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Each day, Hu Ziyan and Fang Xiaozhong persisted in following Qin Wushuang's route. After a year, they felt that the one hundred and sixty miles of mountain road had gradually become easier.

At home, all of their family members were shocked when they displayed the techniques they were taught by Qin Wushuang. They rushed to close the door and warned the two of them repeatedly to never to let the people in the outside world know.

They would become a laughingstock if others learned that they practiced another family's martial techniques.

However, Hu Ziyan said: "It's not a big deal. Qin Wushuang already stated that this is an ordinary offensive skill. It can be used to spar against others."

Once again, these words stunned his patriarch father. He was momentarily left speechless. Had this son of the Qin family become smarter after being beaten by the child of the Prominent Zhang family? How come he was turning into an evildoer?

When he looked at his son's expression, he felt he had become Qin Wushuang's worshipper. Right now, more and more he worried that one day, would he become the same as his son?

Today, Hu Ziyan and Fang Xiaozhong had arrived at their destination after a long climb. A crowd of mysterious forest existed above the hill, unreachable to ordinary civilians.

They were somewhat surprised as they did not see fresh footprints along the way.

"Big Brother Ziyan, is Big Brother Wushuang not going to come today?" Fang Xiaozhong felt disbelief.

Every time, Qin Wushuang had arrived earlier than them. However, today there were no fresh footprints along the way. It seemed that Qin Wushuang had not come.

"Maybe he was stopped by something halfway. How could Qin Wushuang, the martial arts madman, not have come?"

Hu Ziyan was also unable to guess the reason. According to Qin Wushuang's personality, he would not have changed his training regimen unless something momentous had happened.

"You two, come here!" When they were still taking guesses, Qin Wushuang's voice came from afar.

The two of them followed his voice and walked about a thousand meters through the dense forest. There, they saw Qin Wushuang sitting on a giant rock that faced a deep valley. When they looked down, it was an unfathomable and bottomless abyss.

"Ah, such an arduous place still existed here?"

It had been about a month since Hu Ziyan and Fang Xiaozhong had started their hikes on the mountain road after Qin Wushuang. However, they had never come here before.

"Yes, underneath this broad valley, the greatest secrets of the Great Cang Mountains hide in there, right?"

Both could not understand his words. Suddenly, Fang Xiaozhong said: "Big Brother Wushuang, how did you arrive up here today? How come we did not see your footprints. Did you come here on another path?"

"I came by the original path. Only, today I was practicing a technique," Qin Wushuang said lightly.

"What? By the original path? Were your feet not touching the ground? Not even leaving a single footprint?" Hu Ziyan was extremely shocked. He muttered and sighed: "Wushuang, I am curious, what kind of level have you reached?"

Although Qin Wushuang did not answer, Fang Xiaozhong said: "I am more curious about when I can reach big Brother Wushuang's level, haha."

"Four words—Heaven rewards the diligent!" Qin Wushuang stood up, "Go train!"

Hu Ziyan and Fang Xiaozhong nodded their hands as if they had woken up from a dream.

However, Qin Wushuang's training ground was separate from these two.

It had been two years since he had returned to Eastwood Town. Regarding the length of time, it did not seem very long in Qin Wushuang's perspective. It was equivalent to him climbing the Great Cang Mountains a few hundreds of times.

It was the effort spent on these seven or eight hundred days through winter and summer that had allowed another significant upgrade in Qin Wushuang's skills.

He had achieved Stage Five of . Soon, he could breakthrough to Stage Six, the Supreme Realm.

The had a total of nine palms. He had mastered the first seven palm techniques skillfully. And he was close to mastering the eighth palm "The Scarce Burning of the Eight Suns."

What's more, he had reached the highest level of the .

When he had left the Martial Arts Academy, Qin Wushuang's strength was equivalent to midway between a Stage Two and Stage Three Warrior of the Genuine Force. His strength back then was just barely enough to fight with Warriors at Stage Four of the Genuine Force.

Now, his strength was at Stage Six of the Genuine Force. Plus, with his combat techniques and experiences, he was certain that he could fight against people at Stage Seven of the Genuine Force.

As mighty warriors of the Genuine Force, the further you ascended in the stages, the more exaggeratedly your strength increased.

A mighty warrior at Stage Seven of the Genuine Force would be an upper-class martial artist of the Genuine Force. They could use their power to deal with three Stage Six Warriors.

And when you reached Stage Eight of the Genuine Force, you could then deal with three Stage Seven Warriors at the same time.

Stage Nine of the Genuine Force was the peak of the Genuine Force. It was rumored that you could deal with five Stage Eight Warriors at the same time.

It was frightful regarding how much your strength could increase after each level of advancement.

Qin Wushuang did not care much about the comparison in numbers. When you reached a certain level, your strength would not be compared in numbers.

For example, if he looked at his current situation, he had only recovered about half of the strength he'd had from his previous life.

