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This time, Qin Wushuang spent more than a month in isolation. During this period, besides going out to find food, Qin Wushuang had nearly spent all his energy in transforming the Spiritual Qi.

Qin Wushuang had been careful with his movements. In the end, he realized that he was too cautious. Those Spiritual Qi he had absorbed had merged with his own completely without any traces left.

This form of absorbing Spiritual Qi was different from absorbing the inner Qi in the Pre-Sky Realm Warriors. The absorbing of the internal Qi was a seamless connection. It would be almost impossible for a leak to occur.

However, Spiritual Qi was different. During this process, a significant amount was lost. During the transformation process, the body would also automatically discard those Qi not compatible with the body and excrete it through the pores.

In the end, only twenty or thirty percent of the Qi could succeed in becoming one's own. Especially the inner pellets of the Spiritual Beasts where they were not congenial with the Qi of human bodies. If the Spiritual attributes clashed with each other, it would be much tougher to absorb. Thus, consuming twenty percent of it would be more than a great accomplishment.

After a month of training in isolation, Qin Wushuang felt that he had made another step forward on the path of the Spiritual Martial Force. He knew it was due to the two times he’d absorbed the Qi. Most importantly, he had enhanced his mastery over the combination of a few martial techniques.

Walking out of the cave, Qin Wushuang only felt much lighter. When he breathed, he also felt that it had become much smoother, he could almost feel the pulse of the Spiritual Qi moving in the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range.

He knew that it was an upgrade to his level. If he hadn't kept upgrading, he could not have been able to feel the sensitivity of the movements of the Spiritual Qi.

"It seems that the words from teacher make a lot of sense. There are only four great stages inside the Spiritual Martial Force. However, within each stage, there are many divisions. It was an obstacle with each step. After crossing a pit, I could clearly feel myself getting more powerful. It is not necessary to test it out on an enemy. Through an understanding of myself and the natural power, I could also learn something! After all, Upper Sky is indeed, a superior realm. It would be almost unimaginable to Pre-Sky Realm martial artists…"

Thinking back, Qin Wushuang felt as if he was in a dream since he had entered the Upper Sky. The colors in the entire world had become much more colorful. It made him want to study, to absorb and to grab every opportunity.

He didn't even have the time to reflect on his journey up until this moment.

"I wonder how my family is doing these past two months?" When Qin Wushuang thought about his family in the far away Bai Yue Country, a wave of warmth emerged from his heart.

"And that second round of martial arts student exam, I wonder how did those martial arts students perform? They better not be a disappointment. Or else, even if we were given the status of an Upper Ranking Subordinate Country, it would not stabilize our standing." As Qin Wushuang thought, he could not help to care about it.

After all, he was a citizen of the Bai Yue Country since he had come from there. The Bai Yue country was his homeland. To any average person, they would want everything to go well in their home.

"Only more than a month until the Laba Rice Porridge Festival. Since I’ve already been in this mountain range for two months, I should walk around and gain some insights."

When this idea popped up, Qin Wushuang decided to walk around and to get to know the terrain. He walked toward the north, and subconsciously, Qin Wushuang gradually walked towards the direction of the Virtuous Cloud Summit.

After walking for a moment, he also seemed to realize that within his subconsciousness, he still felt slightly resentful over not becoming a Core student.

Deep in his heart, he still looked forward to entering the Virtuous Cloud Summit.

After walking for two days, Qin Wushuang found out that he was meeting more students of the Stargaze Palace along the road. Initially, he suppressed his Upper Sky presence. He did not want to stand out because not many Advanced Students were part of the Upper Sky.

Only the Core Students training at the Virtuous Cloud Summit were all Upper Sky Realm users.

Only, after two days, he discovered that keeping a low-profile also had its cons. Some Advanced Students kept coming up to him, and most of them did not carry good intentions.

To such people, of course, Qin Wushuang would not mind teaching them a lesson and make them leave.

He turned over a hollow hill and looked over to the north side. From afar, the mountain that stood high and pierced the cloud was the core of the entire Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range—Virtuous Cloud Summit!

Per the name, the Virtuous Cloud meant piercing temperament that connects the sky!

Just by looking at the character, it would give people a feeling of indomitability. Indeed, with its majestic appearance, it made people want to look up in awe.

Revealing a smile, Qin Wushuang thought: "It seems that the world inside the Virtuous Cloud Summit is the place with all the brightest young generation in the Stargaze Palace. After the end of the year exam, I will enter this Summit. In ten years, I will for sure become one of the most outstanding within this young generation!"

After ten years, Qin Wushuang would only be twenty-seven years old. He would be at a golden age!

Just as he was dwelling in his thoughts, suddenly, he felt the movements of some Qi in the forest beside him. Apparently, this presence was not part of the Upper Sky but belonged to an elite warrior in the Pre-Sky Realm.

