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Chapter 175: Making an Appointment to Fight at the West Wind Ho
Xi Men Xing had received serious injuries. After consuming some healing medicine, he had finally suppressed his wounds. The Stargaze Palace had its rules. Usually, the conflicts within the sect would not get the teachers involved. One would not cry to their seniors, except the extreme vicious cases where one had bullied the other out of a big gap of strength.
Although Qin Wushuang had some grudge in the past with the Xi Men Feudal Lords, Xi Men Yu had solved it. Besides, the Xi Men Feudal Lords had already sworn their loyalty to the Royal Qin and belonged to their faction.
Since they were people under the ruling of the Qin, being the Royal offspring, Qin Wushuang should step forward since Xi Men Xing had been hurt. Besides, today’s situation involved the disputes between the Bai Yue and the Great Wu countries.
Qin Wushuang had no reason to not step out and to ignore it.
The current situation was no longer a dispute caused by personal feelings. It had escalated into a quarrel between countries.
Now, all seven martial arts students from the Bai Yue country were gathered. Both Tong Yan and Xi Men Xing were offspring from the Heavenly Royal Territory. Wan Jinpeng was an offspring from the Purple Flame Territory.

The other three were all offspring from the three other Royal families. They all had a surname of He and had the highest score from their territories.
Here, both Xi Men Xing and Tong Yan’s families had participated in Qin Xiu and Da Xi Ming’s wedding ceremony. Thus, before heading out, the elders of their families had reminded them that Qin Wushuang was an Upper Sky. They also told them to never expose this news.
Initially, the outside world had always thought that the Martial Saint had killed Li Wuji and destroyed the Redwood family. No one knew it was Qin Wushuang.
Only those aristocratic powers who had attended the wedding ceremony knew the truth. However, after they had received a warning from the Martial Saint, of course they understood the importance of this secret. How would they dare to expose it?
Even within their families, only the core members knew about it.
Thus, besides Xi Men Xing and Tong Yan, the remaining people knew that Qin Wushuang had been selected by one of the Palace Masters and held a high position.

The Bai Yue Country was able to rise up to become an Upper Subordinate Country due to Qin Wushuang’s position at the Stargaze Palace.
Thus, regardless of their background, this group of people naturally viewed Qin Wushuang as the core among themselves. There was no exception even to the offspring of the three Royal families.
In the Stargaze Palace, their teachers was only at the Elder level. However, Qin Wushuang’s teacher was a Palace Master!
"Marquis Wushuang, we cannot stomach this indignation." He Zichong, from the Great Surge Territory spoke first.
The Great Surge Territory was next to the Great Wu Country. Naturally, they had the worst relationship and biggest grudge with the Great Wu Country. Thus, He Zichong’s tone was filled with revulsion.
The other two Royal offspring all came from the Blue Moon and the Purple Flame Territory. They all nodded in agreement: "We cannot endure it. If we are suppressed by them at this time, then in the future, I am afraid they will look down on us forever at the Stargaze Palace."
"Everyone, don’t argue. I am sure that Brother Qin has some ideas." Tong Yan knew Qin Wushuang much better. Since he had come, he would not stand by and do nothing.
Last time before the entrance of the Phoenix restaurant, Qin Wushuang had gotten involved in a quarrel with the uncle of the King over a few civilians. Now, since the countries were involved and as it involved the pride of a country, Qin Wushuang would not brush it aside.
"Do you have the list of those martial arts students from

