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Inwardly, Zhou Fu had a thought. However, she remained calm and collected on the surface and said: "I only felt something strange was going on here and came to take a look. It seems I was too late."

Wei Yi laughed casually: "What strangeness? Just a few Core disciples gathering?"

Zhou Fu knew that with Wei Yi's strength, he should have known what had happened much clearly than her. Since he had asked such a question, it was obvious he was pretending not to know anything. At the moment, she did not expose him. Instead, she said with a somewhat meaningful tone: "Before you thought Number Eight would be the final victor, I believe you had good foresight."

"Oh? Why do you say so?" Wei Yi continued to act oblivious.

Zhou Fu smiled lightly and did not answer that question. She walked toward the camp, and she was sure that those four or five Upper Sky presence were Core disciples under the Head Palace Master. They had gathered to pressure that Number Six. To her, such tactics were not news.

Only, the Head Palace Master had more disciples, and their strength suppressed the other factions. Plus, the other factions of disciples also fought openly and maneuvered covertly. Thus, under the oppression from the disciples of the Head Palace Master, they had no chance but to deal with it.

Inwardly, Zhou Fu felt indignant. However, she could not show it on her face. If she did, besides offending Wei Yi, she would not gain any advantages.

Only when he saw Zhou Fu’s figure had walked far away, did Wei Yi clap his hands. After a moment, a few figures scrambled out from the dark and circled around Wei Yi. Each of them said respectfully: "Big Brother!"

"Before, was that Number Six here?" Wei Yi asked lightly.

"Yes, we’ve already warned him." One of them said.

"What did he say?"

That person said with somewhat frustrated voice: "That kid seemed not to know his position. He appeared to be a newbie and did not take in our words at all. From his tone, it seems he will not give up."

Wei Yi thought for a moment: "Not give up? If that’s the case, it’s not possible for Number Nine to not have a chance to win against him. Today, you guys should not act anymore. I think that Little Zhou Fu is already suspicious. Everyone, you must be careful of your actions in the future and don’t give any chances to the other factions to oppress us!"

"Yes, Big Brother!" Those four answered in unison.

One of them still felt somewhat aggrieved: "In the Stargaze Palace, we should have emphasized our faction. How dare the other groups be jealous of our affairs? Big Brother, you are too open minded and modest. Or else, what does it matter if that Zhou Fu knows? Could it be that the Second Palace Master wanted them to suppress us?"

Wei Yi waved his hand: "We should keep these matters to ourselves. It’s completely unnecessary to bring it under the daylight! Go now."


Obviously, those people were afraid of Wei Yi. They all turned to leave after hearing the order. Wei Yi looked for a moment at the direction where Qin Wushuang had left. Suddenly, he sighed and turned to walk back to the camp.

Under the expectation of all the audience, two hours of the time had finally passed by. Finally, the final round of the arena competition would be starting. It would be a battle of elite warriors between Number Six and Eight.

"Haha, I really have the luck this year. The first round of the competition was this fascinating! This trip is not wasting time! Brother Lu, do you favor Number Six or Number Eight?"

"Of course Number Six. Apparently, the strength and the presence of Number Six is not on the same level as the others."

"Haha, we actually share the same ideas. I also favor Number Six!"

Someone next to them was unhappy about it: "Number Six only knows how to show off. Number Eight is the one that has the strength. He was humble, kept a low-profile and has the temperament of a true warrior! Have you never heard of fear always spring from ignorance?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean—that Number Six was only half a bucket and nothing else besides showing off. Before a real warrior, he will reveal his true colors for sure!"

"Do you hear the jealousy? He is jealous of that Number Six! Playing cool? Why don't you do it too if you’ve got the skill? Pretending you have the skill? If you’ve got the strength, go up and show us? He’s got the talent to show off, and it's called power. If you don't have the skill to show off, it's called being an idiot!"

Yan Feng had stayed in the crowd and heard their words. Now, he was working hard to remember back this Number Six and Eight. From their styles, he also vividly judged that if Brother Qin had not been disqualified, then the temperament of Number Six was much closer to his. On the other end, Number Six appeared much more cold.

Just when a group of people was busy discussing, the time for the fight had arrived. Number Eight had already gone up the stage.

After some waiting, the host yelled when he did not see Qin Wushuang coming out: "Number Six, please get out!"

Since there was no response after a moment, the host yelled again: "Number Six, please hurry to the stage!"

Still, there was no response. The stage appeared empty with only Number Eight up there. That Number Eight twitched the corner of his mouth lightly and seemed enormously proud of his success. Vividly, he appeared to have guessed something.

However, those disciples beneath the arena could not stay still.

