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A+ A- Chapter 335: Signs of Breaking into the Advanced Stage

This arrow was not Qin Wushuang's strongest one when he launch the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Yet, it was the most outstanding one. Before this one, regardless of his battle with Devil Boy, dealing with Zhao Heng or killing Zhao Baidang, he had launched the arrow when the enemy had been aware of it.

However, this encounter was completely different. In that short moment, Zhu Dazhong did not realize the tremendous danger coming from behind him.

For this arrow, Qin Wushuang used his strength smartly. Initially, it was unnoticeable. However, once the arrow pierced the sky, it spread its momentum when the temperament was released. Instantly, an intense feeling of swallowing the entire sky and earth pervade the atmosphere.

Immediately, Zhu Dazhong opened his eyes widely and realized the danger.

The consuming power behind him appeared as terrifying as swallowing the entire space. Zhu Dazhong only had one thought in his mind and that was to move forward. He must escape from this engulfing space for the sake of his life!

The sky and earth shook and a light flashed.

Instantly, the green arrow had arrived at its destination. With a growl, Zhu Dazhong felt a wave of cold murderous intention behind his back. At that moment, he initiated his defensive armour around his entire body.


The green light clashed with the yellow light initiated by Zhu Dazhong's Life Protection Talisman. With a heavy collision and a banging sound, the two waves of light created a giant halo spreading out into the surrounding.


Young Master Zhao, who was beside Zhu Dazhong did not realize what was going on and was pushed away by this destructive power. His entire body flew away.

Zhu Dazhong counted his blessings and was about to dig underground as his body flew forward.

However, to deal with him, Qin Wushuang had shot three arrows in one continuous stream. His life protection light only defended against the first arrow. How could it defend against the second, the third?

With the first arrow clearing the path, the two arrows after had no obstructions and carried all of Qin Wushuang's vengeance and fury to light the entire sky on fire.

To attack one person at the same time, the two arrows moved together!

From left and right, the two arrows had blocked off all of Zhu Dazhong's path of retreat!

The range within Qin Wushuang's sight were warped within this murderous intention. There was no margin of error, and no possibility for Zhu Dazhong to escape!

Three arrows! Although the Graceful Spiritual bow only had three arrows, no one had been able to defend against these three arrows!

When Zhu Dazhong's body was halfway into the ground, he was struck by the second arrow, which had the momentum of a meteor. The yellow light of protection initiated itself again as it tried to offset the power of this arrow.

However, after the yellow protection light had fended off the first arrow, it no longer had enough power to fend off the second and the third arrow

When the green arrow reached the target and with the sudden invasion of the violent power, Zhu Dazhong's body seemed to have become petrified as he stopped digging.

Then, he felt something pierce his back, as his entire chest had curved outwards.


A giant hole appeared in the same place!

Zhu Dazhong lay in the half-dug hole in despair. He could no longer muster any resistance. A few remaining thoughts were left in his brain, yet he knew that this time, he was done.

Qin Wushuang jumped forward and arrived before Zhu Dazhong.

With a pale and ashen expression, Zhu Dazhong stared at Qin Wushuang with surprise: "You…"

"That's right, it's me. You don't know who I am, but you know this arrow, right?"

Zhu Dazhong said with desperation: "No…never…"

 "There's more to come!" With a sneer, Qin Wushuang seized Zhu Dazhong's body and locked onto his

life force. By attacking from two angles, he pressed on Zhu Dazhong's dantian and started to initiate the Power of Deep North quickly.

To Zhu Dazhong, Qin Wushuang would not hold back.

After all, Zhu Dazhong was an elite warrior at the Advanced Stage. Qin Wushuang would not waste the pure spiritual Qi from his body. Although Zhu Dazhong was injured, the spiritual Qi inside his body had not dissipated. When Qin Wushuang begun absorbing it, Zhu Dazhong's eyes almost jumped out of his sockets.

"You…what trick are you playing?"

 "This is your punishment! Zhu Dazhong, on that day when you tried to kill me at the cliff, did you ever think that karma would come this quick? Initially, when you schemed with the Nine Palace and went to rampage at my Stargaze Palace, you were so arrogant, yet did you ever think that your comeuppance would come this quick? Of course, your Archaic and the Nine Palace will face even more retribution. Unfortunately, you won't be there to see it!"

Qin Wushuang's tone was filled with bitter resentment. He quicked his absorption speed. In a moment, he had completely absorbed the dantian of Zhu Dazhong, this Advanced Stage warrior.

Zhu Dazhong;s life hung on by a hair's breadth. However, his face appeared vicious and was full of hatred, despair and an unwillingness to let go.

Qin Wushuang felt extremely pleased. The more his foe languished in despair, the more he felt the thrill of vengeance.

After he had finished absorbing, Qin Wushuang only felt his dantian was full. The spiritual Qi had filled his dantian. Qin Wushuang did not dare to ignore the sensation as he knew that he should not use anymore spiritual Qi.

He sent out a blast of power from his palm and sent Zhu Dazhong into the next life. He retrieved the three green arrows and took Zhu Dazhong's head. Then, he grabbed one of the rings from Zhu Dazhong's hand. Next, he pushed with his hand and the earth from all around rushed into this giant hole and buried him completely.

