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Qin Wushuang flapped one of his arm with an abrupt shout. Instantly, he slammed the spearhead downwards.

With an explosive sound, like a spider web, the floor of the entire stage developed countless cracks. Accompanied by the sound of cracking, it continued to spread everywhere.

Pointing the tip of the spear to the ground, with a loud roar, Qin Wushuang used all his strength to flip it. With another violent movement and booming sound, the entire martial arts stage had been forced into halves as if one had pull apart a piece of giant cake.

A giant and deep ditch appeared.

Qin Wushuang did not stop as he leaned upon his ancestral giant spear and kept thrusting in like raindrops hitting the ground. Each time, the thrusts kept getting faster, as if he was driving piles into the ground.

Just as that Fourth Divinity Chief reached the edge of the stage underground, he suddenly realized that the martial arts stage had been torn into halves by Qin Wushuang. This way, it had blocked off his paths.

This martial arts stage was not built with ordinary materials. It had been built with extremely sturdy materials. Thus, it was different traveling beneath this material in comparison to ordinary dirt. He could not get four or five metres within this material.

Each time Qin Wushuang stabbed down with his spear, he would speak: "Fourth Divinity Chief, let me see how long you can stay in hiding."

Although the Fourth Divinity Chief was concealed beneath the ground, inwardly, he was anxious. He knew that to attack Qin Wushuang, he must travel through this broken layer. However, it would not be difficult to travel through such a big crack of this layer, but it would be almost impossible to evade Qin Wushuang's raindrop like attacks through this process.

Additionally, it would be an extreme waste of his spiritual energy if he remained in this deadlock. Especially with the terrain of the martial arts stage and its building material, it would take almost all his spiritual energy. Indeed, it would not work in his favor if he just went ahead and did some stupid actions.

The Fourth Divinity Chief had been forced into a corner by Qin Wushuang's actions.

If he were to advance, he must travel across the broken layer and would come under attack by Qin Wushuang.

If he were to retreat, he would return to his original situation and still, Qin Wushuang would have the upper hand.

Regardless of either options, the situation would not work in his favor.

However, if he remained in this stalemate, the situation might become even worse than the previous two options.

Currently, Qin Wushuang had already locked onto the approximate location of the Fourth Divinity Chief's hiding place. Holding the long spear tightly in his hand, he only gathered his power without unleashing it. He was only waiting for the opponent's next movement. At that moment, he would seize the opportunity to take him down.

Under such circumstances, he had complete power and advantage by letting the opponent make a move. One could say that at this point in the situation, Qin Wushuang's options were completely flexible in unleashing his methods or power.

This one man and the spear stood on the martial arts stage. The imposing manner unleashed by Qin Wushuang had given people the feeling of a celestial being descending from the sky. A wave of invincible aura flowed from his entire body. Even more lethally, the power of the aura kept rising as if it had not even reached the highest peak.

Such concentrated and primed state gave all Nine Raven higher-ups the same feeling—In this battle, the Fourth Divinity Chief no longer had any winning chance.

The Head Divinity Chief gave a long sigh and exchanged a glance with the other higher-ups. All of them nodded at each other. Suddenly, like a giant bird flying to the sky, the Head Divinity Chief raised his legs and glided while flicking his sleeves. He stopped before Qin Wushuang with a smile hanging on his face: "Young Master Wushuang, for this battle, I represent the Fourth Divinity Chief in admitting defeat."

 "Head Divinity Chief."

Speaking slowly, Qin Wushuang still had a concentrated look. He fixed his gaze to the side as apparently, to him, the word from the Head Divinity Chief was not enough. This battle still had not ended.

 "Yesterday, when the Fourth Divinity Chief issued the challenge, you said that you could not represent him to stop this battle from happening. Now, you are representing him to admit defeat on his behalf, I am afraid that the Fourth Divinity Chief would not accept this fact. And to me, it's unfair."

After receiving several provocations from the Fourth Divinity Chief yesterday, it would be impossible to say that Qin Wushuang did not have his own thoughts.

It's alright to admit defeat, yet the Fourth Divinity Chief must admit it himself.

Hearing the words from Qin Wushuang, the Head Divinity Chief shouted: "Fourth, come out quickly!"

The Head Divinity Chief immediately jumped out and stood there casually. Yet, his aura had emerged naturally as he had blocked the front Qin Wushuang's attacking path.

When that Fourth Divinity Chief broke free from the earth, he appeared somewhat embarrassingly. Holding both swords in his hands, he stared at Qin Wushuang while unknown lights flashed in his eyes.

Suddenly, a bitter smile appeared on the face of this Fourth Divinity Chief as he shook his head and let out a long sigh: "Qin Wushuang, Qin Wushuang, the name you have is excellent. In the history of the human countries, indeed, at your age, no one is as competent as you. Today, I will not be pretentious, I am convinced!"

As soon as he said those words, the higher-ups of the Nine Raven Temple still remained somewhat calm. After all, this defeat was destined. Everyone could see that Qin Wushuang had already locked down all paths of movement of the Fourth Divinity Chief.

The Head Divinity Chief laughed: "Young Master Wushuang, please don't be offended. Fourth has always paid attention to your rise. Only, he was always doubtful since he did not test your skills himself. In fact, he was testing you during all this time, and he does not feel any hostility towards you."

