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Miao Yi immediately peered inside the treasure basin, and he saw that the trident and melon hammer was already responding to the heat. They already had signs of melting, as droplets of silver light started to drip.

Yao Ruoxian's clothes suddenly billowed all on their own; his hair and beard fluttered erratically as he faced the dancing flames inside the furnace. His small eyes became spirited and focused as he stared at the situation inside the furnace.

'CLAP!' Yao Ruoxian clapped his hands together; both his large sleeves slowly expanded and, as though they were blowpipes, began blowing wind into an opening.

All ten fingers on his hands were aimed at the opening, dancing about so swiftly that one would feel dizzy just looking at them.

The trident and melon hammer stuck to each other and flew around inside the furnace. Under the movements of Yao Ruoxian's fingers, the silver light that dripped from them continuously coalesced into silver globules. They flew out of the top of the furnace along with the rising flames, making light bumping noises as they melded with the already liquefied Yao Core at the top.

After melding with the liquefied Yao Core, the silver globules separated themselves just as quickly and floated over the liquefied Yao Core, their bodies covered with a pale white glow.

As Yao Ruoxian's fingers continued to move in quick succession, slowly but surely, silver globules flew out one after another from the trident and melon hammer that were gradually melting in the furnace. They slipped through the liquefied Yao Core, and eventually floated upwards, fusing together with the other silver globules that were now emanating a pale white light.

Miao Yi looked on with eyes wide open. He didn't dare to make a noise and disturb him….

Another day passed, and the flames of the Red Blaze Resin were almost completely extinguished. As he watched the flames slowly weaken, Miao Yi couldn't help but feel surprised that a single Red Blaze Resin could burn for two whole days.

With a wave of Yao Ruoxian's hand, another Red Blaze Resin shot out from the box beside them and flew into the furnace through the tuyere.

'GONG!' It instantly flared up into a blazing ember, and immediately, the flames rose once more.

His ten fingers continued to dance about at the tuyere. The trident and melon hammer inside the furnace had already lost their original appearance, having shrunken down quite a bit. The liquefied Yao Core had also lost a lot of volume. On the other hand, above the liquefied Yao Core, a white-luminescent pole-like object had already begun to take shape. As it fused with more and more of the silver globules from underneath, its size grew larger and larger…...

Two days later, the trident and the melon hammer could no longer be seen inside the furnace.

At almost the same time as the Red Blaze Resin was burning out, the last few silver globules flew out from inside the furnace, bringing with them the remaining liquid floating over the furnace, and merging into the long spear at the top.

After being refined and broken down, the Yao Core took advantage of the moment its outer body was fully formed for the white glow on the floating spear to flash out dazzlingly.

Yao Ruoxian waved his voluminous sleeves, and the floating long spear instantly shot out into the skies.

The loud 'BOOM!' of an explosion quickly followed from the surroundings.

Miao Yi quickly leaped out of the pit and looked around, only to find a clump of white mist towering above the raging waves of the sea. Soon, it was dispersed by the wind.

Evidently, the spear had landed in that spot. The white mist was caused by the high temperature of the spear rapidly dropping after it hit the surface of the sea.

In the pit, the Red Blaze Resin in the upper part of the furnace had already burnt out completely, the red flames extinguished. Clearly, Yao Ruoxian had a very strong grasp on how to manage the flames.

Miao Yi looked down as he excitedly asked, "Senior Yao, have you finished refining the spear?"

"I'm done refining it already. Go test it out for yourself to see if it's easy to use!"

Yao Ruoxian wiped away the drops of sweat on his forehead, lightly breathing a sigh of relief. He slowly sat down cross-legged and tossed an Orb of Will into his mouth, closing his eyes to begin recovering the transcendence energy that he had spent.

Even though the refining process didn't consume a large amount of transcendence energy, it was still difficult to continue exerting his transcendence energy non-stop for days on end. It was very tiring.

Miao Yi immediately flew out in excitement. He landed on the spot of the sea that had exploded earlier, and dived head first into the depths to start looking for his weapon.

