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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 312: Stuck between two hard places? A declaration of war?…

In Silvaria World Institute, credits are like gold, students are going to need them if they want to live in Silvaria World Institute.


Wu Yan was worried about where he is going to make a ton of credits. He wants to buy whatever he wants when he sees it and for that to happen he's going to need a lot of credits.


If it is as Fei Fei predicted, these people who force him onto the stage in arena tower are going to find themselves losing credits left and right with Wu Yan running off to the banks with their credits.


There are a lot of people here for sure but they are all just tier 7. If they aren't tier 8, Wu Yan is not afraid of fighting them much less losing to them.


As a True Ancestor, he can stand at the peak of tier 7 with his unlimited stamina and regeneration.


He's immortal and unless the enemy is tier 8, any challenger would only give him free credits if they challenged him.


Fei Fei is stunned by Wu Yan's words, she laughed because she remembered how Wu Yan almost beat her the last time they had a duel.


If Wu Yan can't do it, there is still…


Fei Fei looked at Mikoto and Ikaros. These two girls are tier 8, she is relieved by this fact.


So what if Wu Yan antagonizes everybody here, Mikoto and Ikaros can wipe the floor with all the tier 7 students here.


Fei Fei laughed as she stepped back.


"Since you made up your mind I won't bother you anymore. If you need help, just remember that Fatal Forest might not be the strongest faction but it won't take challenges without fighting back."


"You said it!"

Lulu who was hiding behind Fei Fei puffed out her voluptuous chest.


"Don't worry, Yan, Sister Fei Fei and I will definitely help you out!"




Lulu had a mysterious aura around her that can drain his nigh endless energy. As expected, Lulu has a hidden attribute huh?…


An idea occurred to Bing Mian when he surveyed the number of people here.


He raised his hand as he yelled something out loud.


"Everyone, I am sure you guys are here to recruit the newbies right?"


Bing Mian laughed out loud after he saw everyone's expression.


"Well, you guys are in for a disappointment, Fatal Forest had beat us to them!"


The people started bitching and moaning, especially the heads of the other 6 top families. Needless to say, they directed their frustration towards Fatal Forest.


Vish looked at Bing Mian with a judging expression. He had to give it to the guy, he knew how to play his cards.


Bing Mian probably thought that since the newbies aren't going to join his Sea of Thick Ice, he might as well make it hard for Fatal Forest by directing the frustration of the other families towards them.


If Fatal Forest didn't give a proper excuse, they won't be able to get off easy.


Fei Fei furiously leered at Bing Mian.


Bing Mian is intentionally giving her a hard time. He's making her choose between letting the newbies join or incur the jealousy of the other factions.


Give up on Wu Yan? Is that even possible?…


Lulu started getting anxious as she watched Fei Fei trying to decide between two options. Zeus seemed happy with how things turned out. He tried to advise Fei Fei.


"Sister Fei Fei, it's disadvantageous for us to invite these newbies. There is no need to sacrifice ourselves trying to get them!"


Fei Fei threw Zeus a cold glare and he meekly silenced himself. The other 6 factions are also getting tired of waiting.


Bing Mian had a smug grin.


"Miss Fei Fei, it would seem to me that the better solution is to compromise. The new entrants are too numerous and could damage our delicate balance. What I recommend is that we split the new students and we divide them amongst the factions.


Fei Fei got very mad but Wu Yan laughed before she can speak her mind. His laughter is small in volume but everyone became silent.


He crossed his arms and he sneered at Bing Mian.


"Divide us up, you say? When the fuck did we agree to that?!"


Bing Mian responded with sarcasm.


"Dear newbie, don't throw away your blessings. You might be a somebody out there in the world but in Silvaria World Institute, you need to check that attitude!"


Wu Yan walked towards Bing Mian much to everyone's surprise. Is the newbie going to show someone the business?


The spectators laughed at Wu Yan's stupidity. Private battles are heavily frowned upon by the enforcement. Lulu and Fei Fei started getting worried while Bing Mian kept his smug grin. He wanted to see if this newbie had what the guts to hit him.


His smug expression quickly became a frozen one. Even the spectators who were hoping to see some action got more than what they had expected.


Wu Yan went past Bing Mian without paying him any attention. Instead, Wu Yan addressed the masses.


He didn't give the smug little prick the attention he expected and sure enough, Bing Mian trembled with fury. The second in line for the second strongest noble family of the Ailu empire treated like a rock beside the street.


Wu Yan sighed and he told the people gathered here.


"Everyone, we don't have any plans on joining any faction. Oh but don't worry, we aren't interested in destroying your little games of thrones…"


He eyed every leader of the 9 factions including Fei Fei, Vish, Bing Mian.


"I mean if you guys want us to join, it's certainly possible if…"


Wu Yan had a nasty grin on his face. His next sentence astonished the gathered masses.


"Beat me, and I will join his or her faction!"


His voice spread through the crowd as every leader laughed. This newbie had the nerve to say something like this probably because he could not find a stronger opponent out there. They think he's just a cocky kid who needed a bit of whoopass.


They were very motivated by his challenge. They would be to teach this guy a lesson on eating humble pies and make him join their factions. Isn't this an attractive offer?




Fei Fei and Lulu wanted to tell him not to do it, they were very worried about his safety They know he is strong but he's not going up against one or two people, he's going up against multiple factions.


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