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Showing an arrogant face, Qin Wushuang held He Yufei and stood on the roof of the Redwood Mansion like a lofty mountain. Tall and straight, his arrogance gave people a sense of peerlessness and awe.

"As for those visible and hidden sentries, no need to chase me. I only want the Redwood King to come talk to me!" Qin Wushuang spoke with a cold tone as if he was not standing on some King's Mansion but on the street.

And he did not put those mighty warriors who concealed themselves all around in his eyes as if they were no more than clay figures. With He Yufei in his hand, he was not afraid of any threat from the Redwood King.

Although the Redwood King had gone to sleep again, he was also startled firsthand. He dressed in a layer of embroidered and exceptional clothing and rushed over quickly with a couple of his trusted aides.

From afar, he saw one person standing leisurely on the high roof. He held a person like a hawk with a little chick in its talons and showed off an unbridled arrogance that ignored all those mighty warriors in the mansion as if they were nothing.

"Who are you?" With a shout, the Redwood King approached closer.

However, since his son had fallen into the hands of the enemy, even the unbridled Redwood King refrained from shooting at the rat in fear of breaking the vases.

"So you are the Redwood King?" Qin Wushuang glared at the Redwood King before him.

"That's me, who might you be?" While the Redwood King dealt with him, he also secretly made signs and motioned his subordinates to prepare their formation to capture this guy.

At the same time, he motioned his subordinate in secret to summon the four Stage Nine Elders.

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly: "Redwood King, if I were you, I would not put my hand behind my back to give off gestures. Firstly, it is not the slightest bit fitting for the temperament of a king. Secondly, you are pushing your son closer to the edge of death."

Being an ambitious character, even the Redwood King could not help but tremble inwardly when he heard these words.

The fact was, among his three sons, his eldest son had become a disciple to an Upper Sky Realm warrior since a young age. Of course, he could not inherit his position in the secular world. His youngest son was full of energy and talented at martial arts. However, the third son did not have the maturity and the methods as a King yet.

And this second child, despite being young, he had the maturity, the cleverness, and the ruthless temperament. He could be vicious and venomous at the right time and also act with kindness to his subordinates without hesitation.

The combination of kindness to subordinates and power was the truth to being a King.

He Yufei also had a strong potential in martial arts. He had the potential to achieve what the current Redwood King had when he reached his age.

Thus, to his eldest and youngest son, the Redwood King bestowed more hope towards their martial arts training. He very much expected them to take over the Martial Saint Mountain.

All his plans were proceeding smoothly. However, a dark horse had appeared out of the blue and thoroughly disturbed his plans.

It was the reason why the Redwood King felt resentment when Qin Wushuang had won first place.

Of course, the Redwood King did not know the person before him was Qin Wushuang. Or else, no one would know how complicated his mood would become.

The Redwood King would be lying if he said he was not nervous.

After all, the enemy had his son, and he could not control his life and death.

"Redwood King…" Qin Wushuang's voice sounded again, "I know you are stalling time and waiting for the so-called four Stage Nine Elders. However, don't forget, I hold your son's life in my hands. It's a terrible problem that even one hundred Stage Nine Elders can not solve. Hahaha."

Inwardly, the Redwood King was stunned. He could clearly see how terrifying this enemy was. He did not care about any of the mighty warriors from the mansion and did not put them in his eyes at all.

The enemy was definitely not an idiot since he could talk with such ease. Surely he had the strength and power. Besides, since he had Fei'Er, it was equivalent to holding a trump card.

"Mister, if you think you can blackmail me and haggle over price with one of my sons, then you have the wrong idea!" Inwardly, the Redwood King was extremely concerned. On the surface, he still spoke with a firm tone.

"Is that so? I heard that an evil beast does not devour their son! I would like to see if right now, I crushed your son to death with one of my palms, how would you feel?"

The Redwood King revealed a face as cold as frost and said taciturnly: "If that happened, I promise you will die without an intact body!"

Qin Wushuang laughed to the sky as if he had the best joke in the world.

After he stopped his laughter, Qin Wushuang finally said lightly: "Redwood King, if I want to kill someone, your few threatening words will not stop me."

The Redwood King asked coldly: "Just what do you want, feel free to tell me so I can see what to do."

"Good, that's what I am talking about."

Qin Wushuang sneered: "I will only ask you, are you the culprit behind those missing girls cases in the recent years on the Redwood Territory? A true man has the courage to accept the consequence of what he does. Redwood King, let me see how will you answer."

The expression on Redwood King remained unchanged: "That's right, I did it."

He spoke with a carefree tone as if everything that had happened was inevitable and right: "They are my people at the Redwood Royal Territory. I control their life and death. Taking a few individuals, isn't it like catching a few dogs? Why are you making it a big deal?"

Qin Wushuang's face froze, catching a few people was like catching a few dogs?

So, you also thought of my sister as a dog?

When he thought there, his fury erupted, and he lifted He Yufei at once. He exerted some power in his five fingers and squeezed He Yufei's whole body, causing He Yufei to tremble violently as both of his hands struggled powerlessly.

