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Chapter 606

Silvaria World Institute, the Arena Tower’s top floor .


This place has no roof and it’s exposed to the elements . With no discernible human living here, only a select few within this institution knew about this place . The secrecy has a lot to do with how the Directors presiding over the Board would convene and discuss international affairs here .


Finally, today is one of those rare days where this place got some action .


The 12 directors on the Board installed projection equipment here so they can talk without traveling far from their domains . They discussed important matters like the birth of the Beast King, they also used this place whenever they wanted to contact someone else . For instance, Wu Yan was summoned here so all the directors could talk to him .


Very rarely, the 12 directors would appear in person for meetings . These types of meetings usually discussed critical matters that could affect the rest of the world of Silvaria . In a sense, the 12 directors who are all tier 9 can move the world with their immense authority, so they are also the ones who bore the weight of the fates of their citizens .


The confirmation of the Beast King’s existence gave them enough reason to appear physically .


These 12 elders appeared as agreed and they all started gathering near the center of this place .


“I assume everyone’s here already?”


A figure wearing a crown spoke up . His voice sounded warm and calm, pacifying anyone’s bad feeling with just a sentence from him . He’s the emperor of the Ailu empire .


“With everyone here, let’s begin…”


The empire gave a nod to the two other middle-aged men with crowns on their heads . The emperors of both the Baruba empire and Feya empire replied with a nod too .


“Old Man Lei, please take the stage…”


Lei Wang got up and he addressed everyone here with a respectful bow .


“I am sure everyone is already aware of the aim of this meeting?”


Lei Wang continued with a grave tone .


“Our speculations were true, the Beast King is real!”


The other elders looked on with grim looks . Even the emperors are all furrowing their brows, they didn’t look at Lei Wang because they are too busy sorting their own thoughts .


Lei Wang looked around before he continued . He discussed the findings obtained by Sylph, Bing Ling, Bishi, and Fei Fei . He told them everything about what happened to the elite expedition team .


He also disclosed his personal request where he asked Wu Yan to protect Fei Fei . It was in no one’s interest to hide anything at this point .


Ailu’s emperor and the other two noble families’ elders thanked Lei Wang with non-verbal glances .


If Lei Wang didn’t ask Wu Yan for help . They would have lost talented disciples, including very important family members .


The gravity of the Beast King’s appearance meant that they couldn’t thank Lei Wang profusely, they had more important agendas to address .


They all lowered their heads as they sighed in an anxious manner .


Lei Wang sighed for the nth time and he perked himself up .


“I am glad to report that the Beast King was gravely injured at the latest sighting . According to the squad leaders, it would take at least 18 months for the Beast king to recover . We have to make the best use of this window of opportunity!”


The others shared the same sentiment . One of the elders questioned him .


“Was this news verified at a later date?”


Lei Wang shook his head .


“We were unable to verify the authenticity of Fei Fei’s claim . But, she only told us what she heard from Yukari-sama . ”


When Yukari’s name got thrown out, they all froze up as fear crept onto their faces .


Demigod tier is something that’s close to them considering that they are only a tier away from it . But, inching closer to demigod tier, they are the ones who are most familiar with how hard it is to reach such a league . Even if all twelve of them banded up, they would still fall in battle against a demigod tier opponent, getting a tie or victory would simply be impossible .


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According to eye-witness accounts, Yukari-sama curb-stomped the beast king and she almost killed him . Someone on that level is clearly out of their leagues .


The Ailu emperor lifted his head .


“If those were Yukari-sama’s words then the authenticity carried by this claim should be high enough for us to trust it…”


The Baruba emperor hesitated .


“It, however, leaves us in an awkward situation if Yukari-sama underestimated the extent of injury due to her boastfulness . It was the first time that esteemed master fought someone like the Beast King, right? I am sure the Beast King would have methods unknown to even a master like herself…”


“You do have a point there…”


The Feya emperor mused out loud .


“What if the Beast King had a secret method to recover faster? I wouldn’t be surprised if he did…”


The twelve elders all started experiencing minor headaches .


“In any case, we have to focus on fortifying our defenses around the Giant Beasts Forest, we cannot be negligent regarding this matter!”


The Ailu emperor swung his arm and he looked at Lei Wang .


“Lei Wang, you’re tasked with handling matters over at the Giant Beasts Forest, you are to immediately report to the council if anything out of the ordinary happens!”


Lei Wang nodded . He thought about something and he knitted his eyebrows .


“Maybe, we should request those venerable ones to deal with this?…”


“The venerable ones, huh…”


The elders exchanged a look while the emperors bitterly laughed .

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“Old man Lei…”


The Ailu emperor voiced his thought .


“We have tried approaching them . All of them told us that unless it concerned the threat of direct extermination of the empires, they will not intervene…”


The elders all shook their heads as their headaches returned with vengeance . Another elder spoke up .


“Maybe, we can request Yukari-sama for her help with this matter?…”


They looked at each other with uncertain looks . They were obviously tempted by this .


Lei Wang frowned at their behaviors .


“Are you trying to say that because she defeated the Beast King, it’s only appropriate that she’s the one who finished him? Let me ask you another question, what makes you so sure she’s going to help out?”


“You mean she’s gonna turn us down?”


An old man with white hair laughed coldly .


“I am sure she can turn us down but we can always persuade Wu Yan to lobby on our behalf…”


“What did you say?…”


Lei Wang turned towards him with a dark look .


“With all due respect, I advise you to dismiss any notion to harm him…”


“Lei Wang!”

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The elder yelled back at him .


“I know you’re very close with Wu Yan but need I remind you that the Beast King’s existence poses a great threat to us all . This isn’t the time to be biased by your perceptions of that brat . I am sure if you asked nicely, he would probably ask Yukari-sama to help out, don’t you think so?”




Incensed by the elder, Lei Wang roared .


“Old fox, he doesn’t owe me anything and he doesn’t owe all of us anything . He’s not required to do anything for us, do you think he is your servant who you can order around as you please?”


“How dare you imply that I am the one with a vested interest?! You’re the one who had his grandchildren, all two of them, soundly beaten in confrontations!”


“The impudence!”


The elder roared in anger .


“Fine! I see that you’re obviously too friendly with him to do anything serious, let me handle this, I don’t believe a mere tier 8 would have the guts to defy me while relying on another individual!”


The moment he declared his hostility, a crack in space opened with ominous-looking eyes peering from beyond the crack in space . An invisible wave of power assaulted the elder .




The elder started spewing blood as someone smashed him against a wall some distance away . He immediately blacked out from the force of this attack .




The remaining 11 elders all gasped in surprise .


A voice came from the distorted space, they felt terror for the first time in their lives .


“Be careful in your ventures for everything comes at a price . ”

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