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The Martial Saint gazed fixedly at Qin Wushuang's eyes. Apparently, Martial Saint was observing what Qin Wushuang was thinking.

"Marquis Wushuang, just say whatever you are thinking." The Martial Saint smiled lightly. He knew, tof a young man, this question did sound a little sudden. At this moment, surely it was hard for him to suppress his mood.

Qin Wushuang took a deep breath. He decided not to consider this problem but put the question about martial arts training as a priority.

He raised his head and asked sincerely: "Martial Saint, I would like to ask, have you already entered the Spiritual Martial Realm, and how exactly is this Spiritual Force divided."

Martial Saint revealed an understandable smile. He had known Qin Wushuang was going to ask this question.

He did not tarry and nodded: "If I haven't entered in the Upper Sky Spiritual Force Realm, how could I control the Martial Saint Mountain? As for the division within the Spiritual Force, I will keep it a secret first. Let me ask you, do you know the difference between the Spiritual Martial and the Genuine Force?"

Qin Wushuang had heard the Great Honored Warrior mentioned it before. However, he did not know much.

"The Great Honored Warrior previously said if one wishes to break through the shackles of the Genuine Force and enter into the Upper Sky Realm, there is only one crucial word. That is the understanding of the concept of "Dao." The difference within here is most likely also this "Dao," right?"

"What is Dao?" Martial Saint asked, "Answer with your understanding."

Qin Wushuang pondered for a moment. In fact, he truly could not explain precisely the Dao on martial arts. However, in his former world, he did acquire a little knowledge on the Dao culture.

Thus, he said with a deep voice: "Dao is all, and all is Dao. The human language should not be able to describe precisely what is Dao. But, the universe functioned on Dao, and everything that moves around the world has Dao. This Dao should be the origin and the law of behavior to all universal beings."

The Martial Saint revealed a fully astonished face as he looked at this young man before him.

It was not because he was dissatisfied with Qin Wushuang's answer, it was because the Martial Saint had never expected Qin Wushuang to give such an answer.

The truth was, on the microscopic side, even he had not thought of the things said in Qin Wushuang's answers.

An offspring of the lower-class aristocrats that had to reside in the countryside home could actually speak such transcending principles?

This, could it he actually be the rumored evildoer?

"Martial Saint, I have spoken out of the blue, have I gone off-topic?" Qin Wushuang could not help but ask when he saw the strangeness of the Martial Saint's face.

The Martial Saint shook his head indignantly. Finally, he gave a long sigh after he stared at Qin Wushuang for a while: "No, you are not off. You are right. The deeper meaning of the Dao initially meant this. What else is there to say? Marquis Wushuang, you've surprised me."

Before the Martial Saint, Qin Wushuang did not dare to act full of himself as he said humbly: "I only gave a broad answer on the general Dao on the microscopic side. However, I know nothing about the detailed Dao on the Spiritual Forces."

The Martial Saint waved his hand: "No, when the greater principle is understood, the smaller laws will not pose a problem. Marquis Wushuang, I will tell you. In the Genuine Force, one practiced the Qi. Even if you are at the peak of the Genuine Force, you are after all, at the height of the inner force. You can only use the power from your body to attack the enemies. And the Upper Sky Realm, what is the Upper Sky Realm? It's about stealing the force from nature. One could use the natural power from nature, and use the body as an intermediary to emit ten, hundreds or even a thousand times more attack power than the Genuine Force. Don't think that the mighty secular warriors at the Genuine Force are the peak. Once they meet a powerful warrior at the Spiritual Force, he would only need to use one finger tokill a Stage Nine Warrior of the Genuine Force."

Ten, hundreds, or even a thousand times more attack power?

Qin Wushuang knew that inevitably, a giant gulf lay between the Genuine and the Upper Sky Realm. The difference between the two was undeniably immense.

Unexpectedly, it had such an immense difference.

Now, he was at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. When he used his full strength, the power was formidable.

And to increase his power by ten, hundreds, and even a thousand times more, what would it mean?

"Marquis Wushuang, do you think, my words sounded too exaggerated?" Martial Saint suddenly stood up and pointed to that stone bench he just sat.

"If you attacked, can you break this stone bench outside of ten meters?"

Ten meters?

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang wiped his sweat. He could use the internal force from his naked body to attack across the air and hurt people. However, at most, his distance was three meters.

To create the highest level of destructive power, it would be best to hit it with something. For instance, to hit it with the palm attack to maximize the power.

As for ten meters away, perhaps, Qin Wushuang could use his palm force to push this stone bench. As for breaking it, he most likely had to attack it within three meters.

The Martial Saint smiled lightly and walked ten steps. Each step was a meter apart.

When he arrived at a distance of ten meters from the bench, he slowly stopped. Suddenly, he looked back, and five fingers squeezed as if grabbing something lightly. Then, a cyan colored mark leaped up and down on the center of his palm as if it were an invisible fairy.

Abruptly, the Martial Saint raised his arm and thrust toward that stone bench.

Qin Wushuang saw a blue and green light flash before his eyes.


With a crisp sound, that stone bench had completely disappeared from its place. And only a pile of stone crumbs lay on the floor. There was not a single stone crumb big as a finger as all of it turned into dust.

