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Apparently, this voice had given Qin Wushuang a little time to process the words. As he waited, Qin Wushuang's heart gradually calmed down, he continued to speak with a smile: "These twelve sealed scrolls are different from that Purple Flame Electric Beast. The Purple Flame Electric Beast is a genuine and living spiritual beast that has flesh and blood, and is not a simple battle tool. However, the spiritual beasts inside these twelve scrolls will not develop any bond with you. They are pure battle tools. And their strength far surpasses the Purple Flame Electric Beast. Most of them are spiritual beasts from the Southern Border Heavenly Flame, and a small portion of them were acquired through the exploration of the Endless Eastern Sea. The weakest has the power of the Transformation Void Martial Stage. The strongest, ha ha, is an existence below the Divine Dao, which is invincible!"

Beneath the Divine Dao, invincible!

These words had left Qin Wushuang stunned. Perhaps, Qin Wushuang did not have any understanding of the words in the past. Currently, since he had a much clearer understanding of the martial artist training system, he knew what it meant to be below the Divine Dao.

Perhaps, there were many elite warriors at the Divine Dao in the Tian Xuan Land. However, the situation of finding more Divine Dao warriors or those at the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary wandering the streets was ludicrous.

In other words, to be invincible beneath the Divine Dao meant to be at least at the level of possessing the power of Half Divinity. Beneath the Divine Dao, it was the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary.

In the Xuan Yuan Mound, not many people possessed such strength. For example, the two Honored Daoist warriors of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, and Mu Rong Qianji, the head of the Floating Snow House he had met not long ago.

 "Beneath the Divine Dao, invincible!" Qin Wushuang repeatedly thought over these words and could not calm down for a time, "If that's truly the case, then at this Xuan Yuan Mound, I would not fear the endless hunting attempts from that Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. And for Wu Lihu and Yan Qingyun, I must not let them stay free and unfettered too long…"

Just as Qin Wushuang's heart was feeling roused, that voice poured a basin of cold water on time: "Young man, don't be too happy yet. For these twelve sealed scrolls, you cannot summon them at your will. To summon them, you must possess some condition. Now, if you are only at the Refined Void Martial Stage, then at most, you can only summon the sealed spiritual beasts at the Transformation and the Profound Void Martial Stage. If you enter the Transformation Void Martial Stage, at the highest you can summon spiritual beasts at the Perfect Void Martial Stage."

 "In other words, the sealed spiritual beasts you can summon would only be two levels higher, at the most. This is because you have gone through the spiritual baptism arranged by me. If someone else acquired these twelve sealed scrolls, at the most they can only summon beasts at their level. This setup is to protect the owner of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays to the greatest extent. It's to prevent others from taking advantage of it, if they got ahold of these twelve scrolls."

Naturally, Qin Wushuang understood this principle. If it was a summoning of the same level, at most they could only summon a helper at the same level. Perhaps it would change the circumstance in one battle, yet the meaning was not significant.

In his hands, he could summon beasts stronger than him, at least two levels stronger. This held a significant meaning. When he thought here, Qin Wushuang was not depressed.

 "These twelve sealed scrolls had been arranged according to the twelve Zodiac. These twelve sealed combat beasts are Sky Pilfered Mole; Purple Pupil Golden Ox; Burning Sky Explosive Tiger; Moon Palace Jade Hare; Swallowing Sky Dragon; Dark Mysterious Snake; One Horn Mystical Horse; Rending Earth Devil Sheep; Great Desolate Giant Monkey; Hissing Sky Phoenix; Fantasy Cloud Divine Dog; Pure Altar Previous Pig."

 "There are a total of twelve sealed spiritual beasts, two at the Transformation, three at the Profound, three Perfect Void Martial Stage, two at the Profound Mysterious, and two at the Common Mysterious Stage."

 "As for the stages of these twelve spiritual beasts, you will know after the summoning. As long as they don't engage in battles, their own spiritual Qi will not be consumed. Remember, after a battle, you must summon them back into the sealed scroll posthaste. Only by this means will you extend their time limit. I will repeat again, these sealed spiritual beasts are only battle tools and will not develop any feelings for the owner. In necessary times, they are puppets to sacrifice to protect the owner. If you cannot understand this point, perhaps this sealed scroll will bring you misfortune!"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt apprehensive. He nodded silently and took these words heart.

 "This is the second treasure. Perhaps, you will feel somewhat disappointed, because these twelve sealed scrolls are consumable goods that you cannot summon at anytime and does not have unlimited use. However, the third treasure I am giving you is a supplement to the second one. And this supplement is perfect. The name of this treasure is Genuine Spiritual Beam."

 "What is the Genuine Spiritual Beam? It is, in fact, a writing brush. This writing brush is not an ordinary thing. It's a genuine spiritual brush used to draw talismans, produce demons. With this meritorious divine brush, as long as you have enough spiritual Qi, you can supply continuous spiritual Qi to those twelve sealed scrolls. You can pour in spiritual Qi to replenish those sealed battle beasts and maintain their battle power."

"Of course, inside the twelve sealed spiritual sealed scroll, the twelve sealed spiritual beasts require an incredible amount of spiritual Qi. The energy crystal stones required by them is also a vast amount."

