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What else did she need of him?

Flipping her hand over, Qin Weiwei gave him a jade archive—the one with Xiong Xiao’s complaint to the Manor Head. "Take a look."

As he held it in his hand, Miao Yi could already guess the contents without checking it. It didn’t make much sense for Hong Mian to come again with this vile woman just after she left otherwise.

After he read through—it was just as he had expected. He immediately began expressing his indignation, "I’ve been framed! This is definitely a set up! Mountain Chieftain, you should know of my feud with that scum Xiong Xiao! You mustn't believe whatever he has targeted me with!"

Naturally, he wouldn’t admit it even unto death. Xiong Xiao had been able to act the same, so there was no reason for him not to do so.

However, he noticed that the gaze Qin Weiwei was eyeing him with, had turned slightly perplexed. Hong Mian’s gaze was also extremely strange.

Miao Yi could only reassure himself—he had nothing to fear. He already made mental preparations earlier on should others discover the truth. In any case, he would never admit to it, no matter what.

"Is it really none of your doing?" asked Qin Weiwei indifferently.

Miao Yi firmly shook his head. "No! Absolutely not!"

If he weren’t rebuilding East Arrival Cave right now, there was a chance that Qin Weiwei might still have doubts, and think that she had been mistaken. But it would be a wonder if she believed his words now.

She had a new understanding of the Great Cave Master Miao, and it vexed her a little. How could a person be like this? He genuine felt no shame whenever he lied.

However, after giving it some thought—she realized that he really couldn’t admit to it. She ought to understand his situation, but she still felt quite uncomfortable towards Cave Master Miao’s character. "The Manor Head asked me to come here to investigate. I hope what you just said is true."

Miao Yi gestured towards his surrounding, and vehemently said, "Investigate as much as you please! I’m truly not lying to you!"

He absolutely didn’t believe that the School of Blue Jade disciples would betray him after the feud with Yang Qing. Yan Xiu, Qian’Er and Xue’Er would of course, never betray him either.

As for Yao Ruoxian, that old demon never got on well with others from the start, and wasn’t willing to stick together with the rest. He figured that the probability of him meeting Qin Weiwei was zilch.

Therefore, he was quite assured. They could investigate to their heart’s content without any issues.

Qin Weiwei didn’t say another word. She merely nodded.

Amidst the backdrop of mountains and fields, Miao Yi travelled by Qin Weiwei’s side and personally remarked on their surroundings, explaining East Arrival Cave’s state of affairs and terrain. He was accompanying her on her walk, and keeping an eye on the situation.

After a time had passed, Hong Mian was slightly at a loss for words as she watched Qin Weiwei and Miao Yi occasionally exchanging a few lines of affable conversation ahead of her. She lifted her head to scan the skies, and began muttering silently that the Mountain Chieftain probably wouldn’t be heading back today...

Miao Yi had originally thought that his dear Mountain Chieftain would leave after she couldn’t find anything amiss. Unexpectedly, the Mountain Chieftain completely didn’t have any intention to leave at all.

He honestly didn’t welcome Qin Weiwei. But alas, since the Mountain Chieftain didn’t say that she wanted to leave—as a subordinate Cave Master, he couldn’t well drive her away. If he really did do that, it was difficult to tell who would be the one to drive the other person out of East Arrival Cave when it came down to it.

Miao Yi could only quickly find time to clean up his ‘grand mansion’ shack, and give up the wooden room he resided in to the Mountain Chieftain to rest in temporarily.

During the evening welcome banquet, Qian’Er and Xue’Er prepared a table of scrumptious delicacies to entertain the Mountain Chieftain.

The cooking skills of the two girls weren’t bad. Before they were sent here to serve Immortals, cooking skills was one of the main focus of their studies. East Arrival City was afraid to neglect the Immortals, so they searched everywhere for famous cooks to teach them. Thus, their culinary talent naturally wouldn’t be lacking.

As well, the ingredients that East Arrival Cave offered to support the Immortals were extravagant as well. Practically everything that East Arrival City could offer was available.

As the sky gradually darkened, the labourers made their return one after another, after bustling about for an entire day at East Arrival Cave.

In turn, Miao Yi humbly invited Qin Weiwei to the temporary drawing room to sit, whilst he sat by her side.

Apart from himself as the host accompanying her, there was no one else in East Arrival Cave who was qualified to sit beside her—not even Hong Mian, who was obediently standing behind Qin Weiwei.

