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Chapter 2
Volume 08 Chapter 03

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「The Soldiers Arrive At The Kingdom」

Early the next day.

In contrast to Maple’s quiet mist covered streets, numerous people were gathering in the stadium.

The arena was swamped with the figures of the warriors who had been summoned from all of Canada Forest.

Most people wore leather armor, with metal armor being a rarity among them.

There was a variety of weapons on display and the way the warriors from different villages spoke with one another made it seem like a gathering of human mercenaries more than anything else.

Some of the warriors had distinctive lilac skin, which meant they were dark elves like Ariane.

Speaking of which, if one were to talk about soldiers, one would normally assume them to be male. However, about one third of the elven warriors gathered in this place were female, which was a huge difference compared to human soldiers.

Ariane and her mother Glenys, perhaps even her sister Ivana as well, were easily capable of besting any man in combat. Only a fool would hang on to the outdated prejudice against female soldiers in the face of overwhelming evidence.  る。

Rather, the large proportion of female warriors showed that the women’s abilities among elves was high.

“I guess, Ariane-dono and Glenys-dono aren’t an exception……”


When that unintentional mutter left my lips as I took in what was occurring in the arena, Ponta leaned forward on my head and cried out in agreement.

However, Ariane, who’d been discussing today’s schedule with Dylan nearby, had wrinkles form on her face when she heard me.

“What? Did you say something rude about me?”

When I saw Ariane sharp gaze, I vigorously shook my head.

“It’s a misunderstanding, Ariane-dono. I was only saying that there were a lot of excellent women among the elves.”


Ariane glared at me for awhile before she let out a sigh when after she saw Ponta climbing back up to her original spot after my head shaking knocked her off.

“Since every elven warrior hones their favored weapon and their magic, the qualities of a warrior aren’t limited to brute strength like humans. In that regard, your aptitude in both magic and weaponry means that you’re an exemplary elf, Arc.”

My gaze dropped to my hands as I repeatedly opened and closed them.

Although it’d been a while, I still felt different from the elves of this world. Still, when she said it like that, the heavenly knight class was similar to the magic swordsmen style of the elven warrior, given that the physical-based knight class acted as a base and utilized the magic system of the priest class.

Ariane’s words brought about a strange sense of elation within me.

After all, the only common denominator we shared were the long ears, and the alienations were on the forefront of my consciousness. Dylan and Fargas appeared while I considered such things.

“Arc-kun, today I ask of you to transfer the warriors gathered here to Nozan Kingdom using your transfer magic.

After having said his piece, Dylan smiled as Fargas took over the conversation.

“You’re gonna be responsible for transporting the soldiers with your magic, but can you really move them all in one day? I don’t doubt Ariane, but there’s still some time left. It wouldn’t make sense to overextend yourself before the war, right?”

Elder Fagas’ concern was a good one.

Even though 【Transfer Gate】used less mana than most offensive magic, the mana consumption would increase for a mass transfer, and

the mana consumption for repeat trips would limit the number of times I could do this.

However, I was equipped with the 『Overcoat of the Night Sky』, which restored my mana over time when I stopped moving. Therefore. as long as I took things in moderation, it shouldn’t take more than a half day.

Yesterday, after I went to Rhoden and told Princess Lillie that Canada decided to participate in the war, I informed King Carlen that Rhoden’s forces would be taken to Nozan within a day.

The problem may lie with Rhoden organizing its forces in time.

The armies of human nations acted as a collective, but there were various necessary personnel and supplies that were indispensable when dispatching them. Even with a standing army, it would be difficult to mobilize them in such a short period of time.

In that regard, the way in which the elves mobilized their forces was unpredictable. From food to weapons, each individual platoon prepared all of it themselves, allowing for rapid deployment and individualized decision making.

This was due to the routine duties elven warriors regularly performed.

Small platoons would normally gather the food, weapons and tools they would need before diving into the massive forest to subjugate monsters or to push back encroaching humans.

For these soldiers, there wasn’t any great difference apart from the fact that the destination was a human city.

“There’s no need to worry, Fagas-dono. Besides that, I don’t see Ferufivisurotte-dono anywhere, where is she? Wouldn’t it be better for us to introduce her to the humans first?”

As of yesterday, a substantial force had gathered in responses to Nozan Kingdom’s request. At the time, I’d informed King Asparuf that a dragon king had joined the war, but something like that was difficult to explain to her majesty with mere words.

Though I thought so, both Fargus and Dylan smiled wryly at my question.

Ariane and I were both confused by their reaction.

“Ferufivisurotte-sama said that the would reach Nozan Kingdom with her own wings, and left earlier this morning. Apparently, she has to make a little stop along the way……”

Dylan’s brow drooped as he shook his head after informing us of what happened.

She was traveling to Nozan with her own wings, but would she arrive at the capital in her dragon form, or her human form?

