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Chapter 299: Countdown to the Victor

On the third day of the competition in the first cycle, Qin Wushuang went up onto the stage.

Qin Wushuang had already conserved his strength. Although there were resting days in between the competition days, the defensive parties had received some injuries. Their injuries would not be healed so soon.

Of course, to Qin Wushuang, it would not matter. This instance of going off to battle, he had no apprehensions. He only had one goal and that was to roll through like a storm and sweep away the opponents.

Since there were no Middle Stage warriors in the opponent’s camp, Qin Wushuang had no reason to not sweep them all the way down. Even if he were to fail in the last round, he would find it shameful.

Of course, the battle scene proceeded as Qin Wushuang had expected. In the first three rounds, Qin Wushuang had won like a violent storm.

When it was the fourth round, apparently, those four did not have much more confidence when they were facing someone as strong as Qin Wushuang. At this moment, bravery and ferocious did not seem to work.

Qin Wushuang did not use too many moves. He only used one snake-shaped soft whip and played around with them.

In the end, without question, Qin Wushuang had gone all the way. He succeeded in overcoming all four rounds and got one hundred points, the perfect score in the first cycle.

When Zhao Muzhi saw Qin Wushuang performing carefreely on the stage, he had to admit that this Junior Brother Qin was indeed the most talented person of all. He had no choice but to feel impressed by him.

Wei Yi was also absorbed by his performance as he sighed: "Previously, I only knew that Junior Brother Qin had amazing defensive abilities. After watching him today, his attacks are also extremely violent. If I remember correctly, this soft-shape whip is only one of his many moves."

Zhao Muzhi smiled bitterly: "The soft-shaped whip and precious sword is ok. But I am most impressed by his Middle Rushing Sword finger. It is extremely fast and unpredictable."

Of course, Wei Yi had suffered loss from the and share the same feeling: "I just wonder how Junior Brother Qin learned such moves, it’s so devilish."

Amidst their discussion, Qin Wushuang had already walked down from the stage lightly and was high-fiving his friends in celebration.

 "Nicely done, Junior Brother Qin, this perfect score is so refreshing!" Zhao Muzhi said with a smile.

Qin Wushuang laughed: "For sure, that after two days, Senior Brother Wei will also get a perfect score. You would get another refresher."

Zhao Muzhi laughed: "Nice nice, for sure, Senior Brother Wei will move with unstoppable force. In the first cycle, with two perfect scores, we would not lose to that Dragon and Tiger sect."

Wei Yi said: "I wonder how things are going for Junior Sister Zhou?"

Two days ago, the Stargaze defensive team had wins and losses. In general, their overall grade was not bad. However, because they were attacked by the Archaic Mysteries sect, it was not much of a reference.

Their current competitor was the Dragon and Tiger sect, and not that Archaic Mysteries sect.

They arrived at the other stage and today was the Number Two from the Archaic Mysteries sect’s attacking team’s turn. This person had passed all three rounds and was now challenging a group of four people.

However, Zhou Fu’s strength was incomparable to other the disciples on the defensive team. She waved the red silk like a dancing red dragon and wrapped that Number Two up, rendering him powerless to fight back. Number Two could forget about having spare hands to attack others, he was barely holding on protecting himself.

Zhao Muzhi could not help but laugh: "Everyone, why does it seem that Senior Sister Zhou was attacking, and the enemy is defending?"

Indeed, the situation appeared strange as Zhao Muzhi had said.

Qin Wushuang sighed: "Senio

r Sister Zhou is setting a good example for all defenders. To attack instead of defending is actually much more useful than the usual defensive strategies."

 "To attack instead of defend." Wei Yi nodded, "Junior Brother Qin, your words makes sense."

In the end, under Zhou Fu’s strong attacks, that person barely held on for two hours.

After this, the third day of the competition ended.

Regarding the attack team of the Dragon and Tiger sect, today was Huang Qinghu, the Number Two that had attacked. He also attacked cleanly and broke the defensive line to the Archaic Mysteries sect. Thus, he had also gotten a perfect score.

On the fourth day of the competition, it was Wei Yi’s turn.

After having watched three days of competition, Wei Yi already had all the information on the unique traits of the four defending opponents of the Dragon and Tiger Sect. Currently, he was full of confidence. His current problem was not about how to get a perfect score, but regarding how long it would take him.

The power of the defenders in the Dragon and Tiger sect were less than Wei Yi’s. Since he had observed them closely, how could they resist against Wei Yi’s attacks?

For four consecutive rounds, Wei Yi did not give them any room for imagination. Like pulling out one radish with perfect precision each time, he got a perfect score as everyone had expected.

This way, both defensive and offensive teams of the Stargaze Palace had received their score from the first cycle. Miao Zhongxia had ten points, Zhao Muzhi had sixty, and both Wushuang and Wei Yi had gotten one hundred points. In total, they had gotten two hundred and seventy points.

The Stargaze’s defending team was facing Luo Guiyun, the strongest of the Archaic Mysteries sect. For this round, like they had planned before, the defending team strategically conceded the round to avoid deliberate revenge from the Archaic Mysteries sect.

This way, after four rounds, the Archaic had gotten one perfect score, one sixty, one thirty and one ten points. In total, they had gotten two hundred points.

