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Overjoyed at the turn of events, Qin Wushuang had finally shot down this Spiritual Beast after patiently enduring until the right time.

After all, compared to humans, Spiritual Beast lacked a strategic mind. They relied more on their own nature and natural cunning. After losing the battle of intelligence and power, it became Qin Wushuang’s spoil of war.

His teacher had said that during the training session, besides any major harvests, it was unnecessary to hand in individual rewards to the higher-ups. It was a way to encourage students to obtain private properties.

However, the condition was that you must earn this private property yourself and not be given it by the sect.

To put it bluntly, it was to encourage students of the sect to become self-sufficient.

Qin Wushuang knew that the most valuable thing from the Spiritual Beast was that inner pellet. However, the entire body of this beast worth a lot. Of course, Qin Wushuang would not miss any pieces of valuable goods. After a brief clean up, he took away everything.

The instant that Spiritual Beast had died, in a remote corner of the Virtuous Mountain range, the color on the face of a black clothed man changed. He immediately used his mind to sense. Then, he frowned.

How could this have happened?"

The result appeared to be the same after he searched three times. Indeed, one of his three controlled Spiritual Beasts had been destroyed!

For these Spiritual Beasts, he had trained them with a special beast controlling technique since they were young. In these years, they had always been used as "fishing" to lure some Initial Stage warriors who had just entered the Upper Sky Realm into his prepared traps. Next, he would kill these warriors and use their bodies and Spiritual Qi to speed up his strength.

It had been more than three years since he had started implementing this plan. During it, two Initial Stage Upper Sky warriors had lost their lives and become a stepping stone for him to upgrade his power.

In these three years, he had never lost and no one had ever discovered him.

However, this time, one of his Flame Cloud Vultures had died. It was an unprecedented thing. These three Spiritual Beasts were in fact his most treasured babies. With the death of one of them, it was like carving the flesh from his own body. Such anger could not be described by a few words.

He decided to investigate and would make whoever had done it pay the price!

"Unforgivable, killing my Flame Cloud Vulture! Flame Cloud Vultures were extremely intelligent. If they had met a Middle Ranking or Higher Ranking Spiritual warrior, they would never go bother them. The enemy must also be at the Initial Stage for the Vulture to go up and lure him. Hmph, Initial Stage warrior, wait to use your life to offer sacrifice to my Flame Cloud Vulture!"

Revealing a gloomy face, this man dressed in black clothing walked out from a remote corner and rushed toward the approximate location where the beast had died. At the same time, he used the beast controlling technique to call the other two Flame Cloud Vultures to assemble.

Initially, he had been a warrior at the Initial Stage. Now, after absorbing the Spiritual Qi from the two other Initial Stage warriors into his bones, regardless of his body or level, he had become outstanding at this level. As a result, he had far surpassed ordinary Initial Stage warriors.

Plus, he also had two Spiritual Beasts in his control. In a man and two birds formation, of course, he had much more confidence with the bolstered strength.

Now, he only wanted to kill the one who had destroyed his Flame Cloud Vulture. He would take his body, absorb his Spiritual Qi and use it as his own.

On the other hand, Qin Wushuang had quickly left that unfortunate place after retrieving the inner pellet from that Flame Cloud Vulture. He knew that this matter had pros and cons. From the Vulture’s previous reaction, surely it did not work alone. It would have accomplices.

Just when he was returning through the original path, suddenly, Qin Wushuang stopped his footsteps.

He took out that vulture’s inner pellet and felt it with caution. After a moment, he shook his head helplessly. It seemed that much knowledge was hidden within the world of Upper Sky Realm.

When he was rushing back, he already felt that the Spiritual Qi from the inner pellet was gradually flowing away. To an Upper Sky inner pellet, if it lost some Qi to a certain degree, it would become a useless pellet in time.

An Upper Sky inner pellet would become worthless when it lost all its Spiritual Qi.

"It seems that this Upper Sky inner pellet should also have the corresponding conservation methods. It needs specialized tools to keep and nurture the Qi from flowing away."

However, at Qin Wushuang’s current stage, he had neither the equipment nor the corresponding method. Thus, Spiritual Qi was flowing away boldly from the inner pellet that he was hiding on his body.

Although the speed of drainage was not very fast, at least over half of the Qi would be lost after another three or five days. At that time, a super quality Upper Sky inner pellet would be devalued and become worthless.

Regardless of using it for alchemy or other means, impure inner pellets from Spiritual Beasts would lose its function tremendously. It would even become ineffective.

An annoying matter had appeared.

Distressed, Qin Wushuang held this inner pellet in the center of his palm. He had no Upper Sky storage equipment to nurture the Qi and did not know any methods to prevent the leakage of this Qi.

