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Before they could voice out their opinion, everyone wanted to survey the situation first and see how it would unfold. But judging from the present circumstances, if the Cave Master seat were to be taken by someone else, the new Cave Master wouldn’t be able to afford them either. They still needed to rely on the former Cave Master.

Primarily, they were here because Elder Hong Changhai had heavily entrusted them with a mission.

Having no other choices left, everyone nodded and answered this former Cave Master, "Alright!"

However, Yuan Fang still attempted to give him a reminder, "If we’ve caused trouble and provoked the superior’s wrath, what should we do if we’re distributed between the two Manors’ respective regions?"

Miao Yi waved his hands disapprovingly and replied, "That isn’t a problem. I have signed the Commandment of Conformity with the School of Blue Jade. Regardless of whether I have violated the agreement on my side, you can report it directly to the Manor of Conformity and make a complaint against me. So long as someone from the Manor of Conformity gets sent over, I’ll immediately admit that it’s my fault. You can seize the opportunity to withdraw and return back to the School of Blue Jade. With the existence of the Commandment of Conformity, nobody can do anything to you. In any case, I’ll bear all responsibility. So just put your minds at rest, and follow me without fear as we wreak havoc!"

"Apart from Cave Master Miao, we’ll never acknowledge anyone else in East Arrival Cave!"

Yuan Fang’s words were pleasing to hear. Everyone immediately followed suit to respond, causing Former Cave Master Miao to beam with joy. Hands clasped behind his back, he nodded continuously. They were fine with disregarding the title as long as someone bore responsibility should anything happen. That didn’t seem bad at all.

He had already made plans, thinking that once the new Cave Master claimed the seat, it was time for him to secretly teach a lesson to Mount Returning Loyalty. This was because if anything were to break out, it would rest on the new Cave Master’s shoulders.

Yan Xiu let out a sigh of relief in his heart because things had ended up with Miao Yi still in control of East Arrival—he could continue his days here without difficulty. The only problem was which unfortunate soul would be the one to take over as the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave. Due to Miao Yi’s hoodlum integrity, he’d won over the forces of East Arrival Cave, and now the new Cave Master was screwed.

 Qian‘Er and Xue’Er looked at their master with gazes filled with admiration and respect. Their master was still as amazing as ever. Even if he couldn’t be a Cave Master, he still had the final say in all matters concerning East Arrival Cave. Didn’t this mean that even if there were a new Elder Auntie and Little Auntie, they would still be considered inferior to their own positions at East Arrival Cave?

The statuses of the handmaidens would change with their master’s. Both of them knew of this principle all too well.

Yang Qing still thought that Former Cave Master Miao wouldn’t be able to wreak any havoc after suffering a setback and losing his power. Little did he know that before the future East Arrival Cave Master had yet to take his post, the Former Cave Master Miao had already instigated his men, waiting to cause trouble...

At Suppressing Second Hall, within the Hall Master’s quarters, Huo Lingxiao was dressed in thin gray robes with his hair bound by a jade hairpin. He held the jade archive that Yang Qing had presented, reading it while he walked out from the silent cultivation quarters.

"East Arrival Cave. East Arrival Cave Master Miao Yi. He’s involved, again? This brat is truly unfortunate. Why is he always on the short end of the stick?" Shaking his head, Huo Lingxiao mumbled, "Should I meet with him one day or assign him to a safer position? I’d start to feel anxious for him, otherwise!"

Accompanying him, Handmaidens Tian Yu and Liu Xing knew he was ridiculing the former Cave Master, so they couldn’t restrain a smile as though in understanding.

After examining the contents of the jade archive twice, he waved it in his hand as he turned around to laugh, "Last time, Wu Menglan barged into my place and blackmailed me. This time I want to make her spit out those ten high-grade Orbs of Will and fork out the interest! Liu Xing, order Feng Zhihuan and He Yunye to come and see me!"

"Understood!" Liu Xing went off cheerfully.

Not long after, Liu Xing led Feng Zhihuan and He Yunye into the palace, meeting the approaching Huo Lingxiao in the yard. The two Advisors bowed together, exclaiming, "Greetings, Hall Master!"

 "Mm!" Huo Lingxiao nodded and ordered, "Both of you accompany me on a trip down to Suppressing Third Hall."

The two exchanged silent glances with each other. Feng Zhihuan then cupped his fists to ask, "Might I be so bold as to ask the Hall Master for what reason are we going there?"

"Suppressing Third Hall’s men have invaded my territory. Come with me to teach Wu Menglan a lesson!"

After Huo Lingxiao finished, he flung his sleeves, and a plume of light encapsulated him. A gale swept past the surroundings, and the shroud of light was launched into the air with a ‘whoosh’!.