And since the attacking team of the Dragon and Tiger sect was also facing the defensive team of the Archaic, there was no limit to gaining points. They got two perfect scores, one sixty and one thirty points. Their total points of this cycle was two hundred and ninety points.

This way, after this one cycle, the Dragon and Tiger sect had earned twenty points more than the Stargaze.

Initially, in the first section of the competition, both parties had a difference of fifty points. After catching up twenty points, the difference had become thirty points. With such results, of course the entire Dragon and Tiger sect felt excited and encouraged.

With one more cycle of competition, anything could happen with only thirty points of difference!

After the first cycle had ended, it would be half month of rest. Currently, it was already September.

At the Pine Crane inn, Zhuo Buqun said with a solemn expression: "The attack team of the Dragon sect is really good. Zhou Fu, in the next round, you guys will embrace the challenge from them. For sure, you guys won’t be able to resist against Wei Shenglong and Huang Qinghu. Don’t worry about those two. The most crucial point is Number Three and Number Four of the Dragon and Tiger sect. Regardless, you must beat them down to prevent them from getting too many points."

Zhou Fu and the other three all understood the heavy responsibility on their shoulders. Instantly, they nodded: "Senior Uncle, for this half month, we will train harder to make sure Number Three and Four suffer."

Zhuo Buqun nodded and comforted them: "Of course, don’t feel depressed because they caught up by twenty points. They were able to get so many points because their opponents was the Archaic sect. This time, the Archaic’s defensive team is rather weak and I suspect that they were sandbagging. However, in the next cycle, our attacking team will face the defending team of the Archaic sect. It will be our turn to get points!"

The defending team of the Archaic sect was weaker than the Dragon and Tiger sect. Of course, it would be a good opportunity for the Stargaze to gain points. Zhao Muzhi rubbed his fists. Last time, he felt depressed for not getting a perfect score. This time, he decided that regardless of anything, he must get a perfect score.

Last time, Miao Zhongxia had also only gotten ten points. Because of this gap, it caused the Stargaze to get twenty points less than the Dragon and Tiger sect. If he had succeeded in fighting one against two, wouldn’t they have the same points as the Dragon sect? Thus, inwardly, he was determined to get more points in the second cycle. At least, he must succeed in the first two rounds to get thirty points. This way, he would not drag the entire team down.

Miao Zhongxia was the first disciple of Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master. When he saw that Miao Zhongxia had not performed well, naturally Tian Zhixing felt anxious. In this half month, he would give extra lessons to Miao Zhongxia to help him improve.

Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi were the most relaxed. Their values were greatly enlarged. Since they were able to get perfect score in the first cycle, there should be no surprise in the second cycle.

Zhao Muzhi also trained hard to study each four defenders’ special traits from the Archaic Mysteries Sect. He was also gathering his strength as he wanted to get a perfect score in the second cycle. In that case, the Stargaze would ensure its first place.

Whether the Stargaze could suppress the Dragon and Tiger sect and whether he could get a perfect score, it would all depend on him. After all, both the Dragon and the Stargaze had two devilish elite warriors that could get perfect scores.

With both sects canceling each other out, the two sides would be competing through their Number Three and Four.

Naturally, Zhao Muzhi would not let his guard down as he understood this principle wholeheartedly.

The half a month of break passed by quickly.

The martial arts competition in the second cycle had drawn its curtain once again. This battle would determine the final victor. It would determine which powerhouse would get all twelve treasures being wagered and the number of spots each would get in the Endless Eastern Sea exploration in three years!

After the encouraging performance in the first cycle, all disciples in the Dragon and Tiger sect were stimulated. Each of them rubbed their fists to welcome this new round of battle.

Next, the attack team of the Dragon sect would face Stargaze’s defending team directly. Indeed, these two rivals would meet face to face! The battle between these two parties would decide the final outcome of this competition.

Of course, the performance of Stargaze’s attack team would be the deciding point.

In contrast, the battle between the Archaic’s attacking team and the Dragon’s defending team seemed of little interest. It was because their battles would not influence the final outcome at all.

Even if the Archaic sect had amazing results, they would be powerless to recover from their disadvantages since they were behind by too much. It was equivalent to them announcing that they were last.

For this round, regardless of the attacking or the defending team, their performance would directly determine the Stagaze’s result.

The pressure was all placed on the shoulders of all eight participating Stargaze disciples.

The battle had already started.

Currently, Miao Zhongxia had already defeated his first opponent. He was now battling against two people. Although the win or loss of this fight only had twenty points at stake, most likely, it would determine the final outcome of everything.

Thus, Miao Zhongxia was focused. He remembered clearly the instructions from the three Palace Masters to not advance recklessly and to not be greedy. Two hours was a long time and he would have many opportunities.

Apparently, the Archaic Mysteries Sect showed a stronger resistance against the Stargaze Palace. They did not even needed encouraging words as each of them had strong fighting spirits. Thus, Miao Zhongxia was facing a completely different pressure than when the Dragon attack team was facing the Archaic.

Although Qin Wushuang had a strong mentality, he could not help but feel stimulated. One should not underestimate Miao Zhongxia’s battle that may only bring twenty points. If he could take them down, as long as Zhao Muzhi performed to his usual capabilities, they would get first place in this Friendly Competition.

On the contrary, if he did not perform well and passed all the pressure onto Zhao Muzhi, the result of this Friendly Competition would be filled with suspense!

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