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Chapter 238: A Sense of Crisis

The results of the Core ranking competition was published completely. Finally, the feast that went on for close to twenty days had ended vigorously. And now, it was already the 27th of December and the year was almost over.

Regardless of the result form the Core ranking competition, this exam had become a thing of the past. Now, everyone must look forward.

Each Palace gathered their disciples to analyze their gains and losses.

Naturally, the line of the Green Cloud Palace was not an exception. The current Green Cloud Palace had built a great momentum. Vividly, they seemed to be soaring over the the Head Palace Master’s faction.

Of course, Tan Zhongchi was euphoric. This was a huge harvest from the Core ranking competition that had far exceeded his expectation.

Once again, the thirteen Core ranking disciples gathered at the Green Cloud Palace. And the other Advanced and Initial stage disciples gathered outside of the palace.

Now, the mood of these thousand disciples was completely different from before the Core ranking competition. Regardless of their own results, each of them was beaming from ear to ear.

This time, the Green Cloud Palace shown off a great deal. They had four Core disciples in the top ten and had taken the first and second place. In the past ten years, this result had never happened even in the line of the Head Palace Master. However, the Green Cloud Palace did it.

They felt extremely proud as disciples of the Green Cloud Palace. With this sense of pride, it allowed the disciples to become familiar with each other. Whether they knew each other or not, they could always gather together and talk. Of course, the topic of their conversation involved the Core ranking competition.

Even Tan Zhongchi had never thought that the Core ranking competition would bring them so many benefits. It had tremendously increased the cohesiveness in his disciples.

Naturally, these disciples had gathered here in expectation. It was because Tan Zhongchi had promised that regardless of Core, Advanced, and Initial Stage disciples, everyone would come together to celebrate.

Of course, they must wait for a bit. The Core disciples still needed to meet with each other. Next, he would arrange them to meet with everyone. At that time, they could ask the Core disciples any questions they had relating to martial arts training.

With such a rare opportunity, these disciples would treasure it very much. Usually, although they were disciples to the Green Cloud Palace on the surface, the training at the Stargaze Palace emphasized on independence. The master would take you in, and you would be left on your own from that point. Each person would have different techniques and inner thoughts corresponding to their own unique traits. Basically, their levels were similar.

Thus, since they were not Core disciples, they were not qualified to ask questions of the Second Palace Master. With this opportunity to ask the Core disciples, they would greatly treasure the chance.

Currently, inside the Inner Palace, Tan Zhongchi was having a moment.

 "My dear disciples, this is a victory belonging to all of you. While I feel happy for you, at the same time, I also hope you guys continue to work hard. There is an old saying of how it’s easy to take the fortress, but difficult to defend it. In the future, it would be impossible for us to achieve such defiant result in the next few years. However, I hope that each of you will realize the meaning of this result. I also hope you guys can understand that the impossible does not exist. As long as you are willing to work hard and climb the mountain, at the arrival of an opportunity, you would get a desirable result."

"Fu’Er, you are the Senior Sister, why not say some words regarding this matter."

Zhou Fu looked at Qin Wushuang with a smile: "Teacher, per the rules, I should step down. Now, Junior Brother Wushuang is the S

enior Brother."

There was an unspoken rule in each faction of the Stargaze Palace. Each person would take turns to be the boss per the ranking.

However, Qin Wushuang had never thought about competing for that as he smiled to refuse: "Senior Sister, I can negotiate other things. For this status as Senior Brother, I do not dare to take it."

Tan Zhongchi laughed and waved his hand: "Fu’Er, since Wushuang is declining it, don’t force him. Anyways, you have already give way once at the Core ranking competition. Just keep being the Senior Sister. Wushuang is the youngest, let him be the Junior Brother."

Since Tan Zhongchi had said it this way, he had solved the matter for Qin Wushuang. On that day, he already knew that Qin Wushuang had intended to suppress his momentum to not show off too much in his battle with Wei Yi.

If he let him become the Senior Brother, the pressure from different factors would most likely affect Qin Wushuang’s training. Thus, as the teacher, he should step forward to reduce the pressure on him.

 "Teacher, it’s the rules. Besides, with Junior Brother Wushuang’s strength, he would have no problems being the Senior Brother. What do you guys say?" Zhou Fu turned around to ask the other Junior Brothers.

The rest of the Junior Brothers were all smiling and did not speak a word. They didn’t know how to voice their opinion. They would not object to either Zhou Fu or Qin Wushuang since they were both strong.

Tan Zhongchi said seriously: "Fu’Er, Wushuang just got here and still does not know many things at the Stargaze. You should still carry the responsibility as the Senior Sister."

Hearing the insistence in her teacher’s words, Zhou Fu could only nod her head: "Ok, I will carry the responsibility for our future Senior Brother Wushuang."

