branch is overlaid with many mountains and rivers. There are many unpredictable factors in such a journey. I’m afraid the School of Blue Jade… May I know what kind of person Milord is searching for exactly?"

Normally, it would have been fine, but he now no longer had the authority to influence the School of Blue Jade’s manpower anymore. He could work something out if it was within the school—after all, he still had his own line of disciples who would listen to his command—but if it was to undertake missions outside of the School of Blue Jade, then he must first gain approval.

‘Do I really need to tell you who exactly I’m searching for?’ Miao Yi could hear from his tone that it would be difficult for him. He faintly smiled, "Can I trust Elder Hong to keep the matters we’ve discussed today a secret?"

Hong Changhai replied, "Besides you and I, only the Heavens and the Earth shall know of it."

Contrary to his expectations, Miao Yi then chuckled and said, "After travelling for so many days, I am feeling a little tired."

Hong Changhai was dumbfounded. ‘He’s sending me off already?’

The other party was so decisive that he found it hard to keep up. The second they had a single disagreement, he was practically pushing for him to leave without a single explanation. This was way too erratic… However, Hong Changhai immediately stepped forward and cupped his fists to say, "Please rest for now, Milord. I shall go and figure something out for you. Regardless of whether or not I succeed, I will definitely give you an answer before sundown tomorrow!"

"Please!" Miao Yi nodded. He didn’t make things difficult for the other person. He extended his arm and gestured to the door for him. Then, he personally sent him out the front gate.

After Hong Changhai left, Miao Yi stood at the foot of the steps leading to the front gate, staring at the moon with a blank expression on his face. Then he turned and said, "Yuan Fang. Yuhan. I want both of you to rush back to East Arrival Cave through the night.

The two charged with keeping guard exchanged glances, then cupped their fists to receive the order. They then asked, "Milord. Are you not returning?"

"I have other matters to attend to. You don’t have to worry about me. Once you return, make sure to protect the Cave well!" Miao Yi motioned with his hand and commanded, "Leave this instant!"

"Understood!" Both of them replied. Then, Yuan Fang asked, "Where are you going, Milord?"

"I’ll be fine. If any mishaps occur within the School of Blue Jade, the both of you won’t be able to protect me anyway. Just go!"

"Understood!" The two of them immediately departed. Very soon, the faint sounds of dragon steeds galloping could be heard under the tranquil moonlight.

Miao Yi was standing by the gate with his arms behind his back, basking under the cold moonlight, when he heard a sound from inside. He rushed back in and stood in the center of the courtyard shouting, "Somebody there!?"

In the end there was no reply. He shouted a few more times after that, then he heard the subservient voices of two female disciples coming from his sleeping quarters saying, "Milord!"

‘What is going on?’ Miao Yi furrowed his brows. Something strange was going on. He immediately drew out his Inversed-Scales Spear and moved towards his bedchamber. Then, he lifted his leg and kicked the door open with a ‘Bang!’.

Inside the room, the candlelight flickered. All the furnishings were still intact. Outside, Miao Yi readied his spear. The Inversed-Scales Spear glimmered under the moonlight; its light reflecting onto Miao Yi’s face, and revealing his frosty expression.

He swept a cold gaze across the room as he slowly entered with spear in hand, ready for any unforeseen threat.

Miao Yi kept his spear raised and stood inside the room. After quickly scanning around, his gaze fell upon his bed. He saw that there was something shuffling under the sheets. Someone was clearly hiding there.

"Come out!" Miao Yi shouted.

Something trembled from under the sheets, yet it didn’t listen to him and come out.

Miao Yi slowly approached, and carefully reached out with the sharp tip of his spear. Suddenly, he stabbed into the blanket and flicked his hand up, sending it flying.

When the people under the sheets were revealed, they immediately exclaimed, "AHHH!"

Miao Yi stared wide-eyed at the scene before him, the icy expression on his face frozen in abject shock.

Two young girls were frantically curling up their snow-white slender bodies, bringing their knees up to their chests and trembling all the while.

Under the candlelight, every part of their skin was exposed. Looking like nothing more than startled little rabbits, their well-developed bosoms and privates were roughly visible, and quite arousing to one’s blood.

Miao Yi was utterly speechless. Even though Qian’Er and Xue’Er would always wait on him in the bath, they would at least wear body huggers. This was the first time in his life that he had seen women stripped naked like this.

His base instinct had him subconsciously swallowing a gulp of saliva, but he quickly calmed himself down. It was a little too abnormal for two of the School of Blue Jade’s female disciples to sleep on his bed buck naked.

"What are you two doing?" Miao Yi asked coldly.

The two female disciples were ashamed to meet his eye, and kept their backs to him, their voices were quivering as they replied, "We have come to serve Milord."

"Serve me?" Miao Yi was surprised. Then, he vaguely understood what was happening. ‘They were buck naked. How else could they serve him?’

"If Milord doesn’t mind, we are willing to warm Milord’s bed for the night!"

Their voices were already trembling so much, yet they were still able to say something like this. It was clear that they were really willing to go all the way for their futures.

Miao Yi mocked, "I can’t believe it. The honorable School of Blue Jade would actually go so far as to play these kinds of tricks. I’ve truly seen everything today. Get up and get dressed this instant!"

The two girls curled on the bed with their eyes closed from the shame, snapped open their eyes and bit their lips. One grit her teeth and asked, "Why is Milord being so cruel?"

"Cruel? You whore, you actually dare play me for a fool. You have no idea what you’re up against!" Miao Yi swung his spear. The roaring of dragons reverberated as transcendence energy rippled, "Do you think my spear isn’t sharp enough? If you don’t get up now, don’t blame me for bathing the sheets with your blood!"