Qin Wushuang took a breath of cold air and looked at this scene at him with bewilderment.

Was this the power of the Upper Sky Realm?

Thinking about it; he could not even consider the consequence if the Martial Saint had used this move on him. By that time, he could only harbor a grudge.

Upper Sky Realm…

Spiritual Martial Force…

Qin Wushuang chewed on these few concepts and inwardly, a yearning he never had before emerged.

"Marquis Wushuang, I only used thirty percent of my power."

The Martial Saint's words made Qin Wushuang even more astonished. Only thirty percent of his power and the extent of it had been this terrifying.

With this attack power, even if ten Stage Nine Warriors of the Genuine Force went up together, most likely, they would not have any chance of survival. It would be like slashing a melon and cutting vegetables.

Indeed, there was a world of difference between the Upper Sky Realm and the Peak of the Genuine Force!

Martial Saint walked closer casually: "Marquis Wushuang, you have great talents and strength. From what I see, it would only be a matter of time before you enter the Upper Sky Realm. Unfortunately, for us who were born in the Subordinate Country, most of us did not have the Spiritual Roots. To join the Upper Sky Realm, you must go through the Dashing stage."

Qin Wushuang could not help to ask: "I heard earlier from the Great Honored Warrior, in this world, some people were born with the Upper Sky Realm Spiritual Roots? I just wonder, how many people like that exists in the Tian Xuan land?"

With a serious face, the Martial Saint shook his head with a bitter smile after a while: "I could not answer this question. Regarding how big the Tian Xuan land is, and how many mighty warriors exists, even at my current place, I could only catch a glimpse."

Qin Wushuang was extremely surprised: "This way, there were a lot of people that born with a golden spoon in their mouth?"

Martial Saint nodded helplessly: "I am afraid so."

Then, he changed his tone: "Although, those who were born with this talent, perhaps, they could not become stronger than those who had a breakthrough from the Genuine Force. Each person has their own cultivation path. This cultivation is unique. From my understanding, in the Tian Xuan land, many mighty warriors had used hard work to break through any obstacles. From that point on, they were unsurpassed and had far above those people who were born with a golden spoon."

Overall, it could be summed up in only four words; Heaven rewards the diligent.

Of course, not all hard work could receive the rewards from the heaven.

Martial Arts training depended on individual cultivation, luck, and fate. Hard work would inevitably produce a mighty warrior. However, to become someone that would stand undefeated, you must be the type that works the hardest.

"Martial Saint, this way, martial arts students who made the cut, most of us did not have any Spiritual Roots?"

"I am almost certain; no one had Spiritual Roots. In a place like the Bai Yue Country, the chance of having someone born with Spiritual Roots is too low. In this country, we don't have enough Spiritual Qi to nurture Spiritual Roots. Only those higher level empires have a higher possibility of having someone born with Spiritual Roots. However, that high level empire also has a limitation. They won't appear as common as dogs or pigs. In the Bai Yue country, we would most likely have a person born with the innate Spiritual Roots in hundreds of years. And in that big empire, maybe they have one between three or five years. Perhaps, a few at once in a year. It is not something we could compare ourselves to. After all, the Bai Yue Country in the Tian Xuan land belonged to a lower civilization."

It was a reality where one must admit. No one could change how you were born.

However, there were two ways to enter into the Upper Sky Spiritual Martial Realm. One was to have natural born Spiritual Roots; the second method was to succeed in breaking through the Dash stage. In the end, the Gods were fair.

Everyone had a chance. What did it matter if you were born with a golden spoon?

In his former world, there was a vulgar yet reasonable old saying—it didn't matter is you achieved early success, the one that laughs until the end was the winner.

Since Qin Wushuang was born twice, the one thing he did not lack was resolve. He was the type that would not be afraid of the sky, the land, and had a body full of arrogance right down to his bones and refused to be defeated.

The Martial Saint had said that most of the mighty warriors on the Tian Xuan land broke into the Upper Sky Realm with hard work. From that point, those people had far exceeded those people born with Spiritual Roots.

It had given Qin Wushuang courage and a sense of unwillingness to resign in his blood.

Vividly, the Martial Saint also felt the firm resolve and determination as he watched the change of expression on Qin Wushuang's face.

Inwardly, he also became euphoric. From this young man, he had seen an almost legendary will. That was the form of will unseen in the offspring of the Bai Yue Country. It was unyielding, uncompromising and completely fearless.

"Marquis Wushuang, perhaps no one from the one hundred and twenty people have Spiritual Roots. However, it does not mean you guys were not qualified to connect with the Spiritual Roots. This means the potential of whether you could reach the Spiritual Marital Force. It did not only mean the Upper Sky Spiritual Roots. You must understand this question clearly and never undervalue yourself for not having Spiritual Roots."

Qin Wushuang smiled coolly: "Martial Saint, in my dictionary, there exists no words such as undervaluing myself. Spiritual Roots? I've previously heard a saying , those who achieve early success do not count, and it isthe one who laughs till the end who wins. Even if I have to break through the Dashing stage, I have complete confidence in surpassing those who were born with a gold spoon!"

High-spirited, his words showcased a heroism reaching the clouds where it gave a domineering, powerful momentum!

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