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Chapter 236: To Win with the Variation in Moves

 "Junior Brother Qin, I will only make one move. If you can defend against it, I will get down from the stage and admit my loss! If not, I advise you to not tough it out. You might end up paying a severe price if you do that!"

Wei Yi spoke slowly as he initiated his temperament from his entire body again. He had merged into one with the Cicada Sword as if he had finished a marvelous contract of the earth and the sky in an instant. The temperament of the human was the one with the sword. In turn, the temperament of the sword also turned into one with the person.

The two of them had perfectly merged into a superior being.

Before he had unleashed move, the brewing temperament already caused the face of all the audience members to change color. Vividly, they all felt a bad feeling emerge.

 "It seems that Senior Brother Wei Yi is going to use his trump cards!"

"Nice, I didn’t expect that this Qin Wushuang would hold on up to this point!"

"Hmph, no matter how much he can bear it, it’s the end. I heard that Senior Brother Wei Yi’s sword move is an elite move passed down from the Head Palace Master. It incorporates the theories of the five basic elements in there. Truly, it will be marvelous. With Qin Wushuang’s Initial Stage power, he will undoubtedly be unable to defend against this sword move."

 "Tsk tsk, even if he loses, Qin Wushuang’s fight is enough for him to become famous. Within the Great Luo Empire, which young man can be like Qin Wushuang, to use the temperament of a dark horse to cause serious injuries to the strongest heir of the Stargaze Palace and force him to use his trump cards?"

Each of the audience members beneath the stage felt their blood roiling up. Especially those martial arts students from the Bai Yue country, they even wanted to gather all their power from their entire body to send to Qin Wushuang and to help him to win this battle.

They wanted Qin Wushuang to win from the bottom of their heart.

If Qin Wushuang could endure this sword move, undoubtedly, he would become the shiniest star in this year’s Core ranking competition. No one would be able to get rid of his shine and his glory!

Qin Wushuang’s emotion was not get influenced by any elements of the outside world. His heart was as calm as the still water. He knew more clearly than anyone that the following sword move would be Wei Yi’s strongest. Surely, it would be his trump card.

However, Qin Wushuang was extremely calm. He understood better than anyone, regardless of how defiant Wei Yi’s sword move may be, he would not fear it.

It was because that during the fast regeneration process, Qin Wushuang had clearly felt a wave of powerful presence from his sea of Spiritual Qi was gushing out and changing.

This was an extremely marvelous and strange change. It was the same feeling as shedding one’s body and exchanging one’s bone as he had experienced at the cave of the Great Cang Mountains.

That type of marvelous feeling of baptism filled his body once again.

Last time, Qin Wushuang was confused. However, this time, he had clearly felt that it was the sign of breaking through!

He did not expect that at the crucial moment of battling with Wei Yi, signs of breaking through would emerge in his body. Although, having the signs did not mean he would break through immediately, at least, he was knocking on the door of the Middle Stage.

In other words, his Spiritual Qi reserve had reached a state that felt as if it would overflow at any moment.

Being at such a stage was equivalent to having his foot in both realms of the Middle Stage and the Initial Stage. On this side of the door, he was still in the Initial Stage, but on the other side, he was already at the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!

A gush of unprecedented confidence rushed to his head. Suddenly, Qin WUshuang felt that he was already completely healed from that sharp attack

from Wei Yi!


In his head, Qin Wushuang kept thinking back to his experience at the cave deep inside the cliff of the Great Cang Mountains. He came to the realization of that wondrous scene. Then, as he compared it with what he was feeling now, he finally understood that strange baptism must have been an extraordinary fortuitous opportunity!

 "Senior Brother Wei Yi, for this move, must you use it?" Within Qin Wushuang’s smile, there was no offensive intention. He only had an unhurried temperament that was indifferent to fame or gain.

He did not want Wei Yi to make this move because he still did not want to determine the winner and loser between them. To put precisely, he did not want Wei Yi to lose to him at this moment.

However, his friendly intention sounded like a form of fearfulness to Wei Yi. Wei Yi said in a low voice: "Qin, for this sword move, the temperament is done. An arrow must shoot once it has been drawn. When this sword move goes out, there are only two options, you decide yourself!"

Qin Wushuang did not speak and only showed light and calm smile.

Wei Yi said coldly: "The first result is that you push yourself past your limits and die by my sword. For the second result, you understand your situation, step down from the martial arts stage and save your life! To live or to die is determined by your thoughts. Junior Brother Qin, I would like to advise you to not delay your life or death choices for a moment of joy."

Zhuo Buqun who was listening from afar sighed when he heard these words. In the end, Wei Yi could not suppress the evil intentions in this sword move. Being a bystander, Zhou Buqun had clearly heard Qin Wushuang’s intention of seeking peace and the extreme kindness in his tone.

However, Wei Yi had not grasped this point thoroughly.

At this moment, the difference within the stage had clearly shown itself.

