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When his thoughts arrived there, Qin Wushuang gave a soft shout: "Bao Bao, Lone, you will retreat and wait for me down the slope. Don't stay close to this Subduing Devil Stone Tablet, I don't want you to get injured when it collapses!'

Bao Bao and Lone and refused at the same time: "Boss, the three of us share life and death together. It's not that easy for you to abandon us, ha ha."

Qin Wushuang said in a low voice: "This is my first time using the Divine Dao power, and I cannot control it well at all. There's no need for you guys to remain here. Besides, I have the protection of the Serene Armour. It's not fair to you guys since you do not have the basic protection. Go down now, this is an order!"

Bao Bao and Lone still hesitated. Indeed, they just could not abandon Qin Wushuang. Once those of the beast clan became determined, they were more loyal than human beings and valued friendship with greater importance.

 "Go!" Do not linger, and waste time. If you guys stay here, I won't be able to unleash my best performance. When you go down, I will be able to devote to my concentration and unleash all my power!"

These were not false words. Since he would not need to have worry about Bao Bao and Lone, of course Qin Wushuang could focus on his power more.

Bao Bao and Lone exchanged a helpless look. They knew that once Qin Wushuang had made up his mind, they could not make him go against his decision. At the moment, he nodded: "Boss, then you must be careful."

Qin Wushuang nodded and already took out the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Then, he took out the five Divine Dao Spiritual Talismans. Per the description, these five spiritual talismans could be added to the weapon directly. Since the Graceful Spiritual Bow was a weapon at the Divine Dao already, it would be like a tiger with wings with the support of the Divine Dao Spiritual Talismans.

When he saw Bao Bao and Lone had retreated far enough, Qin Wushuang lay down the five spiritual talismans.

In fact, the principal of the Divine Dao Five Elemental Spiritual Talismans was simple. They each corresponded to the Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth elemental attributes. Naturally, Qin Wushuang had not planned to add all five talismans at once.

To achieve the desired results, one spiritual talisman would be enough.

Gold meant indestructible, imposing manner, and should have the most domineering attack power. Therefore, Qin Wushuang decided to use this spiritual talisman of the gold attribute.

He chanted the spell, pinched the hand gestures, and added this spiritual talisman onto the Graceful Spiritual Bow. As soon as it was added, the Graceful Spiritual Bow completely restored its energy, like a waking lion. It exuded that a breathtaking and imposing aura.

This Graceful Spiritual Bow seemed to have been injected with stimulants. The divine charm evoked by it made Qin Wushuang's breathing speed up.

 "No wonder it's a divine object, this is the merging of the Divine Dao power, as they are communicating?" Qin Wushuang felt the increasing changes in the Graceful Spiritual Bow.

Without a doubt, that divine gold spiritual talisman was starting to act on the Graceful Spiritual Bow. The power of the bow was growing at a terrifying rate.

As Lu Xianlou had mentioned in his hints, this Divine Dao spiritual talisman could make any weapon to display a strong attack power many times than its original power. It seemed he was not bluffing.

Qin Wushuang's spiritual perception was also being merged within the Graceful Spiritual Bow. To manipulate the bow and unleash its greatest potential, he could only accomplish this act by merging his spiritual perception and reach the stage where the body becomes one with the weapon.

These were Qin Wushuang's insights after using the Graceful Spiritual Bow for many years.

As the power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow kept growing, Qin Wushuang's spiritual perception also correspondingly increased. Now, within his vision, that Subduing Devil Stone Tablet did not seem as formidable and imposing as before. On the contrary, in his eyes, this Subduing Devil Stone Tablet was an obstacle that he must overcome!

A strange thought kept emerging from his heart: "Destroy this stone tablet, destroy the stone tablet!" This thought echoed within his spiritual perception, drove his nerves taut, and gave him continuous psychological hints.

Everything that was happening now had allowed Qin Wushuang's Qi and blood to surge to its peak.

With a loud roar, Qin Wushuang nocked the green jade arrow to the bowstring. At the same time, he urged his spiritual perception to merge the power of the Divine Dao Spiritual Talisman with the green jade arrow continuously.

The three objects: man, bow, and arrow formed a perfect connection and unity. It had also gradually pushed Qin Wushuang's spiritual energy to a peak.

With the arrow on the string, he must shoot it!

Now, Qin Wushuang was feeling as if he had finally arrived at the peak after climbing high mountains continuously. He was in need of an opening to let it go.

To him, the three green jade arrows he was about to shoot was without a doubt, the best moment for him to divulge himself!

With divine lights violently emerging from his eyes, the blood and veins of Qin Wushuang's entire body had become as clear as an earthworm. With a loud shout: "Open!"

As if the bewitching dragons of ancient times had escaped the trap and as if the lightning was pushing the appalling thunder, three green jade arrows soared forward carrying an earth-shattering imposing power.

Three arrows carrying awe inspiring presence dyed the entire sky green.

Suddenly, the entire world had become green. However, this green color was not the kind that would bring hope or vitality. Instead, this color exhibited an indestructible, violent murderous, and execution intentions to smash at that stone tablet.

Boom boom boom!