the Great Wu? Who are their teachers?" Qin Wushuang asked.
"Humph, most of them also study under Elders. Three of them study under Shakyamunis. One of them is the most exceptional. His name is Qi Yingfeng and was selected by the Third Palace Master. He is the head among those people." Frustrated, He Zichong looked at Qin Wushuang.
"Marquis Wushuang, someone said you are studying under the Second Palace Master, is that true?"
The news that Qin Wushuang was selected by the Second Palace Master was not a secret in the Stargaze Palace. Many people had known about it. Only, they had just arrived here from the Bai Yue Country. As soon as they had arrived, they entered the second round of exam. After the exam, they were thrown into training and did not have much chance to hear confidential news. Thus, their information was limited.
Qin Wushuang nodded: "It is true, thanks to the Second Palace Master having an appreciation of me."
Everyone was overjoyed when they heard this news. Although they did not know how exactly the power was distributed among the higher ups in the Stargaze Palace, the ranking of the Second Palace Master should be higher than the Third Palace Master.
At least on this point, the fact that Qin Wushuang was studying under the Second Palace Master had suppressed the temperament of the Great Wu Country. It did not seem terrifying that Qi Yinfeng was studying under the Third Palace Master.
Of course, Qin Wushuang would not be bothered by these details as he asked: "What did those martial arts students from the Great Wu plan to do?"
Hearing Qin Wushuang asking the most crucial point, that Wan Jinpeng answered: "They were bragging about meeting up at the West Wind Hollow and to fight with martial arts. Whichever side lost, they would get lost from the Stargaze Palace."
"Get lost?" Qin Wushuang frowned slightly.
This was the Stargaze Palace, and not a random grocery store. How could they speak of going and leaving at will? It was such a childish display.
"Yes, they said it this way." Wan Jinpeng felt extremely helpless, "These guys were incredibly arrogant. It was as if they predicted that we would lose for sure. They had always wanted to get rid of us to make sure their country totally suppressed the Bai Yue."
However, Tong Yan said: "The Stargaze Palace does not belong to the Great Wu. You really think we can leave and go whenever we want?"
"Young Master Xing, tonight, you will come along. You will know exactly who had injured you. Since they want to cause trouble, then let’s solve everything tonight."
Qin Wushuang’s cold tone had made others both happy and shocked. Apparently, he had agreed to go since he said those words.
With the Second Palace Master’s student going along, they would have much more courage for tonight’s trip. Regardless of the temperament, at least they would not lose the momentum.
Overjoyed, Xi Men Xing said: "With Marquis Wushuang going, we will succeed for sure. Those bastards from the Great Wu will suffer tonight!"
Those three from the three Royal Families were happy, but not as optimistic as Xi Men Xing.
That He Zichong said with a thoughtful tone: "I heard that Qi Yinfeng was the grandson to Qi Shengnan, the Martial Saint of the Great Wu Country. Since a young age, he had been trained to pursue the Upper Sky path. Now, he is also at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. In the Great Wu, he has millions under him and one above him. Because of this, he had such a big momentum and was selected by the Third Palace Master."
From the last martial arts student exam, the outside world had classified Qin Wushuang’s strength as Stage Nine of the Genuine Force.
It was what the offspring from the three Royal Families had thought. Thus, before that Qi Yinfeng, they were not very optimistic.
After all, Qin Wushuang’s Stage Nine strength was only from someone who had just newly risen to become a Royal. Qi Yinfeng, was the grandson of the Martial Saint and had trained towards the Upper Sky from a young age.
In their eyes, there was a difference. It was similar to how a Stage Nine from the secular world had a huge gap in strength to the Four Great Honored Warriors at the Martial Saint Mountain.
"So what if they are Stage Nine?" Xi Men Xing said with a pissed off tone, "With Marquis Wushuang, it wouldn’t matter if that Qi Yinfeng comes. Even if he did come, we would still beat him."
"Regardless, this time, we should not aim to win over them. At least, we cannot lose. Or else, not to mention getting out of the Stargaze Palace, the future days would not be tolerable." Wan Jinpeng also had a thorough grasp of the situation.
"Yes, Marquis Wushuang. If that Qi Yinfeng is going overboard, I think you can bring out the threat of the Second Palace Master’s name to suppress his momentum!" He Zichong suggested.
"How can we do that?" Immediately, Tong Yan refused, "This way, it would show that we are scared! We must never lose our face! Or else, we would become a laughingstock in the future."
Initially, Tong Yan’s identity and status were not equal to the people here. However, now, he was a student to a Shakyamuni and held a higher position than everyone else besides Qin Wushuang. Unconsciously, he now stood on the same level as these people.
He Zichong sighed: "If it concerns our survival in the Stargaze Palace, Marquis Wushuang, I think it is still necessary."
Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and did not answer.
To flaunt his teacher’s name and intimidate others? It would be a reasonable thing to do if the enemy was someone as strong as the Old Devil Ji Yin. After all, he was not someone to win over.
If he needed to bring out his teacher’s name against a few martial arts student from the Great Wu, then Qin Wushuang had wasted his two lifetime worth of training.
He waved his hand and stopped Tong Yan’s urge to speak.
"Speak no more. Tonight, West Wind Hollow, we move on time." Qin Wushuang walked next to Xi Men Xing and patted him twice. Instantly, he had forced the clotted blood from his body.
Xi Men Xing only felt a fishy smell from his throat and threw up a mouthful of clotted blood. Immediately, he appeared much brighter with a better expression.
"Move around your Genuine Qi and don’t get distracted," Qin Wushuang said lightly, "I don’t want to have only the six of us going to the meet. Since seven of us made it to the Stargaze Palace, we must go with all of us. Not one shall get behind!"
"Yes, not one less!"
Since he had decided tonight’s plan, Qin Wushuang would not return to the Green Cloud Palace. Instead, he found a quiet corner around and sat down to meditate.
In his former world, people called him a martial arts nerd. Of course, he did not waste that name. In such a short time, he fought minutes to train.
Soon, the sky had darkened. For people like Tong Yan, Wan Jinpeng and the others, each of them also had a different mood. Both Tong Yan and Xi Men Xing knew Qin Wushuang’s true strength and was secured in the knowledge of having his backing. Inwardly, they were hoping Qin Wushuang would show off his strength and beat all those martial arts students from the Great Wu.

On the other hand, people like Wan Jinpeng and that He Zichong were somewhat worried and afraid of what was going to happen next. Each of them had a depressed mood and did not have much confidence.
When Qin Wushuang returned to the crowd, he knew what was going on when he saw the expression on everyone’s face. He did not intentionally go comfort them. Instead, he said: "It’s almost time, how do we get to the West Wind Hollow? Whoever knows, lead the way."
Naturally, Tong Yan had been sweeping at the Li Huo Palace and did not know where it was. Immediately, Wan Jinpeng said: "I know it, please."
The West Wind Hollow was also part of the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range. Only, it was not within the Virtuous Cloud Summit and was far away from it. Of course, Qin Wushuang was not familiar with that place since he had never gone to the training ground for lower class students.
With Wan Jinpeng in the lead, after a few dozen of miles, they arrived at a remote Hollow. Indeed, this place was serene and hidden in a great depth. They would not need to worry about outside disturbances when they had the duel here.

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