In the depths of the blue sea, he saw a long silver spear silently embedded in a colorful coral reef.

Miao Yi charged towards it and pulled it out with a single stroke. Then, he quickly left the ocean depths, anxious to try out his very first transcendent artifact since stepping into the realm of cultivation.

Breaking past the waves to land on the shore, Miao Yi swept the spear in his hands outwards, his eyes instantly brightening.

During the refining process, it had always been shrouded in a pale white glow. Only now could he take a close and clear look at it.

The spear was around one zhang long, and much thicker than the spears he had used before; it was also much heavier. Under the light of the sun, the spear reflected a strangely beautiful glow.

To Miao Yi's surprise, the body of the spear was covered in a pattern of fish scales. The pattern was very orderly and neat, and looked extremely beautiful. No wonder it seemed a little rough when he held it in his hands.

The fish scales continued until it reached the equally imposing spearhead.

The tip of the spear was different from the ones he had used before. The keen spearhead was formed from three leaf-shaped blades with razor-sharp edges, joined together to form a point in the center. Moving down from the tip of the blades, the rear sections of the leaf widened to form three pegs.

The spearhead alone was half as long as his arm. The design radiated a piercing, tyrannical aura. In addition, the sunlight reflected irregularly on the fish scales that were etched on the triple-edged blades, making it all the more frightening.

Miao Yi couldn't help but try stabbing at the air. As the spear pierced the air, three ringing roars suddenly reverberated, as though three dragons had begun roaring simultaneously. Even Miao Yi himself was shocked at this.

Taking another look at the tail end of the spear, there was a beautiful dragon head-shaped ingot at the tip.

Miao Yi promptly turned to stare at a reef nearby. His body shot out as he thrust forth with his spear, the dragon roar ringing out once more as he did so.

'BOOMMM!' Where the spearhead struck, half the great reef was ripped apart.

Descending to the ground and pulling back his spear, he raked the triple-edged blade across the ground. What was left of the remaining half of the reef, was a deep scar that many would find astonishing.

Even if this spear was used just like a normal spear, he could feel that his strength would be increased by a whole level. Especially when he struck out, the spearhead would release a hidden explosive attack.

But Miao Yi felt that something was off with this spear. At first he couldn't tell what was wrong. Only when he took a closer look, did he figure out where the problem was.

The fish scales that were refined onto the body of the spear were facing the opposite direction, and had become reverse scales!

The Great Cave Master Miao's expression instantly darkened. To actually miss such an obvious mistake, that old man clearly didn't care much for his things and just casually refined a defective spear in order to fool him. He was pushing his luck!

He quickly dashed back with the spear in hand, preparing to find Yao Ruoxian and ask for an explanation.

As soon as Miao Yi returned to the pit where Yao Ruoxian was recovering his transcendence energy with eyes closed, Yao Ruoxian didn't even bother opening them as he asked indifferently, "How is it? Satisfied?"

But it turned out, what awaited him were not the words of praise and flattery that he had expected.

With a darkened expression, Miao Yi couldn't help but snort, "Satisfied my ass!"

Yao Ruoxian was shocked. Unable to sit still any longer, he quickly stopped his recovery and stood up, eyeing Miao Yi from head to toe as he coldly said, "Kid, don't set your expectations too high. All transcendent artifacts made from my hands are quality goods. If you don't want it, there are many others who would!"

Miao Yi pointed to the fish scales on the spear as he angrily said, "Look at it closely once more, the fish scales that have been refined on the spear are facing the opposite direction. They've become reversed scales. Was such an obvious mistake the so-called quality goods of Senior? This Junior doesn't have so many materials for Senior to waste."

"....." Yao Ruoxian was stunned for a moment as he heard this, unable to comprehend what Miao Yi had just said. When he came to understand it, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he answered, "Kid, you don't have a single clue how to appreciate the value of these things. Even quality goods will actually become rubbish in your hands. Bring me the spear!"

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