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Published at 18th of February 2020 01:45:04 PM
Chapter 486: 486
Same place, different scenarios, same results . Same actions, different words, same hearts…

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They fought in the same zoo Wu Yan picked for his first date with Kurumi . Wu Yan used a lie to force Kurumi into confronting the inevitable truth . From that day onwards, his words had materialized a crack in her iron-will to carry out her beliefs .

Kurumi didn’t want to admit it . Even if it’s a harsh truth, she refuses to admit what she had been doing all these years had no intrinsic meaning to it .

She had been fighting against humans and running from them just like Tohka and Yoshino . She lived like a soldier in constant combat . She didn’t have Tohka or Yoshino’s luck, she didn’t find that someone who offered her an arm of support . She ran and resisted until she finally killed her first human .

After that, killing became almost second nature when confronted with hostility . She numbed her mind with the constant killings . Maybe this is why she became a spirit, maybe this is her reason of existence .

At least, that’s what she thought before she killed even more humans . The existential crisis came back like a bad round of flu . What is she really doing with this life?

Kurumi came to a conclusion, this existential crisis stemmed from the fact that spirits like her had no futures .

If that is so, Kurumi should condemn the past that brought her here .

She started finding ways to go back to the past to change what has been done .

To escape this meaningless life of killing, she must kill more to go back in time . What a cruel joke . She wanted to laugh but she’s too blase to do so .

Wu Yan barred her from going back to change the past . Denied of both past and future, what becomes of her now? Kurumi couldn’t think of a reason to keep going .

“You live for me, you’re mine from now on!”

“Don’t go dying on me, I won’t allow it . ”

“My existence is yours?…”

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Kurumi stared in disbelief as Wu Yan rubbed away her tears . She recalled the day her clone got done in by Mana . She observed from a dark corner and she saw him wiping away the blood staining her dying clone . If she recalled correctly, he said something along the lines of:

“Abandoning the past is no different than running away from it, facing it and accepting it is the only way you can move forward . If you don’t have the courage to accept the past the future will always remain far away from you . Forget changing the past if you can’t do that…”

Kurumi didn’t forget how he murmured about saving Kurumi just one time .

“Am I not a lost cause?”

Kurumi blurted out . Wu Yan stopped his hand .

He sighed and he caressed her cheeks while showing her a very smug grin .

“You can’t reject me…”

Kurumi’s eyes wavered before she laughed .

“Ara ara, stealing my lines, that’s very cheeky of you…”

Wu Yan shrugged and he continued .

“If you can be so tyrannical I don’t see why I can’t have my way with you . I am getting the feeling that if I don’t do this, you’re going to whip me so hard after this . ”

“But, you’re the one who rejected me, multiple times even…”

“Yeah well…”

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Wu Yan smiled .

“Don’t even think about saying no . ”

“What a dictator…”

Kurumi licked her lips before she gave him a charming smile in kind .

“It’s not unpleasant though…”

Wu Yan instinctively knew he just dug another grave for himself but what’s done isd one .

Suddenly, stars started moving in the sky . A familiar noise rang .


They exchanged looks and they bitterly laughed .

“AST is really starting to behave like cops . They just can’t arrive in time…”

Wu Yan said in a sarcastic manner . He picked up Kurumi and he approached Kotori .

“Let us return to Fraxinus, those AST members will be here any minute now . ”

“We are bringing her along?”

Mana got up, she’s still hurting all over from the fight . Tohka supported her so she wouldn’t fall . She frowned at wu yan .

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“Kurumi lost the power and will to resist, I reckon she would be easy to handle even if we bring her back to Fraxinus . ”

Wu Yan sounded like he didn’t care what Mana had to say . Rather, he’s not worried that Kurumi will fight back . Mana felt helpless about his confidence but she didn’t continue her protest .

Kotori looked like she’s in pain so Wu Yan called out to her .

“Kotori, you okay?”

She nodded . Kotori couldn’t hold on much longer and Wu Yan knew this .

Wu Yan asked her to hold on until they get to the ship .

“Endure for just a bit longer, I will seal your powers after we return to Fraxinus . ”

Wu Yan spoke into his communication device .

“Reine, teleport everyone back…”

A blinding pillar of light engulfed them and they disappeared after the light faded .

The gang returned to Fraxinus in a blink of an eye . Reine and Kyouhei greeted them after coming out of the operation room .

“Is everyone okay?”

Reine saw Kurumi who is in Wu Yan’s arms .

“Reine, you take Kurumi, Mana, and Shiori to the medical center . ”

Wu Yan passed Kurumi to Reine . It might have been Wu Yan’s hallucination but Reine looked very serious for some reason .

“I understand…”

Kyouhei supported Mana and he followed Reine to the medical center .

When they are gone, Wu Yan sighed in relief and he raised his hand .


The sealing bracelets shined brightly and after the girls glowed up in red . Their spirit powers started getting sealed away .

Wu Yan’s eyes widened as if he’s surprised with the results .

When the spiritual powers that supported the girls’ armor went away, naturally, the armor that lost its energy source de-materialized .


He stared at their figures so hard his eyes might just pop out . The girls are also shocked, the room fell into an awkward silence .

As time slowly passed, Kotori lowered her head, she shielded her modest peaks from Wu Yan’s view before she unleashed a massive kick to his solar plexus .

“Are you done ogling?!”

Wu Yan fell in a beautiful parabola, he hit the floor head-first and he had only one thing to say .

Worth it…

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