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Qin Wushuang had already taken note of this Honored Warrior before he had appeared. No matter the strength or momentum, this Honored Warrior was surely above Xi Men Yu.

Although they were both Stage Nine of Genuine Force, surely there were different levels in Stage Nine. Qin Wushuang knew he would have at least seventy or eighty percent of winning chance against Xi Men Yu. However, if he were to fight against this Honored Warrior, he would have at most, a twenty percent chance of winning.

With a different momentum and different temperament, he would unquestionably have an entirely different set of strength.

Only, he would not know to what demonic extent that Martial Saint, who was above this Honored Saint, would have? Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt a thirst to see it.

He asked himself if his and the could achieve the complete mastery stage he had from his former world. Surely, if he did, he could beat this Honored Warrior.

What about the Martial Saint? He had no certainty.

It seemed that to achieve the strength he had had from his former world would only be a starting point. The road ahead was long, and still, he needed to explore more.

That Honored Warrior opened his mouth to speak again: "Each and every one of you will wear the same clothing and the same mask. Inside the testing ground, besides your serial number, your place of origin, name, age and appearance will stay hidden. However, your serial number will be embroidered on your testing robe. Through the exam, all of you must wear this robe. In other words, you must show your serial number! You can choose to hide it, but you must make sure that you are wearing the testing robe. So when you get discovered, others can see your serial number."

Martial arts students nodded to show their understanding. You could hide, but you could not have the serial number leave your testing robe. When others had discovered you, they must know your serial number immediately. So, if a person was exposed, your serial number must also be uncovered.

"As for the question of the serial numbers, there will be fifty teams in total. Each team will have fifty people. Each team's serial number will be from one to fifty. And each member's number will also be from one to fifty. Understand?"


"Ok, I believe each of you have your own strategies. Your primary task in this exam is to find the jade plate with your number. It will be worth thirty points. Then, you will see that corresponding plate which is worth twenty points. Next, you will aim to find those four plates with the same four ending digits, which will worth five points. Besides these six plates, the rest of the forty-four plates will worth only two points. Adding up, the highest point an individual could get from a team would be 158 points. Of course, this is almost impossible to achieve. After all, it's not realistic for one person to acquire all the plates…"

All martial arts students nodded. To get all the jade plates? Impossible, he must be exaggerating. The most important one would be acquiring that plate with their number and to work hard to get the corresponding plate. Then, they would go for those plates with the same ending digits. After all, each plate would be precious. Conservatively, sixty points would be an ideal grade.

That Honored Warrior smiled, waved his hand and said again: "The length of this exam is one month. In this one month, you can use any means and any methods to fight for those jade plates. To encourage everyone, our exam is not limited to one testing ground. Those who achieved the conditions, you can also cross into the other testing site and fight with the other teams!"

Stunned, martial arts students thought, they could cross into other regions? Wouldn't it become chaotic?

"Don't rush, wait for me to finish. It's not like any of you can just cross into the other testing grounds. There is a condition to do so! You must acquire at least eighty points worth of jade points in your arena. Then, you are eligible to apply for region crossing. On the boundary of each testing grounds, officials of the Zhen Wu Holy Place will be present to answer to your needs. After verification, if you acquired eighty points or more, you will be sent to another region automatically to take the plates from another testing grounds---"

Another stop, that Honored Warrior said again: "It is an encouragement to the limit to individuals who would perform at the best of their potential. In the same team, even if you collected all fifty plates, the highest score will only be 158. However, if you cross regions, maybe the twenty plates you received will not be this number anymore. Why is it like this? Because when you've passed the area, the plate with the same number, the corresponding plate and the four plates with the same ending digit still exist. Regardless in your area, or crossing areas, the accumulation points of these jaded points will not change. For example, if one of your members crossed into to the second region for the exam when he had acquired the same number one jade plate in the second region, it will also worth thirty points. And so on! Do you understand this explanation?"

All the martial arts students nodded. They were all elite people from different places, and these rules were easy to digest.

To put it simply, if one of the martial arts students acquired eighty points in the original area, then the rest of the plates would become worthless. When you entered into the other areas, that place would also have jaded plates from one to fifty. As long as he could acquire the plate that had his number, then he would earn the same points.

