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Instantly, Wei Yi understood. He knew that this man in grey robes was hiding underground and he could break through the earth at any time to launch a fatal attack.

Instantly, both him and Qin Wushuang started to use all their senses to detect the Spiritual Qi movements from underground. As soon as they felt a trace, he would slash his Cicada Sword downwards without hesitation.

Although hiding underground could help to launch a surprise attack, at the same time it was not easy to defend himself.

Thus, these strange acts of this man in grey robes had its advantage and disadvantages.

If he used it well, he could launch a surprise attack. If not, his enemy would grab the chance to counterattack.

When he saw the other disciples had retreated, Wei Yi made a hand signal to Qin Wushuang and called out pretentiously: "Junior Brother Qin, I am going to defend that side, stay and guard here."

 "Ok." Qin Wushuang understood and he clenched the Violet Sun Sword tightly as he started to build up his Spiritual pressure.

Wei Yi moved forward at a fast speed. About thirty metres, he suddenly stopped and turned around.

At this moment, suddenly, Qin Wushuang grabbed the Violet Sun Sword with both hands and shouted: "Open!"

Like a magical weapon that could destroy the world, the Violet Sun Sword slashed down on the earth.


With the flash of the sword light, a crack had opened. It continually split the earth and formed a terrifying broken layer that was about fifteen metres deep!

For this sword attack, Qin Wushuang had used all his power. The tremendous power unleashed was like the collapsing of the sky and was extremely tyrannical.

The crack in the earth was equivalent to separating both sides altogether. If that man in grey robes wanted to pass through this area, the earth from this broken layer would have shown some activity.

Indeed, at this moment, that man in grey robes was digging toward here quietly. Suddenly, he saw light ahead of him as the sun light penetrated through.

That man in grey robes did not fear as he sneered and stabbed several times with his long spear .

Pu, pu, pu, pu!

Like bullets shooting from the ground, countless Spiritual Qi attacks emerged.

The attack launched by the man in grey robes from the ground could not hurt Qin Wushuang. Naturally, such random attacks presented no threat.

Qin Wushuang did not hold back. Following the direction of that broken layer, he waved the Violet Sun Sword again. Brush!

Another sword!

This slash cut the broken layer without a sound as if slashing through tofu. It separated into two sides again and another metre deep furrow appeared in the earth again.

This way, it was not easy for the man in grey robes to use his method to travel underground.

Most importantly, while underground, he could not launch attacks as easily as he did above the ground. He could breath underground because of his own supply of Spiritual Qi. Once he needed to defend and attack, his breathing would be influenced.

Thus, he could travel beneath the ground, but could never stay for too long.

Seeing Qin Wushuang doing this, he knew it was useless to hide underground. Thus, he pointed with the spear and surged upwards while wrapped in a wave of spiral power.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang thought that the attack moves of this man in grey robes was so similar to the Wind Wolf. However, his attack power far exceeded that Wind Wolf’s.

Before the spiritual pressure from this spiral power had emerged above the ground, Qin Wushuang could already feel this strong power. Like a light swallow sweeping across the water, he lightly stepped to the away to dodge the man in grey robe’s exit point.


The man in grey robes broke through the ground while carrying a face full of earth.

At this moment, Wei Yi shouted and he plunged the first move from the already prepared . For this sword move, he was aiming for the bottom body parts.

Qin Wushuang saw clearly, he followed up with the Violet Sun Sword and shot out three sword attacks consecutively to attack the brow, chest and waist.

Instantly, the entire body of the man in grey robes got dragged by one attack line. However, the man in grey robes did not fear as he rolled faster with the spiral power and rushed to the middle of the sky.


The clash of Spiritual Qi! Again, the sky trembled as if intimidated by this frightening battle as it continuously emitted a buzzing sound.

On the body to the man in grey robes, there was a defensive whirlpool constructed from the spiral Spiritual Qi that had blocked all attacks.


The man in grey robes sprung to the sky. Doing a flip, he pointed his head downward and his feet to the sky as he plunged down again. With the spear in his hand, he dived down fast like an old eagle launching a surprise attack.

Whoosh! The earth, sand, and stone flew about, rolling up into a cloud. Wei Yi did not withdraw his sword but twirled it upwards and slashed toward the spear handle of the man in grey robes.

Boom! Another hard clash of the weapons. Although Wei Yi used a vicious blade technique, he was also hit by the backlash as he felt his blood surging up.

Apparently, that man in grey robes also seemed to have suffered. His arm trembled as he had also been impacted by Wei Yi’s tyrannical blade move as blood emerged in the tiger’s den.

Almost at the same time, Qin Wushuang saw the opening. He waved the Violet Sun Sword to attack the back of the man in grey robes. The man’s body rushed forward as he tried to pass through from the left.

He shouted: "To fight with a greater number, what kind of skill is this?"

At this moment, the man in grey robes had lost his will to fight and was prepared to retreat. He knew that before these two, he would never find any flaws.

He also felt angry inwardly and thought: "If Little Wind hadn’t died, we would have definitely killed these two with our team work! Hmph, today, I will retreat and think about other strategies. If a frontal attack doesn’t work, how could I not use a sneak attack or assassination? These little kids, with such nice moves, they must be the little bastards from the Stargaze Palace?"

Only, just as he was thinking about leaving, his temperament had been unnoticeably degraded.

Most importantly, Qin Wushuang’s attack was as unpredictable as a butterfly flying through the flower that left him unable to retreat.