Secretly, Qin Wushuang felt this presence. There were three people in total. Each of them was at the peak of the Pre-Sky Realm.

Apparently, these three had suppressed their breath deliberately and concealed their bodies.

However, to Upper Sky elite warriors, regardless of how much one tried to hide, it would only serve the purpose of hiding from the enemy’s eyes. An Upper Sky Realm warrior would have way too many methods to expose them.

Regardless of hearing, touch, feelings or sense of smell using Spiritual Qi, an Upper Sky could easily expose their hiding place precisely.

Qin Wushuang knew that most likely, these were those ill-intentioned Advanced students.

Reminders from his teachers could not help but surface in his head—Competition existed between any students in the Stargaze Palace and that included students from the same Palace. Due to the shortage of the resources, the appearance of any rare goods could cause competition between students studying under the same teacher. At that time, you must use all your strength to fight and do not show mercy. Although the Stargaze Palace did not encourage killing among themselves, they did value the power of the strong. If you had the power, go ahead and take it. Besides killing one another, any means of methods were allowed. Remember these words—Never pass on what was yours!

This reminder was more than blunt enough. However, after thinking carefully about these words, a deeper meaning could be read in it. That was, even for goods hiding on your body, any of the fellow students could also steal it from you. As long as they don't kill you, robbing you on the road was allowed.

The strong ones deserve respect!

It was the rule of survival in the Stargaze Palace. Precisely, it was the universal rule in the Tian Xuan Land. Regardless of the time when Qin Wushuang at the Eastwood Town, to when he had risen up to become a Royal in the Bai Yue or when he had entered Stargaze Palace, he had apparently felt this point.

He was left with a deep impression when his teacher Tan Zhongchi had taken him to charge into the Ji Yin Mountain. Before his master, that arrogant Old Devil Ji Yin did not dare to show any inappropriate acts and was gentle as a sheep. He had none of the tyrannical attitude from when he was at the Eastwood Town.

At that moment, the principle of the strong ones deserving the respect had displayed well.

Strength was the rule to turn a formidable and arrogant bully into a gentle sheep!

Although Qin Wushuang sensed the ill-intentions from these three, he did not expose them. Instead, he walked forward. Along the way, he had met several groups of people like them.

"Cough cough… That little brother who is walking ahead."

A call sounded from behind him. When those three saw Qin Wushuang leaving, all of them stepped out and encircled him in a triangle shape.

"Are you calling me?" Qin Wushuang smiled and asked while turning his head.

"Anyone else here?" Traces of mocking emerged on the mouth corner of a horse-shaped guy. He sized Qin Wushuang from head to toe and looked down at him for his young age, "Little brother, you just joined recently, right?"

"Yes, I wonder who you three are, and whose students are you guys?"

Qin Wushuang estimated that usually, the teachers to these Advanced students should be at least at the Elder level. The lower ones like the Emissaries, their students would surely not be able to enter the rank of the Advanced even if they were able to take in students. After all, the layers of the system in the Stargaze Palace was way too strict.

Under the Palace Masters, there were eight Shakyamuni. Under them, there were Elders and Emissaries.

After these people, it would be the butlers.

"This kid, do you know the rules?" Another chubby and massive guy shouted in a small and muffled voice, "You entered after us, of course, you should tell us who you are."

"Eh, if I told who I am, and you guys did not, won’t I suffer a loss?" Qin Wushuang shook his head, "No, I will not."

That horse-shaped guy smiled eerily: "It seems that you really don’t know the rules. It’s a huge taboo being dishonest before your Older Brothers. According to the rule, you will get a lesson from us. However, since you are at such young age, I can give you a chance to redeem yourself."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang found this funny. Indeed, these three guys were repulsive. Rules of the Stargaze Palace?

When he had entered the Palace, his teacher had promised, and the Head Palace Master had agreed that as long as he did not disobey the three top principles, it was unnecessary for him to follow any of the rules.

It was a treatment that Zhongchi had fought with a lot of debate for he wanted him to focus on training.

Now, these senseless guys had actually wanted him to act according to the rules. Of course, Qin Wushuang felt it was funny.

"I wonder, how do you guys want me to redeem myself?" Within Qin Wushuang’s tone, there was a trace of unnoticeable mocking.

He had suppressed all of his emotions along the way and ignored those ill-intentioned students. However, the continuous occurrence of these incidents had annoyed him.

"It’s easy, first tell us who you study under, then give us all the goods on you as a fee for passing this road! As long as you have the things to make us satisfied, you can leave in one piece. Or else, Or else, it’s inevitable for you to suffer a little!"

Qin Wushuang slowly nodded: "If that's the case, then I will tell you. My teacher's surname is Tan; the name is Zhongchi."

Tan Zhongchi?

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