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After a short moment, that waiter came up.

 "Young Master, are you looking for me?" That waiter appeared extremely professional as he asked with an apologetic smile.

Bao Bao said lightly: "This Young Master He is a guest from that place. I heard that the owner of this restaurant is the local Landlord Zuo, right?"

That guy was stunned: "That place?"

 "It's that place!" Bao Bao pretended to be thoughtful.

That waiter scratched his head: "May I ask which place?"

"How many big places are there in the Xuan Yuan Mound?" Bao Bao glared with his eyes and said with impatience.

That waiter said apologetically: "There are a lot, since I do not have much experience, I cannot speak of all those places. Pardon me, I will take care of all your needs, right now."

"There are no special requests, we just want to meet with Landlord Zuo. There are some things that would mutually benefit both parties and we would like to talk some business."

 "Young Masters, for such major matter, you should discuss it with Landlord Zuo face to face. I am only a little waiter of this restaurant, this matter is not up to me." This waiter was rather smart as he answered with a face full of bitterness.

 "Who's asking you to oversee it?" Bao Bao rolled his eyes, "Don't be nervous, we only want to ask you some questions. Do you know of any special interests your Landlord Zuo has?"

That waiter appeared to be smart as he knew that he shouldn't get involved in this matter. Thus, he only smiled apologetically: "Young Master, not to lie to you, I am only an errand guy. I'm certainly not qualified to go over the interests of the masters, nor do I have the time to know about it. Regarding Master's interests, it's all those things. You are all people with decent background, you should know more than me."

It was equivalent of not saying anything. Bao Bao slapped the table: "Bastard, such an oily-mouth and smooth way of talking, not a word of truth."

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and took out a few crystal stones: "Brother, these crystal stones are to show our appreciation. You don't have to speak intentionally, just speak whatever that comes to your mind. If you cannot speak of anything, it's alright. This is just a small gift. Take it."

This crystal stones were not yellow crystal stones, but green ones. To this waiter, these few pieces of green crystal stones were definitely a tremendous amount of wealth.

It was also a large sum of money that would take him years of hard work to earn.

Although a fanatical glint appeared in his eyes, his rationality surpassed his greed in the end. He swallowed his saliva as his throat felt incredibly dry. He wanted to say something, but did not know what to say and only stared at those green crystal stones. Despite wanting to take it, he knew the price he must pay to take it.

Along his journey, Qin Wushuang had reaped a huge harvest. He already had enough crystal stones. To him, these green crystal stones were a drop in the ocean.

Bao Bao glared at him: "When we ask you to take it, just take it. With your little body, are you afraid of us biting you apart?"

Since that waiter acted slow-going, Qin Wushuang could see through his mind and knew that he truly wanted the crystal stones. Yet, he was worried and afraid. All of his hesitations left him wanting to take it, but not having the courage to do so.

Qin Wushuang grabbed it and pushed it into his hands with a laugh: "Take it, there is no price attached. If you don't want to say anything, you can go down now. We will visit Landlord Zuo now."

That waiter looked around and grabbed the crystal stones in his hands to feel the existence of it. With his heart pounding, he walked to the door and looked around. Then, he walked back and lowered his voice: "Masters, I am a civilian from outside of this place. The owner saw that I am smart and took me in as a waiter. Each year I relied on this little salary to feed my family. I really should not talk too much. However, since you guys do not seem to possess vile intentions and aren't asking personal questions, I will boldly speak a few words. However, if you are to ask about more private secrets, I truly know nothing."

Seeing this guy finally deciding to speak, Qin Wushuang consoled him: "Rest assured, we only want to know some of the Landlord's interests and hobbies. We would like to give him some goods per his interest in the hopes of fostering a business relationship. For other private secrets, we do not care. Everything is about business."

That waiter nodded: "If that is the case, that would be for the best. Not to hide from you, Landlord Zuo's biggest interest is to collect different rare treasures from around the world. He has hired a lot of guest-disciples. These people do not do anything but collect different treasures for him. If you can bring some treasures that will stir his interest, it will be easy to talk any business."

"Rare treasures, this is a huge barrier?" Bao Bao whispered.

That waiter smiled apologetically: "In fact, it's not big at all. Landlord Zuo's son is young and talented, and a core disciple to the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. In fact, Landlord Zuo collects these things since he is using them to raise Young Master Zuo's status in the sect."

These words reminded Qin Wushuang.

Everything Master Zuo did was for his son to keep climbing up in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. His hopes for his son to become a dragon was not difficult to understand.

Qin Wushuang mused on the thought. After a moment, he asked again with a smile: "Besides this, does Master Zuo have any other special interests?"

That waiter laughed: "Besides this, then it would be beautiful girls and money. Landlord Zuo is a wealthy man, its not an uncommon interest for him to admire beauty, right?"

Admire beauty?

Indeed, this was not a special hobby. Many wealthy people and aristocrats had this hobby. After grabbing the first clue, it was enough for Qin Wushuang. He waved his hand with a smile: "I appreciate your generosity, this is it."

Hearing the words from Qin Wushuang, the waiter was relieved from his burden. He was able to earn all these crystal stones by speaking only a few words. Indeed, this was an unexpected happiness.

