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Chapter 216: Head Palace Master's Attitude

At the same Main Palace and outside the private area of the Head Palace Master, the Head Butler who was in charge of the Advanced disciple exam was standing outside the door carefully. He was here to request a meeting with the Head Palace Master.

Initially, this Head Butler was once a disciple of the Head Palace Master. Thus, he felt a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to the faction of the Head Palace Master.

After a moment, one of the boys walked out and said with a smile: "Mr. Butler, the Head Palace Master is asking you to go in."

That Head Butler nodded with a smile and followed the boy inside.

After passing through a few corridors, they arrived at a remote and forbidden secret chamber. The surrounding of this secret chamber was like a maze. With many routes and mysterious routes, if the boy had not led him, even the Head Butler would have gotten lost.

Finally, that boy stopped before a big secret chamber and said respectfully: "Mr. Butler, please go in."

That Butler did not dare to act slow. He restrained his footsteps and walked in lightly.

In the secret chamber, the Head Palace Master was meditating with his eyes closed. Sensing he had come in, he finally opened his eyes slowly.

 "Little Tang, what business have you come to me with?" Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master asked with a smile. He had always revealed to people an image of kindness. Currently, there was no exception.

 "Tomorrow, I will host the exam for the Advanced disciples. I have some doubts and would like you to give me some suggestions." That Head Butler answered carefully.

 "Oh?" The Head Palace Master said lightly, "You are the Head Butler, have you not read the rules of the exam thoroughly? Or, do you have some questions as to the content of the rules?"

 "Head Palace Master, I understand all details and the rules."

 "Then, why do you have doubts?" The Head Palace Master asked lightly.

 "Eh… Forgive my boldness; but how do you wish to handle the grade of that Qin Wushuang?"

The Head Palace Master frowned lightly: "What? Little Tang, do you think he had cheated on his grade?"

 "No no no, that Qin Wushuang does have good talent and he did not cheat on the exam. Only, there is the last round of examinations tomorrow. For this exam, should we keep letting him increase his momentum or suppress it to some extent?" When Butler Tang said these words, he was also trembling with some fear.

To put it bluntly, he came here in seeking an opportunity. Naturally, he did it to curry favor to the Head Palace Master and it was equivalent to a giant gamble.

If the Head Palace Master were to give some hints, then he would use his identity as the Head Butler to suppress Qin Wushuang’s grades. Thus, he would not achieve the accomplishment of breaking the record of perfect scores that only belonged to the disciples of the Head Palace Master.

With his understanding of the disciples of the Head Palace Master, he felt that they would not want Qin Wushuang to have such great momentum. After all, everyone had been used to seeing the Head Palace Master’s students showing off at the Stargaze Palace. In the Palace, they must always help the line of the Head Palace Master stand out and view them as the centre.

Now, since Qin Wushuang had quite a momentum going, he had suppressed the faction of the Head Palace Master. At least, he had siezed the victory in the Advanced disciple exam.

Currently, if they allowed Qin Wushuang to get another perfect score, he would be creating a new historic record.

Thus, he decided to come and probe the intention of the Head Palace Master.

Zhuo Buqun shook his head lightly and asked: "Did you come here by your own intention, or because all the other Butlers thought the same?"

 "It’s my own suggestion. The other Butlers do not know about it."

Zhuo Buqun exha

led a breath and nodded to say: "Ok, you can go back."

 "Go back?"

Suddenly, Zhuo Buqun revealed a serious expression: "If you don’t return, are you looking to spend the night here? Little Tang, you came all the way out here and I understand that you are loyal to me. However, if you think that you should implement malignant machinations and ruin generations of iron rules at the Stargaze Palace, you would become the biggest criminal! Today when you came to me to speak about these things, you should have received home punishment. Since it’s the first time you are doing it, I am giving you a warning. There will be no next time!"

That Butler Tang showed a disgraceful expressionand felt unable to show his face. He felt that he had been a vile character. From the tone of the Head Palace Master, apparently, he had never harbored any intentions to suppress others.

 "For our Stargaze Palace, although we have created the Five Palace Masters, we are still a whole in the end. Although there are some competitions and conflicts among the five lines, these are all internal conflicts. It is a form of positive competition in which we would promote each other and advance together. If we were to suppress our own disciples with evil intentions, it would only foster hostility. The result would be like draining the pond to get the fish and burning the forest to hunt. The roots would be destroyed and in the end, it would destroy the origin of the spiritual energy to the Stargaze Palace. If we don’t have the intention to work as a team, how could our Palace become the core sect in the Great Luo Empire? How could we defend against foreign enemies and deal with internal problems?"

His words had shamed Butler Tang to the extreme as he covered his face and left.

Zhuo Buqun sighed helplessly. After seeing that Bulter Tang had retreated, he mused to himself after a while: "In the Great Luo Empire, the Stargaze Palace does not have competitors and we had been comfortable for a long time. We have almost lost all our vigilance to dangers. If we don’t receive any more external competition and pressure, not to mention the next generation of disciples, even the old guys would become light-headed and started to become interested in internal conflicts. If we continue to be unaware of hardships and long term goals, it would not be favorable to us. I must remind them…"

When he said here, suddenly, Zhuo Buqun revealed a trace of an understanding smile. He glanced toward the outside of the door: "Yi’Er, if you are here, why are you not coming in?"