If it was in public, Qin Weiwei naturally wouldn’t breach the order between superiors and subordinates, and request Hong Mian to sit down together—even though she usually ate together with Hong Mian and Lu Liu on the same table.

But this time, she turned to tell Hong Mian, "Withdraw yourself, and have your meal."

Then she turned to Miao Yi, and said, "Cave Master Miao, there’s something we have to discuss in private."

Taken aback, Miao Yi could only send the attending Qian’Er and Xue’Er away from his side, "Both of you, please serve Elder Auntie well."

"Understood!" The two girls invited Hong Mian out. But before Hong Mian left through the doorway, she couldn’t resist the urge to sneak a second glance at the two.

The atmosphere inside the drawing room had turned a little strange—at least, Miao Yi found it slightly weird.

After entering the cultivation world for so many years, this was his first time receiving his superior, and it was also a first for him to have a meal together with the Mountain Chieftain Qin Weiwei. Moreover, they were having their meals together—alone. He felt completely ill at ease.

Sneaking a glance to scrutinize Qin Weiwei, he realized that whilst she sat calmly in her white skirt—Qin Weiwei’s face was actually quite pretty under the illumination of the oil lamp.

An oval-shaped face that was both delicate and fair; her jade-like nose, both gentle and beautiful; a pair of long, delicate eyelashes, and sparkling eyes; along with the six snowy white jade hair pins arranged in the shape of a butterfly, locking her coil of hair tightly at the back of her head—together, everything made her seem as though she had the elegance of a beautiful woman. As well, she was rather full in places that should be perky. She was definitely a beauty.

It was a shame that she had a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions. He dared not speak highly of her character—it really was a pity.

As Miao Yi muttered how much of a pity it was, his gaze unexpectedly met with Qin Weiwei’s, watching him from the corner of her eyes. The former quickly shifted his gaze to avoid eye contact, whilst the other turned her eyes away after being discovered stealing glances at him.

"What? You don’t even have wine to entertain me?" After sweeping her gaze across the table, Qin Weiwei quickly found a topic to dissolve the awkwardness.

"Of course! Of course I do!" Miao Yi was flustered at being caught peeping at her.

Wine? He had a lot. There were about ten thousand of them in his storage rings alone!

Hurriedly retrieving a pot, he removed the sealing clay and personally poured a full cup for the Mountain Chieftain, before pouring one for himself. He then sat down and smiled apologetically, "The conditions here now are not favorable. I hope Mountain Chieftain doesn’t mind."

The moment the fragrance of the wine wafted out, it deeply touched the heart. Qin Weiwei’s eyes immediately gleamed despite not being much of a drinker herself—her eyes were fixed on the glowing amber in the cup. She nodded and exclaimed, "Just the smell alone is enough to reveal that this is not a common wine. I never expected Cave Master Miao to collect such excellent brews."

"Hehe, it was gifted to me by others!" Cave Master Miao instantly twisted the truth, and extended his arms to invite her to it, "Mountain Chieftain, how about you have a try?"

He never expected that Qin Weiwei would instead reached out her slender jade hands to lift the cup of wine towards him. "I give a toast to you with this wine!"

"Huh…?" Miao Yi was stunned. ‘Give a toast to me? What is this vile woman planning now?’

He hurriedly picked up his cup of wine, and clambered up, saying, "No! No! I should be the one to toast you!"

After Qin Weiwei pressed his hands down and gestured for him to sit, she explained, "You rescued me last time. This cup is to thank you."

"That was merely my responsibility." Miao Yi still looked as if he couldn’t bear it.

Alarms had begun ringing out in his heart. This vile woman was suddenly being so humble—completely unlike her usual devious ways. She must be plotting something! There was no such things as a free lunch in the world. Something fishy was definitely brewing. He had to be extra careful now, so he wouldn’t be played, right under his own nose.

However, Qin Weiwei insisted that she wanted to thank him. So at the last, Miao Yi could only drink a cup with her, and considered it as having accepted her thanks. Yet, the alarms inside him kept blaring more and more.

As a result, Miao Yi attended her with great care, and was afraid to slip up—giving off the impression that he was treading on thin ice.

Qin Weiwei wasn’t dumb. She could obviously feel the distance between her, and the Great Cave Master Miao in his words.

She initially wanted to seize this opportunity to ease the tension between her and Miao Yi. It had already been rather difficult of her to do this much. However, she didn’t expect that Miao Yi wouldn’t appreciate the kind gesture. She didn’t know what to feel inside.

