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Kuang Kuang Kuang!

The sounds of a bell rapidly broke through the quiet in the Martial Arts Academy. The alarm sounded especially creepy in the middle of the night.

"Thieves. We have thieves."

"Go catch the thief. A thief has jumped over from the girls' dorm."

Everything seemed well-rehearsed. Soon after, dozens of martial arts students rushed out from their dorms. Each of them held a torch and knocked on others' doors.

"Get up, we need to catch the thieves!"

A moment after, the shrieking sound came over from girls' dormitory.

"Where is my bra?"

"Ah? My underwear is gone!"

"Darn it, where did I put my undergarment?"

The entire academy immediately went into chaos when both dormitories discovered the situation. Martial art boys who were lying on their bed, unwilling to get up instantly jumped out with a surge of masculine adrenaline when they heard about the thief that stole from girls' dormitory.

Are you joking? The boys rarely had the opportunity to hang out with the girls. If they did not help them right now, when would the next opportunities come?

These young boys immediately became hot-blooded and transformed into excited monsters when they heard the thief had stolen girls' undergarments. Moreover, they started to rub their fists and loudly swore in the corridor.

"Darn it, which pervert did this?"

"Oh my, this is too embarrassing, isn't it? I am sure that you won't need to use those things if you want women?"

"You don't understand. It's a fetish."

At once, the boys had gathered in the little square that was beside their dormitory and engaged in lively conversation. Meanwhile, Xu Ting stood among the crowd with a solemn face.

He turned to one of the martial art students that stood beside him and asked: "Li Fei, were you the one that saw the thief first?"

Li Fei quickly answered: "Yes, Young Master Xu! I was half-asleep and had to use the washroom. I did not want to go to the restroom and did my business at a corner of the wall. When I was half-way through, a shadowy figure suddenly jumped from the other side of the wall. He scared me."

"Were you able to see the appearance of that thief?" Xu Ting asked again.

"I did not see him properly because I was half-asleep. But, that thief also saw me. He panicked and ran to this side of the corridor. It was too dark to see where he went."

Xu Ting nodded, then spoke in a loud voice: "Everyone, quiet down! Let's all analyze the geographical region. If he ran to this side of the corridor, which is our boys' dormitory. It means this thief is most likely one of us!"

"A thief among us? It makes sense."

"A thief within the family is the hardest to guard. Besides, outsiders would not be familiar with our place. I think it is highly likely that the thief is one of us!"

At once, people were discussing among themselves.

On the side, Zhang Xian, who was Xu Ting's best buddy also added his encouragement: "If the thief is one of us, then it's easy to find him. We will call out all the boys and search each dorm. Since he was in a panic, that thief should not have gone far. Where would he hide the stolen goods?"

"Yes." Xu Ting agreed, "Young Master Zhang is right. Ok, let's divide into three groups. Two of the groups will watch on both sides of the corridor and monitor everyone's movements. The rest of the people will go search the dorm!"

Zhang Xian added on: "I suggest, for those dorms where people have not come out, we need to explore them first. Because these are the most suspicious people."

"Ok, let's do it." After Xu Ting made a gesture, the boys voluntarily split into three groups and moved out. On the other hand, Xu Ting came to the wall and spoke in a loud and clear voice: "Ladies, please don't worry. We have already begun our investigation. We will immediately report the results to you if we find something."

A cold voice from the other side spoke the moment he had finished talking: "There is no need to wait. I am coming over to investigate the situation myself. Or else you guys might cover for each other."

A slim figure flipped over from the wall and stood firmly in the center of the square. She looked at the boys with a cold expression, her eyes filled with disdain.

"Missy Yun, did you also have your things stolen?" Xu Ting called to her with a smile.

"Xu Ting, don't try to get close to me. Let's start the investigation immediately. The night is long, we must not let the thief run away!" This lady was called Yun Qingyan. She was part of the Wealthy Class Yun family, her family also was one of the three Wealthy Class in River County. Their family shared the same social status as the Wealthy Xu family. Thus, she was a prominent figure among the girls.

Tonight, she was extremely furious because she had also lost two undergarments that she had hung outside.

Xu Ting was not angry even though Yun Qingyan talked back to him. Instead, he smiled and said: "This way, Missy Yun."

Yun Qingyan had a much more aggressive style when she conducted the investigation. She glanced around the corridor and immediately kicked open those closed doors.

When they saw Yun Qingyan had rushed over with murderous intent, these martial art boys who were afraid of trouble and had stayed indoors, only had the time to cover their body with a blanket. They did not even try to talk back to her.

Yun Qingyan did not let go a corner during her search. After she finished, she then left a word: "Excuse me."

She had finished searching through three dorms and arrived at the fourth one. Again, she went up, ready to kick the door.

However, this time, she did not kick the door open.

Immediately, Yun Qingyan's beautiful face became solemn as if it were covered with a layer of frost.

"Who lives here?"