After being threatened, the two girls jumped up in fright. Burning from the unbearable shame and frustration, they covered up their ample bosoms and quickly clambered out. In that instant, all their skin was revealed. After getting off the bed, they quickly picked up their clothes, and faced their backs to Miao Yi as they hurriedly dressed.

After they finished getting themselves in order, they turned to face Miao Yi again. Their faces were flushed with embarrassment as they bit their lips. Too afraid to lift their heads.

For the two of them to bump into such an inconsiderate man, they felt like they had lost all their face from eight lifetimes on this day. They despised Elder Tang for having them do something do shameful.

Miao Yi shouted, "Leave! Go and request for Elder Tong Renmei to see me now!"

The minds of the two girls were in turmoil, shocked by his words, they abruptly raised their heads. When they heard that he wanted the Chief Elder to come over, the two of them were immediately nervous. Thinking that their guest wanted to talk to the Chief Elder about this matter, they immediately went on their knees with fear, and anxiously begged, "Please spare us, Milord. We know we are wrong. Milord, please spare us!"

How would the two of them know that they were under Elder Tong’s instructions to come here in the first place? They only knew that if Elder Tong found out that they did something like this and made the School of Blue Jade lose face, he would never let them go! What was worse was that Elder Tang wouldn’t admit to it when the time comes, and there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would go against him for their sakes either.

"You girls are overthinking the matter. This has nothing to do with the two of you. You girls aren’t worth getting into an argument for. I didn’t see anything, and nothing happened. Hurry up and ask for Elder Tong. Just say that I have matters to discuss with him."

The two girls left uneasily, with their hearts still perturbed. It was difficult to assure them both with mere words.

Miao Yi tucked his spear away and walked out of the room. He went to stand in the courtyard with his hands behind his back, and waited under the moonlight. It was a cool and chilly night, with the shadows of old trees dancing about outside.

He didn’t have to wait long before the two worried-looking girls came back with Tong Renmei before them.

The two cupped their fists and greeted each other. Miao Yi extended his arm and gestured for them to continue speaking in the main hall.

After they entered the main hall and sat down, the two girls’ hands were still trembling when they tried to serve them tea.

"There’s nothing more for the two of you to do here. Leave us!" Miao Yi dismissed the two girls. Then, he turned to face the smiling Tong Renmei and said, "Elder Hong came by just now."

"Oh! Is that so?" Tong Renmei revealed a surprised expression. In truth, he had already known about it from the two girls earlier. The other reason the two girls were sent here, was originally to be used as spies. Additionally, he also had people keeping a watch over this place. "It seems like Elder Hong really has a deep relationship with Milord. He didn’t even forget to pay Milord a visit so late in the night."

"I wouldn’t consider our relationship to be as deep as you believe." Miao Yi said as he raised his cup of tea towards Tong Renmei. He took a sip, then placed it down and smiled, "At the very least, when I asked for Elder Hong’s assistance on a small matter just now, he wasn’t able to agree to it on the spot."

Tong Renmei’s interest was piqued, "May I know what matter of business troubled Elder Hong so?"

"Truthfully, I wouldn’t say it’s such a big deal? It’s just that I wish to make a long journey, and looked for Elder Hong to secure some men to escort me. Alas, Elder Hong was too rigid, and can only give me an answer before sundown tomorrow. What’s more, it isn’t guaranteed that he will succeed," replied Miao Yi, shaking his head as though he was disappointed.

When he heard this, Tong Renmei sneered to himself. Right now, he was the Chief Elder. Without his approval, Hong Changhai didn’t have the authority to send their forces out on missions, unless he was able to obtain the Sect Master’s approval.

He could understand why Hong Changhai found this matter troubling, as well as the reason why Miao Yi sought him out. He slowly struck a stance, and leaned his body backwards slightly before smiling, "Elder Hong did right by being cautious."

Tong Renmei raised his cup of tea and lifted the lid, gently blowing on the leaves floating on the surface. He was unhurried and nonchalant, and didn’t continue speaking.

He was waiting for Miao Yi to negotiate the terms with him.

Miao Yi lightly raised his eyebrow, and replied, "Oh. Then in that case, I might as well wait for Elder Hong’s reply then. He said he was going to look for your esteemed school’s Grand Elder. I originally believed that the Grand Elder need not be troubled by such a trivial matter, which is why I asked Elder Tong. But now it seems like I was a little hasty." He cupped his fists, "For troubling Elder Tong with coming all this way for such a trivial matter, it makes me ill at ease. I shan’t disturb you any longer." 

If they couldn’t agree, he would send them off immediately. He couldn’t be bothered to deal with their mannerisms.

He wasn’t someone so easily pushed around. For him to reach where he was standing today, he knew where his advantages, and disadvantages lie.

Since the other party hadn’t followed standard procedure, Tong Renmei was struck dumb. ‘Don’t you have something to ask of me since you asked me to come here? We haven’t even discussed anything, and yet you don’t want to talk about it anymore?’

Tong Renmei stood up. It seemed like he didn’t intend to stay long either. However, he remarked, "Milord. You might not be aware of this, but Grand Elder is off on a trip to visit a friend. He won’t be back so soon, I’m afraid."

Indeed, Miao Yi didn’t know that the Grand Elder wasn’t around. However, his matters were fixed, whereas the people handling them were flexible. How could he be threatened so easily. He gave a nod and said, "No matter. I’ve already ordered Yuan Fang and Yuhan to rush back to East Arrival Cave through the night and gather my forces. If I don’t hear Elder Hong’s reply the end of the next day, my subordinates will naturally rush over to escort me!"

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