Qin Wushuang knew that there were many uses to the crystal stones and had many categories. Only those energy crystal stones could be used for training, to make spiritual talismans and build different formations.

However, Qin Wushuang had acquired some from the Hundred Leaf Qin Clan and some after killing General Manager Su. He had gotten some more after killing that man in black clothing. Among these crystal stones, there was an abundance of energy crystal stones and should be sufficient to replenish some necessities.

As for the exact amount of energy crystal stones required by those sealed scrolls, Qin Wushuang had no clue. However, with this Genuine Spiritual Beam, Qin Wushuang would collect more energy crystal stones in the following martial arts training path. He would supplement the sealed scrolls.

Of course, Qin Wushuang also knew that although the energy crystal stones would be used in numerous other areas of martial arts training, not all energy crystal stones could be absorbed directly.

It was because that there was a great amount of impurity inside the energy crystal stones. If these impurity could not be refined and absorbed into the body, it would not only not help to increase one's strength, it would result in a deleterious effect.

However, to make spiritual talismans and formations, the requirement for these energy crystal stones would be a little higher.

To use it for training directly, one must extract the impurity of the energy crystal stones, or use extremely pure crystal stones.

Although crystal stones were commonly perceived to be use for training in the Tian Xuan Land, it was definitely not a widespread training method. The reason was that among the natural world, there were many origin sources to absorb the spiritual qi from. The most important part was to communicate with the natural world and increase one's Primordial Spirit.

For something like the crystal stones that had originated from substances, it was not the most desirable training method.

After giving Qin Wushuang a moment, that voice spoke again: "Lucky one, these three presents are enough to let you solve many problems in the Xuan Yuan Mound. As long as your luck is not extremely bad, I believe that you can deal with most situations with ease."

 "The fourth present is of course, the same as the one from the Third Circle. It's a map. However, this map is not about the Xuan Yuan Mound. It is the map of the Endless Eastern Sea."

"Endless Eastern Sea?" Qin Wushuang was stunned inwardly, "How come he's providing a map of the Endless Eastern Sea? Could it be that the Fifth Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays is at the Endless Eastern Sea?"

Indeed, that voice gave him the answer immediately: "Lucky one, perhaps you've already guessed. That's right, the Fifth Circle of this Seven Deadly Formation Arrays is at the Endless Eastern Sea! That is an underground sea world filled with miraculous opportunities. To be blunt, perhaps, the power of the Endless Eastern Sea may not be as strong as the Xuan Yuan Mound, however, the situation in the sea is much more chaotic and miserable than the Xuan Yuan Mound. It's the best arena for martial artists to train themselves. Of course, you must remember that I have my own profound meanings for setting up this Seven Deadly Formation Arrays. In the end, you will understand my original aspiration. You must remember… To enter from the Fourth to the Fifth Circle, you must first reach the Profound Void Martial Stage to activate the formation."

Starting from the Third Circle, this Seven Deadly Formation Arrays had double transportation formation. It means that if Qin Wushuang were to return to the human countries at this moment, he only needed to pass through this formation. As long as he activated it, he would be able to return to the human countries to the Third Circle at the Divine Dragon Territory of the Red Dragon Empire. Then, he could return to the Second Circle of the Great Cang Mountain through the Third Circle.

In other words, Qin Wushuang could return quickly to the Eastwood Qin Clan through the transportation formation.

To him, this was absolutely a great and advantageous benefit.

 "Alright, young man, don't think about the Fifth Circle. Enjoy the Xuan Yuan Mound. I believe that your horizon will broaden. Ha ha ha, if you still cannot shine from the Tian Xuan Land by possessing my Seven Deadly Formation Arrays, lucky one, I must say that you shall not let down my expectations."

After he had finished, this voice slowly faded away until not a single sound was left. Apparently, all the opportunities of the Fourth Circle ended here.

Now, Qin Wushuang was somewhat excited. Apparently, the gain from this Fourth Circle had exceeded his imaginations. Especially those twelve sealed scrolls that made him feel like he had gained an incredibly powerful trump card.

This time, Qin Wushuang was not as calm as he was at the Third Circle. This joyous feeling was slightly less than when he had activated the seals on the Third Circle.

Of course, everything was because of the separation from Bao Bao and Lone. Deep in his heart, he was unwilling to admit that Bao Bao and Lone were dead.

Yet, whenever he thought about this matter, his heart experienced a wave of piercing pain as if something had gripped it.

Standing up from the formation, Qin Wushuang slowly regained his calm. He sat on the side, pacified his state of mind and made plans to explore the exact situation back at that Wild Flame Cliff.

However, before that, he decided to see what great goods was contained inside that storage purse given to him by Qin Shixun.

After he had opened that storage purse, indeed, it was filled with glittering jewels that delighted the eyes and contained an abundance of goods. Firstly, there was a large amount of crystal stones that caught his eyes. All of these crystal stones contained rich energy and emitted a powerful sensation. Clearly, these were crystal stones at the supreme quality.

These crystal stones allowed Qin Wushuang's spirits to rise.

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