The Fourth Divinity Chief laughed: "Young Master Wushuang, regardless if you like this method or not, to me, I have been wholeheartedly convinced by you."

Earlier, Qin Wushuang had already guessed this possibility. He finally realized the light after hearing their words.

He withdrew his long spear and give a long sigh: "Fourth Divinity Chief, with your testing methods, I am afraid that people with less courage would have been scared to death."

The Fourth Divinity Chief laughed: "Not only those timid people, if you didn't have the skill, I am afraid it would look bad for you even more."

The Head Divinity Chief immediately spoke to soothe things as he was afraid of Qin Wushuang getting offended: "Young Master Wushuang, this was not a scheme to offend you, but a matter of acknowledgment. After this battle, I believe that no one could shake your position in the human countries."

Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly: "I never wanted to gain any position, Head Divinity Chief, for that Soul Scouring Technique, I wonder if you can pass it on to me?"

The Head Divinity Chief laughed: "Of course I will offer it with both my hands."

Hearing the words of the Head Divinity Chief, finally, Qin Wushuang's heart relaxed. Hadn't he come to the Nine Raven Temple for that Soul Scouring Technique?

Now with the matter of acquiring the Soul Scouring Technique solved, of course he felt extremely gratified.

Though this battle's result remained undetermined, it had allowed Qin Wushuang to receive a completely different treatment at the Nine Raven Temple. Yesterday, if the courtesy of the Nine Raven Temple had only stopped on the surface, then today, their treatment had more sincerity.

After this battle, Qin Wushuang had cleared all the doubts of his strength. All higher-ups of the Nine Raven Temple had recognized the potential of this young man!

After staying for two or three days on the island, on this afternoon, a manager of the Nine Raven Temple came up to him.

 "Young Master Wushuang, the Head Divinity Chief is asking for you."

Currently, Qin Wushuang was meditating. Hearing that the Head Divinity Chief was asking for him, of course, he would not tarry. He followed that manager and started to head towards the Head Divinity Chief's residence.

They came to a yard and after walking through various curving little roads, that manager said: "The Head Divinity Chief lives beyond this door, please go ahead, Young Master Wushuang."

Qin Wushuang nodded and started to walk in.

Behind the bamboo forest, the Head Divinity Chief was sitting on a stone bench. A pile of thick papers lay on top of the stone table.

With his brows furrowed, the Head Divinity Chief flipped through the books while thinking. He only raised his head when he saw Qin Wushuang approaching. With a smile, he said: "Young Master Wushuang, come sit here."

Qin Wushuang knew that the Head Divinity Chief must have some business to attend to with him, since he had invited him alone. Immediately, he walked closer and sat down on the other stone bench. With one glance, he saw that the Head Divinity Chief was reading through some historical books of the human countries.

 "Head Divinity Chief, what instructions do you have for me to bring me here?"

 "Ha ha, I asked you to come here to mainly entrust the scroll of the Soul Scouring Technique to you." When the Head Divinity Chief said these words, he pulled out a scroll from a pile of documents and handed it over with a smile: "Young Master Wushuang, although this secret technique is miraculous, there are many restrictions when using it. Either to the user or the one it is being used on, there will be a considerate amount of side effects. Unless you have a much stronger spiritual sense than the opponent. Thus, it would be best to not use it too frequently."

Qin Wushuang took it and said seriously: "Please rest assured, Head Divinity Chief. I will never abuse this technique. And I will not use it for any bad things."

The Head Divinity Chief was satisfied: "I already know your personality to some extent. Indeed, you are not someone that would conduct evil deeds. Of course, if your spiritual sense is strong enough, you can also ignore the side effects when performing it."

 "What are some of the side effects?" Qin Wushuang asked curiously.

 "The Soul Scouring Technique is used to search the other party's mind and dig out secrets. This way, the memory of the other person would inevitably become mixed into the user's mind and creates an image of the targets soul. Thus, when you perform this Soul Scouring Technique, you must never allow the consciousness of the other party get mixed into the user. Or else, it would cause chaos in your mind. This is only the lighter parts. If the victim of this technique has a strong will, they might create a mental attack and could charge into the mind of the user. It would harm the user through splitting their spiritual senses!"

Stunned, Qin Wushuang understood the intention of the Head Divinity Chief after some thoughts. This was not hard to understand. When two people's consciousness became mixed, it would be best if it could be absorbed. If it was two different waves of consciousness, for sure it would become hostile to each other and cause a split in their mind.

To put it bluntly, it would cause the user to develop schizophrenia.

Qin Wushuang could understand this part. He had used several years to completely merge his identity as Wu Xinghe, the grandmaster from his previous world, into the identity of Qin Wushuang. And the residual memory of the previous Qin Wushuang had been absorbed, almost without resistance.

If it was two completely resisting consciousness, who knows what would happen!

He put away the Soul Scouring Technique carefully, and Qin Wushuang cupped his hands: "I will remember this favor."

The Head Divinity Chief did not mind. In his eyes, this Soul Scouring Technique was only a trivial matter.

 "Young Master Wushuang, today, giving you the Soul Scouring Technique was only a small matter. I do have some ancient chronicles in which I would like you to hear."

Ancient chronicles? Qin Wushuang was stunned for he did not understand.

The Head Divinity Chief gave a light sigh: "Yes, this chronicle is extremely invaluable. Perhaps, it is related to the future destiny of the human countries!"

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