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The golden ray of light from the One Horn travelled at a rapid speed. However, Luo Ting's mobility was not slow either. Despite getting tracked by that golden light, Luo Ting moved in all four directions erratically and only allowed that golden light to drag him down for a moment. In the end, it was incapable of holding him to one spot. Just when Qin Wushuang was about to launch the Graceful Spiritual Bow, he discovered that this Luo Ting broke away from Qin Wushuang's prepared aim. This process happened repeatedly.

Qin Wushuang was not discouraged and continued to maintain the Graceful Spiritual Bow in a shooting position.

Although Luo Ting could dodge it, he developed a feeling where he sensed the lights right behind his back. It was because he also heard that Qin Wushuang had a tremendously powerful weapon, the Graceful Spiritual Bow. It was rumored that it could kill people above the wielder's power ranking. Regarding the power of this bow and arrow, Luo Ting would not dare to let down his guard.

He did have the protective scale armour which possessed supreme defensive strength defying the natural order. However, if that bow and arrow were truly Divine Dao weapons, despite having the Purple Scale Armour protecting his body, it would be incapable of resisting it.

Thus, although Luo Ting was a proud person, he would never dare to take the Graceful Spiritual Bow head on.

Ever since Qin Wushuang had taken the Graceful Spiritual Bow into his possession, he had never encountered anyone that dared to fight this bow head on.

Thus, he absolutely believed that this Luo Ting would never dare to face this Graceful Spiritual Bow. Although seeing him jumping around in the sky appeared dazzling, it revealed his caution.

Inwardly, Luo Ting was feeling frustrated. Although it had been a short exchange of moves, what made him surprised was that under this circumstance, not only could he not gain any advantage, he had fallen into a disadvantage unconsciously.

Each of these three great spiritual beasts that ganged up to beat him were at the Profound Void Martial Stage. Being at the Profound Void Martial Stage, each had their own divine skills. These divine skills made him feel oppressed and extremely uncomfortable.

Especially Qin Wushuang, that guy was holding that bow from a distance and created a potential threat. He made him feel to feel strained.

Not even in his dreams had Luo Ting thought that Qin Wushuang, the guy he had looked down on, would force him into such an uncomfortable situation. Inwardly, he felt a surge of indescribable fury.

However, just as he launched the charge, he already realized that these three great spiritual beasts would never allow him to approach Qin Wushuang to attack him individually.

If he was incapable of launching a direct attack at Qin Wushuang, Luo Ting would not have the slightest winning chance to overcome today's situation. It would be in a lunatic's raving dreams for him to beat three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage alone.

When he thought here, inwardly, Luo Ting already made some calculations. Since he did not have any winning chances, then it would not be appropriate for him to zealously continue fighting in today's situation.

For the longest time, killing Qin Wushuang had been his greatest wish. However, there was the so-called saying of situations suppressing people. Once he was cornered in this situation, despite having some trump cards, the circumstances was extremely unfavorable in the face of three Profound Void Martial Stage simultaneously fighting with their lives on the line .

When he thought here, suddenly, Luo Ting swooped down to the ground hastily. At this time, Pure Altar Precious Pig who had been waiting on the ground gave a loud roar.

As he let out a loud roar, he opened his bloody mouth widely and a surge of powerful absorption power went towards that Luo Ting. As soon as this absorption power had gushed out, it lifted the yellow sand from the ground and a surge of piercing fishy smile dashed to the sky to greet Luo Ting. Although Luo Ting was exceptional, under the sudden turn of events, his entire Dantian boiled as his Primordial Spirit almost got sucked out.

His heart and blood surged violently. Yet, Luo Ting was indeed outstanding. In the midst of this chaotic situation, Luo Ting did not forget to slash his chain blade downwards. His body twisted forcefully and retreated back into the middle of the skies.

Initially, he dashed downwards and changed direction instantly. It meant that his entire body had undergone a sharp one hundred and eighty degrees turn. Such sudden change in direction also caused a giant impact to his body.

Just when he dashed out of the danger zone by some fluke, Hissing Sky Phoenix from the middle of the skies arrived to attack him almost at the same time. The feathers on his back shrunk rapidly and with one toss, he shot out hundreds of feathery arrows with fire attached.

These feathery arrows were clearly a part of Hissing Sky Phoenix's body. He had shot it with the energy from his Primordial Spirit and revealed a tremendous amount of power.

Luo Ting did not even have the time to take a breath, not to mention the time to evade. With no time to react, he could only urge his power promptly. Again, a wave of extremely resplendent rays of lights dashed out from the Purple Scale Armour.

Qin Wushuang immediately noticed the opening and knew that Luo Ting was prepared to fight the attack head on. Inwardly, he made a prompt decision and unleashed the Graceful Spiritual Bow.

The dashing green lights was extremely familiar. However, each time when Qin Wushuang launched it, it caused a deep resonance inside his heart. The power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow along with the immense energy contained within it made Qin Wushuang feel an endlessness.

It was like a giant treasure-house and made Qin Wushuang feel that there were endless potential that he could dig through.

From the middle of the air, although Luo Ting was resisting hard the attacks from the Hissing Sky Phoenix. He was using his spiritual perception to stay alert toward Qin Wushuang's movements.

The instant when Qin Wushuang raised his arm slightly, he knew his intention. Without revealing any reaction, he started to make hand signs and an ancient looking spiritual talisman was evoked. Instantly, a wave of white smoke spread out in the middle of the sky. Within this smoke, Luo Ting's figure used this white smokescreen and soared out, leaving behind a long rainbow trail.

