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The River Square was filled with people and bustling with activity. Everyone looked forward to this grand finale of the fight between the Xu and Qin. They wanted to see the result of this Wealthy Class battle and how it would end and the party that would have the last laugh.

Time passed quickly and the host of the Zhen Wu Holy Place soon arrived. The Qin family had also come.

However, there were no signs of the Wealthy Class Xu, the defenders, anywhere.

An incense stick that had been lit was almost burned up. When this stick had finished burning, it would signal the start of the third match.

Tens of thousands of pair of eyes all stared at that incense stick. All of them desperately wanted it to hurry and burn out. While they were staring at that incense stick, they could not help but look around to see if the Xu family had arrived.

They had already entered a countdown, but people of the Xu family still had not shown up. In the big River Square, numerous people began whispering among themselves. Obviously, they were angry at the lateness of the Xu family. Some of them even began to curse.

"Could the two morning matches have scared the Xu away? Getting cold feet is a shameful thing for aristocrats! They don't deserve to be the Wealthy Class; even civilians are more courageous than them!"

"That's right. If they died fighting on the stage, they would still receive some applause. What kind of behaviour is it to not even have the guts to fight? Are they scaredy-cats?"

"Ah, this is called a wise man submitting to the circumstance. You guys don't understand. I heard that the martial arts student of the Qin family is a reincarnation of a Spiritual Child. The mortal man can not even compare to him. How could the Xu family be counted as something? Now, even the Xi Men Feudal lords had asked for forgiveness from the Qin family!"

"Xi Men Feudal Lords, the number one family of the Southcloud State, how could they bow their heads to the Qin family?"

Soon, this explosive news spread out among the crowd. Within moments, everyone wore a different expression as they looked towards the stage.

They were looks of admiration and awe.

Each and every one of the officials of the Zhen Wu Holy Place also stared at that incense stick. It was apparent that they also felt it was strange that the Xu had not yet arrived.

In the Xu residence, Xu Sanli paced back and forth in the corridor with a dark face with a worried expression. He could not help but look toward that collection of guest rooms as if he was waiting for something.

With a creaking sound, the door of the guest room opened. Xi Men Qian walked out from the room with a grim face.

As if grabbing onto a lifesaving straw like a drowning person, Xu Sanli walked over anxiously: "Young Master Xi Men, it's almost time for the afternoon match, what should we do?"

Xu Sanli was in a state of panic. The two morning matches had indeed destroyed all of his sense of superiority as a Wealthy Class Patriarch; it had destroyed all of his confidence and pride.

Xi Men Qian asked coldly: "Patriarch Xu, who are the two strongest people in the family?"

Dumbstruck, Xu Sanli still replied: "Uncle Kai had already sacrificed himself for the family. At the moment, the two strongest people would be Elder Yue and me."

"Ok, if you and Elder Yue join the forces, can you guys overpower Da Xi Heng?" Xu Sanli was confused about Xi Men Qian's question. Why would the Venerable Da Xi family be concerned with the fight with the Humble Qin?"

He was not strong enough to ignore Xi Men Qian's question. So, he shook his head honestly: "I am at Stage Five of the Genuine Force, both Elder Yue and Elder Kai are Stage Four. If we fought together, we could fight with a Stage Six of the Genuine Force. However, I heard that Da Xi Heng is already at Stage Seven. I am afraid it would not be possible. Young Master Xi Men, what does this have to do with the third match in the afternoon?"

Xi Men Qian's handsome face seemed to have gotten a whipping as he said harshly: "It matters, it matters a lot. Now, there are two ways out. You should consider them carefully. The first one, give up on the third match, resign and admit defeat."

Resign and admit defeat?

Xu Sanli's face abruptly changed. After so much waiting, Young Master Xi Men could only present him with such an option?

This option, to him, was something he could never accept. He looked at this Xi Men Qian sourly: "What about the second choice?"

"The second option?" Xi Men Qian shook his head, "You don't have to choose this one."

"Please tell me, Young Master Xi Men." Xu Sanli insisted.

Xi Men Qian said coldly: "The second option, you guys will fight. Don't blame me for not reminding you. It is no different to suicide. Whether you die standing or kneeling, you can only pick one. Patriarch Xu, it's your choice."

Xu Sanli was stunned. He muttered with an incredible look: "No different than suicide? The Qin family is that demonic?"

"You don't believe me?"

Xu Sanli shook his head with a painful expression: "Not that I don't believe you, but I cannot accept it! The Qin family, a poor Humble Class, how could they have become so amazing all of a sudden?"

"I have no idea how they turned out to be so amazing. But my family's Stage Eight Genuine Force Warrior had met that son of the Qin family. He only brought back one word—This kid's strength was not below his."

In fact, that black-robed man had another sentence—It was not worthwhile to offend the Qin family, who had risen up so quickly for the inconsequential Xu family.

Of course, Xi Men Qian would not speak this sentence out loud. Inwardly, he also felt discontent. The son of the Qin family had offended him at Da Xi Yue's birthday party. Xi Men Qian had already sent out an order to kill, but now he had to make a much more reasonable choice because of the words from the black-robed man.

Xu Sanli only felt a booming sound go off in his ears. Dazed, he took a few steps back as if been struck by lightning. His face also seemed to have been drained of all color.

