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The sudden arrival and disappearance of Old Man Ji Yin who had caused a bloodbath in Eastwood Town made Qin Wushuang extremely depressed. Frustration grew inside his heart.

This was the difference in strength and allowed Old Man Ji Yin to act presumptuous. He had come and gone easily, he could kill people and retreat easily.

If Emissary Liu hadn’t been here today, if they did not have the name of the Star Gauze Palace, the entire Eastwood Town would most likely have become a true Hell.

Just by looking at the killing stance of Old Man Ji Yin, one would know that he was an extremely vicious person who would never show any mercy when killing.

He had to retreat due to his fear of the power of the Star Gauze Palace. From his reaction at the time, he was already clearly planning to break the cauldrons and sink the boats. If Emissary Liu had not shouted at him to stop and targetedly mention his weakness, Old Man Ji Yin would definitely have engaged them in a fight.

Judging from the ghostly like movements of Old Man Ji Yin, they would not have much chance of winning even if they had combined all three of their powers together.

Indeed, this devilish Old Man Ji Yin was counted as one of the top-tier existence among the Middle Ranking Spiritual Martial Force. It was rumored that he had started searching for a way to reach the Upper Ranking Spiritual Martial Force. The power of his strength was already incomparable to theirs, who were at the Initial Stage.

Now, hearing the sounds, people from the Royal Qin also arrived.

Dumbfounded, they stared at the scene of the ruins, each of them could not utter a word.

"How terrifying was the destructive power that could have created such a bitter situation? That Eastwood Inn occupied a large area, and it is now a flat land?"

"Wushuang, what kind of enemy came here?" With trepidation remaining after a trauma, Da Xi Ming stared at the devastating scene.

"Brother-in-law, it was the Old Devil, Ji Yin, but he has left." Qin Wushuang did not conceal the fact.

Putting on a grim expression, even Da Xi Ming could not utter a word for a while as he watched this devastating scene.

"Leave a number of people to put out the fire, the rest, return to the manor," Qin Wushuang gave the order.

Qin Wushuang returned to the manor with his head full of thoughts. After the disturbance, he was in an extremely bad mood. The cost of the damage was less important, what weighed heavily upon him was the those lives that had been lost like this.

Before the Upper Sky Old Devil, the lives of normal and harmless people were revealed to be extremely fragile. It was the first time that Qin Wushuang felt that his power was far too weak.

On the other hand, Emissary Liu comforted him: "Marquis Wushuang, no need to worry. That Old Devil Ji Yin has entered the Upper Sky for at least hundreds of years. He is, at least, over two hundred years old. And you are only twenty years old and possess tremendous potential. If this Old Man Ji Yin could not enter the Upper Ranking Spiritual Martial Force before three hundred years, he definitely will not live for much longer. Yet, now, you are the rising morning sun, sooner or later your sunshine will overshadow the entire Ji Yin sect. Unless the Ji Yin Old Man has had his brain turned to mush, he should have never become enemies with you."

In the Tian Xuan Land, for Pre-Sky Realm martial artists, usually they would live over a hundred years if they had good training!

And once one reached the Upper Sky Realm, your age limit could be extended another fifty to one hundred years. In other words, an ordinary Upper Sky Warrior would have an average lifetime around one hundred and fifty.

For example, the age of the Martial Saint who guarded the Bai Yue Countrywas over one hundred and fifty years old. In fact, he was not far from reaching the limits of his lifespan.

He could only extend his age if he could break the bottleneck and enter the Middle Ranking Spiritual Martial Force. He would then reach the same stage of Old Man Ji Yin and live another fifty to one hundred years. Thus, his age limit would reach about two hundred and fifty years old.

Thus, with each advancing level, one could gain another hundred years of life time. To Upper Ranking Spiritual Martial Force users, it was possible for their age to range between three to four hundred years. If they could not continue to break through, then, they would reach the end, unable to avoid death.

However, once they broke through into the perfect Spiritual Martial Force stage, their age could easily exceed five hundred years. By then, they could truly become an old demon.

Many such figures had existed in the Tian Xuan Land. Only, at the level of the Bai Yue Country, they could never get in touch of them.

On the contrary, the Martial Saint spoke since he knew Qin Wushuang well: "Emissary Liu, Marquis Wushuang has always been optimistic. He would never feel discouraged by this temporary setback. For sure, he has some other worries on his mind."

"Martial Saint, Emissary Liu." Qin Wushuang raised his head, "Earlier, that Old Man Ji Yin had apparently planned to burn the boats himself. Yet when Emissary Liu mentioned the Ji Yin Sect, he suddenly retreated. Could it be, that this Old devil cares about his sect very much?"

Emissary Liu nodded: "In the Great Luo Empire, the Old Devil Ji Yin is famous for being overprotective. Good and bad talents can be found among his disciples. Most of them are untalented and he had never planned in nurturing them. His focus was to educate the seven Upper Sky disciples. Now, he only has six Upper Sky students since Li Wuji has died. I know that he values the legacy of the Ji Yin sect greatly. Thus, I mentioned his weakness and stroked there."

"Since this Old Man Ji Yin was being overprotective, surely he would not leave the matter at that with the death of Li Wuji. Could this be a delaying tactic via this retreat? In return, he would come back with much more vicious methods?" Qin Wushuang spoke all of his considerations.

Both Emissary Liu and the Martial Saint became quiet. They must admit that Qin Wushuang’s guess was not without reason. With the earlier performance of Old Man Ji Yin and his reputation, he was never someone to accept the suffering peacefully.