Then, she stopped and said joyfully: "Teacher, regarding the thoughts, we should let our Junior Brothers voice theirs. Each year, I have been the one to speak and I I am almost out of words."

Smiling, Tan Zhongchi could only say: "You lot, speak your mind."

He stopped on Lü Teng and smiled: "Second, this time, you have sacrificed a lot. Do you feel somewhat dissatisfied?"

Lü Teng had dropped one place to the ninth place, from last year’s eighth ranking.

Hearing his teacher’s question, Lü Teng immediately shook his head and said fearfully: "Teacher, I thought about it. When I met that Deng Bohu, even if I had used everything I had, I would not have avoided losing to him. Giving up is the smart and strategic choice. Or else, if I had injured myself while fighting with that Deng Bohu, I am afraid I would have an even worse grade in the later competition."

Tan Zhongchi nodded: "Nice, a single win or loss is nothing. Besides, this Core ranking competition is only a yearly exam at the Stargaze Palace. In fact, it does not serve as a great importance. The rules are like this each year and each Palace had treated it with great importance. As time went on, this Core ranking competition had become the biggest feast before the new year."

Then, he turned to ask Jian Rui, the third disciple: "Third, you had a good result this time and made it to the top ten. This is a special opportunity, you must treasure it."

 "Yes, I understand." Jian Rui said briefly.

Then, Tan Zhongchi turned to look at Qin Wushuang: "Wushuang, you are not going to say some words?"

Getting pointed out by his teacher, Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "What would you like me to say?"

 "Speak anything that comes up to your mind." Tan Zhongchi was being casual.

After a moment of thinking, Qin Wushuang said: "Since you have said so, Allow me to be bold and speak a piece of my mind. After entering the sect more than a half a year ago, I feel that the Stargaze Palace do have a lot of talented people and geniuses. However, we must view some problems with seriousness."

 "Oh? What problems?" Tan Zhongchi asked with interest.

 "From my observations, although each lines of the disciples are all studying at the Stargaze Palace, we still have a deep grudge towards each Palace. And being the number one sect at the Great Luo Empire, our own disciples seemed to lack a sense of crisis. We don’t have wolf-like opponents, a tough survival environment, and we are lacking in life and death experiences… To a great sect, we seem to be too peaceful."

As soon as Qin Wushuang had spoken these words, the expression on the face of those Core disciples changed slightly. They never thought that Qin Wushuang would dare to speak such words so boldly.

These words were indeed, bold as it pointed directly to the survival strategies of the Stargaze Palace.

Instantly, Tan Zhongchi’s expression became solemn. He became silent as if he was thinking deeply.

Qin Wushuang was being straightforward. Since there were no outsiders and his teacher had allowed him to speak his mind, he had thus spoken his feelings.

Regarding this problem, Qin Wushuang had felt it during his training in the Virtuous Cloud Mountain. He had experienced this problem much more profoundly when he went to the gathering at the Nature Manifestation valley.

In the end, this year-end exam and the Core ranking competition were only exams. Thus, the disciples would not have the correct attitude when facing true danger.

If it was the Qin Wushuang from the past, he would never have spoken such words. However, since he was the victor of the Core ranking competition, he had become the core figure in the Stargaze Palace. While standing at the peak, he could not help but consider much more and carry much more responsibilities.

After a while, Tan Zhongchi sighed and nodded: "For a time, when I was your age, I also had my ambition. However, a dozen years of peace has made me accustomed to today’s situation. I’ve always felt strange that I am still me and unchanged. Could it be because of my age, have I lost my enthusiasm? After hearing your words, I’ve found the cause—Crisis. Yes, it’s this word!"

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "Wushuang, I am feeling really lucky that I have taken you in as my disciple. It is the most fortunate thing for the Green Cloud Palace. For this question, I cannot find an answer. Today, your words have woken me up. I need to talk to the Head Palace Master about this problem. Perhaps, since the Stargaze Palace has been the core sect of the Great Luo Empire for so long, it has become too easy for our disciples to grow accustomed to the peaceful environment. Excellent! Wushuang, you are able to speak these words because you have been thinking."

Qin Wushuang did not act arrogantly as he only smiled: "It was only because I had an average background since I was young. Fighting my way up from the bottom, my living environment was extremely dangerous. All around me, there were strong and tough enemies. Thus, I have a much stronger sense of crisis. I feel that to a person, and a sect, to think of dangers in times of safety has profound meaning. For example, the Bai Yue has always been an enemy of the Great Wu, this is an ever-present crisis. For example, my family in the past was a lowly Humble Class residing at the bottom of social ladder in the Bai Yue. A few powerhouses tried to swallow my foundation, that was also an immediate crisis…"

When Qin Wushuang said that, the other Core disciples finally revealed a thoughtful look. Vividly, they started to understand the reason of Qin Wushuang’s ability of speaking those words. And they understood how Qin Wushuang had such a devilish accomplishment by catching up to them who had been here much longer.

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