It ensured those elite people would accumulate points easily. The stronger you were, the more points you would get!

To ordinary martial arts students, eighty points may be tough. However, it would not be so tough to those that were highly-skilled.

The one with the same number were worth thirty, the corresponding one would worth twenty points and the four plates with the same ending digit would worth twenty points in total. If one could collect these six plates, then there would be seventy points.

And once a person acquired another five random plates, he would become eligible to cross the regions!

Once he crossed, he would be able to acquire a higher number of plates. With this sequence, one would accumulate points very fast!

"Everyone, know this. There is no limit to crossing regions. If you are strong enough, you can continue to pass into different areas once you have accumulated eighty points. You can keep repeating it, until the one-month deadline!"

That Honored Warrior pushed forward the rules little by little to stimulate the nerves of those martial arts students. Just by hearing these rules was already incredibly exciting.

Now, since the process had become unlimited, it excited them even more.

This way, they would not only face the other forty-nine members in the original region. Most likely, they would need to face an invasion from mighty opponents from the other teams.

When Qin Wushuang heard this, he suddenly understood something. That day, Tong Yao had appeared to want to say something, yet she hesitated and asked him if he had any goals for this exam.

Now, he learned that Tong Yao already knew the rules of crossing regions. Once Qin Wushuang stepped out of the area, it would be difficult for him to take care of her little brother.

Finally, Qin Wushuang understood Tong Yao's words about how "she could not prevent Young Master Qin's future because of her private matters."

"In this exam, it is a competition between both the four Royal Territories and individuals! Apparently, in each of the teams, we could only guarantee that people from the same place would not be in the testing site. However, we cannot make sure that individuals who are from the same Territory be together. In our country, we only have four Royal Territories. Thus, in the same team, surely there will be competition for the same Territory. Between team and individual competitions, we encourage individual competition. In other words, if one that has the corresponding number is from the same place, you can also take it away without mercy! Of course, our principle is to have you guys wear the same testing robe and masks. Usually, your identities will not get exposed. However, during the exam, we also cannot guarantee you guys will not tell each other of your identities. Thus, we will encourage you guys to fight among each other. After all, individually, if you have a higher score, the Royal Territory you represented will also be very high. We will only take the highest thirty people from each Territory. Only those who could get placed in the top thirty will qualify for the competition between the Royal Territories. Those with the highest accumulated points will be the team victory for this exam!"

Each Territory had more than six hundred martial arts students. Only the top thirty would qualify. The probability of this qualification was one among twenty. Certainly, this competition would be fierce!

"That is all the exam rules! Now, all martial arts students, line up in your groups and come up one by one to take your testing robe and masks. The serial number is on your testing robe. After you have gotten your number, you will know which team you are assigned. Then, one by one, you will be thrown into your testing ground. There is two hours for entering the testing ground. In these two hours, those who went in earlier must wait at a place for the remaining time to pass. Only until then can you move. Within the entering time, no one can move ahead. Or else, disqualification!"

Martial arts students followed the prescribed order and went up one after another. All testing robes were concealed and could not be opened now. Thus, they had no idea of their number. It also prevented the possibility of revealing the number beforehand.

When it was Qin Wushuang's turn, it was an older man with a yellow face who passed him the testing robes. With an expressionless face, he brought Qin Wushuang towards the test site.

"Number nineteen, Tong's little brother…" A voice as small as the sound of a mosquito came into Qin Wushuang's ears.

Qin Wushuang was stunned, but that elder man walked forward lightly without showing any expression. Soon, he brought Qin Wushuang to the edge of the testing ground: "This is it. Each team only have fifty miles of moving ground. Before collecting eighty points, you are not allowed to leave here. Or else, disqualification!"

"Yes!" Qin Wushuang answered and opened his testing robe. He saw the serial number—Number Six!

Not the corresponding number with nineteen, and it did not have the same ending digit…

It seemed he did not need to worry. Qin Wushuang could not help to feel impressed. This Tong Yao's methods was indeed, very unusual…

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