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Black stone spider: (level 60)

Black Stone Spider moved its slender legs and slowly made its appearance from within the darkness. It threw the poor fuck skewered on its leg aside with a flick of its leg and continued crawling out.

This new development momentarily stunned the warriors and magicians. Against the Black Stone Spider twice as big as them, they stood still as the thing continued making its way towards them.

The Anarchy spides parted ways like they’re in the presence of a monster. And coming out of the path, is another Black Stone Spider.

1, 2, 3, 4…

And finally, 10. 10 Black Stone Spiders!

This time even Wu Yan & company can’t help flinching at the sight of these giants. They almost can’t utter anything.

Just moments ago, a tier 6 warrior of the same tier as Wu Yan got one shot-ed!

They might be the same tier but Wu Yan could have dispatched him easily as well seeing as he had two Rare Armaments as well as the fact that the tier 6 was negligent when he charged. Those not withstanding, to die within such a short span of time, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t startled.

10 tier 7 Black Stone Spiders! They stood like the walls of a fortress in opposition to the treasure hunters. They kept moving those legs of theirs like they can’t wait to jump at them. Their eyes red with hostility, low growls could be heard from them.

“Shit, the black spiders are on another level than the spiders before!”

Standing at the back of the treasure hunters, the tier 7 cursed at the sight of the tier 7 Black Stone Spiders.

They could clearly feel it. The aura and killing intent coming off of them, it’s unlike the likes they have seen before this, definitely on another magnitude altogether.

“I’m afraid those are tier 7s!”

An old and bald tier 7 calmly said after looking over the tier 7 Black Stone Spiders.

“Well, if their opponent are those tier 7 demonic beast then the little ones are going to be no match against them…”

The tier 7 individuals exchanged discussion not giving the tier 7 spiders the time of day. Their logic being since the demonic beast don’t have a high cognitive functions, and that they have the numbers advantage being 15 against 10 they could see that in a battle, the results should be clear.

Finally, the bald old dude decisively said.

“Exterminate them! Those little ones still have utility in them, don’t let them die too soon!”

The other tier 7 nodded and raised their qi and mana before charging into the fray!

The battle escalated in that very moment!

“Now that shit is really rolling, the true danger of this place will appear soon enough!”

Wu Yan raised his vigilance to the highest. The appearance of the Black Stone Spider proved their hypothesis, that these demonic beasts are segregated into different tiers!

level 30 mini-me, level 35 stone spiders, level 40 big stone spiders, level 50 anarchy spiders, and now level 60 Black Stone Spiders!

Going by this trend, isn’t it conceivable that there might be level 70, tier 8 and level 80 tier 9 waiting for them?

If that’s so, then that would be really scary, it’s no wonder that a tier 9 got done in at this place…

When the two parties started fighting, the warriors and magicians are elated that the strongest among them finally started to join in. They could use this rise in morale after seeing a comrade fell in one strike, that despair, that pressure was intense.

Now that the tier 7 are coming out, why shouldn’t they be happy?

When the tier 7 fought, they all retreated away. They understood that they have no place on this battlefield, if anyone joins the fray then they might as well be sending vegetables (Tl: digging their graves).

The fight between tier 7s, what would that look like?

Now if anyone’s wondering then Wu Yan could definitively tell them that it’s no different than a tsunami or earthquake!

At tier 7, the baseline of what would call a ‘strong one/super’. Before that, not even level 59 could call themselves super!

Why? Well that’s because the gap between tiers are so significant and it increases the higher you go up in tiers.

At tier 7 the gap could be described as a frightening disparity.

Silvaria people would often lump tier 1 2 & 3 as low rank, 4,5 & 6 as middle rank and 7 8 & 9 as high rank. So basically, the difference between a middle rank and a high rank.

A fight between high rankers, it’s enough to shake a small locality down to its foundation, just like this battle…

The hard surfaces have cracks like those seen on turtles running through them and rubbles flew like dust in the air. That amount of force could sent a grown 100 kg man flying out like sandbags. Each attack could blow holes in the ground and make the earth tremble…

Wu Yan & company have seen this before so their reaction aren’t that big. The last time they saw this kind of scene was the fight between the great snake youkai and Mikoto. It scary in many ways, the cave almost collapsed on them. And then there was Ikaros blowing apart the stone room, that was shocking as well. They are already a bit used to seeing this kind of thing, including the scale of this battle.

The same could not be said of the treasure hunters, they are all staring slack jawed at the fight. Their eyes filled with passion and admiration, they wished they were the ones fighting as tier 7 on that battlefield…

Not surprisingly the Black Stone Spiders are simplistic as well. The 15 tier 7 took the same basic formation as the fighters before: warriors as vanguard in front,  magicians as rear support in the back.

The Black Stone Spiders has no other alternatives, they screeched in anger and brawled with the warriors in front of them. Despite their big physique, being the same tier meant that even if they could surpress the warriors for now, the spiders can’t do anything significant against them in the short term.

The magic artillery hitting the spiders from time to time would mitigate their advance or any sort of advantage the spiders have gained.

As the fight mvoed along, the 15 tier 7 started taking out their armaments. Under the augmentation from their arms, their abilities increased as evidenced by the agonized screech of the spiders.

Wu Yan felt a bit speechless as he observed that the tier 7s don’t seem to possess any Rare Armaments at all, they are raising hell with Mainstream Armaments. The only saving grace to them is that they have more than 1 Mainstream Armaments as they would change equip now and then according to circumstances.

It’s understandable though, Rare Armaments are stuff that only tier 7 has business carrying around but that’s it. These old foggies looked like they have no more potential for improvements in them, not having any Rare Armaments is understandable considering their circumstance.

They aren’t Fei Fei, a tier 7 of 20 years old. Her talents are extraordinary, her path ahead is bright. Not to mention she’s also a hotshot at the Ailu empire grandest noble family’s heiress’ side. Now that is someone who definitely would be swining around a Rare Armament.

Wu Yan is forgetting that he’s an exception to the rule as well…

The tide of the battle changed again. The spiders are getting more furious. And as they became more furious, their attacks became more vicious.

A slightly weaker tier 7 can’t deal with the increasing pressure anymore so he chose to use a battle skill and this started a chain reaction of battle skills. Needless to say the Black Stone Spiders are beaten back…

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