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This flash of idea immediately gave a boost to Luo Ting's morale.

 "Qin Wushuang, even if you are using three devilish Profound Void Martial Stage spiritual beasts, what about it? Today I shall leave unhurriedly, for next time, just wait for my endless retribution!" Luo Ting thought viciously.

During these days, he was too sullen. Having allowed this Qin Wushuang to hunt him down like an animal had obliterated his face completely. To a proud and arrogant Luo Ting, such mark of shame was something more unbearable than getting his head cut off.

Luo Ting stayed inside the stone forest and step after a step, he slowly moved in the direction of the Wild Flame Cliff. He was afraid of making the slightest sound and getting noticed by Qin Wushuang and his friends.

Fortunately, this stone forest was extremely lush. Surrounding the stone forest, sturdy and vigorous giant trees grew and provided a convenient cover for Luo Ting's movements.

Qin Wushuang also spread his wings and circled the sky. Through the gap, Luo Ting looked towards the sky and saw that wings had grown out of Qin Wushuang's back. Such scene gave a hit to Luo Ting's confidence.

 "What the hell is going on? How did he grow a pair of giant wings? How could this Qin Wushuang possess the divine skill of the beast clan?"

Only those spiritual bird species would usually grow wings from their back.

Since ancient times, it was extremely rare for a situation where a human grew wings. After all, Luo Ting was young and was not knowledgeable about many things compared to senior warriors.

Upon seeing Qin Wushuang's strange appearance, he was feeling somewhat lacking in confidence. Deep in his heart, he had to admit that regardless of how much he was unwilling to do so, he was certain that he had underestimated Qin Wushuang. Additionally, Qin Wushuang's talent had far surpassed his imagination.

For your information, in terms of age, Qin Wushuang was only a little over twenty years old and much younger than Luo Ting. Thus, regarding talent, Luo Ting discovered that most likely he had not surpassed him much.

At Qin Wushuang's age, Luo Ting's strength would not seem to be much stronger than his.

"Luo Ting, when you hunted me, weren't you full of heroism, full of mettle? Don't hide, you cannot hide from it for you will have to come out sooner or later. Today, this Crest Mountain will be your burial grounds."

Qin Wushuang kept adding pressure on Luo Ting. Each word he said had carried a form of oppressive power and made Luo Ting incapable of suppressing his nervousness.

Qin Wushuang flew for a moment in the middle of the air and kept flying towards the direction of the stone forest. He called to those three spiritual beasts: "This Luo Ting is definitely hiding around this stone forest. You three, separate into three directions and form a circle. I will coordinate from the sky."

Such inch-by inch search slowly closed the net on Luo Ting's hidden figure. Inwardly, Luo Ting was stunned. He knew that if he kept dragging it out, at most he would only delay the inevitable.

He must make a change. When in a passive situation, he must try with his utmost effort to grasp the initiative. When Luo Ting thought up to this point, he pulled the chain blade, initiated a spiritual talisman and turned his body into a flash of meteoric light to dash out from the stone forest. He dashed towards the direction of the Wild Flame Cliff. Of course, such scene was noticed immediately.

Pure Altar Precious Pig gave a roar: "Block him!"

 "Where are you going!" One Horn Mystical Horse also quickly gave chase. Holding the Graceful Spiritual Bow in hand, Qin Wushuang also flew down.

Moving at a rapid speed, Luo Ting had a clear goal. He charged next to the Wild Flame Cliff instantly. Then, revealing a wild and unyielding expression, he looked at Qin Wushuang with a cold sneer.

 "Qin Wushuang, did you feel that today I would not have a way to the heavens, nor to the ground. Right?" Luo Ting kept sneering continuously and a trace of mocking was heard from his tone.

Qin Wushuang flew in the air and kept the Graceful Spiritual Bow drawn. He said to Luo Ting with a cold sneer: "Then do you feel that you have a way to escape?"

Sneering continuously, Luo Ting answered with sarcastic rebuttal: "Qin Wushuang, have you thought that when you took the risk to try and kill me, if you did not succeed, what kind of outcome you would face?"

"There is no need for me to consider such outcome, today, you will undoubtedly die!"

Qin Wushuang's voice was ruthless and he already started to aim the Graceful Spiritual Bow at Luo Ting's body.

Luo Ting fixed his gaze on Qin Wushuang as a layer of coldness covered his face. He said with bitter resentment: "Qin Wushuang, I admit that you have some luck. However, today, all your luck has come to an end. You have so many good cards and still, you cannot kill me in the final moment, this was your last chance!"

"Next, just you wait for the endless retribution from my Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect!"

After Luo Ting had finished speaking, he fell down the Wild Flame Cliff. This imposing manner of sacrificing himself to the cliff made Qin Wushuang and the three spiritual beasts immensely surprised.

They had never imagined that Luo Ting would chose to fall into the cliff, rather than struggle to his last breath. As soon as he dropped, Qin Wushuang immediately realized something as he cried: "No, I am afraid that this kid is playing a trick!"

After he had finished, Qin Wushuang also dived down rapidly. Following the direction where Luo Ting had fallen, he extended his wings and drilled downwards ferociously.

With one hand holding the bow and arrow, he used the other hand to hold the Hegemon Breaking Formation Spear and to sweep across all the red mist. He saw that Luo Ting's figure had already turned into a black dot as he dived down at a rapid speed.

