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50 Times Brain Capacity


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

 “Master…” Qian Mo opened and closed her mouth a few times before saying in deep shock, “Your brain capacity was increased by the Mad Scientist to more than 10 times a normal person’s brain capacity, right?”

“Yes, 15 times. With Eve’s help, I can raise it to 20 times. However, 2/3 of our brain capacities were sealed through some unknown method by the Mad Scientist. Right now, it’s only 5 times a normal person’s brain capacity.” Ling Chen replied. He didn’t need to hide these sorts of things. Although his brain capacity was only 5 times that of a normal person’s, he was still a monster whose mental energy and power surpassed humans’ limits.

“But Tian Tian, her… her…” Yao Ying paused for a few moments before spluttering out, “I casually used the instrument to check Tian Tian’s brain capacity… and that number skyrocketed…”

“Tian Tian’s brain capacity is 50 times a normal person’s… no! It’s more than 50 times! Because this instrument could only measure up to 50 times… and it broke…”

 Ling Chen: “!!!!”

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