"What is going on? Why is he late to such an important final? He doesn't have a sense of time?" One of them complained with discontent.

"Haha, late? I think he is scared."

"Nonsense, with his strength, what reason does he have to be scared?"

"If not, then he should show up!"

This rebuke left the supporters of Number Six unable to utter a word. Each of them looked around and waited for Number Six to come out of nowhere.

Outside of the camp, those leaders also walked out from the field. Especially Zhou Fu who put on a solemn face. She still did not give up and hoped that Number Six would come out despite the pressure.

However, the reality gradually decreased her hope. In the end, she was in despair and thought: "It’s not his fault. Under that much intimidation from the Core disciples, it was smart for him to retreat while still being a newbie. To not choose that way was smart…"

Although she thought that way, in the end, Zhou Fu still did not feel comfortable in her heart. She always wished that someone would not fear the authority, the threats and be capable of fighting for their own cause with fairness.

From the bottom of her heart, she hoped that the line of the Head Palace Master would not monopolize the entire Palace. Surely, it would not benefit the overall development, and it would not be a good atmosphere.

On the other hand, Wei Yi showed a face full of calmness. Behind this calm, there was an aura of transcendence as if he was not very interested in this fight.

Inwardly, he had opposite ideas with Zhou Fu. He hoped that young man would run away and to not participate in the match. This way, it could demonstrate the deterrence of their faction’s power.

After calling three times, the host did not see any signs of Number Six and was about to announce the disqualification of him due to lateness. At this time, outside of the stage, waves of rolling whistles sounded.

Like a dragon commanding the air and riding on the cloud, Qin Wushuang’s figure rushed here. In a few jumps, he landed on the stage.

He cupped his hand towards that host: "I am sorry for being late."

That host said with discontent: "If you were another minute late, you would have been disqualified even if you were here."

"Please announce the start of the competition," Qin Wushuang said lightly.

That host nodded: "In this round, we will decide the winner in our first round of competition! The winner will get the promised prize—eight Initial Stage inner cores of Spiritual Beasts!"

"I hereby announce that the final round starts now!"

With the retreat of the host, only Qin Wushuang and that Number Eight was left on the stage.

Standing calm and composed, Qin Wushuang fixed his gaze on this Number Eight. Suddenly, he smiled and asked: "Do you feel surprised?"

"Surprised?" Number Eight frowned.

"I did not intend to run; I was only waiting for the right time. In fact, if I wanted to show myself, there was no need for the host to call out three times." Qin Wushuang still wore a face full of smiles as if he was chatting with an old friend.

"What timing?" Number Eight frowned even more. He knew that his opponent was playing psychological tricks on him. However, the problem was, he already felt doubts emerge when his opponent had spoken the first word.

This doubt would become a crack. If not filled, inevitably this crack would affect his mood during the battle.

"You must have felt that I would not come. I did not show myself only to cooperate with your confidence and help it to grow. It was to make you think that the threats from those people had worked. When such thoughts had reached a certain height, my appearance would doubtlessly cause a great impact upon you!"

Qin Wushuang smiled even more. Suddenly, he changed his tone drastically: "And this impact on your mentality will be the greatest cause of your defeat!"

When he said that, Qin Wushuang pulled something out with both of his hands, and a long whip appeared. It was that snake-shaped soft whip, which he wrapped it around his wrist and pointed at Number Eight.

"Four Upper Sky elite warriors threatened me so that I would drop out of the competition. I must say that is your biggest mistake. For me, I don’t have anything else besides pride. The more you threaten me, the more determined I become and the more potential I would unleash! This is the second reason for your defeat today!"

He did not suppress his voice over these words. Instead, he spoke frankly with assurance and sent it to all around the stage. He was talking loud enough to make it clear for everyone to hear.

Including Wei Yi and a few other Core disciple leaders, Wei Yi was feeling slightly surprised. However, he remained calm, and in fact, a trace of a smile appeared.

And Zhou Fu could not help but keep nodding. Currently, she felt extremely gratified. Indeed, under the intimidation of four Upper Sky disicples, this young man had his pride for holding his ground!

"Before I entered to train at the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range, my teacher had reminded me many times. These words of his had been deeply ingrained into my head, and that was—to never let go of what is mine!"

"These words would become the third reason for your defeat!"

After he had finished, Qin Wushuang suddenly urged out his power and swept the snake shaped whip across, causing shadows to emerge. It moved to wrap towards Number Eight. In fact, he was going to strike first to gain the upper hand!

"Good!" Cheers sounded from below the stage. The most exciting moment had finally arrived. They could not help but get heated up. Regardless of the final winner, the battle between the two elite Upper Sky disciples would absolutely be a fascinating fight!

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