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So, Qin Lianshan did come out!

The strong anxiety that had been hanging like a cloud over Xu Sanli's mind had abruptly dispersed.

If it was Qin Lianshan, there was nothing to worry about. Even if Qin Lianshan had concealed his formidable strength, since he was close to fifty years old, it was impossible for him to have gained an entirely different set of power.

Initially, they had been worried about Qin Wushuang and whether this mysterious martial arts student had encountered some fortuitous demonic opportunity. Since Qin Lianshan was going first, then surely Wugen would win this first fight!

To the Xu family, securing the first victory meant that they would have a guaranteed chance at winning the whole thing.

Everyone in River County's aristocratic circle knew Qin Lianshan was only a Stage One Genuine Force Warrior. Even if he had broken through the bottleneck in the past three or four years, he could not have jumped a few levels at once, right?

"Qin Lianshan, your bitter soul will be yet another one sent to the afterlife by the fist of this Fifth Elder!"

As soon the words left Xu Wugen's mouth, he roared like a tiger and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He stomped his two thick elephant-like legs a few times and charged directly toward Qin Lianshan.

Xu Wugen's crossed arms moved to strike down Qin Lianshan.

Although Xu Wugen was brash and impetuous, his fists and footsteps were in sync and contained a measure of sophistication when he threw out his punches. His moves were simple and crude, it had little weakness but the punches contained a great momentum and force.

As he was bringing down his fists, he suddenly changed the direction of his strikes and instead, his arms swung like a pincer closing in on Qin Lianshan.

These fists seemed impetuous but contained a hidden threat The technique was called "Nodding of a Phoenix" that would bow three times. The moves were all accurately aimed toward the vital parts of the opponent's body in order to ensure a fatality.

It was evident to see that this Xu Wugen had honed his martial arts from killing countless people. The instant he attacked, a cold and murderous intent emanated from him.

Before today, Qin Lianshan had never fought against warriors of such a high level. He would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous when he had gone up on the stage.

However, his nervousness was short-lived.

In a life and death battle, a mistimed blink of the eye could decide the difference between life or death and winning or losing. There was no time for his brain to be occupied with useless thoughts or hesitations.

He had already seen through Xu Wugen's powerful momentum. The mighty wind force screeched like metals being torn apart. This Xu Wugen was indeed a mighty warrior at Stage Three of the Genuine Force.

In his younger days, Qin Lianshan only had an average martial arts power. However, he possessed a brilliant sense of battle. After dodging three times, he had already come up with a plan to counterattack.

On the battle stage, Xu Wugen growled as he continued to strike at Qin Lianshan unceasingly like the rain. He recognized Qin Lianshan's weakness; Qin Lianshan most likely did not have enough internal strength to fend against his fist attacks.

One move could determine the winner in a fight between martial artists.

"Since you have a weak inner strength, then I will obviously go for your weakness." Although Xu Wugen was an impetuous person, it did not mean he did not use his brain. He wanted to drive Qin Lianshan into a corner. He thought to himself that since he was the first warrior to fight, not only did he need to win, but he must win with an overwhelming force in order to exhibit the pride of the Wealthy Class.

How could he demonstrate the expected effect?

Since people had nicknamed Xu Wugen the "Human Butcher," he had decided he would live up to that name—By ripping Qin Lianshan apart with his bare hands and breaking all of his bones into pieces!

Only with this painful death of Qin Lianshan could he give vent to his anger, it would also serve to intimidate the rest of those tiny people trying to offend the Wealthy Xu family!

With this thought, Xu Wugen's attacks grew even more forceful and frantic. He seemed like a crazy ox digging the earth with immense power.

Qin Lianshan had yet to be hit by any of Xu Wugen's attacks and he continued to evade the attacks thrown at him with his swift movements.

However, the audience beneath the stage was becoming dissatisfied.

"What is going on? Tch, the battle for the Wealthy Class is not a training ground for defense and offense. Why is he not fighting back? You will lose for sure if you don't fight back."

"Hey, he is only a Humble Class and a little nervous since he just got up on the stage. You must be patient. There will be three fights, didn't it just start?"

"Outsiders only see the show, whereas experts know the truth behind the fight. If you wanted to watch a show of two people just hitting each other, head to the streets and look for the circuses. This fight is very exciting. If your eyes were even the slightest bit sharp, you should be able to see how smartly the Qin Patriarch is moving. If I am not wrong, this should be his strategy."

"Strategy? What sort of idiot plan can this be? Can running away also be called a strategy? If so, I would be a genius strategist."

"Hmph, you? A genius strategist? A trash that always runs aways immediately is called a genius?"

"Go away! You are just envious of my talents."

Although it was bustling with activity below the stage, the two parties on the stage had a different reaction. Qin Wushuang knew at once that his father had secured his victory when he saw that he was only dodging and did not take the enemy's attack.

