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Published at 13th of November 2019 02:23:07 PM
Chapter 428

On a hill, the sniper who had a different uniform than the field members of AST is currently training his scope on his target in a very good sniping spot .

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When he saw how easily Wu Yan dodged his bullet he’s surprised . He is even more shocked when Wu Yan noticed his hiding spot .




Wu Yan is smiling back at him through the scope . The sniper gasped and he felt anxious . He is about 500 meters away from his target yet the target tracked him accurately and within a second after he missed the shot .


The sniper calmed down . He’s a trained soldier, this much is nothing . If he panicked then he would smear the reputation of all snipers .


He contacted operation control .


“Point A, objective failed!”


Other snipers responded .


“Point B, target locked!”


“Point C, target locked!”


“Point D, awaiting instructions!”


Their squad leader gave them the permission to go ahead .


“Point A, B, C, and D, fire at will!”

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The snipers replied .




Wu Yan could sense the snipers aiming him from far away . He relaxed his raised eyebrow . Licking his lips, he considered his options .


“The snipers are widely dispersed, this is problematic…”


He didn’t look troubled though . He scanned the four locations where the snipers were at and he grinned .


“Let’s do this…”


The four snipers saw him grinning at them and they pulled their triggers at the same time . Four bullets came at him from four different directions that made dodging nigh impossible .


The snipers are confident that not even a spirit can dodge the bullets . Maybe the snipers are right that this barrage can’t be dodged . But, whoever said he can only dodge?




The bullets melted away without even touching their targets, crimson flames sprouted around the target like a great wall of fire that shielded its master from harm .




The snipers all cried out . It only occurred to the snipers that they had royally messed up .

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“Squad leader, point A sniping failed! Requesting directions!”


“Squad leader, point B sniping failed! Requesting directions!”


“Squad leader, point C sniping failed! Requesting directions!”


“Squad leader, point D sniping failed! Requesting directions!”


The squad leader received the reports with a grim look .


“All sniping efforts have ended in failures?”


A pillar of crimson flames shot up towards the sky, the intensity of that flame pillar looked like it could scorch the sky until it’s reduced to ashes . The flame pillar’s heat could be felt from where they are currently situated .


“Give me a sitrep!”


A fiery figure shot towards one of the hills after the flame pillar dissipated .


The first sniper who attacked Wu Yan is currently there .


The squad leader turned grave and he wanted to give orders for them to retreat but shrieks of anguish came from the other end of the microphone .


The snipers were too stunned .


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“Point A, what’s going there?! Point A! Do you copy?! Do you copy?!”


Static noise greeted the squad leader’s ears . The sniper there screamed and the squad leader heard it .


“Hey! What’s the situation over there?!”


The squad leader turned pale, the shrieks and screams he heard were different voices, meaning…


The last scream fell on his ears . Now, all he can hear is the grim silence of static noises .




In a small alley, a middle-aged guy with bulletproof vest smashed his earpiece in frustration .


The squad leader heaved in anger . He’s very pissed off at the failure of this operation .


“I failed the mission…”


The squad leader gnashed his teeth as he bitterly cursed the spirit who had done a number on his squad .


“That damned spirit!”


“Don’t think this is over just yet, even if you don’t have any spirit signatures, I am going to make you regret running around on our turf like you’re the boss, mark my words…”


“Okay, marked . ”


The squad leader turned around in a hurry . He raised his head and saw something that caused him to despair, it’s a very familiar guy holding his four subordinates .


Floating in the air above him is a figure with deep red eyes that were mocking him . It’s the target they are after .


The squad leader’s pupil shrunk until they were pin-sized . The guy carried four grown men like it’s nothing, a strange oppressive aura emanated from him . It made the squad leader tremble like a kitten .


Wu Yan unloaded his subordinates onto the ground with loud thuds . Without consciously thinking about it, the squad leader backpedaled away .


Wu Yan scanned the guy and he descended towards him in an insidious manner .


“AST, I presume?”


The squad leader calmed his nerves down to the best extent he could but he still looked at him in terror .


Wu Yan sniggered as he shook his head .


“What? Peeing your pants from seeing a spirit or are you frightened by the fact that you’re the only one left?”


He approached the squad leader but the squad leader retreated away . He shook like a leaf . Wu Yan can’t even take this guy seriously anymore .


“Afraid of just this much? It seems AST higher management really needs to revise their development programs . Your fighting capabilities are subpar compared to the AST strike team from before . Even your mental state is in such feeble states . I see why they chose women to fight spirits, you males are so impotent!”


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