I was amazed by her grasp of the geography outside of Canada

There was another problem…… everyone was gathered here so we didn’t have to worry about her running from the fight, but she might cause an uproar if she appeared in the sky above the capital in her dragon form.

“Even though I doubt Ferufivisurotte-dono will be able to beat my transfer magic, it’s probably for the best that we get an elven representative to the capital as soon as possible.”

The figure of dragon king Williahsfim, in his dragon form, deciding upon a city crossed my mind and I groaned as Fargas nodded along with my statement.

“Well, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion, we’ll have you take Dylan to Nozan so he can act as our representative, Arc-dono. Can the advance party be sent at the same time?”

“Of course, once the vanguard is put together I can take both of you at the same time if you wish, Fargas-dono.”

Dylan nodded in agreement before calling out to a couple of nearby people and telling them to get ready.

In that way, more than a hundred soldiers were crammed

crammed together around Fargus, Dylan and me in the center of the arena.

In an effort to efficiently use my transfer magic and conserve my mana, the selected warriors were holding the luggage they would be using.

The purpose was the increase the amount of the occupied spaced within the magic formation, and I was placed in the center as it was the most optimal position for the magic caster.

“Mm, I will use a hundred and eighty percent then……”


Ponta let out an encouraging call from atop my head.

She was in quite the enviable safe zone.

I couldn’t feel anything because of my full-body armor, but there was something nostalgic about being so tightly packed in.

Ariane and Chiome were standing outside the range of my transfer magic, saying “bye-bye.” as they waved me off.

They’d made the wise decision to wait until I was finished with everyone else before coming over.

“There’s no helping it, let’s get this done before I’m crushed. Let’s go, Ponta. 【Transfer Gate】!”

“Kyun! Kyun!”

As always when I invoked my transfer magic, a huge magic formation appeared at my feet.

I ignored the shouts of surprise and admiration of the surrounding warriors as I brought up our destination in my mind.

King Asparuf had cleared a plot of land around Nozan’s royal palace for the elves to arrive.

The world went dark and in the next moment the surrounding people let out a shocked gasp when they realized we were in a new location.

They had been standing in Maple’s arena, far from any human nation, until just a second ago…… and now stood in Nozan’s royal garden.

I looked up and saw the sparsely decorated, yet firmly built royal palace.

The packed crowd of elves gradually dispersed as admiration slipped from their lips and the warriors’ feet dragged them toward the new surrounding.

Looking around, I could see the guardsmen that had been waiting for our arrival. Even though they’d been informed of our arrived beforehand, they could not hide their shock of suddenly seeing elves appear.

Under such circumstances, it was elder Fargas who managed to reign the warriors in.

“I understand that the human realm is interesting, but we have no time to relax! Everyone leave the area with your gear. Let’s go!”

At his command, everyone gathered their things and followed after elder Fargas.

I still needed to bring the second, third and following groups of warriors here, so this area needed to be cleared out.

Great elder Fargas was representative of the elven forces, and on the Kingdom’s side…… I saw the face of King Asparuf, along with the guards he’d brought with him.

However, the massive maul that was stripped to his waist, the leather armor that emphasized the bulk of his body, his scarred face and the atmosphere of an experienced warrior he exuded made it clear that Fagas didn’t need them.

Many of the dark elves had good physiques, and if seen by themselves people would doubt that they were part of the elven forces.

The only one to step forward in the presence of this battle-hardened veteran was King Asparuf Nozan Soulia, wearing a suit of armor similar to his guards’.

The two of them shared a look as their respective guards stood at the ready.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of my countrymen for reaching across the racial divide and offering a helping hand in our time of need. Unfortunately, the previous undead attack has left the capital in

capital in shambles and we can only provide you with cramped accommodations.”

King Asparuf nodded as he quietly extended his hand to Fargas, who accepted it with a large smile on his face.

“A chance to bring down the Hiruku Theocracy is reason enough for us to take part in this affair. While this will be bad for the believers of their doctrine, as long as the agreed-upon terms are upheld, we shall stand by your side.”

Fargas was referring to the conditions Canada had set in order to send Nozan relief.

In this case, Canada intended to assault the heart of the Hiruku church under the guise of the kingdom accepting their aid, and Fargas had just declared our intentions for all to hear.

Although the influence of the Hiruku would be diminished once the heart of its operations was gone, the church was deeply rooted in nearly every human nation and wouldn’t disappear overnight.

It was unclear what form it would take after the war, but if the remaining church leaders condemned Nozan for colluding with elves, Nozan would forever opposed to the Hiruku Theocracy.

The other human nation who would be taking part in this war, Rhoden Kingdom at the southern tip of the Northern Continent, has remained outside of the Hiruku’s influence. They were a major power that could content with the church by joining hands with their neighboring countries.