Feng Zhihuan and He Yunye stared at each other in astonishment. Afraid to lag behind, they both shot to the skies together in hot pursuit.

The three shrouds of light resembled round eggs enveloping the three people, with one at the front while the other two followed closely from behind. They quickly cut through the horizon, instantly vanishing into the far-off distance...

Riding dragon steeds would probably take days of travel. For the trio, not even half a day had passed by, and already they’d crossed the lands, descending onto the summit of the vast ranges of snowy peaks.

Currently, Huo Lingxiao’s face was as cold as ice, as he led his two Advisors to barge through the palace gates of Suppressing Third Hall.

The guards at the gate attempted to obstruct them but were instead pushed away by Huo Lingxiao. A thunderous, furious roar erupted, shaking the heavens. "I demand Wu Menglan to get the f*ck out and see me this instant!"

Those who were on the side of justice had the confidence. With such a loud voice, was there still a need to send word?

Before the guards from Suppressing Third Hall could run to the Hall Master’s quarters, the shapely Wu Menglan had come out, dressed in a fur coat, with her two handmaidens in tow.

Wu Menglan’s expression was beyond sour. Prior to this, Liu Jingtian had yet to report to her of the amazing deed he’d done. She’d only found out not long ago after Liu Jingtian’s defeat, which couldn’t be concealed any further.

It would have been fine if Liu Jingtian had vented out his frustrations on the previous matter. She would have praised his capability and won back her reputation. However, not only did that trash Liu Jingtian fail to take revenge and erase the humiliation, he had suffered a crushing defeat and as a result, had completely thrown away the face of Suppressing Third Hall. She was almost overwhelmed with fury.

She would have dismembered Liu Jingtian’s body into a million pieces, but was mindful of the fact that killing her subordinates over a loss would only prompt others to ridicule her. They would mock her foolish choice in subordinates, and would say that she only knew how to vent out her pent-up frustrations on those who served her. This would only cause harm to her aloof and remote graceful demeanor.

She had already made the decision that once this matter gradually died down and after everyone had forgotten about it, she would kick that useless trash off the Manor Head post. Anyway, he was no match when faced against Yang Qing! If not, she wouldn’t even know how many times he’d continue to humiliate her!

Deep down, she understood that this situation wasn’t because Liu Jingtian had been incompetent. Those who could be Manor Heads weren’t at all useless. It was only because Yang Qing was too sly. Anyone else would fail to be a match against Yang Qing too. It was precisely because of this reason that she hadn’t replaced Liu Jingtian back then. 

What infuriated her further was Liu Jingtian’s behavior; if he lacked the capability to take on Yang Qing, he shouldn’t have pretended otherwise. Don’t humiliate her in the process!

"Hall Master, Suppressing Second Hall’s Hall Master Huo Lingxiao…"

Before the incoming guard could finish his announcement, Wu Menglan had already brushed him off with a wave of her hand and said, "I know!"

How could she not be aware? Huo Lingxiao’s voice was too loud, and the entirety of Suppressing Third Hall had heard him. It would have been odd if she hadn’t heard him at all.

From his point of view, he was in the right and had come to pay back the incident from last time to slap her right in the face!

But back then, the critical point was that she also hadn’t reaped many profits from him since Yang Qing had already prepared a contingency in advance for Suppressing Second Hall. The Suppressing Third Hall’s blockhead of a litigant had given hand-written testimony as solid proof. This meant that Suppressing Second Hall had strong grounds to oppose any objections she might have and could even ignore her completely.

However, this time around, Suppressing Third Hall was completely in the wrong. On top of that, they were also at a disadvantage. Being slapped in the face after suffering a loss would leave them with an unpleasant aftertaste.

But the moment she saw the sunken-faced Huo Lingxiao striding over with his two Advisors in tow, Wu Menglan refused to lose out in portraying an elegant demeanor. She beamed, "Hall Master Huo has personally come to Suppressing Third Hall! What a rare visitor!"

Huo Lingxiao scoffed coldly, unrestrainedly throwing her a rude look. "Look at what your Suppressing Third Hall has done!"

Wu Menglan pretended to ask in surprise, "What has happened to anger Hall Master Huo to this extent?"

"Wu Menglan, are you planning to make me argue with you publicly with so many in plain view?" Huo Lingxiao laughed coldly, implying that if she weren’t afraid of being humiliated, he wouldn’t mind as well.

"Hehe… Those who arrive here are guests! How could I neglect you!" Wu Menglan’s light and casual words were enough to dispel the embarrassment the other party had put her in. She turned to face the main hall’s entrance, extended her hands, and said, "Go on in!"

Leaving Feng Zhihuan and He Yunye behind, Huo Lingxiao went into the main hall with her.

