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Qing Ju swiftly said, "Manor Head, please don't be angry. Now, what's important is to think of a plan to save miss! "

"I'm not angry at her, because I am the one to blame. That girl is still too inexperienced; I shouldn't have rushed things and placed her on that seat. As things are, I've put her into harms way instead. I only regret….," Yang Qing stared relentlessly into the distance at the direction of Suppressing Second Hall. Abruptly, he began bellowing in rage, "He Yunye, you old scum! You dare to deceive me?!"

In just a brief moment, he surmised that this must be the doings of He Yunye plotting behind his back. Even after he had gone forth groveling to swear allegiance, prepared his hard-earned capital to to gift to He Yunye, and borne the shame of a double-crossing treacherous servant — Who would have expected He Yunye to smilingly accept him on the surface and, without missing a beat, quickly stabbing him in the back?

Thinking on this point, Yang Qing was so furious that he nearly coughed out blood. In his lifetime, this was his first time being fooled by others so ruthlessly. Unfortunately, he was utterly helpless against them; otherwise, how he wished he could snap their bones into dust!

"Let the spiritual eagle pass on the message, and summon the young miss back!" suggested Qing Ju anxiously.

"It's too late!" Qing Mei shook her head. "Just comparing speed alone, the spiritual eagle might not be much faster than a dragon steed. There is only a slight disparity between their speeds caused by the spiritual eagle being able to fly straight through any terrain. However, when young miss sent out the urgent news, she had already left. By the time our news again reaches young miss, I'm afraid that she would have already fallen for their trap."

Qing Ju became even more panicked. "We can't just wait here and watch idly as the young miss throws her life away! Since they intend to surround the place and attack the reinforcements coming to its aid, they won't be in a hurry to kill young miss. Otherwise, they won't be able to use young miss as bait. If we rush to her now, we might still be able to save her!"

Qing Mei pursed her lips and looked in Yang Qing's direction. In her opinion, the most practical decision was not to save Qin Weiwei at all, but to reserve their strength before seeking vengeance. However, would the Manot Head decide on this course of action?

Of the two handmaidens, Qing Mei was reserved and relatively calm; Qing Ju on the other hand, appeared quite on edge.

Yang Qing lifted his head with his eyes closed, his lips pressed tightly closed as a look of helplessness filled his face.

Even though he had already guessed that the other party must have something up their sleeves, this time around, they had really taken aim at his weak spot.

If he did not save his own adopted daughter, having already borne the infamy of a treacherous double-crossing servant, he would surely bitterly disappoint his subordinates even more. However, with this perilous situation continuing to escalate, the end result would be extremely unpredictable. There was a chance that no one would again fight and risk their lives with him anymore. He was afraid that this might be the reason why they had chosen to make their move on Qin Weiwei.

What's more, outsiders wouldn't know that Qin Weiwei was actually his own biological daughter.

If he didn't have these conflicts from within and without, he would have already firmly reorganized South Edict Manor like a metal bucket. Moreover, if it weren't his own daughter that was the one facing danger, he would have promptly made a decision to sacrifice Qin Weiwei - but now he couldn't. The morale of his men was extremely crucial, and he already did not have time to take it easy and reorganize.

It could be said that the opponent's scheme had hit him where it hurt the most, so he could only be led by the nose.

"There's still hope if we try. If we don't, then all hope is completely lost. Send my decree..." Yang Qing abruptly opened his eyes, decisively issuing an order mirroring Qin Weiwei's, ordering all troops to urgently rush forth to East Arrival Cave and join with him along the way.

Very quickly, the spiritual eagles hurriedly flew in quick succession towards the respective mountains of South Edict Manor to send the order, as well as to seek help from the School of Blue Jade.

After reorganizing his own troops, Yang Qing clad himself in silver armor and rode his dragon steed, galloping back and forth on the plaza outside the South Edict Grand Hall. He brandished the silver spear in his hand, brimming with power and greatness, before turning around and personally leading about a hundred of his cavalry units forth.

Even Qing Mei and Qing Ju were donned in what appeared to be sleeveless silver battle armors, wielding their spears as they followed closely on the either side of Yang Qing.