And Wei Yi also saw the opening as he followed up to attack from the other side.

This way, the man in grey robes had fallen deeply into this difficult situation of facing attacks from both sides. Inwardly, he felt infinite resentment.

He had already lost the upper hand, and he could barely hold on.

Now, Qin Wushuang was secretly preparing his spiritual Qi with his left hand. His mind has already divided to do two tasks proficiently.

Finally, the man in grey robe’s nightmare had come. This was a real nightmare and the whisper of beckoning death.

Initially, the situation had been two against one, but because Qin Wushuang’s "one mind for two things," it had turned into three against one.

The man in grey robes only felt attacks raining from all around. He jumped around but regardless of how much he had tried to evade, he could not find any safety zones.

Qin Wushuang’s technique was most suitable for such close combat. He had unleashed his nimbleness to the extreme. He kept pointing with his finger and pushed that man in grey robes to the point where he was unable to find a moment to catch his breath.

Just as he was becoming extremely depressed, he slowed down a beat and got hit by the remnants of Wei Yi’s sword attack. Even with his armour protecting him, the spiritual pressure from the sword move had made his movements inconvenient.

Since he saw Qin Wushuang’s tyrannical methods, he became focused on dealing with him and pushed the thought of Wei Yi to the side. This way, it was not strange that Wei Yi had found an opportunity to injure him.

With the first one hitting the target, the second time was not far away. Qin Wushuang poked with his thumb three times and shot one of the sword Spiritual Qi directly toward the chest of the man in grey robes.

The invasion of the spiritual Qi was reduced by the armour of the man in grey robes. However, it only ensured that he did not die on the spot. He could not suppress the mouthful of blood rushing up from his throat as he spat it out.

One after another, Qin Wushuang struck again with the . The man in grey robes roared and from his eyes, a light of desperation glowed. He had planned to burn both jade and common stones with Qin Wushuang.

However, because of his injuries, his movement had slowed down. As soon as he started to make a move, Wei Yi slashed him twice from behind.

As if cutting tofu, the Cicada Sword, as thin as a pair of Cicada wings, flashed coldly and cut the man in grey robes into half.

The man in grey robes did not lose his momentum as the upper body still retained its posture of rushing towards Qin Wushuang. Then, he collapsed.

Blood soared to the sky.

At the same time, both Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi let out a long breath and both of them felt lucky. If this person had escaped underground and did not emerge above ground, it would have been impossible for them to kill him.

Finally, they had kept this person here by completely surrounding him. Both must admit that this unknown person had possessed tyrannical strength.

Wei Yi called: "Junior Brothers, come over."

Then, he used the Cicada sword to flick open this person’s clothes. Apparently, he wanted to find some traces of evidence of the identity of this person who had possessed such power.

Unfortunately, he found nothing after searching thoroughly. There was not a single piece of evidence.

 "Junior Brother Qin, apparently, the disastrous event of the Purple Cloud tow was not the act of this single person. For all these tens of thousands of people, even if he was a Middle Stage warrior, it was impossible for him to have killed them all. It was impossible for them to not let a single person survive. For sure, something is going to happen after."

Qin Wushuang said in a low voice: "To slaughter tens of thousands of people, at least, you must need a regular army of more than three thousand people to blockade the entire Purple Cloud Town. Such a large group of people could not all have retreated. If we go further along the way, we could find some evidence."

 "Yes, too bad the scene has turned messy after getting disturbed by people from the Ba Shu Zhen Wu Holy Place. To find evidence, we must go into the Green Jade Mountain."

 "For sure, there are evidence. The path found by Ba Liming must be where the evidence is. Only, Ba Liming had encountered this person and his contract beast. Thus, he had died. Now, with this person dead, we can keep moving forward and conduct some searches."

Immediately, Qin Wushuang’s suggestion received wide support.

This group of ten people returned to the camp. Earlier, Miao Zhongxia suffered a little injury and needed some adjustment. After some discussions, everyone decided to head off on the next day.

Around night time, a large group of people arrived to the camp. Lü Teng and Zhao Muzhi who were doing sentry duty stopped them. However, it was another Martial Saint from the Ba Shu Country.

Qin Wushuang was not unfamiliar with this Martial Saint. Just from his eyes that had no brows, Qin Wushuang would not have mistake his face. Immediately, he called: "Junior Brothers, let him come over. He is the Martial Saint from the Ba Shu country."

That browless Martial Saint was surprised when he heard Qin Wushuang’s voice. Then, he looked at Qin Wushuang’s appearance that seemed to be unfamiliar. He did not know that everyone was wearing real man-made masks.

However, this Martial Saint had already received reports from his subordinates and knew this group of people had come from the Great Luo Empire. Most likely, they were elite warriors from the Stargaze Palace.

Immediately, he said respectfully: "It’s a pleasure for me, Sun Wumei, to meet with elite warriors from the Mother Country."

Qin Wushuang said happily: "Sun Wumei, do you remember me?"

"You…" Stunned, Sun Wumei said stutteringly, "Are you the famous Marquis Wushuang?"

Zhou Fu laughed: "What Marquis Wushuang, it was many years ago. My Junior Brother Wushuang is currently the National Scholar of the Great Luo and one of the most important figures of the Stargaze Palace."

Sun Wumei’s entire body shook. Inwardly, he thought indeed, elite warriors from the Stargaze Palace had come. Then, he felt relieved, with this group of elite warriors, the Ba Shu country would turn their worries into relief!

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