It was hopeless. Women were stubborn creatures, and she couldn’t bring herself to lower her position and compromise with Miao Yi—she had her own pride. It was all she could do to move one step back and tone down her attitude, hoping that Miao Yi could grasp something. Apart from this, what else could she do?

One can well imagine the result. Under the passionate and flickering oil lamp, a table full of scrumptious delicacies were arrayed. Yet, the two people in each other’s company found them tasteless.

One of them appeared perplexed and reserved, while the other was vigilantly on his guard. Both of them were utterly incapable of opening their hearts up to one another.

This was the main obstacle between the relationship of a superior and a subordinate.

Miao Yi again poured another cup of wine, and Qin Weiwei drank it in one go. She didn’t have anything else to say. The atmosphere became extremely oppressive as she drank another, then another...

Halfway through the dinner, Qin Weiwei finally excused herself from the table, reeking of alcohol. Hong Mian helped her up, and left with her in tow.

The moment she went out, Qin Weiwei icily muttered, "Let’s go back to Mount Calming Sea!"

"Mountain Chieftain, it’s already late. How about we wait until morning-" Hong Mian said, looking to the sky. Alas, before she could finish, Qin Weiwei—still reeking of alcohol—shouted, "LET’S GO BACK!"

The Great Cave Master Miao even went up to insincerely urge them to stay the night. Unable to detain them, he could only personally escort them out to the mountain gates, and cupped his hands to bid them goodbye.

The dragon steeds rushed away. After witnessing the group disappear, only then did the Great Cave Master Miao feel relieved. ‘They finally left. There’s no way they could trouble him any longer.’ Flinging his sleeves up, he strode back with large strides...

In the gathering darkness, a rider arrived at Ten-Thousand Thriving Manor at lightning speed. Mei Yu leaped down from his dragon steed quickly stepped into the manor. After announcing his arrival to the Manor Head’s handmaidens, he waited inside the courtyard with eager anticipation.

He was formerly a Mountain Chieftain under Zhang Decheng. At the time, he already felt that there had been something amiss when Yang Qing baited the troops of Ever Peace Manor into a chase. But alas, even when he had pointed it out numerous times, Zhang Decheng paid no heed to him.

When war broke out between the two parties, he kept his eye on the situation and bolted the moment he noticed something abnormal. Fortunately, he survived.

He thought about serving Yang Qing after that. But he knew, going back to being a Mountain Chieftain for Ever Peace Manor was an impossible feat. The subordinates who had devoted their lives to Yang Qing would be the first ones to disagree. In addition, his two personal handmaidens had been executed when Yang Qing seized control of Ever Peace Manor, making him grind his teeth in hatred.

After he caught wind of the news that Liu Jingtian had been used by Yang Qing. He reckoned that if a chance was given, Liu Jingtian would want to take revenge on Yang Qing. Since they were in the same boat, he decided to swear allegiance to Liu Jingtian.

In order to have a chance at making a comeback, Mei Yu took on the entire task of scheming for Liu Jintian’s revenge. As expected, Liu Jingtian gave him a chance to redeem himself.

After the handmaiden reported his arrival, she came out and extended her hand to allow his entry, "The Manor Head requests your presence!"

Mei Yu arranged his clothes and quickly stepped in. On seeing the seated Liu Jingtian, he quickly saluted, "Greetings, Manor Head!"

"Mei Yu, it’s already late. Is there something wrong?" asked Liu Jingtian indifferently.

Mei Yu immediately moved forward, and replied, "Manor Head, there is an opportunity for us to make a move on Qin Weiwei!"

Eyes brightening, Liu Jingtian stood up and asked, "What kind of opportunity?"

Mei Yu quickly flashed out a map and unfolded it on the long table. He marked a point in the map and said, "Please look, Manor Head. Today, Qin Weiwei has brought six people from Mount Calming Sea to East Arrival Cave. I guess she won’t be in a hurry to make her return after going there with such haste. Judging from the time, she will definitely be spending the night at East Arrival Cave. East Arrival Cave is just North of us. We can send men to swiftly end her!"

"Killing Yang Qing’s adopted daughter. Heh, heh, heh…" Liu Jingtian felt gleeful just thinking about it. Imagining the look on Yang Qing’s face when the time came—he couldn’t resist the temptation to laugh maliciously.

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