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Published at 7th of August 2019 02:25:04 PM
Chapter 384: 384
Crystal clear water, sandy beach, it would look that much more natural if not for the large beach umbrellas here . Underneath the parasols are 10 recliner chairs with small tables serving cool drinks and sweets . Under the hot sun, this looked like an oasis .

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Wu Yan wore short pants while taking cover from the heat under one of the parasols . He sipped on his cool drink with a pair of shades on like some kind of executive on a day off .

“Onii-chan (master!”

Flandre-chan and Astrea is currently dashing over . They jumped and one of them landed on Wu Yan while the other went to town on those poor drinks and sweets on the table .

When Flandre-chan landed on Wu Yan like a cannonball there were creaking sounds . Wu Yan is fine but the same cannot be said of the recliner chair .

His body can take her impact but he still had some of his drink in his mouth . Wu Yan’s mouth turned into a geyser as he sprayed the content of his mouth .

Wu Yan lifted Flandre-chan up .

“Flandre-chan, are you trying to choke me?”

Flandre-chan stuck her tongue out in a bashful manner . She isn’t planning on coming down, she clung to Wu Yan like a barnacle .

“”Eh? That’s so fast, Yan, you prepared everything?”

Hinagiku gasped at the parasols and set up of the place . Wu Yan wanted to roll his eyes .

“What do you mean, fast? I prepared for like an hour, a full hour you girls took to change into your swimsuits…”

Hinagiku laughed in an awkward manner .

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“Hey, we girls need time to change our clothes, we are not like you…”

Hinagiku glanced at Wu Yan’s fit torso, he had nothing on but a pair of pants so Hinagiku turned the other way with flushed cheeks despite having seen each other in birthday suits many times already .

“Onii-chan, check my swimsuit out, isn’t Flan cute?”

She puffed her chest as if she’s scared Wu Yan couldn’t see them .

“Oh! You look super cute!”

Wu Yan nodded and Flandre-chan couldn’t help but jump in joy .

Wu Yan noticed that the girls are finally exiting their villa and soon, Wu Yan laid eyes upon the most exquisite he had ever seen . All the ladies in all kinds of swimsuit, all of different body sizes . It was of such magnificence that he was struck with a dizzy sensation .

Of course, the ladies saw how stunned Wu Yan is . They all laughed out loud . They were wondering whether he would like their swimsuit, his reaction is more than enough to tell them whether or not he liked them .

Shokuhou Misaki came out from among the girls and she hugged her arm while pressing her bountiful bosom up against Wu Yan’s arm . Wu Yan almost had a heart-attack .

“Yan-kun, how do you like my swimsuit?”

Shokuhou Misaki used the most sickeningly sweet smile she has . She also attacked Wu Yan’s consciousness by aggressively rubbing his arm with her hooters . Wu Yan is sure she’s doing this to flip a metaphorical bird at Mikoto .

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He glanced at Mikoto’s frustrated expression and he knew he hit the mark . He raised his guard just in case this all goes out of hand .

“Not bad, it looks good on you…”

Wu Yan laughed it off while avoiding a statement of whether or not he liked the bikini . Mikoto relaxed her expression while Shokuhou Misaki felt a bit upset .

Shokuhou Misaki rubbed her cheek and started talking in a crestfallen manner .

“Oh, is it because I am getting old that Yan-kun no longer favors me?”

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow as his lips twitched . Surely, Shokuhou Misaki is just joking but even so she needed to tone down the drama .

He massaged his aching head while maintaining silence . Shokuhou Misaki clicked her tongue and turned the other way only to see Mikoto grinning at her .

Hah, so much for showing off!

Shokuhou Misaki’s expression froze . Time for Plan B, she snickered .

Taking out a bottle of sunscreen, Shokuhou Misaki begged Wu Yan to do something for her .

“Yan-kun, be a dear and apply this onto my skin…”

Wu Yan’s expression wavered .

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Wu Yan knew this is the golden opportunity to reap some bountiful rewards .

The other girls also saw the evil look in Wu Yan’s eyes . They never thought Shokuhou Misaki would stoop so low as to pull this method out on them .

Wu Yan knew something had happened between the girls but he decided to play the unrelated third party . He knew from past experience that he would only get smited down if he chose a side .

When he heard Shokuhou Misaki said that, he threw any caution he might have had to the four winds, fuck that . He’s going to cup some feel . He sighed as if it’s a tremendous task, even as he quickly took the bottle of sunscreen .

“What am I going to do with you…”

The other girls are practically seething with anger . Wu Yan had fallen to the temptress’ allure too easily . Mikoto gnashed her teeth .

She stood out and yelled while pointing at Wu Yan .

“Me! Rub it on me as well!”

Mikoto didn’t even look at Wu Yan, she kept eyeing Shokuhou Misaki as if saying she’s not backing down . Shokuhou Misaki also signaled that she’s not backing down . Mmm, nothing like the sweet smell of a carnage brewing .

Wu Yan, on the other hand, is over the moon happy, he never thought he would get so much profit in one day . A fight in his harem isn’t necessarily a bad thing .

If these girls kept fighting like this, the one who would receive all the pie would be no one other than him .

Hinagiku and the other girls looked at each other . They didn’t know how to clean this mess up but they sensed Wu Yan’s profiteering thoughts and so Hinagiku just picked Flan up and walked away .

“Say, Flan, how about your nee-chan take you swimming?”

Flandre-chan’s eyes shined brightly, she clapped her hands vigorously .

“Yea yeah yeah! Flan wants to go swimming!”

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda exchanged a look and they voiced out their thoughts .

“We are coming too!”

The 4 young ladies walked away just like that . Astrea is still busy clearing the food, that leaves Ikaros and Takitsubou Rikou .

After hesitating a bit, Ikaros approached Wu Yan in a slightly bashful manner as she mewled .

“Mmaster, I-I want it too…”

“Me too…”

Takitsubou Rikou raised her hand in a weak manner . She willingly submitted to the fiendish hands of that demonic wolf .

Wu Yan grinned in a very lewd and disgusting manner, reflected in his eyes are the bodies of Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, and Takitsubou Rikou .

Now that you girls had said it, I am not going to be reserved!

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