These two handmaidens' cultivation levels were much higher than ordinary Mountain Chieftains. Having followed Yang Qing for many years and under Yang Qing's careful guidance, they had cultivations at White Lotus Seventh Grade and were Yang Qing's absolute trusted aides; they were also sisters in his bed. Now that the time had come for them to do their utmost together, both of them naturally intended to pledge their life to following Yang Qing and serving him faithfully.

Except for the two gatekeepers who were left behind, the entire South Edict Manor could be said to be empty...

It was just past noon, the birds were singing songs in the deep, quiet mountains as trees meandered into the horizon.

Under the shade of a tree, the expressionless Meng Yide was sitting on his dragon steed with his eyes closed, when he suddenly opened them, only to be greeted by the sight of a dragon steed swiftly galloping in his direction.

Upon reaching the designated place, Chen Fei dismounted from his dragon steed and reported to Meng Yide with cupped fists, "This subordinate has already scouted out the vicinity of East Arrival Cave. The whole East Arrival Cave is not on alert!"

Meng Yide nodded in reply, "Good! I will give you three more men. Continue to scout!"

In order to prepare for any eventualities, he had to act with great care.

"Yes!" Chen Fei cupped his fists before turning around, mounting his dragon steed and leaving with three others in tow.

Meng Yide turned around his dragon steed to come face to face with his group. "I'm sure everyone has already well understood why we are here. Yuan Zhengkun!"

"Here!" Yuan Zhengkun urged his steed forward with cupped fists. On the surface he put up an obedient front but deep down, he was slightly fed up because both of their cultivations were roughly on the same level.

"I heard last time you lost at the hands of Qin Weiwei?" asked Meng Yide.

"Truly shameful!" Yuan Zhengkun laughed bitterly. "If not for Yang Qing personally coming in time, I would have already captured that wretched woman, Qin Weiwei!"

After seeking shelter at Ever Peace Manor, of course he wouldn't say that he had made his own subordinate into a scapegoat, and escaped without crossing swords with Qin Weiwei from the very beginning.

He told his version of the tale, and since he had still lost either way, nobody in Ever Peace Manor had ever thoroughly investigated whether it was true or false. As he, Yuan Zhengkun, was not such an amazing person that others were compelled to find out what had happened.

Meng Yide nodded his head and said, "I am willing to assign troops to you. If you meet Qin Weiwei again, do you dare to do battle with her?"

Yuan Zhengkun's chest tightened. 'You only have just a few people. What you meant by 'troops assigned to me' would be at most, the manpower of a cave. Qin Weiwei is now a Mountain Chieftain. I'm not afraid to fight Qin Weiwei alone, I am more afraid of her sheer numbers.'

Having accompanied him for many years, Li Xin knew him all too well and understood what he was worried about even from the sidelines. He immediately transmitted a message to him, "Cave Master, Ever Peace Manor has come prepared. They won't only have these men and will have more in reserve. They would not move recklessly so there is no need to worry; seize the opportunity to perform meritorious services!"

'What he said is true!' Instantly, Yuan Zhengkun was filled with vigor. He cupped his fists at Meng Yide and said, "That Qin Weiwei is quite the beauty. It's said that she's still a virgin. If the Cave Master doesn't mind, I am willing to capture that vile woman for Cave Master, and make her bear the pleasures of being under you!"

When people heard talk like this, they would definitely be pleased and their morale would be raised. Even Meng Yide's expressionless face couldn't help but reveal the trace of a smile.

It was more so for his subordinates, they were unable to contain their laughter, with quite a few of them chuckling quite wretchedly.

Meng Yide nodded his head in reply, "I await your good news!"

"I will definitely not disappoint Cave Master's expectations!" Yang Zhengkun confidently cupped his fists...

Within the Ever Peace Manor Grand Hall, Zhang Decheng and Wan Shunchang were currently looking at the map as they discussed official matters in greater detail.

From outside the hall, a person hurriedly came in and presented a jade archive. Zhang Decheng took it to examine, instantly bursting into laughter. "Brother Wan is truly a mastermind! Yang Qing has fallen for our trap!"

"Yang Qing found out that quickly?" Wan Shunchang was a little surprised.

He hadn't expected Qin Weiwei to discover Emerald Forest Cave's movements so promptly, and send news to Yang Qing this much in advance. Afterall, nobody could be that thorough.