A mighty warrior at Stage Eight was saying that the son of the Qin family had an almost equal strength to him.

All of this, how was it possible?

Even if the son of the Qin family had started practicing martial arts from his mother's womb, how could he have achieved Stage Eight of the Genuine Force in a mere dozen years?

Not to mention Xu Sanli, even Xi Men Qian initially could not accept this reality. As a proud offspring of a Feudal Lord, a heavenly favored child; he had the social status, bloodline, martial arts technique books. He had all the advantages and everything.

Now, he was approaching thirty years old and had reached Stage Six of Genuine Force. He was already one of the elites in the Southcloud State. Even comparing him across the entire Redwood Royal Territory, he had earned the title as one of the "Four Scarlet Warriors."

However, all of those things that had made him arrogant and proud had been shattered into pieces in this little River County. A teenage martial arts student had turned all the reputation and achievements meaningless.


"Patriarch, it's time!"

The people of the Xu family all rushed toward Xu Sanli. They had waited for a long time outside the hall, and of course, they were anxious as if a burning stove had been lit under them when Xu Sanli had not come out for a long time. Time was running out and the Patriarch still had not come out, if they were late to the fight of the Wealthy Class, they would risk disqualification. How could they not be anxious?

Xu Sanli was dumbstruck; he raised his head with a soulless look in his eyes as if he had been struck by lightning. He looked at his people and moved his mouth. He wanted to say something, but his felt rough and dry and he could not utter a single word.

"Patriarch, please give the order to leave. We don't have much time!" Xu Sanli's brother Xu Sihai hurried him.

Elder Yue also said: "To fight or not to fight, who to send up to fight. Patriarch, you must tell us something. Time is slipping away, everyone doesn't know what to do and is worried."

These two had the authority to speak out. The rest of them, although they appeared extremely anxious, they did not dare to voice their opinion.

Xu Sanli raised his head without any energy: "Send out the order, all offspring of the family are forbidden to go out. The Xu will resign from the Wealthy Class fight!"

"What?" Xu Sihai almost thought he had heard it wrong.

"Resign!" Xu Sanli suddenly growled, "I am saying we will resign. Do you all understand? We are out!"

With that shout, Xu Sanli collapsed on the ground as if someone had sucked his soul from his body.

"Patriarch, we cannot resign."

"We would rather die on the battlefield than resign!"

"Yes, if we lose, we must lose with pride. Not to mention, it's only the Humble Qin, how could we, the Xu, resign?"

"There are no cowards in the Xu family, no resigning!"

"Patriarch, you previously taught us the attitude that the Xu should have with the enemy—Never give up until we destroy the enemy. Now, the enemy is waiting for us on the stage, how can we back out?"

Emotions of resentment, puzzlement, unwillingness, doubt and blame all came surging out.

Xu Sanli suddenly jumped out and howled: "A bunch of stupid idiots, shut up! If we must destroy the enemy, we must ensure that we are stronger than them. The son of the Qin family, even a mighty warrior at Stage Eight of Genuine Force admitted that he could not beat him. Even if all of you had joined forces, is it enough to fight back against a Stage Eight? Is it?"

The veins on his neck were bulging because Xu Sanli was also extremely frustrated. He understood his people's anxiety. However, as the Patriarch, who could understand the pain and suffering he was experiencing now?

The incense stick had finally burned down to the end and the fire went out as the last bit of incense turned to ash.

It was time.

The host of the Zhen Wu Holy Place stood up and was about to announce that the competition would be pushed back fifteen minutes and the punishment for being late when suddenly, the sound of rushed footsteps came from outside the square.

One of the people of the Xu family had rushed over. With a look of humiliation, he walked onto the stage and headed toward the host. He whispered a few words to the host and immediately tried to leave, a grim expression on his face.

"Hold on," The host called to this offspring of the Xu family, "The people of the Xu must admit it themselves when resigning."

Without a choice, that offspring of the Xu dropped his head and announced gloomily as if he wishing he could put a mask on his face: "The fight for Wealthy Class seat, the Xu resigns."

The Xu family had resigned…

When these words came out, everyone became agitated. For a time, hisses rose from everyone like a surging tide. After the expectation that had gripped the audience in the morning and the wait during lunch, the audience had mentally prepared themselves for the grand finale.

In the end, they only received four words—the Xu had resigned.

It was equivalent to pouring a bowl of cold water on their burning and willing heart and had gravely harmed their mentality.

"Shame, this is the shame of River County! Such Wealthy Class aristocrats had been beaten to the point of not having the guts to fight. Such family should disappear from River County!"

"Get lost, Xu, get out of River County!"

"Cowards, liars, scums of the aristocratic community!"

"Deceiver that tried to take the fame; it would be best if they commit mass suicides. Truly, shame on them!"

The audience lashed out, curses and sounds of mocking all arrived in the ears of the Xu offspring. With a face covered in filth and grime, that offspring of the Xu family did not dare to object and hurriedly escaped from the back when the enraged audience was not paying attention.

In the end, the host of the Zhen Wu Holy Place had to step forward to maintain the order as he shouted loudly: "Everyone, please don't put too much blame on the loser. Let our winner welcome the cheers!"

"Next, as the official of the Zhen Wu Holy Place, I represent them in announcing that the winner of the Wealthy Class seat—Eastwood Town's Qin!"



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