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Chapter 587

Nietono no Shana’s flame raged forward . He used the highest output level of his flame sword .


Dense crimson flames rose up from the blade to form a 1-meter high wall of flames . The shocking temperature blew away the moisture in the surrounding air . Scorching embers scattered everywhere like he’s standing in the middle of a flame waterfall .


The beast king took the fireworks show lightly . Without moving, a wall of bones popped up from the ground and it covered the beast king like a glutinous rice cake .




The flames scorched the bony-white wall but it couldn’t reduce the barrier to ashes by itself .


Wu Yan’s eyes flashed and the flames warped around the wall to strike the beast king hiding behind the wall . The beast king responded with a slightly smaller wall on the side .




His flames failed to do anything other than blow hot air around his target .


“It isn’t over just yet!”


Wu Yan roared and he jumped into the air . He stomped in the air and ripples in space opened around the beast king . Cannons started appearing out of the portals, these cannons were trained on the beast king .




Wu Yan started channeling lightning, the lightning overtook his flames and it lit up the whole place . He looked like a lightning spider that is weaving a web of electricity . He charged up his cannons with his lightning power, the cannons started glowing ominously .


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The beast king observed his move with composure . When he wanted to move, chains shot out of the portals to restrain him . He was momentarily disabled due to this sudden attack .


“Maximum impact!”


He uttered the name of this technique and bluish-white lasers shot out from the cannons to assault the restrained target .




The remnant energy crackled along the ground, sparking mini-explosions all over the place . If this was normal terrain and not the beast king’s shell, the ground would have given away a long time ago .


Wu Yan isn’t happy that his attacks landed . He looked on with a grim look . He knows about the destructiveness of Maximum Impact but he’s sure the demigod tier beast king wouldn’t be so weak as to be wounded by a technique of this level .


A bony structure in the form of a cube appeared, unscathed even after the baptism of lightning . It’s still crackling with static electricity but Wu Yan’s expression darkened .


The beast king nonchalantly exited his cube of bones . He praised Wu Yan earnestly .


“Not bad, not bad at all . Even a tier 9 monster specialized in defense would have been hurt from that…”


“Too bad…”


The beast king continued walking towards him .


“It’s useless against me…”


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Wu Yan flinched in shock but he replied with a grin .


“I never intended for it to hurt you though…”




The beast king stopped and he turned around only to see three feminine figures behind him and to his sides . They struck at the same time with the swords in their hands .


Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei used a combo attack on him .




The lofty beast king was surprised by this turn of events . He’s not afraid of their attacks, he’s just surprised with the condition Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei are in .


He personally saw his bony spikes skewering them with his own eyes!


The beast king recalled that Wu Yan was fine after being turned into a human-sized pincushion . He’s fighting just fine right now so maybe the other humans boast similar regenerative powers?


Or was it the potion?


The beast king is certainly a league apart from the other demonic beasts . It linked the odd scene with the potion they drank . Heck, the beast king is probably smarter than the average human .


The beast king only got half of his guess correct . The girls are fine because of the invulnerability potion but Wu Yan’s case is a bit different .


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The beast king made 3 gigantic marrows shoot out from the ground as he attempted to pierce Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei with them . Before they can attack the beast king, they were sent back by the shock of the impact .


However, the beast king revealed a grim look, a first since the start of the fight .


He was pretty sure the attacks landed but a weird light flashed when his attack fell upon Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei .


The beast king knew his attacks failed to do any damage .


Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei stabilized themselves and they surrounded the beast king once more . Not a single hair on them was harmed from his attacks . Astrea and Hinagiku kept their eyes on the beast king without losing focus while Fei Fei is busy examining her body .


She felt the effects of the potion but she still couldn’t believe her perceptions . To think there would be such a heaven-defying potion in this world, who in the hell made them?


The beast king had a very gloomy look for a second there but he recovered and turned steel-cold once more .


It’s like he’s trying to test the limits of the potion . He shot out a barrage of bone spears that were aimed specifically at Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei . This time, he used what appeared to be a sea of spears to overwhelm them .




Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei deflected the attacks with their blades . The force carried by the bonus pears were also greatly mitigated by the Resplendent Breath potion . For a brief while, no bony spears managed to land on Astrea or Hinagiku .


Unlike Astrea and Hinagiku who already entered the eighth tier of power, she’s still at peak tier 7 in terms of power . A few spears struck her in the span of a few seconds and she felt frustrated over it .


She thought back about how Wu Yan & co basically carried them through the forest, her squad and her was pretty much not needed on this trip . She yelled at herself, is she going to continue being so unsightly?


No! Yan and the others are fighting hard for everyone’s sake! I can’t give up so easily, I need to fight harder!”




Fei Fei lifted her head and do qi started burning around her . She made her douqi expand about a hundred times larger and she somehow pulled out dozens of times the power she can use during her peak form .


It was like he got the blessings of a god or something . She swung her Night Elf and she demolished every bone spear coming her way with her sword beam . She was like a martial goddess incarnate .


Fei Fei flinched in joy when she observed the changes in her body . Even the beast king was slightly shocked by her growth .


Fei Fei made her breakthrough!


“She ascended? Into tier 8?”


Bing Ling and Bishi were stunned by her display, they didn’t know what to make of this .


They were on the same level as her just a few seconds ago . Now that she made a breakthrough, she basically left them in the dust .


Maybe, if they actually tried to fight like her, they would have achieved a breakthrough as well…


Bing Ling and Bishi looked at the beast king and his aura of terror . They immediately scrapped their thoughts .


Even if they are invulnerable, they still wouldn’t touch that monster with a 60-foot pole .

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