To someone as wise as Zhuo Buqun, how could he not see the nirvanic change that Qin Wushuang was undergoing at this moment? How could he not have noticed that Qin Wushuang’s injuries were healing at an astonishing speed? Instantly, he had regained his strength and his battle power had increased tremendously?

Zhuo Buqun saw everything. However, he would not expose it nor would he stop it.

In his mind, he had already seen past the internal conflicts between the Palace houses at the Stargaze.

However, Tan Zhongchi was wearing a solemn expression. Even someone as experienced as him could not help but feel his heartbeat racing. He also knew that Wei Yi’s next sword move would contain everything he had.

Could Qin Wushuang, this direct disciple that he had placed all his hopes in, defend against it?

He wanted to stop the competition and force Qin Wushuang to give up. However, the temperament had already formed on the martial arts stage and none of the outsiders could interrupt. This was the ancient rules of the Stargaze Palace.

 "Wushuang, Wushuang, at this moment of life and death, I hope you can make the right decision." In Tan Zhongchi’s heart, he had already abandoned any thoughts about winning and losing.

If it was possible, he hoped Qin Wushuang would resign. Since he had fought to this point, there was no loss to the line of the Green Cloud Palace. As he had predicted; it would be a small loss to a big win!

With the accumulation of the sword power, Wei Yi raised his left hand lightly, the resplendent rays of light emerged from the body of the blade shared a bright and sharp light with the rays of the sun.


A sharp and penetrating sound pierced the sky.

Suddenly, the light on the Cicada’s Sword brightened up greatly. It was if suddenly, the rays of light from the sun had been merged into the body of this Cicada’s Sword. In a flash, the rays of light from the blade had covered the entire martial arts stage into a ball of white light. Filling up the horizon with this pure and tyrannical light!

Zhuo Buqun gave a long sigh.

This sword move was the first move from the that he had passed down to Wei Yi. It incorporated the use of the natural power directly to the sword light and would bring out the offensive power of metal elements. The destructive power was indeed, as powerful as swallowing the sky and earth and invincible!

From Wei Yi’s sword move, he knew that Wei Yi had advanced to another level of understanding of the . Indeed, he deserved his identity of one possessing the Natural Spiritual Roots!

With the borrowing the pure power from the sunlight, this move formed the first move in this technique.

The explosive sound of the gong trembled in the air. Accompanied by an invincible temperament, it pierced and gushed towards Qin Wushuang.

The strongest knife had its grandiose temperament completed. Finally, with the invincible murderous intention, it gushed out as if it wanted to tear Qin Wushuang into pieces.

As soon as he unleashed this sword move, there was a wave of exclamation as everyone felt a needle-like pain on the surface of their skin. Even at a quite a distance, the power of the natural metal attribute attack could be felt and forced them to take a few steps back.

And for this moment, the sky and the earth suddenly darkened. All the light seemed to have been absorbed by that one sword move and unleashed onto the martial arts stage.

Within their vision, those Stargaze outsiders who were watching from the outside could only see an incomparable white light appearing on the martial arts stage. Besides the sword light, there was nothing else on the entire martial arts stage.

It was too shocking as everyone drew a breath of cold air. Including those who had been defeated Qin Wushuang, they could not help but feel deeply impressed at this moment.

If they were the one to take this sword move, they would most likely be shattered into pieces.

Currently, Qin Wushuang’s face seemed to be a towering mountain that had stood for thousands of years and the undying earth that remained unchanged. However, from his eyes, a wave of sharp light shot out. Among the tens of thousand sword lights and the unlimited lights, he saw through that fatal sword move. He saw the travel path of that sword move clearly.

Indeed, this sword move had the power to swallow the earth, the sky and to break the river.

However, it seemed that Qin Wushuang had jumped out of the three worlds and the five attributes. Regardless of how much this sword light shattered the earth and the sky, it seemed that he stood like a celestial being as if nothing mattered to him.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang twisted his body and a ball of mist emerged from his entire body. Next, like a rush of wind, his body flashed into the sky and disappeared.

The intention of this sword continued to rush forward.

A resounding explosion!

With the explosive sound like a gong, it seemed the sky was shattered into two halves.

However, Qin Wushuang who was standing beneath this sky had disappeared underneath this marvelous sword move.

Where was he?

Wei Yi was stunned. When he had slashed down this invincible sword move, he also could not predict its power and see through it clearly.

To the extent that he had no idea how Qin Wushuang had disappeared or where he went!

Where did he go?

At this moment, a light sound emerged from the right side of Wei Yi the instant the white light diminished: "Senior Brother Wei Yi, this sword move is tyrannical. However, is that all you’ve got?"

As soon as he had heard this voice, suddenly, Wei Yi’s entire body trembled as if he had been electrocuted. How was this possible?


For this sword move, he had only considered two possibilities. It was either Qin Wushuang died to the sword attack or he escaped from the martial arts stage and gave up on the competition.

However, Qin Wushuang’s voice sounded with such lightness. Apparently, it had nothing to do with his predicted results.

In this case, it was destined that his previous proud statements would end in tragedy.

He had lost!

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