Outside the door, Wei Yi’s movements had gotten exposed by his teacher. He smiled lightly and walked in.

 "It’s nice to see you, teacher."

 "No need, Yi’Er, for this exam, are your Junior Brothers doing alright?"

In the line of the Head Palace Master, he had not been going through much matters. Instead, he gave it all to Wei Yi. After all, he was the Head Palace Master and he would be taking care of many important matters concerning the Stargaze Palace.

For the matters relating to his line, he had basically handed them over to Wei Yi to train his leadership skills slowly. It was to build a foundation to train Wei Yi as the future heir.

 "Besides a couple that did not perform well, most of them did good. Of course, some of them had performed outstandingly. Overall, it is similar to the past results."

 "Yes, for these matter, you can take care of it." Apparently, the Head Palace Master did not care about this little mater. He looked to the door and asked: "A moment ago, Butler Tang had come, do you know why he had come?"

 "No, I saw that he walked away with a ashamed expression and did not ask him."

 "Yi’Er, sit down." Zhuo Buqun showed a serious expression.

Wei Yi did not dare to act dilatory and sat down.

"A moment ago, Butler Tang came to ask me whether I should suppress Qin Wushuang’s momentum for tomorrow’s Advanced exam. Yi’Er, what do you think?"

Wei Yi thought for a moment and shook his head: "I don’t think that would be a good decision."

 "Oh? Tell me your reasons." Zhou Buqun asked with some gratification.

 "I feel that Qin Wushuang’s momentum is set. If people were to deliberately suppress him, we would not be able to stop everyone from talking about. Compared to suppressing him, we should just give him freedom. After all, to the Stargaze Palace, Qin Wushuang is a great asset." Wei Yi’s answer was extremely righteous and justified.

Zhuo Buqun laughed: "Yi’Er, I feel very gratified that you are able to speak these words. I heard that our Core disciples have been showing some tyrannical temperament on the Virtuous Cloud Summit. I never asked too much about this matter, do you know why?"

 "I don’t know." Inwardly, Wei Yi was slightly shocked. Regarding the tyrannical actions, he was also part of it. After all, being the head Senior Brother, from time to time he had acted as a protecting umbrella for others. Hearing the words from his teacher, he could not help but feel somewhat nervous.

 "I wanted to test you and I was waiting for you to gain the knowledge. It was a matter regarding one’s broadmindedness. If I were to point it out, it would become too deliberate. I was waiting for you to understand it. The Stargaze Palace is a whole unit and not only our line exists. And just our line alone would not be able to support the entire foundation for the Stargaze Palace. Yi’Er, for your past actions, I will not make anymore comments. In the future, you need to be more mindful."

Wei Yi only felt waves of coldness running down his back as cold sweat emerged. He always thought that he had concealed these matters. And his teacher would not know about it for sure.

Unexpectedly, his teacher knew everything. In fact, he was not satisfied with the actions of his as the Senior Brother.

 "Teacher, I am wrong, please punish me."

Zhuo Buqun laughed coolly: "Why punish you? These are little things and do not matter. I only wanted you to understand that the gains and losses within the sect would not help with the development of the Stargaze Palace. It would also not determine our level. You must know that one outstanding branch is not the spring, a hundred blooming flowers would be the most effective."

Showing a solemn expression, Wei Yi dwelled on Zhuo Buqun’s words.

 "If you and the other head disciples of the other lines have thought about internal competitions, I would not reprimand you. However, being the one with the natural Spiritual Roots, and my head disciple, you should have insights to the overall future to the Stargaze Palace. And you should not fight for those little gains and losses. Your attitude will decide your insights, and your insights will decide your understanding, your understanding will decide your future…"

The Head Palace Master said with meaningful and heartfelt feelings to Wei Yi. He spoke these words to teach this disciple whom he had nurtured with care. Since those with natural born Spiritual Roots had outstanding potential, he did not wish to see Wei Yi squander it.

Wei Yi was drenched in sweat: "Teacher, before, I could not understand and did not fulfill your expectation. I will return to reflect."

 "Yes, Yi’Er, the appearance of this Qin Wushuang is a good thing for the Stargaze Palace. And to you, it is also a great thing." Zhuo Buqun said seriously.

 "Before, I was worried that no one in the Stargaze Palace would be on par with you. And there would be no existence to urge you to move forward to force you to work hard. Finally, such a person has appeared. Yi’Er, although Qin Wushuang might not have natural Spiritual Roots, I am sure that his future is endless. You two will be the two shining stars of the next generation in the Stargaze Palace. Regarding who would shine brighter, it will depend on your own achievements."

When he said here, the Head Palace Master’s tone had become extremely serious. Obviously, these were not frightening words to intentionally put pressure on Wei Yi. These were his gratified words from the bottom of his heart.

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