Qin Wushuang looked back and locked onto the position of Young Master Zhao. After getting pushed by two waves of strong power, this guy had no power to resist and had lost consciousness.

Qin Wushuang walked closer and saw this Young Master Zhao had been knocked out. He did not hold back and sealed off all of his meridians and threw him into the storage knapsack.

After he had finished all his tasks, Qin Wushuang did not delay and left the Monkey King Mountain quickly. Since he knew that something major had happened at the mountain's peak, he dared not stay at this troublesome place any longer than necessary. He decided to train in isolation in some quiet place. Then, he would go out.

Travelling at a fast speed, Qin Wushuang left the Monkey King Mountain and started to train in isolation at a remote place

In the Dispersed Praying Mountain, if there were no profits to be gain, then the other martial artists would never launch meaningless attacks. However, Qin Wushuang was not reassured. He let out the white sable and let it patrol around the surrounding area.

Absorbing Zhu Dazhong's Spiritual Qi was different from absorbing Devil Boy's or Zhang Baidang's. This was the Spiritual Qi of an Advanced Stage warrior. Although he was unable to absorb it completely, he could still use about fifty or sixty percent of it.

Indeed, it was tough to absorb the spiritual Qi of an Advanced Stage warrior. It was much more difficult than digesting the mutated spiritual Qi of Devil Boy. It took Qin Wushuang ten days to digest all of Zhu Dazhong's spiritual Qi completely.

This time, with joy, Qin Wushuang discovered that the spiritual Qi inside his body had started to become restless after he had merged with Zhu Dazhong's Spiritual QI.

This scene appeared extremely familiar.

Previously at the Green Jade Mountain, after he had battled with that Spiritual Wolf, Qin Wushuang had also experience this same sensation. Although this sensation was not as strong as that time, Qin Wushuang knew it was the sign of a breakthrough!

"Breakthrough?" Qin Wushuang was overjoyed inwardly and immersed himself in this sensation. After a while, Qin Wushuang was finally sure that this feeling was not his imagination!

He had sensed this feeling in the past. Now verifying it, he felt extremely clear and familiar with it. This feeling was of common origin!

 "Indeed, the spiritual Qi of an Advanced Stage warrior is not ordinary. After this absorption, although I only used fifty to sixty percent of it, plus the ones from Devil Boy and the others, all of it had supplemented mine to its fullness. After all these qi accumulated, could it be that I am going to break into the Advanced Stage at the Dispersed Praying Mountain?"

Qin Wushuang was in a completely different mood when he was experiencing the signs of breakthrough. He had dreamed about this breakthrough for a long time.

Because of the situation the Stargaze Palace was in and being surrounded by enemies, he felt an extreme urgency.

Only a breakthrough would give him hope to resolve those ever-constant dangers. Only by entering the Advanced Stage would allow him to gain the qualification to activate the Second Layer of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays. Then, he could enter the Third Layer and break the seal on the Purple Flaming Electrical beast.

All of these thoughts had resurfaced in Qin Wushuang's mind and urged him to work harder.

At this moment, he had truly felt the signs of a breakthrough. With this feeling, he believed that he was not far from a breakthrough.

 "From Initial Stage to the Middle Stage, I seemed have only used half a year of time. And that breakthrough at the Green Jade Mountain was during the first month of the lunar year. It was only a year and half ago from today. My speed of training is almost ten times faster than others! It seems that spiritual baptism of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays has helped me tremendously!"

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang felt a boost in confidence. He thought that he already had a lot of trump cards. Besides the Graceful Spiritual Bow, he also had the Seven Deadly Deadly Formation Arrays!

For the Purple Flaming Electric Beast, he would be able to break the seal when he entered the Advanced Stage. Then, it would become his own contract beast.

It was another great trump card. With the Graceful Spiritual Bow, and the beast, Qin Wushuang firmly believed that he would be able to deal with a Perfect Stage Warrior, such as the Head of the Nine Palace Faction!

Qin Wushuang took out that ring of Zhu Dazhong's. He knew that there were a lot of good things inside his storage ring.

Initially, Zhu Dazhong had assigned opening spells to this ring. Without these spells, no one could open it. However, with Zhu Dazhong's death, those spells had disappeared.

Thus, Qin Wushuang easily opened this space.

As soon as he opened this space, Qin Wushuang saw a spiritual mouse. Since he was prepared, he would not let it come out. He shot out a wave of "Coagulated Sword" and that spiritual mouse could not resist within that tiny area. It could only scramble around and begged to live.

Qin Wushuang said in the beast language: "Work with me, and I will not harm you."

This Spiritual mouse was an Advanced Stage tracking beast and was not strong in combat. Even if it had come out to battle with Qin Wushuang, it would not be able to win against his Graceful Spiritual Bow. At the moment, it could only resign itself while feeling depressed.

However, Qin Wushuang did not feel reassured by this spiritual mouse as he knew that this type of spiritual beast was the most cunning. He poked its body and restrained its movements. Then, he threw it to the other side of the ring and started to check the other items.

It was no wonder that Zhu Dazhong was an Advanced Stage warrior. He had a lot of good things inside the ring. After checking it over, Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh of satisfaction at a great harvest.

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