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Chapter 294: Most Outstanding

The other disciples were also surprised. They never expected that Qin Wushuang had such skills. Qin Wushuang said humbly: "I only conceived of this strange thought when I was bored. I’ve always enjoyed thinking, now I feel somewhat embarrassed."

Tan Zhongchi shook his head: "Not at all, my words are from the bottom of my heart and I’m not mocking you. In the martial arts world, having one extra skill is having extra protection. It’s not a bad thing."

Wei Yi also sighed: "Indeed, a capable person knows everything. Junior Brother Qin, it’s hard for me to not be impressed by you. From you, there are always endless surprises. Just this point, it’s enough to shame all the younger generation disciples in the Three Eastern Empires."

Wei Yi had said these words from the bottom of his heart and there was not a single trace of insincerity. In the past, he could not let go of his competitiveness. After countless advice from Zhuo Buqun, plus his enlightenment after that fight with Qin Wushuang. The current Wei Yi had greatly improved his stages and breadth of mind. Thus, he only showed surprise at Qin Wushuang’s performance, and not the slightest resentment.

He realized for the Stargaze Palace to flourish, it needed many flowers to bloom together, and not just a lone flower standing out.

Qin Wushuang said: "Everyone, let’s not tarry anymore. We should start learning some basic beast language. Wu li gu la, ha cha ni bowa, chun cun er…"

 "Wu li gu la, ha cha ni bow a, chun cun er…"

Like students, these disciples started to learn the language from their teacher.

Qin Wushuang’s current level of understanding of the beast language was enough to teach these beginners.

And to lure out that Initial Stage Spiritual Beast, it would be enough to just grasp a few short simple sentences.

After three or five days, these young disciples had grasped the basic short sentences. They had been able use it skilfully. Only, per the personality of young people, after they had learned a few beast words, they started to become creative when they met each other in the morning and night. They stopped using human language to greet each other, instead, they would say "Wu li gu la, Ha cha ni bow a, chun cun er" as if they were in the beast world.

When Tan Zhongchi saw the Stargaze disciples interacting with each other, he also felt gratified.

Indeed, this Friendly Competition could unify people together.

After he had finished teaching some short sentences, for insurance, Qin Wushuang also gave everyone a summary after instructing the white sable. He said: "Senior Brother and Sister, although this white sable is an ordinary Initial Stage Spiritual Beast, it understands human nature and excels in scouting. Now, I will teach some of the words of communication to you guys. When we head out, we shall bring the white sable and it can help you guys to lock in the location of that combat Spiritual Beast. Of course, please follow it closely and don’t let it get eaten by the combat spiritual beast."

When Qin Wushuang took out that white and fluffy white sable, everyone immediately took a liking to it.

Just as Zhou Fu was about to touch it, Qin Wushuang immediately said: "No hurry, Senior Sister, please grasp some of the techniques and communicative words first. It would not be too late to play with it later."

He immediately taught them some basic communication and a few short sentences with some gestures. After many practice attempts, everyone had finally grasped it.

Qin Wushuang gently caressed the white sable and informed it that these were his closest colleagues with a few short beast language. These were all disciples of the Stargaze Palace and their own trusted aides and it should collaborate with them.

After he had finished the instructions, he gave the white sable to Zhou Fu. Zhou Fu gave a whistle and spoke some beast words. That white sable was also

extremely adorable as it climbed to her chest. From time to time, it would jump on to Zhou Fu’s shoulder and make many different funny postures. Indeed, it showed a natural familiarity to people.

When he saw this scene, Qin Wushuang could not help but laugh. Initially, he worried that this white sable would not warm up to strangers. Unexpectedly, this little animal warmed up to everyone and knew how to make people like it.

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "Wushuang, this time, you have helped us greatly. With these methods, it would be much easier to do things. You guys, you better take care of this little white sable to prevent any accidents."

All those disciples nodded: "We understand."

After he had made these preparation, for this first event, the Stargaze Palace was fully prepared. Inwardly, Tan Zhongchi had high expectations. If things were to go smoothly, Zhou Fu and Zhao Muzhi, these Initial Stage warriors that stood out more could perhaps try to aim to complete the tasks within twelve hours.

Of course, Tan Zhongchi did not speak it out loud as he did not want to cause too much pressure on these young people.

The Dragon and Tiger Sect had finished their task after six days. As one had expected, the two Middle Stage warriors of the sect had finished the competition within twelve hours. Besides the basic ten points, they had each acquired ten reward points. It was equivalent to getting twenty points for each person.

The remaining six also passed smoothly. With six ten points, and two twenty points, they had won a total of one hundred points!

This result could be said to be a perfect performance. One could even describe it as "not even one drop of water could pass through". After all, if you were not in the Middle Stage, it would be too difficult to finish it within twelve hours. Since none of the six Initial Stage disciples failed, it was a rather perfect result.

With such a grade, naturally it put a lot of pressure on the Archaic Mysterious Sect, who was up next. The disciples of the Stargaze were strangely calm. It was because they were extremely confident about this first task and had perfectly planned their strategy. The rest would all depend on on-site performance.

However, the Archaic Mysterious Sect only had one Middle Stage, Luo Guiyun. This way, regarding the reward points, they would suffer a loss.