The information he had revealed was not related to the master's privacy or secrets. They were truth and full of honesty. Even if someone were to know, they could not criticize him. Those green crystal stones were genuine and real. When he thought here, the heart of that waiter became warm.

With these crystal stones, he could build a big house in the countryside. His wife, children, and all other family members would not have to wander on the streets without a home.

After seeing the waiter heading downstairs, Qin Wushuang exchanged a smile with everyone: "Landlord Zuo, his interests are rare treasures, we do not have many of these to give as presents."

Suddenly, Bao Bao laughed: "Boss, why should we give him presents? Let's not ignore his son, and just use Landlord Zuo's identity directly."

 "Oh?" Qin Wushuang looked at Bao Bao with some interest.

 "The son of Landlord Zuo is a star in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. We can just use Landlord Zuo's identity to enter the Heavenly Sun Mountain."

Bao Bao's suggestion was extremely daring. Yet, it gave Qin Wushuang a sense of excitement. After a moment of silence, he slapped his thigh and said: "Alright, let's use Landlord Zuo!"

After their conversation, Qin Wushuang and his group stopped discussing this topic. Instead, they exchanged cups and started to enjoy the food. They only finished their feast after two full hours.

After lunch, Qin Wushuang took Bao Bao and others to head towards Landlord Zuo's mansion. This mansion was also a first-rate mansion in the River Gate State City.

Qin Wushuang knew that with Landlord Zuo's current status, he undoubtedly would not meet with him personally if he were to pay him a visit all of a sudden.

They could raise their status through bluffing to a waiter. However, bluffing their way into a face to face meeting with Landlord Zuo clearly would not work. If they were truly people of high status, a single identity jade token from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain would be enough. However, Qin Wushuang did not have any of such tokens.

He did have another identity token, yet it was one from the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan. Taking out such token under this circumstance would be finding his own trouble. Of course, Qin Wushuang would not act with such stupidity.

Since Landlord Zuo loved rare treasures, Qin Wushuang decided to appeal to his hobby. As long as he could meet with Landlord Zuo and had some private time, everything would be easier.

He only needed to borrow Landlord Zuo's identity.

Inside the Zuo mansion, Landlord Zuo was enjoying the afterglow of lunch. Inside a big room, Landlord Zuo was leaning against a giant chair with indolence. His upper body was naked and only a cloth was wrapped around his private parts. The things beneath the cloth were already bulging.

Next to him, six swan-like young girls with alluring appearances were using all their methods to try to please the most wealthy man of the River Gate State City.

Each of these girls had a devil-like bodies that had appeared curvaceous and exquisite. Landlord Zuo hugged one with each hand and kept rubbing at those curvaceous areas with his bear sized palms. At the same time, he gave a vile laugh. The girls that was getting rubbed responded to his caresses with sensual moans.

The scene appeared extremely erotic. The others that weren't being rubbed by Landlord Zuo's hands used all other means to service his precious parts.

In a moment, Landlord Zuo was already at the peak of anticipation, like an arrow on the bowstring. That remaining cloth had been snatched off at some unknown momentago.

In the midst of his enjoyment, a scurry of subtle footsteps approached from outside the door. Landlord Zuo had extremely good hearing as he pushed away the girl before him and shouted: "Second, what's the matter?"

Outside the door, there stood Landlord Zuo's trusted aide—Silver Hawk Guard Number Two.

That Silver Hawk Guard send through his voice: "Master, someone sent some gifts and said they wanted to meet with you and talk about some business collaboration."

"What kind of gifts?" Landlord Zuo asked lightly.

 "Master, per my evaluation, it should be several pieces of Dark Metal Meteor Iron, and two pieces of Green Jade Essence of the highest quality. These are all supreme materials."

Landlord Zuo's body trembled slightly and tightly clutched the hair of that girl pleasing him below his crotch. He revealed a strange expression and was clearly enjoying such stimulation.

Hearing the answer from Silver Hawk Guard, Landlord Zuo clearly felt the gifts were not light. As his entire body trembled slightly, he almost lost control as he immediately locked his spiritual presence with his Qi.

 "This is a rather large amount of gifts, who is the person sending the gifts?"

"I could not see through him, but it seems he should have some profound background." Silver Hawk Guard Number Two answered genuinely.

 "Did he talk about the reason for his visit?"

 "Master, from his tone, he seemed to want to talk about some collaboration in the city. Besides, this person said that he had some channels that he could use to get ahold of many rare treasures."

Upon hearing this, suddenly, Landlord Zuo's entire body trembled again. During his convulsions, the women beneath his crotch also moved as her teeth scraped against Landlord Zuo's most precious part.

Although Landlord Zuo had a well-trained body, that body part was not made of steel nor iron bones. Upon feeling the pain, he slashed at the woman's neck with his palm that had been transformed into a blade.

With a burst of blood, the head of that girl flew off. As if he had just squeezed an ant to death, Landlord Zuo stood up.

When the other five women saw the bloody geyser, all of them screamed in fear. Without looking at them, Landlord Zuo swung with his hand. With the flash of a blade's light, they were all beheaded.

This Landlord Zuo also savored sadistic killings!

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