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From the east side, the marble white color of the dawn sky gradually revealed itself. The first sun had broken the stillness of the morning and drove off the darkness from the entire world. A new day had arrived.

Qin Lianshan did not sleep at all last night. He waited at the door with a large group of his people.

On the street, the sound of the horse hooves came from afar.

Waves of cheering came rose up the Qin family: "Young Master, it is Young Master!"

"Young Master is back!"

Qin Wushuang rode on the first horse, and at least thirty fine horses were being led behind him. There was one person tied on each horse. These people were, of course, the offsprings of the Xu.

And they were still alive.

It was not because Qin Wushuang did not know how to kill people. He had kept these people alive as he had his own reasons.

When he arrived at the end of the street, Qin Wushuang came down from the horse. It showed respect to his father, and to his people. After a night of brutal fighting, these people were still waiting for his return. They deserve Qin Wushuang's respect.

"Father, I did not disgrace myself on my mission." Qin Wushuang walked before Qin Lianshan and said with a smile. He looked very relaxed, and from his face, one could not even see any trace of tiredness and fatigue from having his long journey. As if he only relaxing at home, and had come back from morning training.

"Two groups of the Xu people, all thirty-one people are here."

Qin Lianshan was thrilled: "Good, excellent!"

"Great!" Behind him, there was a round of applauses. People's joy and admiration were all from the bottom of their heart. From their faces, there was no fatigue and dissatisfaction, and one could only see eagerness, pride and hope.

The Qin family had returned to being part of the Wealthy Class. It meant, from now on, they would be guards of a Wealthy Class family. Both their identities and social status have changed with the status quo!

In the secret chamber of the Qin family, Gou Sheng's state of mind was almost breaking down.

Under Qin Wushuang's power, he had already sweated more than one basin of sweats. On the other hand, Qin Wushuang did not speak anything. He only smiled, held a sharp dagger and heated it on the candle from time to time. Both sides of the knife had been heated till it was glowing, the edges of the blade showed a demonic blue light.

Every fibre of Gou Sheng's body was covered in goosebumps and caused the every hair on his body to stand up. He had absoulutely no idea as to what this son of the Qin family was going to do.

Finally, his mind broke down entirely. With a painful expression, he begged: "Young Master Qin, please, you are a generous guy that would forgive my mistakes. I, Gou Sheng, did not recognize the gold around the jade, and it was my dog eyes that had looked down on you, my mouth was bitchy, please whip me, hit me…"

Qin Wushuang only smiled and did not speak a word. He only raised his head and looked at Gou Sheng with contempt. A light strange smile emerged from the corner of his mouth.

"Young Master Qin, I…I know, you did not kill me because you have your reasons. If you need to use me, please order me freely. I will do my utmost to finish it and put my life at stake."

Qin Wushuang slapped his thigh: "Good, you are right on point. I got this dagger from Xu Sihai and it was covered in harsh poison. If I lightly sliced it on your body, your whole body will lose control, you would be frothing at mouth, spasm for three days and night, and then finally, you would die. Do you want to try?"

"No, please, no. Young Master Qin, what do you want me to do? I will do it immediately and I will guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction. I will definitely not be a disgrace to the Wealthy Qin."

"Yes, you were saying that the Xu had escaped overnight to go to the Great Wu Country and betrayed the Bai Yue Country, were you making things up? Or is this true?"

"It's…It's true." Gou Sheng immediately said, "I don't dare to lie on this thing."

"Initially, the Xu was only a little Wealthy Class; they didn't have the qualification to betray the Bai Yue Country and go to Great Wu. Do they have a much deeper background?" Qin Wushuang patiently and systematically questioned him.

Gou Sheng said with a sad face: "This matter, I have no idea."

"You don't know?" The color on Qin Wushuang's face darkened, "You don't know this, don't know that, then it seems keeping you alive would be a waste of food. You have no other use anyways."

When he heard that things were taking a turn for the worse, Gou Sheng immediately begged: "Young Master, young Master Qin, please let me think, please let me think."

Qin Wushuang gave an evil smile: "Think well, you don't have too much time remaining."

Gou Sheng was a smart guy. After some thinking, he understood Qin Wushuang's intention and probed: "I remember, that during the Family Class Evaluations, Xi Men Qian of the Xi Men Feudal Lords had been staying at the Xu residence. I have no idea what shady business he was doing"

"You don't know what sort of shady business? You truly don't know?" Qin Wushuang casually raised the dagger in his hand and waved two times before Gou Sheng.

"I remember it, I remember it now." Terror-stricken, Gou Sheng yelled: "From my information, people of the Xi Men Feudal Lords were the ones that had made the connection for the Xu to go to the Great Wu Country."