 "This guy is running away!"

One Horn Mystical Horse reacted instantly. He pursued that white light at a rapid speed. This time, Luo Ting escaped over a hundred miles away and this technique did not leave any trace to track.

If it wasn't for One Horn Mystical Horse's golden light tracking skill, they would never have found the direction in which Luo Ting had escaped.

Since this Luo Ting was the most prized disciple of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, many of his equipment were at a level unattainable to many young disciples.

Thus, during the battle, regardless of fighting or retreating, he had enough capital to do it.

This was the reason that Luo Ting was capable of talking cheerfully and carefreely despite being surrounded. However, Luo Ting had never imagined that the opponents he encountered were not ordinary. Each of the twelve spiritual beasts of the twelve sealed scrolls all had their own exceptional skills.

Most importantly, these spiritual beasts had their own unique divine skills. These skills all countered Luo Ting's trump cards via different aspects. It would not allow his trump cards to unleash one hundred percent of their power.

Through this process of contention, Luo Ting fell into a disadvantage.

One Horn Mystical Horse took the lead and called out: "Follow me!"

Pure Altar Precious Pig said with a depressed expression: "Another battle in the sky? Don't you know that I am not very good at fighting in the sky?"

Hissing Sky Phoenix called out: "Fat pig, I cannot carry you, don't depend on me to carry you."

Despite the giant body of the Pure Altar Precious Pig, he could fly in the air. Yet regarding the speed, he was far inferior to Hissing Sky Phoenix and One Horn Mystical Horse.

He could only unleash his maximum speed on the ground. Hearing the words of Hissing Sky Phoenix, he was extremely depressed.

Qin Wushuang called to him when he heard their talk: "Precious Pig, I will take you, get into the scroll!"

He took out the sealed scroll and summoned the Precious Pig back. Qin Wushuang extended his wings and followed One Horn Mystical Horse at a rapid speed.

On the other hand, Luo Ting used evasive techniques and retreated another few hundred miles. He flew at an incredibly fast speed. Since Luo Ting stepped onto the path of martial arts, this was the greatest crisis in battle he had ever encountered.

Under the attack from three major Profound Void Martial Stage, Luo Ting had struggled. When he thought about how Qin Wushuang had stood back and used the bow to threaten him, he felt even more infuriated.

Inwardly, he made a ferocious vow: "Qin Wushuang, if I do not destroy you and nine generations of your family, I vow to never be called a human."

As he urged his speed, he took out a jade plate. This was a special spiritual perception delivery jade plate made of special materials.

Even at a distance of ten thousand miles away, he could deliver his spiritual perception to the designated person the first time through this jade.

At the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect that was several hundred miles away, inside a deep cave, Luo Tongtian, the Head Daoist Warrior suddenly opened his eyes. He extended his palm and squeezed a piece of dark green jade. He brushed the surface and the scene of Luo Ting flying in the air had appeared.

"Luo Ting?" Luo Tongtian frowned, "What's going on?"

Luo Ting sen his perception through the jade: "Head Daoist Warrior, three Profound Void Martial Stage beasts are pursuing me with the intent to kill."

 "Three spiritual beasts of the Profound stage?" The heart of Head Daoist Warrior sank, "Where are you?"

Recently, the Head Daoist Warrior had been in secluded training and did not know that Luo Ting was outside. Thus, he was momentarily unaware of Luo Ting's location.

Luo Ting said: "Head Daoist Warrior, I'm at the Orderly Mountain Prefecture, soon I will enter the boundary of the Judge Mountain prefecture!"

 "Who is the person that is hunting you?" The Head Daoist Warrior asked in a low voice.

 "It's that nobody Qin Wushuang of the human countries. I don't know what kind of fortuitous opportunities he has had, but he possesses three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage and they listen to him wholeheartedly. Head Daoist Warrior, please send elite warriors to rescue me quickly!"

Inwardly, Luo Ting no longer had the previous domineering attitude. After he had experienced the power of the three Profound Void Martial Stage spiritual beasts and especially the power of Qin Wushuang's bow and arrow, Luo Ting had lost his previous arrogance and willful attitude completely. A deep and profound fear had replaced his earlier attitude.

He knew that as soon as he became surrounded again, his enemies all-out attacks would make his situation become even more grave. Even if he used all his trump cards, he would be unable to move a single step.

Thus, now was not the time to think about his pride. He must shake off the enemies. Once the elite warriors of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect came to his rescue, everything would be fine.

Once he could kill Qin Wushuang, he would be in control of all the public opinion. Even if he had to find a scapegoat in the end, he could push all the blame onto Black Panther.

Although the Head Daoist warrior was dissatisfied at Luo Ting for leaving the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, he was the number one heir to the sect. If he allowed Luo Ting to fall into grave danger, it would not be beneficial.

Immediately, he said: "Run towards the direction of the sect at full speed. If you encounter any further danger, do not hesitate to use those trump cards. Saving your life is the number one priority, understand?"

Of course, Luo Ting understood this without any reminder. At the moment of crisis, he knew that his life was more important than anything else. Instantly, he nodded and said: "I understand, please send a rescue force as soon as possible."

This spiritual perception communication jade consumed a great amount of spiritual perception. Luo Ting was unwilling to waste too much so as to avoid affecting his escaping speed. At the moment, he did not speak anymore and flew forward after withdrawing his perception. Running like a stray dog and flustered like a fish that had escaped the net, he appeared to be in an extremely embarrassing state.

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