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Chapter 374

Bing Ling’s intuition turned into reality as his daggers got closer to Wu Yan’s hands .

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When the daggers are just 1 centimeter away from hitting him, Wu Yan moved .


He didn’t do anything out of the ordinary . He just dropped Nietono no Shana, the sword made a clattering sound when it fell . Everybody is surprised to see him do this .


What is his game plan here? Can he even fight Bing Ling without a weapon? More so when that weapon is the only method he has to deal with Bing Ling’s Ice dou qi .


Mikoto smiled when everyone else is puzzled or confused . She could sense magnetic fluctuations in the arena .


Bing Ling is a bit dazed . He didn’t understand why Wu Yan would do something like this . In his mind, Wu Yan isn’t stupid enough to self-destruct like this .


But, he didn’t care, he’s this close to hitting him . He charged ice dou qi into his daggers making them glow bright blue and frosty as heck .


“Frost daggers!”


The icy daggers started vibrating . The ice dou qi covering the daggers also responded to its master’s call . The daggers lengthened and augmented the daggers . It’s the same battle skill Bing Mian used before . Cold winds started whipping around the battlefield .


Bing Ling’s action didn’t fluster Wu Yan . His body twitched and after a thunderous boom, lightning started cladding his body like armor .

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The lightning generated intense heat around him . His lightning substituted the flames from his sword .




The ice daggers hit the lightning and the ice started melting rapidly as if the ice are dowsed in boiling hot water . His Ice daggers started going back to its original form whereas it should have been able to destroy boulders without any issue .


Bing Ling’s pupil shrunk . He had almost forgotten that Wu Yan used lightning abilities back in the arena .


Seeing as he is still very close to Wu Yan, Bing Ling didn’t give up his assault . He poured out more dou qi and aimed his daggers at Wu Yan’s torso .


The daggers hit something metallic and a look of disbelief floated up Bing Ling’s face .


Two swords had came out of nowhere and blocked his attacks .


At this point, he finally noticed his Freezing Wind had been dispelled by his flames .


In other words, there’s nothing stopping Wu Yan from using his Gate of Bae .


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Not bad, his daggers actually managed to penetrate his swords . However, the daggers couldn’t penetrate completely and they got stuck in his swords .


Sparks started coming out of the swords and Bing Ling’s daggers started glowing red due to the rapid rise in temperature . Seeing as white steam started coming out of his palm, Bing Ling decided to channel dou qi and clad his hands in a layer of protective dou qi coat . But, he can still feel a painful tinge coming from his hands .


He pushed his daggers forward but the resistance was too great so he couldn’t advance . Bing Ling let go and he retreated away, angered by Wu Yan’s unharmed look still clad in lightning .


Suddenly, he noticed something very wrong . Wu Yan discharged his lightning . However, when he saw what Wu Yan is doing, his face instantly turned grim .


Wu Yan is making a motion like he’s going to snap his fingers . He looked at Bing Ling with an amused expression .


It was at this moment that Bing Ling knew he had screwed up big time .


Wu Yan snapped his fingers and called out .


“Gate of babylon!!!”


His voice is like a wave of power that radiated outwards from him . Ripples started forming in the space behind Wu Yan .


The dreaded crimson space formed once more . A sea of swords greeted Bing Ling from their respective portals . As the main target of this attack, Bing Ling felt chills climbing up his spine . While Bing Ling is flinching and trembling Wu Yan didn’t stop to care, he waved his hand .

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Like a rain of swords, they descended down upon Bing Ling . Bing Ling roared and clad his body in dou qi .


The swords started hitting him and while enduring, he couldn’t help but taste iron in his mouth as red liquid streamed down his jaw . He has finally taken damage, and the damage keeps coming .


He shivered at the thought of what would have happened if he didn’t use dou qi armor .


Bing Ling didn’t have any time to rest . His expression distorted greatly once more . Wu Yan’s figure had teleported in front of him like some sort of demon .


Everyone held their breaths .   Some of the spectators are already making an ‘O’ shape with their mouths .


Looking at Bing Ling who is still stunned, he said something that made Bing Ling’s face go pale .


“You lose, I win…”


A storm started brewing at his hand as he yelled out the name of the technique in a low tone .


“Lightning flash punch!”




Bing Mian yelled out . He had imagined Wu Yan’s defeat in his mind, he was looking forward to Bing Ling beating the crap out of Wu Yan while Wu Yan begged for mercy . Qing Jing Hua’s expression started turning pale .


“How can this be…”


The lightning clad fist fell on Bing Ling’s chest as everyone watched . The strength and electrical charge got passed on to Bing Ling in its entirety .




The anguishing pain assaulted every nerve in his body . While his expression contorted in pain, he spat out mouthful of blood as he got sent flying into the ground just outside of the arena . Wu Yan had made a shallow trench with Bing Ling’s body .


Bing Ling, now pale and defeated found himself without the strength to climb back up . He laid there looking up at Wu Yan who is still standing in the arena .


Wu Yan approached Bing Ling and he looked down at Bing Ling who looked as white as a ghost and he smiled . He stretched his back and he looked at Lei Wang .


Lei Wang shook his head while smiling . Raising an arm…


“Victory goes to Wu Yan for this round!”

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