"Why is the Xi Men Feudal Lords making the connection for the Xu?"

"This…This…" Just as Gou Sheng was hesitating, he saw the murderous intent appearing in Qin Wushuang's eyes. Inwardly, he knew it was bad and did not dare to wait and said: "It seems that Xi Men Feudal Lords also intends to betray the Bai Yue Country. They are letting the Xu test the waters to build a foundation…"

Qin Wushuang did not seem satisfied as he shook his head: "Motivation, what is the motivation behind this matter? After all, in Bai Yue Country, the Xi Men Feudal Lords are one of the Twelve Great Feudal Lords. They hold an important position, why would they betray the Bai Yue Country?"

Drops of sweats constantly streamed down from Gou Sheng's forehead. He, of course, understood that Qin Wushuang was leading him to accuse the Xi Men Feudal Lords of treason. He was also scared that the Xi Men family would take revenge on him. However, at the moment, between life and death, if he did not give a right answer, his head would most likely get separated from his body. He had seen with his own eyes how the son of the Qin family had killed people of the Xu.

It would be a piece of cake for the son of the Qin to kill him.

"Motivation…Motivation…" Gou Sheng's kept thinking, and suddenly, he had an idea and said: "Great Wu is the same as our Bai Yue Country, they are all middle-level subordinate countries. Throughout time, these two nations have all engaged in conflicts, disagreed on a lot of things and are like fire and water. For hundreds of years, these two countries have used many methods on each other as they fought to devour the other one. The Xi Men Feudal Lords should have made a secret agreement with the Royal families of the Great Wu. Should they succeed, the Great Wu would be able to expand their territories, increase the natural resources and would rise to become an upper-level Subordinate Country. And the Xi Men Feudal Lords would also get crowned as a foreign Royal Family and rule over the current Redwood Royal Territory!"

Qin Wushuang laughed with his palm covering his face. No wonder he made a living with his mouth. This Gou Sheng had genuinely said everything. This way, he would only dirty the dagger in his hand if he killed him. However, if he used him well, Gou Sheng would serve well as a crazy biting dog. And like a dog that could bite deeply into the bones if it only bit once.

"Alright, since you are performing well, you can keep your lowly life. You can stay here and reflect for some time on you choosing your smartest option. Currently, my Qin does not lack in social status, but we do need a biting dog. Ordinary people would not perform well the responsibility of an animal…"

Hints, Gou Sheng immediately understood the hidden meaning beneath the words. He instantly dropped to the ground and vowed to the heavens: "Young Master Qin, I am willing, I am prepared to serve you with my life."

"You?" Qin Wushuang asked with a cold sneer: "Can you do it?"

"Yes, I can. From today onwards, I will be the most loyal dog of the Qin family. I will bite whoever my master wants."

"Who doesn't know how to speak a few lovely words?" Qin Wushuang said lightly: "Of course, if you truly want to be a loyal dog for the Qin, then you must perform some tasks first. Count it as the probation period."

"Yes, yes, what do you want me to do?"

"As for the specific tasks, just wait for orders. The number one principle of being a dog is to always act on the master's orders. Never act on your own and never try to be smart. Even more, never show signs of betraying the Master, can you do this?"


"If you are smart enough, I believe you can. Still, that word, if you genuinely do things for the Qin, I promise you will live a luxurious life and people will surround you to praise you. If you think about betraying us, I only need to move my finger and generations of your family will die."

By giving both gratitude and threats, it was the one and only way to put subordinates under total control. Qin Wushuang had already showed off his might and since the Qin had risen to the Wealthy Class, no one would doubt the favours the Qin would give out.

"I promise, for my entire life, I will follow the Qin without a doubt. If I have another thought, then I will receive divine punishment, have my heart pierced by thousands of arrows and my entire bloodline will die without a burial site."

Gou Sheng was smarter than a monkey and had his methods for judging other's abilities. From his observations of Qin Wushuang, he already saw that this teenager had an unlimited future.

Who cares if they were the Xi Men Feudal Lords? Even a Stage Eight of the Genuine Force could not dare to say he could win over a teenage martial arts student. Where does his limit lie? How could his future be comparable to the Xi Men Feudal Lords?

From this interaction with Qin Wushuang, Gou Sheng had completely experienced the way of how this kid does things. To put it bluntly, Gou Sheng had become totally submissive to Qin Wushuang.

Of course, such character stood very high and appeared mighty in Gou Sheng's mind. Such methods, such background, and such temperament, Gou Sheng had never seen anything like it in any other aristocratic Patriarchs.

Even that Xi Men Qian, who claimed to be the number one among the younger generation in Southcloud State, was not comparable to this teenager.

This guy, for sure, he was a man of high aspirations!

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