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Chapter 241: An Important Task

Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master looked at Qin Wushuang and smiled carelessly: "Do you feel confused about how I clearly knew your thoughts?"

 "Yes, I don’t understand." Qin Wushuang did feel a trace of mysteriousness from this Head Palace Master.

 "Yes, this astronomical observatory is named because of its height. While one stands at such height, they could lower and raise their head to see the heavens and earth of all living things. Even the Stargaze Palace appears tiny under your feet. Naturally, you would feel a type of superior feeling emerge in your heart. You would feel deep loneliness at the top. Especially to someone like you, who is so accomplished at such a young age with almost no competitors among the young generation, it’s normal to have this feeling."

Hearing Zhuo Buqun’s analysis, Qin Wushuang immediately grasped some meanings. Indeed, as the Head Palace Master had said, along this journey, he seemed to have gotten used to the attitude of an elite warrior. Since the Head Palace Master was the number one figure with absolute authority in the Stargaze Palace, he would have a much more subtle grasp on the breadth of mind of an elite warrior.

He finally understood to some extent the reason the Head Palace Master requested to meet him in this place.

 "Qin Wushuang, if you were here by yourself, what thoughts would this sight inspire within you? I am somewhat curious."

After a moment of thinking, suddenly, Qin Wushuang had an idea as he gave a long sigh: "Where are the great men of the past, and what of the future? I think of heaven and earth, limitless, endless, and I am all alone as my tears falls down…"

Zhuo Buqun felt his heart been stirred and a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes. He dwelled on Qin Wushuang’s poem and said: "Did you just think of this poem on the spot?"

Qin Wushuang had suddenly remembered about his former life. After the reincarnation, regardless of his former or current life, he would not have any chance to go back. For a moment, he felt somewhat sad as he shook his head: "No, I did not think of it, I once saw this poem in an ancient book. I felt the urge to recite the words."

Zhuo Buqun fixed his gaze on Qin Wushuang. Suddenly, he gave a long sigh: "Qin Wushuang, Qin Wushuang, sometimes I cannot help but think, you are not someone from our world. With everything that has happened to you, it utterly defies logic and reasoning."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was awed. The words of the Head Palace Master had been spoken out of coincidence, but also deliberately to the listener. Some accidental words spoken by him had genuinely hit the target.

He smiled lightly and asked: "Why would you say so?"

 "It’s hard to explain in a few words. For example, you came from the Bai Yue, a little Subordinate Country. Since the establishment of the Great Luo Empire, not a single Subordinate Country has had such demonic result. Logically, with the resources and the geographical environment of those Subordinate Countries, they would never be able to cultivate an exceptional genius like you. However, you have defied reasoning and the norm and created a miracle."

Zhuo Buqun gave an exclaimed sigh and said: "Next, I heard that you have never studied under any teacher before the Second Palace Master. However, your presence and those layers of different combat techniques has left us dazzled. Like a heavenly steed, you soar through the sky with your rich creativity. You’ve amazed all of us. Initially, the Second Palace Master planned to teach you some combat techniques after the new year. Now, both of us have agreed that in your situation, the less we teach you, the more beneficial it would be. Us old guys can never use our rules to bind you…"

Zhuo Buqun spoke with a sincere tone as he pointed to the far sky: "Your future is this resplendent starry sky. Soon, you will become one of the shiniest. Before that, besi

des our kind advice, any training advice will only get in the way of your development. Thus, we’ve decided to sweep away all obstacles and will not bind you in any way. A fish will jump freely in the vast ocean and a bird can fly to any heights in the sky. This way, are you satisfied?"

Qin Wushuang thought for a moment and nodded: "Since this is a decision made by both the Head Palace Master and my teacher, how could I object?"

Zhuo Buqun smiled: "Of course, currently, you are a Core disciples. Naturally, you will receive priority with the resources you need. However, I still insist on my previous words. To you, it’s best to not use any of the Pills. For the training path, only self-understanding and extracting power from the body would be the most pure and powerful. For all man-made objects, including Pills and weapons, all of them have some extent of flaws and crudeness. You must be especially cautious when consuming any type of Pills. You should never consume too many Pills for the sake of advancing. It’s the act of mediocre people that will only degrade themselves. They consume it like one would drink poison to quench their thirst. Once a person starts to use Pills to advance, then this person’s training potential has reached its end!"

These were not frightening words to scare people, but spoken based on facts. After all, a sect like the Stargaze Palace did not have those super Alchemists. The Pills they made more or less held some traces of flaws as it was difficult to reach perfection.

Once a person needed to consume Pills to advance, it meant that this person no longer had the determination, courage nor the potential to comprehend the knowledge of martial arts. In that case, they would have reached the end of their training path.

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "Of course, my words are biased. To some people with average potential, some Pills with rich Qi would still work. It would not only not restrict their development, but also help to stimulate and improve their potential. However… That is only effective for people with ordinary potential. To you, and to my head disciple Wei Yi, my requirement is that you must go traverse the training path with your own legs. Regardless of difficulty and loneliness you may experience, don’t be tempted by those Pills."