Qin Wushuang laughed madly: "Redwood King, your son is now my prisoner. I can also squeeze him to death quickly like squeezing a dog. Let me ask, how do you feel?"

Infuriated, the Redwood watched his son in such powerless situation as even his tongue was even squeezed out. If he continued to squeeze him like this, he would most likely die of suffocation in a moment.

"Stop!" The Redwood King growled and postured like a mad tiger as rich murderous intent shone out from his eyes. Apparently, he had accumulated hatred towards Qin Wushuang to the extreme.

Qin Wushuang pretended not to hear him and slapped on He Yufei's face with his left hand.

He laughed evilly: "Stop? Redwood King, you know how to care? You son's life is important to you; then are the lives of the other children also not important to their families? I am using your method to obtain retribution. Since you can not understand the pain when others lose their children, let me help you to experience it!"

As he said this, he slapped He Yufei's face a dozen of times. The slaps instantly turned He Yufei's originally pale face into a pig-colored face.

The Redwood King could not help but tremble. With each slap, blood dripped from his heart.

Although the slaps were on his son, the Redwood King felt them as if they were hitting him.

Qin Wushuang laughed, and he knew he had entirely grasped the upper hand. He had totally suppressed the arrogant temperament of the Redwood King.

He stopped and asked with satisfaction: "Redwood King, how do you feel?"

A flicker of anger shot out from the eyes of the Redwood King: "Tell me, what do you want?"

"Let go of people! Let go of all the girls you have captured. It is your only way to save yourself. Or else, wait to collect your son's corpse!"

"Impossible!" Redwood King refused, "Those captured girls were sent to other places, unknown of life or death. They are not even here, how could I let them go?"

"They were no longer alive?" The chilliness increased again on Qin Wushuang's face. He squeezed more tightly by using his five fingers and said coldly, "Redwood King, I don't want to waste my words. If in the next moment, you are still not going to let them go, I will pull off one of your son's arm. Let me ask again, if you still insist on not letting them go, then your son will lose an arm forever!"

"Are you going to let them go or not?" Qin Wushuang glared as if he were King Kong reborn on this earth. Revealing powerful momentum, he was only waiting for one word from the Redwood King.

When had the Redwood King ever been trapped, and powerless like this?

Both of his eyes became bloodshot and he angrily squeezed out a single word from the gap between his teeth: "I will let them go! But…"

"I will only let go of the person you need!" The Redwood King stopped for a moment, "It's not possible that all these girls are related to you, right?"

"It seems, you don't care about your son's arm." Qin Wushuang was about to use his power when the Redwood King shouted:

"Hold on!"

"You've thought it through?"

Between his gritted teeth, the Redwood King said with a twisted face: "Honestly, I only have a group of girls that were just caught recently. The rest of them were already sent to a faraway place. It's impossible for them to be alive. Even if you are asking me to let them go, I cannot do it!"

"How many did you catch recently? Do you have a list?"

Qin Wushuang had already recognized that the Redwood King had spoken the truth in his last words. Now, he was extremely concerned about his sister. Regarding those people who had disappeared years ago, he could not turn change their fate.

"I don't have a list, but I can bring them to show you." A flicker of viciousness shone from the eyes of the Redwood King. Although it was only quick flash, Qin Wushuang had fully noticed it.

He thought for a moment: "Alright!"

Then, he said again: "Then let's set it in half a month as the time limit. After one half of the month, if those girls have returned home safely, your son will be sent back to you in one piece and inherit your throne. If even one of them is missing, then you will have no choice but to pick another heir. Hahaha."

"At 7 AM tomorrow, I will wait for you at the East Gate of the Royal City. By that time if I don't see you letting them go, the deal is off!"

The Redwood King forcefully suppressed his anger: "How come I have to let them go first, and not us letting people go at the same time?"

"It's simple. Of course, you should let people go first since you were the one that captured them. If we let them go at the same time, aren't you going to have the upper hand? When I make deals with people, I will never suffer losses."

"And tonight, I must ask your son to come with me!" As Qin Wushuang finished speaking, he lifted He Yufei onto his shoulder, kicked with his feet continuously and flew outside.

He hissed continuously: "Get out of my way if you don't want me to kill people!"

Accompanied by a dragon-like chant and tiger-like roar, Qin Wushuang came and went like the wind. He moved as quick as lightning, appearing vividly and in a few moments, he had already disappeared into the darkness.

Dumbstruck, the entire body of the Redwood King seemed have lost his soul.

He had already realized that this person's strength would not lose to anyone in the Redwood Mansion. His speed was like a ghost's. Just regarding speed and weirdness, he had surpassed any of mighty Stage Nine warriors in the mansion. Such a person, he most likely could have killed Fei'Er and left with ease.

When he thought there, the Redwood King felt extremely angry! He shot out a punch and directly made the rock garden collapse. Shattered stone crumbs flew everywhere, and dust filled the air.

Terrified, a group of subordinates kept quiet in fear of angering the Redwood King.

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