As for Canada, as long as Nozan Kingdom continued to oppose the church after the war, Canada would help them with the postwar reconstruction.

“Currently, there aren’t that many choices available to us, but we believe that this decision will greatly shape our future. Let’s stand united here so that our pact can remain strong later on.”

Asparuf didn’t break eye contact with Fargas, even after being placed under the elder’s intimidating gaze, and put more strength in his grip.

The king decided to hold hands with elves and beastmen…… that choice will eventually spread through this nation’s territories, but the people indoctrinated by the Hiruku religion would definitely resist it.

While those voices were relatively quiet in the capital since it’d been attacked, that wouldn’t be the case for the territories to the east of the capital…… the territories which hadn’t been exposed to Hiruku’s invasion.

People were adverse to change and rarely recognized major threats until they faced them…… it was this bluntness that allowed them to strive in harsh environments, but the delayed problem recognition was a fatal flaw.

However, King Asparuf declared that he would use all of the royal family’s authority to control the opposition and change the society to one that would accept Canada’s ideas.

After the human and elven representatives shook hands, the king started a conversation with me.

“Arc-dono. I would like to thank you personally for arranging things with Rhoden and Canada. If it weren’t for you, it wouldn’t be possible to create such a hopeful future. Thank you.”

When the people around the king heard his words, a small commotion geban to spread through their formation.

“We simply exchanged our wishes with one another and passed them on to others. I can not take credit for both parties deciding to compromise with one another. Additionally, you should praise Lille-dono’s wisdom for requesting our help in subjugating the enemy in the first place.”

King Asparuf’s eyes popped open and his lip formed into a slight smile when he heard my reply.

“That’s right, I can not deny my daughter’s major my daughter’s major achievement. So, where is Lille now?”

“Lille-dono is currently staying in Rhoden, she’ll return along with Rhoden’s forces. Apparently, she and Rhoden’s princess seem to get along……”

The king breathed a relieved sigh and made a small nod when he heard of Lille’s wellbeing.

“Well, it’s a rarity for the people of this house to find a friend, so that’s good. I’ll ask Lille about it later. And, do take care in the upcoming battle, Arc-dono.”

He offered me a slight bow before he left with his guards in tow.

He had a variety of duties to take care of, on top of greeting ten thousand guests.

I saw him off before returning to the spot I’d originally arrived at.

“We have work to do as well.”


Atop my head, Ponta gave a spirited reply.

With her encouragement, I informed Dylan that I was returning to Maple before invoking 【Transfer Gate】.

It was an easy trip since it was just Ponta and me.

Our surrounding instantly shifted and when we arrived at the arena the soldier making the next trip suddenly flocked towards me.

It seems the other great elders were staying behind to direct them.

I took a breath and invoked my magic at a hundred and eighty percent again, and by the time I exhaled, we were already in Nozan again.

This might be harder than I thought… I realized the harshness of the transport industry as the constant shifts began to blur in my mind.

As a result of my efforts, the entirety of the elven forces were transported to Nozan’s capital by the time the sun stood high in the sky.

Though it was difficult to make fifty-plus round-trips with transfer magic, it wasn’t feeling magically or physically fatigued.

The great elders and chieftain Brain couldn’t hide their surprise at this feat.

“Are you tired, Arc? We can eat lunch now, and head to Rhoden in the afternoon.”

Ariane, who’d stayed behind till the end, was the one who spoke with me.

Chiome had gone to Nozan Kingdom with the last group.

It seems that Goemon’s unit, who’d taken a different path than us, had yet to reach Nozan or contact the others.

While I wasn’t aware of their circumstances, I wasn’t that worried that they’d gotten into any trouble…… My mind wandered back to Goemon’s muscular figure.

“Well, let’s eat lunch and replenish our spirits.”

“Kyun! Kyun!”

Ponta wagged her fluffy tail on my head when I said that, while I popped my stiff shoulders after all the trips.

“Ariane-dono, is there any place in Maple where we can find a good meal?”

As we left the arena and stepped on to the streets of Maple, Ariane suddenly raised an eyebrow and her lips formed into a sharp smile.

“If that’s… There’s this place I always used to go, and I highly recomm……”

“Ari-chan, let’s go and get some lunch!”

When Ariane was in the middle of speaking, Ivane suddenly leaped onto her back and inserted herself into the conversation.

“Huh!? Ivanneechan!?”

“Hey, you don’t have much time today, right? Let’s go to lunch, just the two of us.”

While she spoke to Ariane in a sweet tone, Ivana bitterly glared at me.

Ivana was acting like a stereotypical siscon for some reason, and she considered me a nuisance.

“Wait a minute, nee-chan! Aren’t you on guard duty today…… Arc!”

Ariane was at a loss for what to do with her sister, and her eyes were pleading with me.

Ariane’s relationship with her sister was gonna be a problem in the future.

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