"If I don’t want to waste it, perhaps, I could only use this pellet right now. This inner pellet is the main material to make a good pellet. Unfortunately, the formula left by Li Wuji to make the Dragon and Tiger body sculpting material can not use this vulture. Besides, I don’t know how to make pellets…"

"It seems, if I wanted to use it, I can only absorb its Spiritual Qi directly. Or else, I can only watch the Qi flow away helplessly."

This feeling of distress was extremely annoying.

Qin Wushuang thought: "I need a form of technique to absorb this inner pellet. My body needs to have the capabilities to withstand it. This technique is indeed a big problem."

If I only use normal techniques to absorb the Qi from this inner pellet, at most, I could only absorb a tenth of it. It would be almost impossible to absorb the Spiritual Qi one hundred percent without some special absorbing technique.

"Technique…" As Qin Wushuang thought inwardly, he remembered something.

"A few of the techniques from the former world did serve such purpose. For example, the , , all had a similar function. Especially that , which was extraordinary. That had more or less evolved from that . Regardless of the depth and strength, it was far weaker than the !"

Per to the name, the had originated from the deep north sea. It was compared to the deep north sea as people’s sea of public region.

"Hm?" When Qin Wushuang thought here. He suddenly came up with a bold idea.

He decided to try that beginner method, the . It was not complicated and explained things in simple matter.

The threshold to train the was far less than the . It could be said that the was easy to learn. Any martial artists had the talent to train in this technique.

It’s core principle lay in two steps—To absorb and use it as your own.

The absorbing process was not complicated. One only needed to make the correct hand signs and control the degree of absorption. Next, one would needed to guide and send it out accurately.

The tough part resided in the question of how to use it as your own.

In the former ancient martial arts world, within a thousand years, many Pre-Sky Realm warriors had used the . However, most of them could only absorb and was never able to use it as their own.

Some could not even understand the concept of digestion. In turn, the absorbed inner Qi became a burden on their bodies.

Of course, the training of the people from the former world was limited to the Pre-Sky Realm.

Now, absorbing the Spiritual Qi was within the Upper Sky boundary. Of course, it would be totally different from before.

However, many rare martial arts technique books were only the tip of an iceberg to the Pre-Sky Realm users. Many of them were meant to be used in the Upper Sky and beyond.

For example, the , the and this all shared the same principle.

The portion practiced by the Pre-Sky Realm martial artists were only the tip of an iceberg. They had never practiced everything from these elite techniques.

In Qin Wushuang’s brain, he had almost remembered all the elite technique books to his heart’s content. Like a moving library, he would not even need to find it.

After a brief organizing, he had gone through the and understand the main ideas.

In fact, this and the shared different approaches but equally satisfactory outcome. The most crucial point of them were all on the path of "Lund Meridian of Hand-Taiyin." To know and understand the working of this path was crucial. Usually, Pre-Sky Realm martial artists would use the Genuine Qi to travel through the arteries. For Upper Sky Spiritual martial artists, they would use Spiritual Qi to travel through the arteries. The principles were the same and the only difference was the advancement of power.

Qin Wushuang circulated the Spiritual Qi a few times in his body. Instantly, the arteries became mature after being nurtured by the Qi. Regardless of elasticity or maturity, it had become much stronger than when he was at the Pre-Sky Realm.

After circulating a few times, he turned to focus on the training of the "Ren Mai." This artery originated from the "Perineum Acupoint" between the anus and the hypogynium. Although this path travelled past many acupoints, it revealed a visible path. To someone strong as Qin Wushuang, reading the right acupoint was like child’s play.

Indeed, after he had run through it, it felt exactly the same as recorded from the technique books.

"This book of is easy to learn. However, it is not easy to become proficient and master it!"

The "Lund Meridian of Hand-Taiyin" was not only the Ren Mai, but also the moving foundation for the . Additionally, the Few Manufactures point between the two thumb and the Middle Altar point between the two nipples were especially important!

The Few Manufactures Point was the starting point for this . The Spiritual Qi absorbed would pass through the head between the brows and reach the destination, the Middle Altar point between the two nipples.

It was the so-called saying of humans having the four oceans. Among the four oceans, the Middle Altar was the reservoir of the Qi and located between the two nipples. It was also the fatal point for the internal organs!

In the , it was the first and the most important step to use the Few Manufactures point to take the Qi and put it into the reservoir.

Qin Wushuang had clearly understood the arteries and tried to use the Spiritual Qi to walk through the Ren Mai. After going smoothly once, he did it again. After three times, he had become proficient at it.

With three practices, Qin Wushuang put that Upper Sky inner pellet at the front. From left and right, he used the Few Manufactures point between the two thumbs to start absorbing that pellet…

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