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The Flame Emperor Who Kicked An Iron Plate


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

As the number 4 ranked player on the Heaven Rankings, there were very few people in the China Region that Cang Yan took seriously. He knew everyone on the Heaven Rankings and Earth Rankings. He only feared the super experts on the Heaven Rankings, and was wary against the experts on the Earth Rankings. He did not take anyone else seriously at all. Because he had never seen this person before, he was sure that he wasn’t on the Heaven Rankings or Earth Rankings. As such, he was merely a piece of trash whom he could easily destroy.

And yet, this person who was about to die was acting so arrogantly.

Cang Yan couldn’t help but coldly laugh. Bullying the weak was one of his greatest pleasures. He slowly raised his right hand, as a red flame appeared in his hands. It grew bigger and bigger until it reached his shoulders, and he mockingly replied, “Really, now? I want to see if you can send me off, or if it’ll be me who sends an idiot like you off to hell.”

“Hoh! A Fire Mage… Wait, no... You’re a Flame Wizard who’s done his second profession upgrade.” Winter of That Year grinned as he inwardly cursed, “You dare to call my handsome self an idiot? I’ll beat you up so badly that even your mum won’t recognise you!!”

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