The moment he sat down in the main hall, Huo Lingxiao chucked Yang Qing’s report at Wu Menglan. "Look at what you lot have done!"

And so they spent the remaining time, both of them fighting and arguing with the other.

Of course, when considering the big picture, incidents occurring between their subordinates weren’t worth influencing the rapport shared between the two.

However, when it came to matters where one was in the wrong, they must provide an explanation. The men on your side ran all the way to my territory to wreak havoc for no apparent reason, how can I pretend nothing has happened? There’s no logic in that!

After the matter was settled, Huo Lingxiao came out with an appeased look on his face. Wu Menglan wasn’t in the least bit interested in sending him off.

After meeting his two Advisors, Huo Lingxiao shot a backward glance, the corner of his lips curled into a slight trace of ridicule.

Yang Qing had helped him earn one thousand low-grade Orbs of Will. Not only did he get back the ten orbs he’d lost back then, but he’d also earned an additional thousand in return.

This wasn’t a small sum. His subordinate had helped him reap such benefits, so Huo Lingxiao didn’t mind personally taking the trip himself. He had no problem taking extra trips either since he wasn’t the one being embarrassed. He could still come forth to give a slap and reap more profits, what could he have against it?

He was right to protect Yang Qing all this time! Huo Lingxiao turned to order, "LET’S HEAD BACK!"

The three glowing shrouds encased the trio, before launching swiftly into the sky.

Below them, Wu Menglan’s voice rang out in the main hall as she ground her teeth in hatred. "Bring Liu Jingtian to me!"

Yang Qing’s report was as clear as day. Huo Lingxiao already knew where Yang Qing’s forces were gathered, which was the East Arrival Cave he’d intended to visit.

But realization soon dawned on him. Swiftly flying through the sky, Huo Lingxiao mumbled to himself, "East Arrival Cave Master Miao Yi, Little Brother..."

Shaking his head with a smile, he ultimately gave up his thoughts of heading to East Arrival Cave. Up in the sky, he wrote a jade archive containing his orders before chucking it at Feng Zhihuan who was flying behind him. "Send orders to Yang Qing. Command him to withdraw his men and lay this matter to rest!"

Three streams of light flew over East Arrival Cave. Two streams among them didn’t stop over and flew off into the distance, shocking Yao Ruoxian who was hiding in the mountain forest as he lifted his head to take a peek.

 The other ray of light revealed Feng Zhihuan’s true form as he descended upon East Arrival Cave.

More than two thousand men shifted their attention over in unison. A countless number of them were in awe and envious of those who had a cultivation where they could soar through the skies.

Yang Qing appeared before Feng Zhihuan in quick steps. He greeted him with cupped hands. "Yang Qing pays his respects to Advisor Feng."

"The Hall Master has ordered you to withdraw your men and lay this matter to rest!" Feng Zhihuan’s face was devoid of all emotion when he handed the jade archive to Yang Qing.

To this man who had abandoned him, he didn’t know what feelings Feng Zhihuan currently harbored. He wasn’t able to tell much from the surface either.

After examining the jade archive, Yang Qing cupped his hands in the direction of Suppressing Second Hall and exclaimed, "Yang Qing obeys the Hall Master’s orders!"

Feng Zhihuan didn’t say much. Now that Yang Qing was under the direct care of the Hall Master, it wasn’t his place to make any remarks. Now that he’d completed his task of delivering orders, he quickly took to the skies.

Yang Qing cupped his hands at the sky to send him off. By the time the light disappeared, he immediately issued an order to withdraw his forces made up from both Manors.

He was truly carrying out the decree of the Hall Master without hesitation. This point alone was worthy of being studied by the deceitful Miao Yi...

Upon losing the war, Liu Jingtian fearfully arrived at Suppressing Third Hall. He didn’t dare to conceal any more details, and explained the whole sequence of events.

Sitting upright, Wu Menglan furrowed her brows and mumbled to herself, "East Arrival Cave’s Cave Master Miao Yi, Miao Yi..."

After listening to the honest accounts from Liu Jingtian, she didn’t think that there were any critical issues in Liu Jingtian’s scheme to seek vengeance. The primary cause was that he had bumped into a nail at East Arrival Cave. Otherwise, there shouldn’t have been any difficulties.

Due to her previous defeat, she made clear of everything that happened because she didn’t want to be at a foolish disadvantage again.

Back then, Ever Peace Manor’s Zhang Decheng’s strategy was said to be meticulously planned, but in the end, his scheme was foiled at the hands of the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave. This time, Liu Jingtian had also lost to that measly East Arrival Cave’s Cave Master. She could argue the first time had been due to luck, but this had already happened twice. She was instantly a little interested in that insignificant East Arrival Cave’s Cave Master...

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