This Luo Ting had ignored this absolute high temperature. This scene made Qin Wushuang become suspicious inwardly. Immediately after, he realized that Luo Ting most likely had some equipment defying the natural order that gave him supreme endurance to high flame temperature.

Without thinking, he cried out: "Luo Ting, even if you escape to the Nine Serene Infernals, today, I will chase you there. I must harvest your little life today."

At this moment, suddenly the airflow from below surged up at a rapid speed. One only heard Luo Ting giving a miserable cry as if he had encountered some accidental situation all of a sudden.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was overjoyed when he heard the sound. Just when he wanted to find out the exact situation, suddenly, he heard a voice curse: "Bastard, when everything is good, why would something fall down out of nowhere?"

Another voice said: "Second, did you heard the sound from above?"

"Voice, what voice. Down here is all the sounds of the erupting lava, I did not hear any other sound. What is that?"

"It sounds like Boss's voice."

 "No way? How could it be Boss? Boss dropped into the lava lake?" The one that was speaking was indeed, Purple Flame Electric Beast.

 "Look, that person is not dead!" Naturally, the other voice was Bao Bao. He looked at that lava lake with a look of surprise. Within the thick lava, someone crawled with strenuous effort.

Naturally, this person was Luo Ting. Initially, Luo Ting had dived down unwittingly. However, because he had used too much spiritual Qi in the past few days, he could not extract the pure spiritual Qi under this high temperature. When he almost hit the bottom, he slipped and fell.

Since he was close to the ground and the impact from the place where he had lost his footing was not strong, the place he had unfortunately fallen into was that boiling hot giant lava lake.

Although Luo Ting was powerful and had the protection of that spiritual talisman to ward off the high temperature, the strong pulling force of this lava lake made him struggle immensely, for he was an arrow at the end of its flight . Each time he tried to swim forward, he found it extremely difficult.

As Luo Ting struggled in the lava, he was frightened stiff. He knew that unless his power was restored, it would be impossible for him to walk out from this giant lava lake.

There was also a time limit to the usage of that spiritual talisman. It was not a type of spiritual talisman that could be used endlessly. Additionally, under such circumstances, Luo Ting would not have sufficient time to restore his power.

Frightened stiff, Luo Ting looked around and saw two spiritual beasts, Bao Bao and Purple Flame Electric Beast. He immediately called out: "Hey, you two, are you the native spiritual beasts of this place? Please help me, I am Luo Ting of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. If you can think of a way to drag me out of this giant lava lake, I will for sure give you rich rewards. I swear on the honor of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, for sure…"

"You are Luo Ting? Luo Ting of that Heavenly Luo Daoist sect?" Bao Bao and Purple Flame Electric Beast felt extremely baffled.

Luo Ting thought the other party had heard about his name as he immediately nodded in response: "That's me, you two, please help me! Hurry!"

An extremely strange smile emerged on the face of Bao Bao and Lone. They repeatedly clapped their hands with each other and laughed while holding their bellies. The look they gave at Luo Ting appeared to be filled with a sadistic joy and delight in Luo Ting's calamity. They even revealed an expression as if they were judging a prey.

Luo Ting's scalp went numb as his eyeball almost exploded from his eye sockets. He said stutteringly: "You guys…What are you guys planning to do?"

 "What?" Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed evilly, "What is that saying of you humans? To travel far and wide looking for something, only to find it easily, Bao Bao, right?"

Bao Bao was also overjoyed: "Yes, haha, Luo Ting!"

At this moment, suddenly, a voice from the above travelled down as it went defying this surging airflow: "Luo Ting, I know you are not dead! However, do you think you can get far?"

Qin Wushuang was forcefully stopped by this heatwave and could not continue down at the time. He cried out from above. However, the sound of his voice went at an opposite direction of this surging airflow. Thus, although the voice had travelled down, it could only be heard vaguely.

Bao Bao and Lone were overjoyed as they cried out: "Boss, Boss, is that you? We are Bao Bao and Lone!"

The voice from below dashed upwards following the airflow and into Qin Wushuang's ears. Although the noise was huge, it was clearer to hear their voice.

 "Bao Bao, Lone?" Qin Wushuang was overjoyed at the turn of events, "You are not dead?"

He had almost used all of his power to deliver his voice downwards, against the current. Hearing Qin Wushuang's voice, Bao Bao and Lone was sure it was him.

The more certain they were the overjoyed they became: "Boss, it's us! Boss, indeed you are safe and sound, ha ha, the heavens and gods did not kill us three brothers!"

Bao Bao and Lone hugged each other and jumped. They jumped excitedly next to the giant lava lake and cried out: "Boss, are you the one hunting Luo Ting?"

Qin Wushuang was stunned: "Could it be that Luo Ting is down there?"

 "Ha ha, Boss, this is called the heaven has eyes. This Luo Ting has fallen into a giant lava lake. Now he is bathing in the lava, ha ha. Boss, are you coming down to look?"

Qin Wushuang worked hard to push through this rising current of heated air as he said: "Bao Bao, Lone, watch that guy, when the eruption period of this air current has passed, I will go down!"

Hearing the conversation between the two parties, Luo Ting was both angered and frightened witless that he almost fainted on the spot.

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