Indeed, after six or seven days, the different number of Middle Stage warriors had made the Archaic Mysterious sect feel a fatal drop in elevation.

Among the eight participants of the Archaic Mysterious Sect, Luo Guiyun did not let his people down and succeeded in twelve hours. For the other seven people, something unexpected had happened to one of them and he did not finish within twelve hours. Not only were they unable to acquire the ten basic points, they would get also have their points deducted.

This way, after the first task, the Archaic Mysterious Sect only got seventy points.

Only one task in and the Archaic were behind the Dragon and Tiger Sect by thirty points. This difference had made the entire sect feel ashamed. The entire Heavenly Lake Empire even felt that the future of this competition had no hope.

That disciple who had dragged the entire group felt even more depressed and endless pressure. Both Gao Yue and Bai Gujing felt helpless. Indeed, with the death of Devil Boy, they had fallen to a disadvantage in all aspects and had disrupted their entire plans. If Devil Boy did not die, for sure, they would have gotten one hundred points for this first task!

Currently, without Devil Boy’s twenty points, they even had ten points deducted. After some calculation, they had lost thirty points.

Although there were many upcoming semi-final tasks, they had fallen behind on the first task. Besides, there were first place and second place rewards after the end of this first project. It seemed that it would have nothing to do with the Archaic Mysterious Sect. This way, the difference would keep increasing…

Inwardly, Bai Gujing was biting his teeth in hatred and felt endless resentment over the death of Devil Boy.

When it was the Stargaze’s turn, Deng Bohu was the first one, then it was Miao Zhongxia, Huang Chaoyang, Lu Shaonan…

Both Deng Bohu and Miao Zhongxia did not leave much suspense. Although they were unable to come back in twelve hours, they had returned safely in eighteen hours.

Huang Chaoyang’s attempt was rather somewhat thrilling. However, he had succeeded in returning before the time limit.

Lu Shaonan’s grade was much better than Huang Chaoyang.

This way, after three or four days, it was Zhao Muzhi’s turn. In fact, when Zhao Muzhi had gone up, his outstanding performance had made the Dragon & Tiger and the Archaic sect dumbfounded!

He made it in twelve hours!

This way, of course, not only were Gao Yue and Bai Gujing of the Archaic extremely shocked, Shi Chenglong of the Dragon and Tiger sect was also dumbfounded. From their information, this Zhao Muzhi should have only ranked at fourth among the disciples the Stargaze Palace. Yet this person could make it in twelve hours?

Shi Chenglong felt uneasy about the situation. He glanced at Zhuo Buqun and saw that he was showing a calm expression without any emotions.

Inwardly, Shi Chenglong whispered: "This Old Zhuo had always had a deep and profound mindset, could this guy be playing with me?"

However, Shi Chenglong refused to believe it as he rather wished to believe it was an accident. He comforted himself: "Perhaps, this Zhao Muzhi saw that combat spiritual beast once he went in. Then, he was able to kill it. He rushed back as if his life depended on it and this was the result."

Although he thought this way, he still felt somewhat uneasy. Regardless, this Zhao Muzhi who had appeared out of nowhere disturbed the Dragon and Tiger sect’s plan to achieve first place.

Initially, they thought they could get first place for sure. Now, it had become quite uncertain.

However, Shi Chenglong was after all, a grandmaster of his generation. Although Zhao Muzhi had disturbed his plans, he still held his stance and did not care too much about personal gains and losses.

However, when Zhou Fu had returned again with another amazing result, Shi Chenglong was shocked. He realized that he had stepped foot on Zhuo Buqun’s evil boat!

Without anyone noticing, this Stargaze had set a giant trap and allowed the Dragon and Tiger Sect to jump in.

Naturally, the Archaic Mysteries Sect was even more dumbfounded. They refused to believe that the Stargaze that had usually showed undesirable performances presented such a prosperous temperament.

Gao Yue could not help but mock: "Head Palace Master Zhuo, nice scheming. You are pretending to be a pig, but eating a tiger. Indeed, you are hiding deeply."

Shi Chenglong also agreed with a bitter smile: "Old Zhuo, why do I feel that I am becoming apart of your evil scheme."

Zhuo Buqun smiled: "You two, this is luck, the luck of the draw. The Stargaze was last for this task, we had prepared well."

Although he had spoke the words, the result showed itself. When it was Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi’s turn, with irresistible force, they had finished it in twelve hours.

This way, the Stargaze had achieved the most outstanding result in the first competition. With eight people participating in the competition, four of them had received extra reward points. The total result was as high as one hundred and twenty points. Plus the extra twenty reward points for first place, they had achieved one hundred and forty points in the first competition.

This grade had refurbished the historical record of the Friendly Competition!

The second place was the Dragon and Tiger Sect who had gotten one hundred points from the competition. With ten reward points as the second place, their total points was one hundred and ten points.

Unfortunately, the Archaic Mysteries Sect had placed last as they only got seventy points!

Both Gao Yue and Bai Gujing were speechless. After only one round, they were this behind in results and their points were half of the Stargaze’s! Without question, as the host, this was the most shameful result.

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