But it would not have any effect on the overall situation, they would still act according to the previous arrangements. He laughed at once, "With Yang Qing's current actions, our side here won't be afraid of exposing ourselves. It isn't good for someone of my status to publicly show my face in this affair. Next, I will grant full authority to Brother Zhang; I wish for you to succeed in a single move!"

Both of them locked arms with each other and laughed heartily, looking for all the world as though they were good brothers with no need for formalities between them.

After laughing, Zhang Decheng abruptly turned around with a nasty grin on his face as he ordered, "Send my decree. Proceed with the plan!"

Soon after, Zhang Decheng clad himself in battle armor and personally led his troops off posthaste.

Within the realm of Mount Calming Sea, Qin Weiwei also had her helm on, with her upper body clad in battle armor. They were all purchased for her by Yang Qing in recent years after he had obtained a larger number of resources.

It should be borne in mind that after reaching the position of Manor Head, once could not only obtain a larger amount of Orbs of Will, but the ability to gather resources was greater than ever before. With so many followers at your beck and call, there would be no lack of officers or merchants willing to seek connection with Immortals from amongst their followers. Inevitably, there would always be ways in which one could never have imagined obtaining certain items as offerings.

When Qin Weiwei set off, she only had her own troops at her side. But now, the numbers were increasing as on the way, she had gathered the troops of two caves who were rushing towards East Arrival Cave.

The respective cave's troops of the entire Mount Calming Sea were making their move, coming from different areas to urgently make haste in the direction of East Arrival Cave.

Rapidly charging over without rest, Yang Qing's side was also in a similar state of affairs; the number of troops at his side were also increasing.

Along with Yang Qing's departure, the respective mountain's troops of South Edict were also making their move and similarly, were also rushing in the direction of East Arrival Cave.

With Qin Weiwei's movements on this side, Mount Heavenly Grace was afraid of arousing Qin Wiewei's suspicion and also made their move. The Mountain Chieftain Duan Jirui's troops were also growing in numbers, pressing forth towards the appointed place to aid Meng Yide in preparing for the ambush. Their target was clearly Qin Weiwei.

Even the respective mountains of the entire Ever Peace Manor had made their move. Zhang Decheng personally led his own troops to speed along the entire journey. The troops by his side were similarly growing in numbers. However, they had already made their preparations in advance, so the speed in assembling their troops together was clearly much faster.

They had succeeded in baiting Qin Weiwei out. Now they were making her widen the distance between her and Yang Qing, because it was exactly this distance between both parties that would give them an advantage over the other; to see who could assemble their men faster and rush there in time to attack the few with the many, in order to gain the upperhand.

This scheme by Wan Shunchang was to destroy the advantage of time and distance Yang Qing relied on when fighting in his own land. If it wasn't done in this way, no one would be willing to fight Yang Qing head-on, and Zhang Decheng was not a fool. He would never fight recklessly for the sake of others earning a greater share of the profits, at the cost of heavy losses to his own resources. Even if he did win with that, there was no meaning to it.

In short, all the troops from Ever Peace Manor and South Edict Manor were pressing to rush towards East Arrival Cave.

At this moment, an insignificant East Arrival Cave had simply become the thorn in the two manors' sides. It was unclear as to what the Great Cave Master Miao would think, since he had refused Transient Light Cave and chosen this place to be the Cave Master of by himself. He would probably have given an involuntary tremble from the shock and begin raining curses as he shouted out, asking who he had ticked off this time?

Standing in Qin Weiwei's shoes, she detested that Miao Yi had rendered East Arrival Cave useless and it was likely that she wanted nothing better than to skin him alive.

But standing from Miao Yi's point of view, it was not necessarily a bad thing for him to have brought his troops and run.

It must be borne in mind that East Arrival Cave would soon become the beginning of a battle between both manors. Regardless of whether Miao Yi was present here or not, it would not change the upper echelons' decision. Besides, Wan Shunchang was in the dark about the East Arrival Cave Master dragging his men along too. His plan had already taken the troops of East Arrival Cave into account, and planned to kill them from the onset.

Even though Miao Yi had the help of the small mantids, he would have been unable to face this formidable, crushing power. Before he left East Arrival Cave, his strength was still far too weak so he definitely would not have withstood it. Running off in advance had perhaps saved his life instead...

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