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Chapter 364: 364
Lulu immediately hugged Hinagiku the moment she got down from the arena . She kept jumping and laughing that Hinagiku felt a bit troubled .

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“Hinagiku! You’re so amazing!”

“No, it’s nothing…”

Hinagiku watched Lulu rub her face all over her meager bust . Lulu is supposed to be older than her by a year . However, her present appearance looked like she’s the younger of the two .

“Hinagiku, you are being too modest…”

Fei Fei adjusted her hair as she watched medical staff carry off Hinagiku’s opponent on a stretcher .

“That opponent is no small fry, a lot of the 100 rankers can win against him but I reckon there aren’t too many that can so easily mop the floor with him in a short duration . It is a prove of your strength . ”

Fei Fei awkwardly continued .

“Sometimes I wonder just where did you guys come from . You, Mikoto, Ikaros, Yan, each of you have such talent and prowess that you guys are diminishing my confidence in my own strength and talent…”

“Stop right there . ”

Lulu stopped Fei Fei and she glomped her .

“Sister Fei Fei is also quite amazing! You are very super duper strong! I bet sister Fei Fei can kick that guy from Crimson Land into next week if you wanted to, in 2 to 3 bouts even!”

“Sister Fei Fei, you shouldn’t say it like that . In my opinion, there are almost nobody in tier 7 that can beat you . I believe if you did a survey, nobody would think you’re being outshined in terms of talent and strength . ”

Wu Yan consoled her . If Wu Yan & co didn’t have System, only Astrea, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan can beat Fei Fei . Moreover, Astrea, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan are beings who’s lifespan are measured in centuries, if the concept of mortality even applies to them .

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They wouldn’t feel too good if Fei Fei got bummed out because of this .

Fei Fei caught Wu Yan in his fallible statement .

“Does the tier 7 you mentioned include you?”

Fei Fei laughed out loud in a cheeky manner .

“I am just messing with you guys . Stop consoling me, I am just blowing off a bit of steam . ”

Lulu got mad when she heard her .

“Oh! Sister Fei Fei, I almost cried and that’s what you say?!”

Fei Fei wasn’t sure if she should continue laughing or to cry . Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged glances while releasing a sigh of relief .


Thunderous cheers greeted Wu Yan & co’s ears, they almost vomitted their lunch due to the sudden sound .

Lei Wang declared the participants of the next round of the tournament . Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto froze up when they saw the name .

Shokuhou Misaki got called out .

The person herself is currently revealing a charming smile while tossing around her brilliant golden locks . She’s not good at anything physical so she can’t jump up the stage like the other fighters . She made her way over to the staircase in a slow and composed manner .

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Everyone kept metaphroically ripping their vocal chords to call out Shokuhou Misaki’s name . They are all very entertained by her gait and her looks .

“Queen!~~ Queen!~~ Queen!~~ Queen!~~ Queen!~~”

She got up the stage with one hand to her cheek . The cheering sounds only made her appearance even more magnificent .

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Fei Fei, Lulu’s jaws dropped, so many people are standing up and cheering for her .

Her popularity is through the roof!

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and Astrea behaved like they are already blase to this . They knew about Shokuhou Misaki’s cunning attitude and the various means she has at her disposal to deploy at any given time having been by her side all this while .

Idols relied on advertisements and words of mouth to accumulate their fame but Shokuhou Misaki’s popularity was gained from her own unique charm .

Shokuhou Misaki’s title of a queen isn’t for nothing .

“Th-this is too over the top isn’t it?…”

Lulu gasped at Shokuhou Misaki’s overwhelming popularity, even she felt like she should bow down to her .

“I don’t think Princess Sylph had this much popularity…”

Mikoto isn’t too amused, she grumbled .

“Knowing her, she probably used some kind of trick to achieve this…”

Wu Yan and Hinagiku exchanged a glance before they sighed . This is what they meant when they said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder .

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The board of directors exchanged looks . They appear to be surprised by her popularity as well . Lei Wang continued unsure of whether to laugh or cry .

“The school might belong to her at this rate…”

Shokuhou Misaki’s opponent got up onto the stage with reluctance .

Wu Yan looked at the guy like he’s looking at a poor bastard . Anyone who is Shokuhou Misaki’s opponent probably won’t look too good when compared to her .

Listening to those cheers and praise is enough to demoralize anyone going up there due to pressure .

The next instant, the opponent lost hhis consciousness .


The opponent took a surprising turn of personality much to the surprise of the crowd . Her opponent suddenly started looking at Shokuhou Misaki with a passionate gaze . He placed his head to the floor as if he is in the presence of a saint . He crawled his way over to Shokuhou Misaki’s foot like a dog, one wondered if he would kiss her feet given how close he is .

Shokuhou Misaki smiled at him .

“Will you listen to my request??”

The opponent nodded without a shred of hesitation .

“Then, are you going to surrender?”

The opponent nodded without thinking about it at all .

Shokuhou Misaki rubbed her temple like she’s troubled by something .

“But if you just surrendered now I feel like that won’t be fair to you…”

Shokuhou Misaki smiled again .

“Alright, you knock yourself out, that way you won’t regret losing without doing anything…”


The guy knocked himself out by delivering a punch to his own temple .

Lei Wang looked at the proceeding of the match with shock before he announced the victor .

“Victory goes to Shokuhou Misaki!”

“Glory to the queen! All hail the queen! To the glorious monarch!”

Everyone started going nuts with their incessant cheers .

Shokuhou Misaki laughed while putting a finger to her lips in a coy manner .

“Is this too grandiose, I wonder?”

She looked at Wu Yan while winking and smiling at him .

Hmph, that oughta show you who is going to play on a bigger stage .

Wu Yan has the faintest feeling that Shokuhou Misaki is still holding a grudge over the stuff he said to her before .

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