Zhuo Buqun’s words had instantly extinguished Qin Wushuang’s previous thoughts about using the Pills. He knew that the Head Palace Master absolutely would not have mentioned this if he there wasn’t any truth in his words.

As he understood this part, Qin Wushuang mind suddenly felt like it had opened up into a wide panorama. He asked: "Head Palace Master, how is Wei Yi recovering from his injuries?"

Zhuo Buqun laughed: "He has the Natural Spiritual Roots and has an extremely strong regenerative ability. He should have recovered about ninety percent. Qin Wushuang, you have taught him a very good lesson on the martial arts stage. I need to thank you for this."

Qin Wushuang blushed with shame from the Head Palace Master’s words. He said humbly: "How could I deserve your thanks with what I have?"

Zhuo Buqun laughed straightforwardly: "Of course you do! If you didn’t let Wei Yi experience defeat, with his breadth of mind, he would have a tough time understanding the stages. For many years, I had hoped that someone would defeat him. Now, my wish is fulfilled."

Qin Wushuang immediately said: "There are still some differences between my strength and Wei Yi. I was lucky to win last time because Wei Yi had made a big promise and was disadvantaged in that battle. I only borrowed some advantages and barely made it through."

It was not because Qin Wushuang was being humble, it was the facts. Initially, compared to Wei Yi who was at the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force, his power was far from equal to Wei Yi’s.

 "The ability to judge a situation and to use the surrounding to your advantage, this is an attribute that all martial artists should have. And you excel in this aspect. From your journey through the exam, everyone could see that you are an elite figure that has strong combat power and excel in manipulating the rhythm of the battle. On this point, no one in the younger generation could beat you."

Zhuo Buqun was not giving exaggerated compliments, but stating a fact. For the Stargaze disciples and even Wei Yi, they may have surpassed Qin Wushuang regarding strength and Spiritual stages. However, they were less than Qin Wushuang in terms of combat experience and the use of strategies.

 "I appreciated learning that you had brought up that crisis. For the entire Stargaze Palace, I have always felt this was an unrecognized issue. I have always waited for someone to mention this matter. Unexpectedly, the one that had this forethought to mention it was you, a young man who had just entered the sect less than half a year ago. Crisis, excellent. This word is a good summary. Our disciples lack a sense of crisis!"

Zhuo Buqun gave Qin Wushuang an appreciative glance. Suddenly, he said: "Now, I have a challenge for you. I would like all top ten Core disciples to face it together. I’ve thought back and forth, and I think it’s best for you to be the leader. Would you be willing to carry this responsibility?"

 "Please tell me."

 "Excellent!" Seeing Qin Wushuang answer straightforwardly, Zhuo Buqun also laughed, "Perhaps your teacher has already mentioned to you. Next year, there will be a great feast. It will happen half a year later. However, the thing I am going to talk about is not about that feast."

 "Feast?" Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly, "My teacher only mentioned it briefly as he talked about there being an opportunity to go see the outside world. He didn’t specify."

Stunned, Zhuo Buqun smiled: "Second is truly on concealing the information. For this point, I am afraid the other three Palace Masters are not as strict as him."

Immediately, he nodded: "After we finish our prayers to the ancestors, I am going to make an announcement. However, since we are here, I will tell you something about it. In the next year, there is a friendly competition between the three Empires that occur every twenty years. These three empires are the Great Luo, the Heavenly Lake, and the Vermillion Sun Empire. For every twenty years, each party would send out their most exceptional disciples to participate. Naturally, the Stargaze Palace would send its disciples. The other sects in the Great Luo Empire will also have their spots. However, the Stargaze Palace will make up the prime of the group. Thus, before this competition, I would like to assign you all a task to get some experience."

Qin Wushuang nodded silently. He did not speak and waited for the Head Palace Master to finish speaking.

 "Last night, I received some secret information from the Shakyamuni Li Huo. He said that the group of Herbalist disciples that went to the Green Jade Mountain has completely disappeared. On the surface, it doesn’t seem to be a big matter. However, that Green Jade Mountain is different than other places. It has always been a controversial place. It is located in between the border of the Great Luo and the Heavenly Lake Empire. Initially, this location belonged to Ba Shu, an Upper Subordinate Country. Due to historical complications, there has always been some controversy regarding the owner of this Green Jade Mountain. Most likely, there are deeper reasons behind the disappearance of those Herbalist disciples. Thus, I plan to send you to investigate. How about it?"

Qin Wushuang nodded after a moment of thinking: "What are the rules of engagement, Head Palace Master?"

"No rules!" There was a trace of coldness in the tone of the Head Palace Master. For an instant, this kind and wise Head Palace Master revealed a towering presence that left Qin Wushuang feeling quite awed.

What did it mean to have no rules? It meant that as long as the condition permitted and with enough evidence, they were free to use any methods!

This was the principle between the nations in the Tian Xuan Land. If you offend me, I will do the same. Rules of engagement would cease to exist on this matter!

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