However, if he compared himself now to his peak level, it was far from his peak level even if there were hundreds of him.

To Qin Wushuang's joy, the Great Cang Mountains offered an ideal training environment. The environment was far superior to anywhere back on Earth, and it was especially good for training inner strength.

The effect of a day of hard training at this place would be equivalent to two or three days of training in his former world. If he continued with this speed, he could surely recover seventy or eighty percent of his strength before the "Family Class Evaluation!"

In his former world, the so-called "Spiritual Influence of Heaven and Earth" were faintly discernable. However, in this world, when Qin Wushuang practiced his inner strength, he could vividly feel the existence of the legendary "Spiritual influence!"

Suddenly, he felt a strong desire to recover his strength emerge. So that he could receive another opportunity to aim for the Upper-Sky Realm.

This time, he would have a much better chance of success with such a favorable environment supporting him!

"The Upper-Sky Realm…" Qin Wushuang chewed on these four words. In his former world, Qin Wushuang was obsessed with the prospect and it immediately made his blood boil in excitement.

When it was almost noon, Qin Wushuang finally came down the mountains as he saw the color of the sky had changed. He heard his sister, Qin Xiu, call out to him when he had not yet reached the bottom of the mountain.

"What is going on, Big Sister?" Qin Wushuang saw that sister was very anxious.

"Wushuang, hurry and go home. Father…Father has vomited a lot of blood." Qin Xiu said with a sobbing tone.

Qin Wushuang's face slightly changed. He quickened his footsteps: "Sister, you should take your time in getting back. I am going to look first."

Supported by servants, Qin Lianshan was taken into his bedroom just as Qin Wushuang rushed home. His face was pale as a white paper, and huge drops of sweats emerged from his forehead that exposed many thick veins. Naturally, he was bearing an enormous amount of pain.

"Father, what is going on?"

Qin Wushuang walked closer and put his hand on father's wrist. He felt that his pulse moved very quickly and his blood vessels functions were in complete chaos. Each stream of the true qi roamed around without a clear path.

To put it bluntly, his Genuine Qi had become chaotic.

In his former world, Qin Wushuang was a grandmaster of martial arts. He encompassed a vast knowledge regarding martial arts. Thus, he understood father's sickness as soon as he put his hand on his pulse.

He lowered his head and sighed because he felt somewhat guilty. In these years, he was busy with his training and hadn't paid much attention to his father's training problems.

If he had been able to detect it sooner, then his father would most likely not wound up in this state today.

Fortunately, his father had limited Genuine Qi inside his body since he was only at Stage One of Genuine Force. Better late than never, it was never too late.

When Qin Sixi saw Qin Wushuang had rushed over, he immediately said: "I am going to call the doctor."

Qin Wushuang called out to stop him: "Uncle Sixi, there is no need."

Qin Sixi was surprised: "If we don't call the doctor, what can we do about Patriarch's wounds?"

"I know a way."

"You know a way?" Not only Qin Sixi, but even Qin Lianshan was stunned.

"Father, you've over-practiced, and the Genuine Qi inside your body became obstructed. The qi was not able to circulate around the body. Thus, the Genuine Qi became chaotic and harmed your blood vessels."

Qin Lianshan heaved a long sigh. He knew that his son was right. These past few years, he had tirelessly immersed himself in his training while also taking care of the family businesses. He had only wanted to reach the Stage Two of the Genuine Force before the "Family Class Evaluation." If he could make it to Stage Two, besides challenging the Prominent Class, he would have a seventy or eighty percent chance to protect the family's Humble Class seat.

Only, Qin Lianshan did not have much talent himself. Today, he had been in a rush and learned firsthand the meaning of the old idiom: The greater the haste, the lesser the rewards.

In the end, his Genuine Qi had turned against him.

With Qin Wushuang's abilities, he naturally knew the solution on how to deal with these small matters. He was considering which method he should use.

There were two solutions. The first method would be to use silver needles to guide the Genuine Qi out of the body. It would break through the accumulated impurities inside the body by clearing the blood vessels, but It would take about three to five months to remove the qi in the body entirely.

The other method was much harsher. Frankly, it seemed a clear cut choice to let his father practice the best martial arts technique that originated from the Shaolin faction in his former world. This technique would wash the muscles and tendons of the entire body, letting one be reborn!

Naturally, a harsh medicine would bring good effects. However, you had to bear greater risks than the previous method.

"Wushuang, what can you do? Come and tell me, there is no need to feel guilty." When Qin Lianshan saw his son had fallen silent. He thought that the diagnosis would be a grim one.

After Qin Wushuang gave him a reassuring smile, he muttered to him irresolutely: "Father, please let me think it through. I will give you my answer tomorrow. Right now, Uncle Si Xi, please grab some silver needles. I am going to stimulate father's acupuncture points to help him to relieve the pain."

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