"This way, for sure, Old Man Ji Yin had retreated to plan a different approach? When he has taken care of the escape route, it would be the time for him to cause trouble again?" The Martial Saint was feeling a headache. It was surely an unfortunate matter when a Middle Ranking Spiritual Martial Force warrior set his eyes on the Bai Yue country.

These words reminded Emissary Liu: "That makes sense, Old Brother Qiu. It seems that this time, I must send word back again to the Star Gauze Palace and ask the Five Palace Masters to monitor the Ji Yin Sect strictly. Not a single movement would be allowed. Or else, this would become a never ending matter."

Feeling appreciative, Qin Wushuang also said when he saw Emissary Liu efforts: "I will not speak anymore pretentious words. I will remember your help in my heart, Emissary Liu."

Counting the days, the letter sent by Emissary Liu should have arrived at the Great Luo Empire by now. Only now did the Martial Saint take his leave knowing this. Emissary Liu said: "Old Brother Qiu, there is no need for Marquis Wushuang to attend the second exam. As for the rest of the martial arts students, I still need you to bring them to the Great Luo Empire for the second exam."

The Martial Saint said surprisingly: "Emissary Liu, for this martial arts student exam, could it be that it’s not the Great Luo Empire behind it? The Star Gauze was the true hosts?"

Emissary Liu sighed: "Initially, it was hosted by the Star Gauze Palace. The Great Luo only carried it out. I am not afraid to tell you that, inside the Empire, we have a severe shortage of talent in supply. We could not even take in enough disciples when the Star Gauze opened its door numerous times in the past. If this vicious cycle continued like this, it would severely affect the Empire’s future!"

To a Middle Ranking Great Empire, the consequence could indeed become extremely severe if they did not have enough talent in supply. Once the older generations of strong warriors passed away, without pool of talent to resupply their numbers, the overall strength of the entire empire would fall.

At that time, the fate awaiting this empire would be a total collapse.

The rise and the fall of the empire followed a trajectory. And this trajectory was apparently, deeply connected to the emerging talents and the strength of these talents.

Inwardly, the Martial Saint was shocked when he heard the words from Emissary Liu. Yet, he did not dare to make any bold comments.

On the other hand, Qin Wushuang did not bother to care. He took a stronger interest in his individual martial arts training. The overall strength of the entire Luo Empire did not influence him too much.

"That’s why, Marquis Wushuang, all five Palace Masters expressed strong interest when they saw your results. And this time, you had actually killed the head disciple of Old Man Ji Yin. For sure, the five Palace Master will be gushing with their love for you. I bet that when you go this time, those five would be flush with anger fighting over you." When he said here, even Emissary Liu was unable to restrain a smile with the image in his head of how those five usually fought for disciples.

Martial Saint gave a long sigh: "Marquis Wushuang, you will rapidly rise up in the world when you go to the Star Gauze Palace. Those martial arts students at the Bai Yue Country could never match your footsteps."

Emissary Liu laughed: "Old Brother Qiu, the Bai Yue will not receive unfair treatment either. If Marquis Wushuang really enters the eyes of the five Palace Masters, without a doubt, the Bai Yue will rise to become an Upper Subordinate country!"

Overjoyed, the Martial Saint knew that since Emissary Liu had said it, it was equivalent to words being engraved in stone. The Martial Saint had watched over the Bai Yue for more than half of his life. He did it to protect the country and to raise its status.

Now, the Bai Yue finally had a hope in rising up to become an Upper Subordinate Country. From now on, it would suppress the rest of the Subordinate countries. They no longer needed to watch the face of the surrounding countries and would not fear their ambitions.

Once the Bai Yue rose up to become an Upper Subordinate Country, he would also receive the corresponding rewards.

Regardless of this reward, it would surely not be lacking. Whenever the Mother Country gave out rewards, its richness would be incomparable anything on the level of the Bai Yue.

When he felt certain that Old Man Ji Yin had left, Qin Wushuang finally started his journey with Emissary Liu to head towards the Great Luo Empire, while the Martial Saint returned to his mountain.

The three months period between the exams was almost over and the second exam of the martial arts students was soon arriving. He must return and prepare to leave for the Great Luo Empire.

As for Qin Wushuang, of course, this martial arts student exam was of no concern to him since he had killed Li Wuji.

The intention of this martial arts student exam was to select potential talent for Upper Sky raining. And since he had already reached the Upper Sky, it would be a big fuss over a minor issue if he were to participate in this exam.

It was indeed the saying of killing a fly with a spear.

While heading towards the Great Luo Empire, with their speed and foot strength as Initial Stage Warriors of the Spiritual Martial Force, it would take about seven days.

In these seven days, Emissary Liu had received two letters along the way. The first time it talked about how the five Palace Masters all became furious when they heard that the Old Devil Ji Yin had gone to find trouble for Qin Wushuang. The second Palace Master had already volunteered to come to the Bai Yue Country.

The second letter told Emissary Liu that the head Palace Master had already sent people to the Ji Yin Mountain to monitor the Ji Yin sect every movement.

With these two letters, the gloominess in Qin Wushuang’s heart went away slightly. However, he knew more than anyone that the hatred between him and Ji Yin could never be resolved.

Regardless of him killing Li Wuji or Ji Yin murdering his people, both sides could not forgive each other. Although the hatred had been temporarily suppressed by an outside force, it would explode one day.

Qin Wushuang had secretly set goals that he must train hard to reach at the Star Gauze Palace. He must fight to reduce the gap between him and the Old Devil Ji Yin, with the hope of suppressing him!

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