He knew precisely of his father's strength. He definitely had the power to fight against Xu Wugen's powerful attacks. It was clear that his father was waiting for an opportunity to use the arrogance of Xu Wugen to provoke him. Then, he would use the chance to win with one move.

Xu Sanli didn't pay much attention to the fight on the stage. On the contrary, although he seemed distracted, he was constantly sneaking glances at Qin Wushuang.

In other words, he had been secretly observing Qin Wushuang's reactions.

A Patriarch of the Wealthy Class was watching the reaction of a teenage martial arts student. Xu Sanli knew it was shameful. Thus, he had to be careful and act prudently like a mistress in an affair.

Not to mention all of the gazes that were fixed on him, if Xu Sanli so much as twitched his ears, the people would easily catch this movement at such close distance.

It was the core difference between the strength of Qin Wushuang and Xu Sanli and the reason why he had relative superiority over Xu Sanli.

Xu Sanli had to observe him in secret, but as for him, he could effortlessly sense all of Xu Sanli's movements.

In the end, Qin Wushuang could no longer stand Xu Sanli's "solicitous looks." He turned around, with an openly mocking smile, he said leisurely: "Patriarch Xu, there aren't any flowers growing out of my face, right? Just look at me openly if you want, but your sneaky actions are making me quite embarrassed, even if you don't feel ashamed."

Extremely distressed, Xu Sanli objected scornfully: "Nonsense, who is looking at you?"

"You weren't looking at me? Then watch the fight, your Fifth Elder is about to lose."

"Rubbish, how could Wugen…"

Before the word "lose" could be spoken, Xu Sanli's mouth froze.

At that moment, Qin Lianshan had stopped his movements, he did not evade Xu Wugen's incoming punch!

Instead, he attacked. Qin Lianshan raised his right arm, with a clear target in front of him, he had clenched his fingers into a fist and sent it to meet Xu Wugen's punch.

A trace of an evil grin appeared on the corner of Xu Wugen's mouth. He felt that finally, Qin Lianshan could no longer hold his ground. The opportunity had finally arrived, and both of his hands could not wait to tear Qin Lianshan apart!

To everyone's eyes, they could only see the shadows of the fists flying in the air.

However, there was only one punch and it was a genuine and fatal attack.


At that moment, the two fists that had never met, collided with muffled sound.

A shockwave radiated out as the force of the fists countered each other.

Before Xu Wugen had a chance to curb his smile, the muscles on his face suddenly trembled furiously. A painful expression immediately appeared on his face and quickly intensified. It was as if he had been bitten by a venomous viper, his face instantly became distorted to the extreme.

The entire shirtsleeve on Xu Wugen's arm suddenly flipped backward and shredded into pieces. On that thick arm, many blue veins suddenly exploded. Xu Wugen's arm was instantly riddled with holes as blood spurted out profusely…

Qin Lianshan wore a gloomy expression, he did not pause his attacks even though he had succeeded in his move. He moved even faster and approached as sudden as lightning.

Approaching like a ghost, both of his hands pressed down on the head of Xu Wugen and he channeled his internal strength.

Ka ka ka…

Xu Wugen's skull shattered into many small pieces with a clear sound. His entire head had been squeezed into a long stick and appeared extremely distorted.

One of his eyes bulged like a dead fish. Up until the moment of his death, he never figured out how Qin Lianshan's punch had penetrated his arteries and shattered the blood vessels on his arm.

Like the collapse of a mountain and the ebbing of the tide, Xu Wugen fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Beneath the stage, loud roaring and waves of cheering suddenly exploded like wildfire among the crowd in the River Square!

The battle for the Wealthy Class—

First round, victory to the Humble Qin!

Xu Sanli almost fell from his chair. Like most of the audience, he struggled to process the reality of the scene before him.

It was only when the host announced on the stage that the Humble Qin family had won the first round, and the crowd began cheering again, that Xu Sanli finally regained his senses.

When he glanced sideways at Qin Wushuang, he saw that Qin Wushuang still appeared to calm and composed. Xu Sanli only felt cold sweat pouring down his back.

It was as if the father and the son of the Qin family were waving a spade, digging an eternal grave for the Wealthy Xu family!

If Xu Sanli only felt the slightest bit of worry when the corpse of Cold-Blooded Eleven was returned back then, then, right now, he was engulfed with fear!

A winner would always appear more attractive in the eyes of the viewer. Qin Wushuang smiled casually as he stepped on to the stage and said with a clear voice: "Who is the next to come up and accept their death?"

Accept their death? Accept their death?

With just the first victory, the Humble Qin family had, in the eyes of the ordinary people, instantly increased their social status. Loud cheers came from beneath the stage, and most of them were cheering for the Humble Qin family.

If a Humble Class succeeded in beating a Wealthy Class, it would be a great motivation to rest of them. It would give all those other Humble Classes, and even civilians, immense courage, and inspiration.

Through the Qin family, everyone felt a vivid flame growing within them—To win from a position of weakness no longer seemed to be something impossible to achieve!

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