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Published at 7th of February 2020 03:00:14 PM
Chapter 478

This salvo of lasers practically destroyed the zoo . This attack is so powerful the shockwaves sent rubbles flying into the air and scattered the clouds hanging overhead .

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The grand attack is so bright that Tohka, Kotori, Mana, and Yoshino started tearing up because of the intensity of the light . The shockwaves also almost blew them away but the arms restraining them kept them in place . The tremendous sound generated from this attack could not be blocked .


Their ears are ringing from the noise . Even if they could cover their ears with their hands it wouldn’t do much to mitigate the damage . They are so disoriented they can’t point make out North or South .


After a bit of time passed, the noise and brilliance faded away followed by silence .


Kotori recovered her senses first . She moaned in pain and she tried to shake up the dizzy sensation before opening her eyes to check on the situation .


The vacant land they were sending on now had cracks that would probably need a lot of work to repair . Scratch that, even the solid rocks beneath the soft gravel had been overturned . This place now looked no different than a wasteland .


Over at the place where the bulk of the laser salvo hit, the land got reduce to a large crater . Even Kotori could barely see the bottom of the crater .


“Did he win?”


Kotori mumbled . Her expression turned grim when she looked around for somebody . Her face lit up when she saw a familiar emerging from the smoke .




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Tohka, Yoshino, and Mana recovered from their stunned state . They can’t believe Wu Yan caused the fissures and the crater here .


Wu Yan looked at his work while crackling with lightning . After pulling off a big move like this, Wu Yan started panting like a dog . The cannons behind him also had blue lights flashing in it, he didn’t close his portals yet .


Maximum impact had a much better effect than he had expected . Even if this move took almost all his available energy, he’s still proud of his new skill . He got drained because he used Electromaster, Gate of Babylon, and Eternal Arms Mastery all at the same time to the highest extent he can muster .


He relaxed his breathing and he straightened his back . Checking out the crater which is still fuming with smoke, he wondered how Kurumi is doing right now?


It’s a pretty good chance for him right now .


He jumped up high and he landed near Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Mana .




Tohka yelled out loud in joy . She wanted to stand up but she couldn’t do so . She lowered her head in a dejected manner . It’s just not Tohka . Yoshino and Mana also can’t move . Wu Yan and Kotori’s face turned grim at this, this meant that Kurumi is still doing fine . If she got defeated, the hands would probably weaken if not outright disappearing .




Wu Yan turned around when he heard the gunshot .

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Wu Yan can dodge this bullet but he chose to take this hit instead . The bullet entered his shoulder and blood started spilling from the wound . A solid hit finally landed on Wu Yan .




Kotori gasped . She felt bad about this because she knew Wu Yan could evade a bullet this slow but this bullet would have ended up hitting her instead . He literally took the shot for her .


“I’m fine . ”


Wu Yan examined his wound with his hand . Within the span of seconds, the bullet hole disappeared without a trace leaving only his stained shirt .


Looking into the crater, Kurumi emerged from the center with her gigantic clock behind her . Her red and golden eyes are shining in a menacing manner .


“As expected of the man I set my eyes on…”


Kurumi said with a serious face . She continued in a cold tone .


” If I didn’t summon duplicates to block the attack for me, I am afraid I wouldn’t even be able to raise my gun right now…”


Wu Yan responded in a nonchalant manner .

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“Oh? That attack can take you down huh? Do you have the confidence to block one more attack like that? I don’t think you have got enough clones to block all my attacks . ”


“Ara ara, Shido-san, do you think the same method will work on me twice?”


Kurumi called Wu Yan out on his bluff .


He managed to obtain an advantage in this battle because he knew about Kurumi’s abilities while Kurumi didn’t know the full extent of his powers . It’s going to be hard to pull another one over Kurumi after she analyzed his skills .


“By the way…”


Kurumi raised her guns at him .


“I did summon a lot of my clones and almost all of them died but… I still have one clone…”


Wu Yan’s pupil shrank and his body tensed up .


“Seventh Bullet, Zayin!!”


He could hear a lot of gunshots overhead .


A rain of bullets fell, they were all Seventh bullets Seventh Bullets, Zayin .


With a wave of his hand, portals formed overhead and around him in a protective manner . Black sand flickered within the portals .


He tried to form shields with the iron sand in his Gate of Babylon portals but the bullets entered the portal before he managed to form the shields .


The bullets disappeared into the portals, Wu Yan and Kurumi are just as surprised by this event . Wu Yan didn’t know his Gate of Babylon could do this, it’s quite a pleasant surprise actually .


The portals which the bullets disappeared into started shining with a strange glow .


“What’s going on?”


Wu Yan had never seen this kind of stuff happen before . His Gate of Babylon is currently reacting in a strange manner .


Wu Yan could see weird ripples that overwhelmed the ripples in space caused by his Gate of Babylon . The weird ripples started becoming larger and larger .


The glow followed suit and slowly increased in radiance .

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