With three continuous explosive sounds that shook the space, Qin Wushuang's eardrums could not even bear such violent shaking. In the next moment, three spider-thread like cracks started to appeared on the tall and towering stone tablet.

Beginning from thin threads, this crack gradually widened and split open. The speed the cracks were progressing were a feast to the eyes.

"Ka, ka…"

The stone tablet started to shake and begin to deliver waves of shattering noises.

Indeed, after being struck by the power of Qin Wushuang's three arrows, this Subduing Devil Stone Tablets had shattered! The shattered areas had divided into three portions and fractured into four parts at an unstoppable speed.

 "Boom, boom, boom…"

Almost at the same time, outside the checkpoint of the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley, Luo Zhen's expression changed drastically. He looked towards the direction of the valley and cried with a hoarse voice: "Luo Yang, what are your subordinates doing in there?"

A trace of an unnoticeable cold sneer spilled from the corner of Luo Yang's mouth. Upon ignoring Luo Zhen, with a flash, he had disappeared into the forest next to the path.

Luo Zhen's complexion changed drastically. Despite being a powerful Elder, he had lost his calmness. He kept swearing as he knew the mysterious event was far from good: "It's done, the Subduing Devil Stone Tablet must have been destroyed."

Before he had finished speaking, a surge of violent tremors emerged from beneath his feet. The checkpoint he was guarding also started to shake. Those formations and mechanisms were activated automatically before they could touch it. All different restrictions were launched and shot in random directions. It had impact the giant stones flying around and threw everything into chaos.

Luo Zhen immediately called out: "Get out of here, quickly get out of here!"

Those guarding disciples had never encountered such strange incident after spending many years here. Escaping for their lives, they rushed towards the exit of the checkpoint as clearly knew that something major had went wrong.

Before they could react, suddenly, a wave of frantic explosions emerged from the entire checkpoint. The entire checkpoint exploded and the powerful shockwave sent them flying several hundred metres away.

Within the impact site, all the buildings were flattened to the ground. Everything, including stones, trees, rubbles, and many more vanished in puff of smoke in an instant. Everything had turned into fine powder!

In many places of the Heavenly Sun Mountain, identical events also occurred. Inside the Sea of Bamboo Courtyard, Landlord Zuo was looking at the Wolf Ivory Peak while lost in thoughts. Suddenly, his eyelids jumped as he almost could not believe his eyes.

It was because that at the towering Wolf Ivory Peak, a jet of surging black smoke had appeared from nowhere. Next, a piece of the tip of the mountain peak fell off, like a piece of tofu being cut away.

Immediately after, as if it was formed by mud, the entire Wolf Ivory Peak shattered completely and seemed to have been squeezed a giant invisible hand. In that situation, it was the equivalent to a stone smashing a piece of porcelain as the mountain peak collapsed into fine powder all of a sudden!

The collapse of the Wolf Ivory Peak!

Not only Landlord Zuo had witnessed this scene, many other people in the Sea of Bamboo Courtyard also saw it. Only, when they realized the situation, the entire courtyard also sunk all of a sudden. Everyone only felt a sudden emptiness beneath their feet. When they looked down, a giant pit had appeared below them as if a hidden, devastating, vicious beast had opened its bloody mouth. With a swirling sucking force, it had engulfed the entire Sea of Bamboo Courtyard.

All the buildings, the people inside these buildings had been directly swallowed without any resistance, like those ants inside an overflowing flood.

This scenery was even more terrifying than the end of the world!

The situation at the headquarter of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect was not any better. All the palaces and buildings next to it collapsed in rows as if they were stacked like tofu.

At the present moment, the one that held the highest position inside the sect was Zuo Lengshuang, the Fourth Dao Warrior. The instant the Subduing Devil Stone Tablet had collapsed, he had sensed the situation was far from reassuring.

He jumped out of his palace with a thunderbolt-like speed. Dashing to the sky, he spread his spiritual perception across all buildings of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect and shouted: "All disciples evacuate all buildings of the sect, hurry!"

The sudden sequence of events had only allowed them to react within a few moment's breath. Some with quick reactions had escaped this disaster. Those with slower reactions did not have any chance as the moment they had sensed the subsequent destruction, they were engulfed along with the buildings.

Instantly, the entire Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect was full of great turmoil as people wailed like ghosts and howled like the wolves. Within Zuo Lengshuang's vision from the middle of the sky, mountains after mountains collapsed right under his eyes.

Even for someone as powerful as him, he could not believe the scene he was seeing with his eyes. The skin of his face had turned green as his lips trembled.

 "Fourth Dao Warrior, what's going on?"

 "Dao Warrior, what's happening?"

Those Shakyamuni, Elders, and disciples who had escaped huddled towards Zuo Lengshuang. With an incredibly distorted complexion, he looked at these faces with a pair of empty eyes. At the moment, he still could not calm down and was unable to process the unbelievable scene that was before his eyes.

Currently, the entire Heavenly Sun Mountain had fallen into an immeasurable disaster, as if the end of the world had arrived.

Instantly, about eighty percent of the foundation of the sect had been destroyed.

Fear, panic, doubt, despair…

All different kinds of emotions were written on the faces of the people that had survived.

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