Zhang Xian chuckled immediately and said: "Probably the son of the Qin family from Eastwood Town."

"Him?" Yun Qingyan gave a sneer because she felt that this guy had no manners. Among the boy's dorms, the boys had only left their doors slightly open when they had heard that she had come to investigate. However, this guy had dared to shut the door tightly and was not showing her any respect!

Xu Ting gave a meaningful glance to Zhang Xian. He immediately understood as he walked up to the dorm and beat on the heavy iron door: "Son of the Qin family, you are dead! Missy Yun came to investigate, and you are keeping the door shut. Are you scared of something?"

There was no response after he shouted for a while.

Yun Qingyan's face became even more solemn. For the first time, she had met a boy that did not show her any respect. And he was only part of the Humble Class!

"Not opening? Then don't blame me for using force."

Yun Qingyan took two steps back and arranged her stance. Just as she was about to kick the door with her full strength, the door opened with a "Kuang dang" sound. It had opened from the inside.

Qin Wushuang appeared with a sleepy face and muttered while rubbed his tired eyes: "What are you guys doing in the middle of the night?"

His expression showed off his innocence.

Embarrassed, Yun Qingyan withdrew her foot and said: "We were knocking on your door for a while, did you not hear us?"

"Come on, why are you guys knocking on my door in the middle of the night? I was having a real dream of marrying this girl. Now it's all ruined, thanks to you guys." Qin Wushuang rambled and complained in a bold attitude.

"Stop acting. The girls have had their undergarments stolen. The thief was most likely one of us. If you are innocent, then let Missy Yun search your room. If there is nothing wrong, then you can get on with your dream," Zhang Xian said with a wicked smile.

"Search my room? For what reason?" Qin Wushuang rolled his eyes and was unhappy when he heard these words.

"Qin Wushuang, don't be so shameless. If you are not allowing us to search, then you must be hiding something," Zhang Xian added, accusing him.

"Oh? Does this mean all of you guys are not hiding anything? Why not let Missy Yun search you first?"

"You talk too much. Does this mean you are not going to let me search?" Yun Qingyan said coldly.

"It's fine to search. However, how will I know if this is not a plot against me? If you want to search, then you must search all the boys. If you are only going to search my room, then don't even think about coming in."

Yun Qingyan replied: "Of course I will search all other places after this one. There is no need for you to teach me this."

"No, absolutely no way." Although Qin Wushuang wore a tired smile, he refused to budge an inch, "They need to give me their word, or else who is going to be responsible if they refuse ?"

Xu Ting said calmly: "Qin Wushuang, a straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. Whom exactly are you trying to frame?"

Qin Wushuang chirped: "I am afraid that some people's feet are already crooked and their shadow is too twisted to be straight. That villain has accused me first. As I said previously, I will only allow the search if you search all the dorms. Xu Ting, why don't you set an example since you are part of the Wealthy Class?"

Xu Ting said with a serious tone: "I will not speak a word if Missy Yun wants to search my room."

Zhang Xian also agreed: "You can search my place at any time."

Without any hesitation, the rest of the people all nodded and decided to show that they were not hiding anything.

Yun Qingyan was already somewhat suspicious when she saw Qin Wushuang standing in the way. She spoke with a cold tone after everyone had agreed to the decision: "You have witnessed everyone's attitude. Qin Wushuang, don't blame me for using force if you still won't move aside."

Qin Wushuang hated when others threatened him as his smile instantly froze. With a light tone, he said: "I don't care if you don't have manners. I will allow you to search my room. But remember, I am not doing this to show respect to you. I just want to see who will be the real laughingstock in the end."

Usually, Qin Wushuang was courteous with women. However, Qin Wushuang was extremely annoyed by Yun Qingyan's aggressive appearance, superior attitude, and arrogance.

He smoothly swung the door wide open and revealed the insides of his dorm to the crowd.

"Do whatever you want. You might be disappointed if you are here to see me making a fool of myself!"

Xu Ting glanced at Li Fei as he was one of the two people that had stolen the goods from the girls. Additionally, he was one of the people that had strongly accused Qin Wushuang. His eyes immediately shifted to the suitcase underneath the bed when he saw Xu Ting looking at him.

Eventually, Yun Qingyan's eyes also landed on this bag after her eyes had searched around the entire dorm. She then hooked the suitcase with her foot.

Qin Wushuang sneered: "Missy Yun, if you feel that my suitcase will dirty your hands, then don't open it. What is the meaning of hooking it with your foot? This is not the right way of showing your noble upbringing, right?"

Yun Qingyan turned back and looked at Qin Wushuang meaningfully. Her eyes were full of scorn as if she viewed Qin Wushuang as she would a speck of dust.

While Zhang Xian started to fidget, Xu Ting also stared at that suitcase motionlessly. All eyes were fixed on that briefcase.

Right now, it seemed as if all the evilness in the world was hidden in this suitcase!

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